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revolving land program


Ducks Unlimited restores historic habitat on revolving land

In 2011 Ducks Unlimited Wetlands America Trust purchased the Beam property, south of Oshkosh, Nebraska as part of the revolving lands strategy. The 447-acre property contains some of the last unbroken native wet meadow, which has spectacular blooms of the rare shooting star (Dodecatheon meadia) wildflower. The land also contains North Platte River frontage and accretion ground, which is where Ducks Unlimited focused its restoration.

Ducks Unlimited installs grazing infrastructure on Nebraska wetlands

Ducks Unlimited is promoting livestock grazing along the Platte River and Rainwater Basin. DU recently installed fencing and livestock wells on numerous federal and state lands, Ducks Unlimited revolving lands and private conservation easements containing wetlands.

DU land in South Dakota open for hunting this fall

Ducks Unlimited is restoring three important waterfowl habitat properties in Sanborn County. The properties and other DU land are open to public hunting this fall and included in the South Dakota Game Fish and Parks Habitat Atlas.

DU Protects Habitat on South Dakota's Waubay Lake

In early December 2014, Ducks Unlimited secured a 296-acre property on the southwest corner of Waubay Lake, two miles northeast of Webster, South Dakota. Known as the Denholm property, this unique mix of wetlands and native grasslands was not protected with any conservation easements, making it a natural fit for DU's Revolving Habitat Program.

DU protects 800-acre block of habitat near South Dakota’s Sand Lake National Wildlife Refuge

Ducks Unlimited (DU) has acquired another important piece of waterfowl habitat just west of the Sand Lake National Wildlife Refuge headquarters. The 160-acre property is adjacent to both the Higgins and Columbia properties now in DU’s Revolving Land Program. With the addition of the Weismantel tract, DU will have protected an 800-acre block of habitat from three tracts a mile from Sand Lake, one of the most important waterfowl refuges in North America.

DU restoring significant waterfowl habitat in Sanborn County

Ducks Unlimited recently acquired two important waterfowl habitat properties in Sanborn County, about two miles apart from each other. The 524-acre Summit Ag Fund property is located approximately seven miles southeast of Woonsocket, and the 160-acre Bennett property is three miles northwest of Letcher. This area of Sanborn County contains a rich network of wetland habitats that attract large numbers of breeding waterfowl when water conditions are suitable.

DU to protect Hyde County property, rich with wetlands

Ducks Unlimited (DU) recently acquired the 320-acre Hahn property in Hyde County, approximately 10 miles northwest of Highmore. DU will restore and permanently protect the property as part of its Revolving Land Program.

DU to restore Rainwater Basin property next to WPA

The Wetlands America Trust has acquired a 160-acre property adjoining Real Waterfowl Production Area (WPA) located 3 miles north of Fairmont in the Rainwater Basin of Nebraska. This property will round out the WPA and allow more cohesive management of the wetlands on the area.

DU conserves South Dakota property with important habitat

WATERTOWN, S.D.- Ducks Unlimited (DU) has secured a purchase agreement on the 160-acre Schafer property in Deuel County, approximately 18 miles east-northeast of Watertown. The Schafer property is located in a landscape rich with duck habitat.

DU South Dakota tract becomes part of adjoining WPA

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) recently purchased a 160-acre portion of Ducks Unlimited’s (DU) Villhauer Tract in McPherson County, South Dakota. The original 640-acre Villhauer property was acquired by DU several years ago as part of the Revolving Habitat Program. Other portions of the property have already been perpetually protected and sold to private landowners.

Summit Ag Fund Property

Ducks Unlimited (DU) is protecting 524 acres of remarkable waterfowl habitat in east-central South Dakota. The property is located six miles south and two miles east of Woonsocket and in the middle of the James River Lowlands Focus Area. This landscape is dotted with numerous, shallow wetland habitats. During wet years, this landscape attracts large numbers of breeding waterfowl.

DU restoring and protecting habitat in Nebraska

Through its revolving land efforts, DU continues to restore and protect habitat in Nebraska. DU purchases tracts, restores them, protects the property with conservation easements, and then sells them to a conservation buyer, generally within five years.

DU Acquires Three South Dakota Properties for Waterfowl

Ducks Unlimited has acquired three more parcels of land in South Dakota with high waterfowl habitat value.

DU Acquires Unique Ranch in Idaho

DU recently acquired an Idaho ranch that is generating a lot of excitement because of its unique features. Most of the ranch consists of agricultural land, including more than 400 acres of wetland pasture, nearly 300 acres of irrigated farmland, and 35 acres of open-water ponds.

Brooks Tract Acquired

In December 2012, Ducks Unlimited completed acquisition of the Brooks Tract, an important Platte River habitat, from the Whooping Crane Trust.

Ritterbush WPA Round-out Acquired

In June 2012, Ducks Unlimited acquired a 120-acre property adjacent to Ritterbush Waterfowl Production Area (WPA) in Franklin County.

DU selling three properties in Nebraska’s Rainwater Basin

Ducks Unlimited is individually selling three Rainwater Basin properties in Nebraska as part of DU’s revolving land program. The prime waterfowl habitat with grasslands and wetlands has been protected with conservation easements. The parcels will be sold during live auctions the week of December 10.

Ducks Unlimited Land Protection Programs

Land protection is a critical tool by which Ducks Unlimited conserves waterfowl habitat throughout North America. DU protects land through several means including acquisitions, conservation easements and revolving lands strategy.

Revolving Land Program

Some places in the Prairie Pothole Region are too good to let go—special lands that contain the magical mix of wetlands and grasslands needed by breeding waterfowl. When such places come up for sale and there is a significant chance that critical resources will be lost, then it’s time for Ducks Unlimited to get creative.

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