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Banding Together for Waterfowl

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Waterfowler's Notebook: Public Land Ethics

Follow these 10 rules to make waterfowling on public hunting areas a more enjoyable experience. By Wade Bourne.

20 Public Waterfowling Hotspots

While there's an abundance of information about how to hunt public areas, the information on where to find those public areas is scarce. The DU Newsletter Editorial team has picked five fantastic public waterfowling destinations in each flyway to kick off this year's Waterfowl360 campaign. See which spots made the list!

Seven Tactics for Hunting Public Ducks

Managed public lands typically attract plenty of ducks. They also draw large numbers of hunters. Here are seven surefire strategies to help you bag more birds on these come-one, come-all waterfowl hunting areas.

Mid-Season Magic

The middle of the season is possibly the most challenging time for waterfowl hunters. During this period, ducks and geese are notorious for skirting decoy spreads, ignoring calls, and in some cases, simply disappearing.

Public hunting on DU lands in South Dakota

Several Ducks Unlimited-owned properties in South Dakota are open to public hunting during the season.

Strategies for Public Land

Waterfowl hunting on public land can be either a dream or a nightmare, as two hunts that I experienced several years ago on a local wildlife management area (WMA) clearly illustrate.

Going Public for Ducks

How to make the most of public hunting opportunities in your area

Public Duck Hunting Etiquette

Everything you learned in kindergarten about getting along with others applies in the duck blind, too.

10 Commandments of Public Duck Hunting

Rules to live by when you're hunting public land

Duck Hunting on a Budget

Here's how cost-conscious waterfowlers can enjoy high-quality hunting without breaking the bank.

Insider Guide to Public-Land Duck Hunting

Veteran public-land waterfowlers share their secrets for finding great hunting

15 Great Places to Hunt Waterfowl

When it comes to planning a waterfowl hunting trip, location is everything.

Strategies for Duck Hunting on Public Land

Public hunting areas can provide top quality shooting

Habitat for Hunters

DU's habitat projects not only produce ducks but also provide important public-hunting opportunities.

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