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New Guns & Gear for 2016

Take a look at this year's selection of the latest shotguns, ammo, and gear for waterfowlers

April 2016 Gear Guide

Duck boats have come a long way in the last couple of decades. The faded paint, patched-hole jon boats of the past have given way to innovative fabrication techniques, unlimited customizations, and durability that doesn't compromise performance. The following boats are only a handful of what's on the market today, but this selection should cover the needs of duck and goose hunters who want to spend their season on the water.

December 2015 Gear – Waterfowler's Wishlist

Shopping for the waterfowl hunter or conservationist this holiday season is now a simple process. This year's Waterfowler's Wishlist is a combination of DU-branded gear and items specifically chosen to fit the needs of duck or goose hunters.

June 2015 Gear Guide: Summer Gear

Duck season is a distant memory, replaced by summer bonfires and warm-weather outdoor activities. But fantastic gear for duck season is available year-round, and many of these items are multipurpose. Here's a collection of versatile summer gear that may also come in handy this fall.

April 2015 Gear Guide

A retriever is only as good as his training. That's reason enough to utilize top-of-the-line gear when working with your dog. The April Gear Guide is a collection of retriever-training and hunting equipment to help you get the most out of your retriever this spring and summer, and well into the upcoming waterfowl season.

SportDog Brand - The Fowlers

SportDog Brand, a proud DU partner created a unique dog training film, focusing not only on training, but the relationships between handler and a gun dog. The Fowlers follows SportDog Category Managers Darrell Douglas and Clay Thompson and COO Willie Wallace as they discuss their waterfowl hunting journeys with their dogs.

Remington Product Safety Recall

Remington Arms Company, LLC ("Remington") today announced a voluntary recall of Model 700™ and Model Seven™ rifles with X-Mark Pro® ("XMP®") triggers, manufactured from May 1, 2006 to April 9, 2014. Some of these rifles may have been acquired by DU members during the past several years, and we are informing you of this Remington recall notice in the interest of public safety.

January 2014 Gear Guide

There's no reason to suffer through a cold waterfowl hunt ever again. The DU Newsletter editorial team has chosen various levels of quality cold-weather gear for any hunter or situation. From base layers to gloves, this is the gear that will get you through the late season.

New Duck Calls for 2012

Legendary outdoor writer Nash Buckingham once said, "A duck call in the hands of the unskilled is one of conservation's greatest assets." The August Gear Guide contains new duck and goose call options for the 2012-2013 waterfowl season. It's the perfect time of year to get a new duck or goose call, and there's still time before opening day to learn how to use it.

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