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Top Fundraising Chapters


The 2004 top 100 fundraising chapters in the United States were recognized by Ducks Unlimited President John Tomke.

Congratulations to the Anderson, Columbia, Grand Strand, East of the Cooper and Lexington banquet committees for achieving this recognition. A very special thanks to the Chapter Chairman including Oscar McCurry of Anderson, David Owens and Rick Baumann of  Myrtle Beach and the Grand Strand Chapter, Dr. Mark Hartley of Charleston, Bill Short of Columbia and Mike Hutchins of Lexington.



Letter From John Tomke

February 15, 2005

Earlier this week, the National Headquarters staff completed a listing of the President’s Top 100 fundraising chapters in the country for the 2004 calendar year.  It was exciting for me to read the names of the area chairmen for each chapter, many of whom I have met during my DU Presidency.  Congratulations to you and each member of the committee!

As you may know, there are over 3,500 active fundraising chapters across the country.  To be in the Top 100 requires a great level of planning, commitment and dedication.  We are so fortunate that you all continue to work so hard for the ducks and our shared passion for the wetlands!

 Volunteer Committees and the dollars they raise are the backbone for this organization. As DU plans and proceeds with habitat projects, the funds your committees generate are critical, as they often provide the match for other public and private sources.  That in turn enables the conservation staff to do so much more for our North American waterfowl and wetlands resource.

 As a small token of appreciation for your committee’s fine work, please find enclosed the President’s Top 100 product flyer.  These products are exclusive offerings to the President’s Top 100 chapters during 2005 and should enable your chapter to sustain your notable fundraising accomplishments.

Also, the Top 100 committees will be announced in the next issue of the Ducks Unlimited Magazine and at the DU National Convention in Orlando this May.  Again, my sincere congratulations and thanks to everyone associated with your chapter.  Best of luck with your future events!

John A Tomke


President's Top 100

These products awarded to the top
100 chapters nationwide from 2004.



"Waiting At Crow Creek"
  by Dennis Minor
  Limited Edition Giclee

A new medium in the art world is the limited edition giclee print. Giclee (zhee-klay) is a French word meaning spray or spurt of liquid. This type of printing uses digital technology to reproduce exact images on canvas or other various types of paper material. Original artwork is scanned by high caliber equipment with significant resolution capability. Then printed directly on canvas with archival inks.

Dennis Minor illustrated this powerful image, "Waiting At Crow Creek," which was crowned the 2000 international Artist of the Year print and generated more than one million dollars for wetlands conservation.

Due to the overwhelming reaction to this piece and the growing popularity of giclee printing, the integration should prove to be beneficial to further Ducks Unlimited’s conservation efforts.

A rare collectible, only 100 24" x 36" canvas giclee prints are being offered through selected Ducks Unlimited events - "The President’s Top 100".     Item #E5501


Illinois River Pintail Decoy

Hand-carved decoys that sit on collector’s shelves were once the stock and trade of waterfowlers from Maine’s Penobscot Bay to Oregon’s Columbia River. Water worn and shot riddled, these wooden rigs lured wary ducks and geese on the back bays and marshes of North America. Relatively obscure tradesmen found decoy carving a nice supplement to their lean work schedules. Some of these early decoy makers became quite famous for their regional renditions and style.

Charles Perdew (1874-1963) and others of the Illinois River area turned out decorative hollow "blocks" that were used by sportsmen who hunted mid-America. Hand-carved wooden decoys like this are representative of the waterfowling heritage of the early 20th century. The 2005 President’s 100 collection includes a pintail drake fashioned after Perdew’s bird, which resides in the collection of the Ward Museum in Salisbury, Maryland. Item #E5502
Ducks Unlimited is grateful to the Ward Museum of Waterfowl Art for cooperating with this fundraising project. The museum at Salisbury University houses an extensive collection of waterfowl and shorebird carvings of North America.



Waterfowl Call Collection by David Maass

This unique collection represents six waterfowl of North America including the wood duck, mallard, pintail, snow goose, white-fronted goose and the Canada goose. These collectible calls are produced from the finest American walnut by Lohman Game Calls. Each wooden barrel is adorned with the artwork of two-time DU International Artist of the Year, David Maass. These fully operational calls can be used in the field or displayed on the attractive hardwood display featuring a Maass painting, "A Time To Rest," portraying mallards making a graceful descent into a shallow bay. A brass title plaque accents the display.

Ducks Unlimited is proud to offer this set of expertly handcrafted waterfowl calls designed by one of America’s premier wildlife artists, David Maass. These sets will be offered to the President’s Top 100 DU chapters during 2005. Item #E0574



  Ruger Red Label
"President's One Hundred"
  Over - Under

Ruger’s 12 gauge, 28" high polished blue, vent rib barrel has five choke tubes and a wrench. Premium American Black Walnut wood is used for the checkered forearm and pistol grip stock. The receiver is stainless steel and adorned with the image of the 2004 Federal Duck Stamp by artist Scot Storm. Scroll and additional artwork have been applied to both sides of the receiver. Engraved banners on the receiver belly acknowledging the "President’s One Hundred," embellish the handsome scrollwork. Enhancements using selective 24 kt. gold, copper and silver-plating truly make this a DU collector’s item! A trigger lock is included. The gun is accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity signed by artist Scot Storm and DU President John Tomke. There is a reserve of $2,000 for this product. Item #B0488



"The Duck Gods Must Be Crazy"
by Doug Larson

In this follow-up to his best-selling book Don’t Shoot the Decoys, author Doug Larsen offers 20 new laugh-out-loud stories on the sport of waterfowling. The new book begins with a hilarious "Open Letter to the Duck Gods," in which Larsen ponders what he has done to deserve the wrath of the duck hunting deities, which have conspired against him to ruin his hunting season, his health, and his family life. From there Larsen lets his duck hunting fancy take flights that are sure to tickle the funny bones of waterfowlers everywhere. These include a cautionary tale on what can happen when an amateur duck hunting movie is previewed at a DU banquet (in "The Blair Duck Project"), a duck hunt with two sharp-shooting and keen-witted little old ladies in the Louisiana bayou (in "A Duck for Gumbo"), chapters devoted to, of all things, "Coot Tactics," "Live Nudes," and "Flowerpots and Duck Guides," plus seventeen other new and original stories of waterfowling obsession. The book is signed by the author Doug Larsen and president of Ducks Unlimited John Tomke. Hardcover, 5 1/2 x 8 1/2, 256 pages. Item #E5503



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