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Banding Together for Waterfowl

pre-season prep


Five Things Every Waterfowler Must Do in April

The last days of the 2014–2015 waterfowl season are now a faint memory, but for duck and goose hunters this is a year-round game, and there's a mountain of work to be done. This to-do list focuses on certain aspects of waterfowling that could use a little more attention, so, if you're just sitting around waiting on September, here are some tasks every duck hunter must do before opening day.

10 Easy Ways to Improve Your Waterfowl Season

Most waterfowlers are aware of the need and the process of preparing for the upcoming season. What many don't know is that there are benefits to staying on top of off-season tasks. Here are 10 reasons you should hit the ground running when the 2013 waterfowl season kicks off in your area.

Get Ready for Duck Hunting Season

Though it can be difficult to imagine during these hot summer months, another waterfowl season is fast approaching.

Preseason Retriever Conditioning Tips

Even with opening day fast approaching, it's not too late to get your dog in top shape

Pre-Season Prep: 7 Steps for Success

Like an early-morning wood duck buzzing the decoys, the upcoming waterfowl season will be here before we know it. While the to-do list is long, these seven steps will prove essential to a successful waterfowling season.

Waterfowl Hunting Tips

A complete listing of duck and goose hunting tips.

Outfitting a Duck Boat

Safety needs to remain a number one concern when duck hunting from a boat. This checklist can help keep you safe and offers some handy hunting suggestions.

Clean Up Your Call

From cleaning your call to practicing in the field and at home, you can improve your duck calling technique all year long.

Summer Drills for Retrievers

The months leading up to opening day provide time to hone your retriever's skills. Gary Koehler provides diagrams and tips for summertime training drills for your retriever.

Make Every Shot Count

Getting into the shooting groove this summer means fewer missed shots in the fall. Get some tips on improving your shot in the preseason months.

Duck Dogs and Doves

Warm weather requires handlers to use common sense when dove hunting with their retrievers.

Pre-Season Prep

Get a jump on the hunting season with these tips!

Duck Scouting Success With Online Tools

New technology for duck hunters

Pre-Season Training Tips

A summer workout program will help get your dog ready for duck season

10 Shooting Tips for Waterfowl

Wade Bourne shares 10 never-fail tips for improving your shot and creating a more enjoyable hunting experience all season long.

Tuning a Duck Call

Wade Bourne explains how to make small changes to improve the sound of your single- or double-reed duck call.

Scouting - Waterfowler Early Installment Plan

The overgrown boat trail led to who-knows-where, but I was determined to find out where. I nosed my boat into the small opening in the reeds. It was barely wide enough to slide through. The ditch ran straight into the cover some 30 yards, then it took a curving bend to the right. I jockeyed the throttle on my Go-Devil motor, powering over the shallow muck and decaying vegetation.

Break Bad Shooting Habits, Bag More Ducks

Keith Sutton outlines six bad habits that may be affecting your shooting. From gun fit to posture and focus, break yourself of these and you'll be on the road to success.

Summer Retriever Training: Avoid Heat Stroke

Understanding how to avoid heat stroke and what to do in case of emergency can make all the difference when training your dog through the hot summer months.

Retriever Training in Summer

Take different approaches as the mercury rises this summer

10 Tips to Prepare Your Dog Hunting Season

With hunting season just around the corner, it's important to make sure our retrievers are ready for action. The following is a brief refresher course, per Mike Stewart's instruction, on how you might start readying your dog for what everyone hopes to be a banner hunting season. Most tips best apply to retrievers that have had at least some previous training.

10 Tips to Get Ready for Duck Season

Though we can't see it coming for the summer haze, another duck season is fast approaching. There's much to be decided, and much work to be done. Following are 10 tips every waterfowl hunter should consider right now to be ready for opening day!

Back to School for Duck Hunters

Gil and Vicki Ash of OSP Shooting School provide some advice for hunters to get back to basics and improve their shot.

10 Tips for Starting out on the Right Paw

Get Rover Ready for Duck Season

Keep Your Call Warm and Dry

Calling champions and professionals offer advice on keeping your calls in top condition to increase their lifespan and give you the best possible performance every season.

Four Steps to Better Shooting

Improve your shooting with these steps from Scott Robertson of Elm Fork Shooting Sports in Dallas.

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