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December 2015 Gear – Waterfowler's Wishlist

Shopping for the waterfowl hunter or conservationist this holiday season is now a simple process. This year's Waterfowler's Wishlist is a combination of DU-branded gear and items specifically chosen to fit the needs of duck or goose hunters.

New Duck Calls for 2015

Duck and goose calls are a combination of folk art and musical instruments, and are among the most important tools for avid waterfowl hunters. Each call is designed a little bit different from the next, and the call maker, or call tuner, adds his unique touch. The 2015 Duck and Goose Call Roundup contains a variety of species and unique body styles from big-name call makers to small family shops across America. Find your next call here.

May 2014 Gear Guide: Blind Faith

From layouts to boats to chairs, blinds have revolutionized the way waterfowlers approach a day in the field. The constant modifications required to ensure durability, concealment, and other hunter needs make a quality blind a critical tool in any waterfowler's arsenal.Now is the time to select next season's blind, and here's a compilation of new and time-tested waterfowling blinds and accessories.

Waterfowler's Gear: Guide Series - Ducks Unlimited - Waders

Waterfowl hunting means facing tough weather and staying out in the elements all day. The Guide Series Ducks Unlimited Boot-foot Chest Waders provide warmth and comfort no matter the weather conditions.

January 2013 Gear Guide

January is the perfect month to reflect on the waterfowl season—good days and bad—and pick out gear items that would have been handy during 2012-2013 hunting trips. The DU Newsletter Editorial Team has chosen several items based on their experiences this fall to help you start planning for the 2013-2014 season.

December 2012 Gear Guide

There is one constant in late-season waterfowling: cold weather. Being prepared for extreme winter weather will keep you comfortbale in the duck blind even in the toughest hunting conditions. The DU Newsletter editorial team has selected winter-weather gear that could find its way onto your Christmas list.

November Gear Guide: Goose Decoys

Goose decoys come in a wide variety, including different head positions, shells, full-body, floaters and more. This season there are several new styles, along with a few time-tested models with slight upgrades.

November Gear Guide: Diver Decoys

Diver hunters need life-like realism and a high level of durability to withstand the big water punishment. The DU Newsletter editorial team selected a variety of decoys to use in multiple diver duck habitats.

November Gear Guide: Puddler Decoys

Puddlers make up the more common decoys on the market today, but as technology advances, so do these decoys. New paint schemes, fully flocked bodies, and motion stakes provide new tweaks to the traditions of waterfowling over blocks.

October 2012 Gear Guide

The DU Newsletter editorial team selected several gear pieces which may allow you to improve the images and video you work hard to capture.

September 2012 Gear Guide: Gear Bags

The September Gear Guide is all about waterfowling bags. The DU E-Newsletter editorial team has selected multiple bags, backpacks and vests for you to examine. Find one that suits your waterfowling style!

Waterfowler's Gear: Final Approach Floating Blind Bag - Large

Spacious, floaitng blind bag from Final Approach offers great design for waterfowlers needing extra room for gear.

Waterfowler's Gear: GSI Outdoors - Stainless Coffee Pot

There's nothing better than fresh coffee in the blind on a chilly morning, so impress your duck blind guests with this 12-cup stainless percolator.

Waterfowler's Gear: Zippo Windproof Lighters

Zippo windproof lighters get ducky look.

Final Approach: Floating Blind Bag - Medium

Looking for a mid-size blind bag to haul your waterfowling essentials? Check out Final Approach's medium blind bag.

Waterfowler's Gear: GSI Outdoors - Kitchen 11

GSI Outdoors offers an 11-piece gourmet adventure set that will allow you to bring quality kitchen utensils anywhere this season.

Waterfowler's Gear: Final Approach Gunner's HD - Feeding Mallards

Birds can become decoy-shy as the season progresses. Add Final Approach's HD Floating Feeder decoys for realism and maximize your spread's potential.

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