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Banding Together for Waterfowl



Status of the Pintail

As you read this, hen northern pintails are well into the trials and tribulations of their annual breeding effort. What happens during these few short months, including the number of ducklings that hatch and fledge and the number of females that survive, greatly influences whether the pintail population grows or declines. Where pintails choose to nest across their vast breeding range has a significant impact on their productivity and, consequently, on how many birds migrate south in the fall.

An Amazing Journey

Eric Heidman knew that he was in luck when a drake pintail sailed into his decoy spread on opening day of California's duck season. What he didn't know was that the bird was banded—or the story behind its travels.

Photo Essay: The Northern Pintail

In the world of ducks, the northern pintail takes the prize for elegance. Even its nickname—sprig—suggests a certain amount of refinement, as in the sprig of parsley a chef might use to garnish a fancy dish.

Pintail Conservation Initiative

Support North America's pintail population

Calling Whistling Ducks - Video Tip

Rod Haydel, founder of Haydel's Game Calls, provides some professional secrets to calling whistling ducks, especially teal and pintails.

Calling All Ducks

Imitating whistles, peeps, chirps, and various other duck sounds can diversify your calling and your game bag.

Trouble for Texas Pintails

Wintering habitat loss in this state’s coastal counties may be contributing to declining pintail populations.

Pintail Conservation Initiative Quick Facts

Pintails: A Love-Hate Relationship with Spring Wetlands

Upon arriving in the prairie pothole country in early spring, pintails find a cold and often frozen landscape. To pintails, the spring thaw can provide a virtual paradise of spring wetlands, or a dry, barren desert.

Montezuma's Magnificent Muck Ducks

Black ducks, mallards, and pintails flock to flooded fields in New York's Finger Lakes region.

Milk River Ridge

Habitat gem a part of pintail strategy

Saving the Sprig

Ducks Unlimited is pursuing an ambitious habitat conservation strategy to help bring back the pintail to its former abundance.

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