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Now available as a free download: a "Winter Wheat Variety Selection Tool" from Ducks Unlimited

BISMARCK, ND – September 2, 2014 - The variety or hybrid selection decision is one of the most important in successfully producing any crop. Today’s top producers search for information to make science-based and data-driven decisions. Agricultural universities, private seed companies, local crop and ag improvement associations, and others are working to produce the kind of data that can be used to drive that process.

New supply chain sustainability program for U.S. crops supported by DU

MEMPHIS – July 8, 2014 – Today, Field to Market®, the Alliance for Sustainable Agriculture announced the launch of a new agricultural supply chain program for U.S. commodity crops.

Winter Wheat Acreage Up 75 Percent in North Dakota

Waterfowl will find more winter wheat on the landscape this spring when they return to North Dakota's prairie pothole country.

Time to break the "green bridge" for a healthy winter wheat crop

Producers who plan to plant a winter wheat crop this fall need to break the "green bridge" now to stave off the Wheat Streak Mosaic Virus disease.

Winter Wheat Acres Grow in Dakotas and Montana

South Dakota farmers responded to some unique opportunities this past fall to increase winter wheat acres in the state.

Winter cereal acres up in Dakotas and Montana

BISMARCK, ND – South Dakota farmers responded to some unique opportunities this past fall to increase their winter wheat acres. USDA National Agricultural Statistics Service this morning reported acreage in South Dakota was up by 22 percent.

Winter Wheat: The Duck-Friendly Crop

New partnership is a win-win for farmers and waterfowl.

Ducks and Winter Wheat

Making the Landscape Productive for Ducks and people

Winter Wheat Program

Winter Cereals: Sustainability in Action is a joint research and education initiative of Ducks Unlimited and Bayer CropScience.

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