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In Memory of Dave Oesting

David W. Oesting was a remarkable man, a rare combination of professional, educator and mountain man. Dave led a purposeful and multi-faceted life; his curiosity led to a wealth of knowledge on almost any subject and a near photographic memory allowing him to draw information instantaneously. He travelled around the world and yet as a homebody, he did his own gardening and upkeep. He respected the balance of nature on land and sea with his love of hunting, hiking, sailing, fishing and flying and was always well-studied on the geology, weather, flora and fauna of any place he visited. His enormous and sometimes salty vocabulary lent to enthusiastic storytelling and kept his listeners on their toes with comments such as “Brant Canadensis” (Canadian goose) or, in lieu of “sunny day,” “pernicious radiation.” As a nationally recognized lawyer, Dave and his talented trial team took the Exxon Valdez case to the highest court in the land and was widely respected for his unwavering ethics and no nonsense approach to any legal problem, large or small. His did not suffer fools, but had humble respect for people who did their jobs well and no matter what their profession; he mined them for information and enjoyed their conversation.
A life-long Packers fan, he liked to tell the story of the “Ice Bowl” as he was there in the stands – impervious to the cold, and we’d love to hear that tale just one more time.

Dave, his wife Susan, and children Aaron, Sarah and Erica, moved to Alaska in 1980. They immersed themselves in Alaska and in their community. Dave got a pilot’s license and, with good friends, the family purchased a remote cabin on Lake Clark. Honing their deep woods and farming skills the families built a homestead and many memories around the campfire. Later in life Dave found a new passion to pour his immense energy into - his grandchildren. In his brief time with them he passed on much of his enthusiasm and wit. We'll remember him with admiration and humo

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Elizabeth Whitten
San Diego, California

Ted and Beth Heuer
Homer, Alaska

Kathryn & Wally Bubelis
Seattle, Washington

Marie Roena Oesting
coronado, California

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Seattle, Washington

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Tuesday, July 01, 2014
David Casey
San Diego, California
Mr. Casey had the pleasure of working with Mr. Oesting during the Exxon Valdez litigation. Mr. Oesting was a great lawyer and a true gentleman - traits he shares, along with and a first name, with David Casey.

Mr. Casey asked me to make a donation in his name to one of the Oesting family charities, and I selected Ducks Unlimited. My name appears on the donation, but it is from the Casey Gerry law firm.

Elizabeth Whitten, Firm Administrator
Casey Gerry Schenk Francavilla Blatt & Penfield

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1944 - 2014

Resident of: Anchorage

Native of: Chicago

Occupation: Attorney

DU affiliation: Alaska

This tribute was created by S. Oesting