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Migration Alert: Atlantic Flyway Snow Geese Push into Canada

Montezuma National Wildlife Refuge, a critical waypoint on the spring snow goose migration, reported a peak migration of 100,000 to 400,000 birds using the wild land complex last Thursday. This Thursday, they estimated just a few hundred in the area.

Migration Alert: Cold Weather Benefits Mississippi Light Goose Hunters

Two weeks ago, strong south winds boosted temperatures into the mid 60s as far north as South Dakota, triggering the spring migration for massive numbers of light geese. Hunters in the Mississippi Delta feared the worst--that light geese would leave the region en masse and beeline for the plains states. Fortunately, winter came back with a fury, and many of the birds that made a premature departure have returned.

Migration Alert: Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska Swarming with Light Goose Hunting Opportunities

Sporadic reports of small flocks of light geese are trickling in from South Dakota, but a major surge in goose numbers in northwest Missouri and parts of Nebraska has hunters frantically rushing to the fields in these areas. Last week's polar vortex stalled the migration, but as the weather cleared and the winds shifted to the south, massive numbers of light geese moved north.

Waterfowler's Notebook: Hunting Spring Snows

Expert advice on how to decoy more light geese during the special conservation season

Migration Alert: Arkansas light goose numbers remain strong

The Light Goose Conservation Order opens the door for February waterfowling in Arkansas. The LGCO's liberal regulations levels the playing field for hunters hoping to decoy these difficult birds. As temperatures begin to warm, light geese will begin heading north, but ideal habitat is holding birds in Arkansas for those looking for late-season opportunities.

Migration Alert: Light geese numbers increasing in North Mississippi

Mississippi Light Goose Conservation Order re-opened following the February 2-3 Youth Season, and steady numbers may provide excellent opportunities for the upcoming weekend.

Spring Waterfowling: Quebec’s greater snow geese

The Ducks Unlimited Television crew traveled to Quebec last spring for a Greater snow goose hunt along the St. Lawrence River. This photo essay provides a glimpse of this late-spring hunting opportunity.

Light Goose Migration Headquarters

The 2015-2016 regular waterfowl season has come to a close throughout the country, but before you begin storing equipment, it's time for light geese.

Fall Snow Geese

The sound of snow geese migrating south is, for some, the quintessential sound of fall, but for many hunters light geese have become a spring-only target. You don't have to wait until March to target snow geese, and the following tips from a pair of snow goose gurus will show you how.

Spring Snow Goose Video: F5 Buried in Snows

This video from Habitat Flats provides an excellent example of spring snow goose hunting, and the passionate hunters who chase these magnificent birds.

February 2011 Waterfowl Gear Guide

As February's winter weather sweeps across the nation, many waterfowl hunters begin placing decoys into storage. Then there are light goose hunters. It's a new breed of waterfowler, determined to take one last shot and contribute to a conservation cause. The E-newsletter editorial team has chosen a few items that can improve any snow goose hunter's success rates this spring.

Now Is the Time for Spring Snows

They're smart, hard to decoy and will humble even the savviest of waterfowl hunters, but those who pursue spring snow geese know that the end result is worth the effort. If you've never taken in a day of decoying snows, blues or Ross's geese as they wing northward on the heels of a retreating winter, maybe this is the year to see what you've been missing.

Photo Essay: Wonders of the White Goose

A photographic tribute to North America's magnificent light geese

Light Goose Conservation Order

Light geese offer late-season opportunity

White Goose Wizards: Q&A Session

Light goose hunting with Tony Vandemore

The Big Splash

Whether you're hunting Canadas, snows, specks or brant, shooting geese over water requires attention to detail.

Step-by-Step Snow Goose Hunting

Even with a growing reputation as some of the most difficult birds to hunt, light geese – snows, blues and Ross’ – are pursued by more and more hunters every year. Armed with the latest in blinds, decoys and e-callers, some might think that hunters have the cards stacked in their favor. Those that chase the giant flocks know their jobs are cut out for them every time they hit the field.

14 Snow Goose Hunting Tips

Follow these quick tips to improve your odds on your next trip.

Light Goose Recipes

Here are a few Ducks Unlimited recommended recipes that will allow hunters to savor the hunt.

10 Decoying Tips for Light Geese

Use these helpful tactics to get birds to lock-on decoys, and stay locked on.

Hunting Across Canada: Snow Geese A La Quebec

Greater snows provide some of eastern Canada’s most interesting waterfowling.

More Spring Snow Goose Hunting Tips

Northern Lights

Hunting snow geese in the company of a polar bear audience generates a hair-raising experience

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