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Field Notes: Duck Gun: Wood Duck Shot

Phil Bourjaily demonstrates techniques for hitting fast-flying wood ducks.

Field Notes: Duck Gun: Shotgun Bead

Phil Bourjaily explains the different kinds of shotgun beads and how to use them.

Field Notes: Duck Gun: Shot Size

Phil Bourjaily demystifies shot size selection.

Field Notes: Duck Tactics: Cleaning and Transporting Geese

Tyson Tabler of Feathered Fowl Outfitters explains how to properly clean your birds and transport them legally from Canada to the United States.

Field Notes: Cooking: Skin on or off

Scott Leysath discusses different cooking techniques for waterfowl breasts with the skin on or off.

Field Notes: Cooking: Against the Grain

Scott Leysath discusses the importance of slicing meat against the grain for the most tender cut.

Field Notes: Duck Dog: Hiding Your Dog

Tips on hiding your retriever while hunting, from Mike Stewart of Wildrose Kennels.

Field Notes: Duck Dog: Preventing a Creeper

Mike Stewart of Wildrose Kennels shows some techniques for training a dog to stay without "creeping" towards you.

Waterfowl 360 2015: Are you ready?

Running from Sept. 1 - Jan. 31, Waterfowl360.com is the go-to website for all thing waterfowl hunting. Find tips, tactics, migration information, videos, and more.

Field Notes: Decoy Spreads and Retrievers

Dog trainer Mike Stewart explains how to train your dog to deal with distractions like decoy spreads, motion decoys, and jerk strings. Visit ducks.org/DUTV for other DU TV Better Waterfowling Tips and more.

Ducks Unlimited launches new season of Waterfowl 360

MEMPHIS, Tenn. – Oct. 2, 2013 – Just in time for duck and goose hunting season, Ducks Unlimited has launched a new season of Waterfowl 360, the ultimate online resource for waterfowl hunters.

Migration Alert: The Stage is Set for North Dakota's Duck Season

For much of the past three weeks, Joe Fladeland has been bumping around North Dakota's back-roads chasing early season Canada geese, but the number of ducks gathered on the state's prairie potholes has the Avery pro-staffer excited about the opening of the general waterfowl season later this month.

Waterfowl 360: The Ultimate Waterfowl Hunting Resource

Waterfowl360.com is the ultimate waterfowling resource. WF360 includes articles, videos, DU Migration Map, Waterfowl ID and much more.

Waterfowl 360: Your Season Begins Here

Waterfowl360.com is the ultimate waterfowling resource. WF360 includes articles, videos, DU Migration Map, Waterfowl ID and much more.

NSSF Shooting Tips: Dove Hunting

These tips from NSSF's Doug Painter will help you bag more birds and improve your shooting, which may carry over into waterfowl season.

Simple System for Calling Canada Geese

Canada geese have an intricate system of vocal communications. "Honkers" make a variety of different calls – long range hail calls, clucks, feeding calls, comeback calls, whines, moans, etc. Each of these calls conveys a different message. Expert callers mimic all these calls and mix them appropriately to entice passing geese to join their decoys.

Shining the Spotlight on Specks

With a pair of refuge areas near his home in central Kansas, waterfowl guide and hunter Zach Simon has the opportunity to watch migrating speckle-bellied geese stage by the hundreds of thousands as they wing their way from the arctic to wintering areas in Texas and Louisiana.

DU-TV Better Waterfowling Tip: Preparing for a Hunting Trip

Wade Bourne offers some tips for preparing for a hutning trip. There's a long list of must-have items for any hunting trip, and Bourne explains the reasons why you will need maps, GPS, regulatiosn books, and much more.

Give Your Duck Blind a Mid-Season "Makeover"

Sometimes duck blinds get a worn down look, and they need a "makeover."

Five tips for staying concealed

Waterfowl's keen vision can make life tough for hunters. After years spent studying the habits of American black ducks for Ducks Unlimited, biologist John Coluccy knows a thing or two about wary waterfowl. In this month's feature story, Coluccy shares his tips for staying hidden from these sharp eyes in the skies.

Combo Hunts

One morning in late September, my high school buddy and I found ourselves standing thigh-deep in a beaver pond. We'd been scouting wood ducks at the pond for a week, and that morning we finally got to trade our binoculars for shotguns. We each knocked down our two-bird limit shortly after daylight and were back at the house before my folks even woke up.

DU-TV Tip: 3 Ways to Call Blue-Winged Teal

Wade Bourne provides three different tactics for call blue-winged teal using a teal call, mallard call, and laughing them into the decoys.

DU-TV Tip: Preparing for a Hunting Trip

Wade Bourne offers some tips for preparing for a hutning trip. There's a long list of must-have items for any hunting trip, and Bourne explains the reasons why you will need maps, GPS, regulatiosn books, and much more.

Give Your Duck Blind a Mid-Season "Makeover"

This usually occurs after the season has been in for a few weeks. Blinds that were thoroughly covered on opening day begin to look tattered as the season wears on.

Retriever Training: The Block

We have all been caught by surprise when our hunting dog has an apparent mental block and hits a wall in training or on a hunt.

Tips for staying concealed

With their highly developed sense of vision, waterfowl can make life tough for those hunters trying to keep out of sight. In the following article, Ducks Unlimited's John Coluccy explains how ducks and geese spot danger and provides five tips on how to stay hidden and put more birds in your decoys.

Duck Calling Tip with Will Primos

Watch as Will Primos of Primos Hunting Calls shows how to preform the basics of calling wood ducks.

Retriever Training: Protect your dog's joints

Mike Stewart, Wildrose Kennels, explains a few ways to protect your retriever's joints. Putting too much stress on a young dog's joints will cause problems later in life.

DU reaches 500,000 Facebook fans

MEMPHIS, Tenn. - Oct. 10, 2012 - The Ducks Unlimited Facebook page hit an important milestone this week as it crossed the half-million-fan mark. Over the last two years, DU has added more than 430,000 people to its fan base.

A Freelancer's Guide to the PPR

With its mix of grasslands and wetlands, the Prairie Pothole Region of the Dakotas, Minnesota, Montana and Canada is the destination for millions of nesting waterfowl each spring.

Sleeping In

Think you need to be in the blind early to limit out? Think again.

GORE-TEX® Products

Our best experiences and our best days are defined by our performance and whether we are able to perform to the best of our abilities. GORE-TEX® products are designed and developed to be solutions that empower your best performance.

Waterfowl 360: Ultimate Waterfowling

If you're looking for the ultimate resource for waterfowl hunters, look no further. Featuring hunting tips, waterfowl migration updates, gear and everything in between, Waterfowl 360 has you covered for the 2012-2013 hunting season!

Waterfowling Accessories

Waterfowlers are gear junkies. Many times it can be the small gear items that make or break a good day afield. Enjoy this collection of items that may change the outcome of your next hunt.

Easy Come, Easy Go

Waterfowl hunters encounter a variety of shots that qualify as either "incomers" or "outgoers."

Lightweight Zipper Waders are the Real Deal

"Zipper waders? I'd be afraid they'd leak."

RNT Tips: Fast Feed Call

Butch Richenback, founder of RNT Calls, teaches how to speed up your feeding call. Learn the basic feed call, all the way to a more advanced feeding chuckle.

Tips to Break Bad Shooting Habits

Aaron Fraser Pass shares advice to break out of bad habits that affect many waterfowlers.

Creative Tactics for Suburban Birds

Drive through a city near a major waterfowl flyway and odds are you'll see hundreds of ducks and geese loafing on a shopping mall pond or grubbing away on green grass in a park or on a football field—safely out of reach of waterfowl hunters. At least they think they're safe!

Retriever Training: Far-Bank Retrieves

A serious challenge for many dogs is what's known as a far-bank retrieve, where the dog has to cross an expanse of water and then hunt on land for a bird that has crawled into vegetation on the opposite shore. This may not seem difficult, but it can be a confusing situation for a retriever.

Blue-winged teal tactics

Mike Checkett, Ducks Unlimited Communications Specialist, demonstrates how to mimic the sound of a bluewing teal using both a bluewing teal call and a mallard hen call.

DU-TV Tip: Shoot Decoying Birds

DU-TV's Wade Bourne identifies the best tactics for shooting decoying ducks from several angles, and how to practice these shots at the range.

DU-TV Tip: Diver Decoy System

DU-TV's Wade Bourne explains the details of a particular diver decoy spread used on the show. Learn how to create an ideal diver decoy spread.

New Waterfowl Ammunition

The importance of shooting well in the blind cannot be stressed enough. Choosing the correct ammunition for you, your situation and your firearm is the first step. Here are a few new ammunition options for the 2012-2013 waterfowl season.

Big Decoy Spread Yields Big Results

So, how many decoys are enough? According to veteran hunter Crispin Powley of Paris, Tennessee, more is always better.

Waterfowling Lingo 101

Like many outdoor sports, waterfowling has plenty of slang words, nicknames, and jargon. Some of these words are related to gear; others describe hunting techniques or the birds themselves. All of these terms make a waterfowler's vocabulary as colorful as a wood duck. Here's a beginner's guide to the language of waterfowling.

Short-reed Calling Tips

There are few sounds that get a waterfowl hunter's heart racing like those of a Canada goose. A single, distant honk is often all it takes to send hunters racing to close blind doors and scrambling to bring a lanyard full of calls to the ready.

Make Sure Your Shotgun Fits

"Shotgun fit" is a term of vague familiarity to most duck hunters. They've heard it, but they've never really understood what a proper shotgun fit entails and how it can affect their shooting ability.

New Waterfowl Guns for 2012

Waterfowling firearms are constantly being modifed to improve performance under extreme conditions. Check out these new firearms for 2012-2013 waterfowl season.

Adjust Your Calling to Suit Mood of the Ducks

Sometimes ducks want a lot of calling; sometimes they want a little. It's up to a caller to determine which the birds prefer on the day he's in the blind, then to offer them just the right amount of calling to coax them in.

Bring Old Decoys Back to Life

Worn-out decoys can ruin an otherwise good waterfowl hunt. After all, when ducks and geese lock up and drop toward your spread, it's because they believe your decoys are the real thing.

10 Essential Items for DIY Waterfowl Hunts

If you are planning a do-it-yourself waterfowl hunting trip this fall, packing the right gear can make the difference between a successful adventure and a dismal failure. Here are 10 often-overlooked items that you shouldn't leave home without.

Four Shooting Safety Tips

Facing facts squarely, we must concede that our beloved hunting guns are inherently capable of inflicting great bodily harm and even death when used carelessly or handled incorrectly.

Bluewing Bonanza

Blue-winged teal are truly the "early birds" of the fall waterfowl migration.

Migration Alert: Kentucky forecast could bring birds in for the new year

A forecast of frigid temperatures in the upper Mississippi flyway has raised expectations of a push of new birds and better shooting going into the new year.

Migration Alert: Tennessee hunting success sporadic

Dec. 27, 2011: Hunter success in Tennessee has been sporadic. In many areas ducks have been here-today-and-gone-tomorrow.

Where There's Smoke, There's Flavor

If you can grill, you can smoke.

Migration Alert: Hunt Now in Oklahoma

Dec. 13, 2011: Oklahoma's second season opened this past Saturday, bringing with it a level of excitement not seen this year in the area.

Migration Alert: West Tennessee migration improving

Dec. 12, 2011: Hunting on Reelfoot Lake in northwest Tennessee has been slow, but action is picking up today.

Migration Alert: Recent rain and cold have dispersed waterfowl in Missouri

Dec. 7, 2011: An abundance of new water in southern Missouri and ice in the north has shuffled the deck for hunters in this state.

Duck Calling Video: Purchasing a Duck Call

Butch Richenback, RNT Calls founder, provides insights on how he would select a duck call.

Duck Calling Video: Add a Quack into a Feed Call

Butch Richenback, RNT Calls founder, explains how to add a quack into your feed call.

RNT Tips: Timber Hunting Tactics

Jim Ronquest, RNT-V producer describes how he chooses a hole when he is hunting flooding timber.

Duck Calling Video: Learn Slow

Butch Richenback, RNT Calls founder, takes you step-by-step on learning to call ducks. Learning slow, and piecing individual segments together, will allow you to learn to be a better caller.

Duck Calling Video: Calling with Rhythm

Butch Richenback, RNT Calls founder, describes how to pull your ducks calls into a rhythm.

David Boike

DU Migration Field Editor profile for David Boike (Alexandria, Minnesota)

Fall Snow Geese

The sound of snow geese migrating south is, for some, the quintessential sound of fall, but for many hunters light geese have become a spring-only target. You don't have to wait until March to target snow geese, and the following tips from a pair of snow goose gurus will show you how.

Duck Calling Video: Calling at Ducks

Calling at ducks, rather than to ducks

Duck Calling Video: General Duck Calling

Jim Ronquest, RNT-V producer, explains how to piece together a string of calls to create a sequence, or cadence.

A Sandwich to Savor

In different parts of the country, the word barbecue doesn't necessarily mean the same thing.

Mid-Season Magic

The middle of the season is possibly the most challenging time for waterfowl hunters. During this period, ducks and geese are notorious for skirting decoy spreads, ignoring calls, and in some cases, simply disappearing.

Waterfowl 360 Hunting Photo Contest

Don't miss DU's hunting photo contest for this season, presented by Winchester Ammunition.

Waterfowl 360 Hunting Photo Contest Official Rules

The official rules for the Ducks Unlimited Waterfowl 360 Hunting Photo Contest.

Hunting Early Season Migrating Ducks

If you've never stared down a squadron of blue-winged teal screaming across the shallows of a harvested rice field or scattered gadwall decoys across a bed of smartweed, you're missing out on some great early season waterfowl hunting opportunities. Check out the following advice on how you can get a jump-start to the hunting season.

Secrets of a wood duck hunter

Kenny Anglin knows wood ducks. A Georgia native, he grew up hunting woodies in southern swamps, and his company, Kritter Getter Game Calls, makes one of the most popular wood duck calls on the market. He recently sat down with Will Brantley to share some of his secrets for hunting these beautiful and elusive birds.

Duck Calling Video: Learn the feed call

Butch Richenback, founder of RNT Calls, explains the fundemental steps of learning how to master the feed call.

Know Your Firearm

Jim Ronquest of RNT shares tips of the trade about knowing your firearm.

Retriever Gear: Canine First Aid Kit

A canine first aid kit could be the difference in saving your retriever's life.

David Adamson

DU Migration Field Editor profile for David Adamson (Richmond, Virginia)

Ducks Unlimited launches online resource for waterfowlers

Ducks Unlimited has launched waterfowl360.com, a comprehensive web-based resource for waterfowl hunters. This online destination provides hunters with a wealth of information and videos as well as an upgraded migration map featuring a weather component and waterfowl reports from across the country.

Ultimate Waterfowling

DU's waterfowl360.com is every waterfowler's go-to online resource – a website built by waterfowlers and dedicated to their interests and needs.

Winchester Ammo Blind Side SD

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ATK Federal Black Cloud Ammunition

Enhance - Chris Akin Testimonial

DU Migration Field Editor Program

The Ducks Unlimited Migration Field Editor program was engineered to create a solid foundation of credible migration and hunting reports within the DU waterfowl migration map.

Anthony Smith

DU Migration Field Editor profile for Anthony Smith (Ten Mile, Tennessee)

Shannon Meadors

DU Migration Field Editor profile for Shannon Meadors (Vancouver, Washington)

Billy Gray

DU Migration Field Editor profile for Billy Gray (Natchitoches, Louisiana)

Stephen Gautheir

DU Migration Field Editor profile for Stephen Gautheir (Lafayette, Louisiana)

George Diplock

DU Migration Field Editor profile for George Diplock (Augusta, Maine)

Randy Brown

DU Migration Field Editor profile for Randy Brown (Marion, Illinois)

Kevin Bork

DU Migration Field Editor profile for Kevin Bork (Auburndale, Florida)

David Adamson

DU Migration Field Editor profile for David Adamson (Richmond, Virginia)

Dan Johnson

DU Migration Field Editor profile for Dan Johnson (Lufkin, Texas)

Chris Sechelski

DU Migration Field Editor profile for Chris Sechelski (Houston, Texas)

Jeremy Anfinson

DU Migration Field Editor profile for Jeremy Anfinson (Hutchison, Minnesota)

Winchester Ammo

Blind Side—Stacked. Fast. Deadly.


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It's What's Inside

Brandon Mendoza

DU Migration Field Editor profile for Brandon Mendoza (Kansas)

Federal Premium Ammunition

Federal Premium Ammunition: More birds in the bag!


Realtree's ongoing commitment to conservation includes the support and sponsorships of conservation groups, such as Ducks Unlimited, whose goals, messages and efforts closely mirror its own.

Vic Meyer

DU Migration Field Editor profile for Vic Meyer (Fort Collins, Colorado)

Terry Laymon

DU Migration Field Editor profile for Terry Laymon (Lake St. Clair, Michigan)

Paul Fincher

DU Migration Field Editor profile for Paul Fincher (Guthrie, Oklahoma)

Dr. Michael Crupper

DU Field Migration Editor profile for Dr. Michael Crupper (Portland, Oregon)

Scott Jasion

DU Migration Field Editor profile for Scott Jaison (Fallston, Maryland)

Ron Kee

DU Migration Field Editor profile for Ron Kee

Jason Needham

DU Migration Field Editor profile for Jason Needham

Shawn Schmidt

DU Migration Field Editor profile for Shawn Schmidt (De Pere, Wisconsin)

Patrick Patterson

DU Migration Field Editor profile for Patrick Patterson (So. Minnesota)

Kevin Uetz

DU Migration Field Editor profile for Kevin Uetz (Ventura, Iowa)

Jason Christiansen

DU Migration Field Editor profile for Jason Christiansen (Omaha, Nebraska)

Dave Riley

DU Migration Field Editor profile for Dave Riley (Burlington, Iowa)

Creighton Kaiser

DU Migration Field Editor profile for Creighton Kaiser (Syracuse, Indiana)

Chris Phillips

DU Migration Field Editor profile for Chris Phillips (Cambridge, Iowa)

Aaron Vogler

DU Migration Field Editor profile for Aaron Vogler (Haubstadt, Indiana)

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