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Banding Together for Waterfowl



USGS study says draining small PPR wetlands may increase flooding

A recent study conducted by the U.S. Geological Survey found that draining smaller wetlands in North Dakota’s stretch of the Prairie Pothole Region has weakened the ability of wetlands to provide flood control and waterfowl habitat.

DU’s Rick Warhurst receives International Canvasback Award

At his final Central Flyway Council meeting last week, Ducks Unlimited (DU) senior regional biologist Rick Warhurst received the International Canvasback Award from the North American Waterfowl Management Plan Committee. The award is granted each year to an exceptional individual, corporation or organization that has made a minimum ten years’ commitment to implementing and continuing the North American Waterfowl Management Plan. Warhurst is retiring from DU in December.

Ducks Unlimited partners with UND for nest cam project

Ducks Unlimited has partnered with University of North Dakota to provide biology students experience and school credit through a summer research project at the Coteau Ranch, a 3,000-acre property owned and restored by Ducks Unlimited. The interns monitor blue-winged teal nests via surveillance cameras to study nesting behavior.

DU manager receives Colorado award for work in addressing water needs

DENVER, May 7, 2015 - Ducks Unlimited’s Manager of Ecosystem Services for the Great Plains Region, Greg Kernohan, will receive the Colorado Foundation for Water Education’s Emerging Leader Award at 6 p.m., Friday, May 8, at the Space Gallery in Denver. “He has been entrepreneurial and innovative in leading the South Platte Wetlands Focus Area Committee, managing the Union Mutual Ditch Company and participating for the last 10 years as a member of the South Platte Basin Roundtable, most recently as its vice-chair,” said Colorado Supreme Court Justice Gregory Hobbs Jr., foundation vice-president.

Cheyenne chapter recognized nationally

CHEYENNE, Wyo. – April 8, 2015 – The Top 100 is one of the most highly sought-after titles of recognition Ducks Unlimited offers to its local chapters. Each year, the list is comprised of the top 100 fundraising chapters in the United States that raise up to $100,000 through fundraising activities in their communities. Through the efforts of these volunteer committees, DU is able to pursue its mission of conserving, enhancing and restoring North America’s wetlands. In 2014, the Cheyenne chapter made the Top 100 list as one of the organization’s best fundraising chapters.

Gillette chapter makes Top 100

GILLETTE, Wyo. – April 8, 2015 – The Top 100 is one of the most highly sought-after titles of recognition Ducks Unlimited offers to its local chapters. Each year, the list is comprised of the top 100 fundraising chapters in the United States that raise up to $100,000 through fundraising activities in their communities. Through the efforts of these volunteer committees, DU is able to pursue its mission of conserving, enhancing and restoring North America’s wetlands. In 2014, the Gillette chapter made the Top 100 list as one of the organization’s best fundraising chapters.

Casper chapter recognized nationally

CASPER, Wyo. – April 8, 2015 – The Top 100 is one of the most highly sought-after titles of recognition Ducks Unlimited offers to its local chapters. Each year, the list is comprised of the top 100 fundraising chapters in the United States that raise up to $100,000 through fundraising activities in their communities. Through the efforts of these volunteer committees, DU is able to pursue its mission of conserving, enhancing and restoring North America’s wetlands. In 2014, the Casper chapter made the Top 100 list as one of the organization’s best fundraising chapters.

Jason Roudebush is a new Colorado-based water resource specialist for Ducks Unlimited

Ducks Unlimited has hired a new water resource specialist for its Great Plains Ecosystems Services team. Jason Roudebush will be stationed out of DU’s Fort Collins office and will work on water projects throughout the Great Plains Region.

Opportunity to bid on Shiras moose license ends soon

Anyone wanting a chance to bid on a rare Shiras Moose license at the live auction during the Helena DU banquet will need to sign up as soon as possible, as registration ends on Saturday, Feb. 28. The live auction for the license will take place during the banquet, which starts at 5:30 on Friday, March 6 at the Helena Civic Center.

Great Plains Region construction manager migrates north to help in Boreal Forest

Ducks migrate south from the Canadian Boreal Forest in the fall, as marshes freeze solid. However, for the last couple of years l’homme de canard du Nord (translation: Duck Man of the North) has migrated north from North Dakota in the winter months to assist Ducks Unlimited Canada’s engineering staff with wetland habitat infrastructure projects in the cold, frozen northwoods.

DU restoring 680-acre Platte River property with ideal migration habitat

SCOTTSBLUFF, NE, Feb. 18, 2015 - For the sixth year in a row, a large group of Ducks Unlimited volunteers, major sponsors and board members gathered in western Nebraska on the North Platte River to enjoy waterfowl hunting, great camaraderie and to help raise money for DU’s important conservation program along the river.

2015 Wyo/Black Hills Calendar Raffle

Montana Ducks Unlimited Hosting Moose License Auction

HELENA, Mont. – Nov. 6, 2014 – Montana Ducks Unlimited is hosting the 2015 Shiras Moose License Auction. DU recently won the right to auction off the license for Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks (MFWP). The live auction will take place at the Helena DU banquet Friday, March 6. Phone bidding will be available.

DU Great Plains Region celebrating 30th anniversary

BISMARCK, N.D. – July 28, 2014 – Ducks Unlimited’s Great Plains Region is celebrating its 30th anniversary at an open house on Thursday, Aug. 7, from 3 p.m. to 7 p.m. Brats, hot dogs and beverages will be served at the regional office at 2525 River Road, Bismarck. The event is open to the public.

Great Plains Region

The Great Plains Region, headquartered in Bismarck, N.D., was established in 1984 to protect and restore wetlands and grasslands in the United States Great Plains. Today, the GPR carries out conservation programs in seven states that include some of the most important nesting and migration habitat on the continent.

2014 Wyoming - Black Hills DU Gun Calendar Raffle Winners

New Great Plains director of conservation programs

GRAND ISLAND, Neb. - Jan. 7, 2014 – Mike George is now leading Ducks Unlimited’s conservation work in Nebraska, Kansas, Colorado and Wyoming as director of conservation programs for those states. George is located in DU’s field office in Grand Island, Neb.

Carmen Miller is new Great Plains Region public policy director

BISMARCK, N.D. – Nov. 26, 2013 – Ducks Unlimited has chosen Carmen Miller as its new director of public policy for the Great Plains Region. In her new role, Miller will be working on federal and state policies that affect DU’s conservation work in the Great Plains. DU’s Great Plains Region is headquartered in Bismarck, and includes the Dakotas, Nebraska, Kansas, Montana, Wyoming and Colorado.

Preserve Our Prairies Initiative

Conserving North America's highest-priority waterfowl nesting habitat—and the glory of bountiful fall flights—in the face of mounting threats.

Peaks to Prairies Initiative

Restoring wetlands in the shadow of America's iconic Rocky Mountains and conserving the Duck Factory for outdoorsmen and women to enjoy.

Heartland Heritage and Habitat Initiative

Providing innovative water solutions for ducks and people in the Southern Great Plains, one of America's most important waterfowl migration areas.

Wyoming's Howard Johnson on DU national board

Ducks Unlimited has elected Howard Johnson, Riverton, to serve as an at-large member of the organization’s national board of directors. “I became a volunteer the year after my first event, because I enjoyed the event and was interested in the business of Ducks Unlimited,” Johnson said.

Hunting rights claim victory in state races

States across the nation voted to support hunting rights in the 2012 election in a resounding victory of sportsmen.

DU supports opening some CRP lands for drought-stricken ranchers

MEMPHIS, Tenn. - Aug. 3, 2012 - Ducks Unlimited supports opening certain Conservation Reserve Program (CRP) lands to haying and grazing during the current drought affecting livestock feed supplies. U.S. Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack opened nearly 4 million acres of CRP land this week for livestock producers dealing with shortages of hay and pastureland.

Jackson Hole chapter recognized nationally

JACKSON HOLE, Wyo. – March 27, 2012 – The President's Top 100 is one of the most highly sought-after titles of recognition Ducks Unlimited offers to chapters throughout the nation. This past fall, the Jackson Hole chapter made the Top 100 list as one of the organization's best fundraising chapters.

Wetlands conservation leader marks World Water Day

BISMARCK, N.D. – March 22, 2012 – As the world’s leader in wetlands and waterfowl conservation, Ducks Unlimited is drawing attention to this month’s milestone 9th Annual World Water Day. World Water Day is held annually on March 22 to focus attention on the importance of fresh water and advocate for the sustainable management of freshwater resources. This year’s theme is Water and Food Security.

Gillette chapter 2012 event success

GILLETTE, Wyo. – Feb. 15, 2012 – The Gillette chapter of Ducks Unlimited is gearing up for another record-setting event on Saturday, Feb. 18, at the Cam-Plex (1635 Reata Drive). The chances to win prizes are endless, with several raffles including a 75-gun, gun board raffle and 10-gun raffle for ladies only.

Ducks Unlimited names Wyoming’s volunteer of the year

CASPER, Wyo. – Feb. 1, 2012 – Ducks Unlimited recognized Brian Balfour of Casper for his outstanding contributions to the organization in Wyoming. Balfour has been volunteering his time to the Casper and Powder River DU chapters for 20 years and recently joined the Wyoming DU Special Waterfowl Action Team (SWAT) that helps chapters around the state when they are shorthanded.

Wyoming: Table Mountain Wildlife Habitat Management Area

Table Mountain boasts several semi-permanent and seasonal wetlands that host hundreds of thousands of migrating birds annually.

DU Conservation Efforts to Support Waterfowl in Goshen County

Goshen County is a focal point for some of Ducks Unlimited’s most important wetland and waterfowl habitat restoration efforts in Wyoming. Since DU began work in Wyoming they have conserved 1,173 acres of waterfowl habitat in this county alone.

Duck Banding on the Prairies, Update 9/7/10

Much like the mailman DU’s duck banders in North Dakota continue to work through the intense summer heat, strong winds, torrential rainstorms and an occasional beautiful, delightful day. An update on banding at the three locations follows:

Platte River and Rainwater Basin Initiative

An overview of Ducks Unlimited's Platte River and Rainwater Basin habitat conservation initiative in Nebraska, Colorado and Wyoming.

Great start on nesting grounds may indicate good production year for waterfowl

MCCLUSKY, N.D. - May 25, 2010 - The hills are alive with breeding ducks. Conditions in the U.S. Prairie Pothole Region (PPR) are excellent for waterfowl production. And birds are taking full advantage of the food and nesting cover available to them.

SD Goebel Ranch nesting research crew studies nearly 1200 nests

The duck nest research at Goebel Ranch in South Dakota is winding down and we’re looking forward to a busy season of duck banding that will begin next week. Wetland conditions are good at Goebel, with lots of brood water and plenty of broods occupying the wetlands. This is quite a refreshing change after 7 years of dry conditions in the area. There still are a hand full of birds sitting on nests, in fact we just flushed a pintail off her nest just yesterday – these late setters better hope for a late winter if they want their offspring to make the flight south!!

DU commends Congressional leadership for efforts to protect grassland

BISMARCK, N.D., July 23, 2009 – Ducks Unlimited commends House and Senate Agriculture Committee Chairmen Collin Peterson and Tom Harkin for their leadership to remove incentives from farm policy that encourage destruction of native grasslands. DU says this is a positive step to ensure grass remains on the landscape not only for waterfowl but also for ranching and combating global climate change.

Senate makes next step toward protecting America’s waters

WASHINGTON, June 18, 2009 – The U.S. Senate Environment and Public Works Committee voted 12 to 7 today to advance an amended Clean Water Restoration Act to the full Senate. Ducks Unlimited says this is a positive move to protect wetlands for waterfowl and clean water for America.

Clean Water Action Center

Get involved with DU's efforts for Clean Water Restoration Act

New bill would restore protections for wetlands

WASHINGTON – April 2, 2009 – America’s wetlands would have their Clean Water Act protections restored under a new bill introduced today by U.S. Senator Russ Feingold (Wisc.) and 23 co-sponsors. The Clean Water Restoration Act, which is supported by Ducks Unlimited and other conservation/sportsmen’s groups, would restore protection to more than 20 million acres of geographically isolated wetlands at risk of pollution and destruction under current guidance from the Environmental Protection Agency and Army Corps of Engineers.

Follow DU's nesting success research

Early May finds pairs of mallards and pintails defending their breeding territories and prospecting for nest sites across the Coteau region of North and South Dakota. Meanwhile the first passes are being made with ATVs towing chains as our research staff begins collecting valuable information about how the nests of those ducks will fare in landscapes of differing habitat quality.

June 2009 Habitat Conditions in North-Central U. S.

Spring precipitation has been spotty across the Northern Great Plains and , though wetland conditions continue to be generally good to excellent across a large part of the region, the grasslands are in need of moisture to stimulate lush growth.

Grassland conservation needed to combat birds’ climate change woes

BISMARCK, ND, March 2, 2009 – Grassland birds, whose populations are in a persistent decline, may be poorly positioned to adjust to a warming climate as a result of dwindling habitat. According to a recent analysis by Ducks Unlimited, the continued loss of grassland habitats could spell the same challenges for breeding waterfowl

Ducks Unlimited completes 118 projects

Ducks Unlimited has completed 118 projects in Wyoming, as of November 2008. Those projects represent almost $1.3 million dollars spent over more than 50,000 acres. DU dollars spend a little over $1 million on the projects and partners helped with $206,000.

Whoopers visit DU property in Nebraska

A pair of adult whooping cranes and a young bird recently visited Ducks Unlimited's Hinz property in Nebraska's Rainwater Basin. DU property manager David Hoferer snapped a picture of the three on the 160 acre property in Kearney County, about four miles southwest of Minden.

DU expands efforts in Wyoming

In an exciting new chapter for wetlands conservation in the state, Ducks Unlimited has formed new partnerships with several new conservation partners to enhance and conserve wetland habitat along the North Platte River. As part of its Platte River Initiative, DU initiated a multi-year, million dollar effort to restore degraded wetlands, enhance river bottom habitats and protect high-priority lands in a region that has lately seen a decline in waterfowl use and waterfowl hunting.

Duck numbers at Goebel good, despite dry year

We wrapped up the banding season last week and had a pretty good year considering the very dry wetland conditions on DU's Goebel Ranch in South Dakota. Over the past five years we’ve averaged about 2,500 total ducks banded. This year we managed to band a little over 1,500, down 40 percent from the five-year average. The percent composition of bluewings this year compared to the five-year average at Goebel was a bit higher, (76 percent of total compared to 63 percent of total), however, percent composition of mallards was down appreciably from 20 percent over the 5-year average, to 8 percent this year.

Habitat Conditions in North-Central U. S. – June 3, 2008

Spring precipitation in the form of snow and rain improved habitat conditions for waterfowl production in many areas of the Northern Great Plains.

DU receives gifts of land; creates Coteau Ranch

Seeing is believing, and nothing compares with experiencing the Prairie Pothole Region firsthand. Whistling wings and courtship calls; sapphire wetlands nestled in a sea of endless grass. Now, thanks to the generosity of three donors, DU supporters and the public can revel in the sights and sounds of the prairie on Ducks Unlimited’s newest property.

Ducks Unlimited conservation heats up with “global warming” interest

“Global warming” is catching the attention of the public in a big way. Business people are striving to make their corporations “carbon neutral” as a way to appeal to customers

IRA gifts – a tax-friendly way to help the ducks

Provisions in the Pension Protection Act of 2006 have provided a tax-friendly way of making major gifts to Ducks Unlimited. You have until December 31, 2007 to gift an Individual Retirement Account (IRA) to charities without paying income tax and capital gains on the funds.

DU's Gustin to work in Colorado, Nebraska and Wyoming

FORT COLLINS, Col.- Ducks Unlimited (DU) is continuing its conservation work Colorado, Nebraska and Wyoming with the hiring of Seth Gustin. Gustin will be located in Fort Collins and will add to DU’s engineering capacity, providing construction management, surveying and construction plan preparation.

Northwestern Great Plains

An overview of Ducks Unlimited's habitat conservation work in the Northwestern Great Plains priority area.

Northern and Southern Rockies / Colorado Plateau

An overview of Ducks Unlimited's habitat conservation work in the Northern and Southern Rockies / Colorado Plateau priority area.

Southern Great Plains

An overview of Ducks Unlimited's habitat conservation work in the Southern Great Plains priority area.

Big Horn River Chapter

Chairman Chris Logan recognizes that the chapter's success continues to thrive on their ability to receive 100% organizational underwriting from businesses in the community. Establishing a spreadsheet of local businesses, each committee member had a list of businesses to contact.

Where Wyoming's Ducks Come From

The Prairie Pothole Region is critical to Wyoming waterfowl hunters. The vast majority of our annual duck harvest migrates to us from the Prairie Pothole Region, also referred to as “the duck factory”.

Fremont County

This page lists data about the Freemont County Project.

Crook County

This page lists data about the Crook County project.

Winchester Ranch

Conservation groups, working together, are making great strides in improving waterfowl habitat in Wyoming. Ducks Unlimited, working with Partners for Wildlife (PFW), contributed to the restoration of eight basins, totaling 21 acres, on The Nature Conservancy’s Winchester Ranch in Fremont County. Through this project, over 110 acres of adjacent upland grass will now being managed for waterfowl production.

Goshen County

This page lists data about the Goshen County project.

Alkalai Lake

Ducks Unlimited (DU) is working to the restoration of wetlands and grasslands in Wyoming by partnering with the state’s Partners for Wildlife (PFW) program.

Wyoming Conservation Projects

Ducks Unlimited habitat conservation projects in Wyoming. These projects benefit waterfowl, other wildlife and people. View sample projects, project map and more.

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