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Pennsylvania lake to return to black duck haven

Ducks Unlimited is working with the Pennsylvania Game Commission to enhance a 90-acre wetland in State Game Lands 66 in Sullivan County, Pennsylvania. This acre was historically known to support American black ducks throughout their lifecycle.

Work continues at Pymatuning Wildlife Management Area

Ducks Unlimited and the Pennsylvania Game Commission are starting the second phase of a wetland restoration and enhancement project at Pymatuning Wildlife Management Area in Crawford County.

Western Pennsylvania Game Lands getting habitat boost

Celery Swamp in State Game Lands 151 is located northwest of New Castle, Pennsylvania. The wetlands there have degraded in the past 50 years because the Pennsylvania Game Commission was unable to control water levels and mimic natural water cycles.

Pennsylvania’s Presque Isle wetlands being restored

Ducks Unlimited is returning to the Lake Erie watershed in 2016 to restore and enhance more than 400 acres of coastal marsh at Presque Isle State Park, an important stopover for waterfowl and waterbirds in Erie, PA.

DU and XTO Energy Conserve Pennsylvania Habitat

Ducks Unlimited and XTO Energy are building a partnership to conserve vital habitat for migrating waterfowl and other wetland-dependent wildlife in Pennsylvania.

Shell and DU Partner to Conserve Pennsylvania Habitat

Shell Oil Company recently donated $250,000 to Ducks Unlimited's Northwest Pennsylvania Priority Habitat Restoration Program.

Pennsylvania: Pymatuning Wildlife Management Area

Ducks Unlimited and several partners enhanced and restored 653 acres of emergent marsh at Pymatuning Wildlife Management Area.

Delaware Bay Priority Area

The Delaware Bay is one of the most important wintering areas in North America and is a major link in the migratory chain that stretches from South America to Canada along the Atlantic flyway. In the Delaware Bay watershed, land use conversion and land management practices have resulted in widespread loss, fragmentation, and degradation of wildlife habitat, and deterioration of the quality of water entering the bay.

Lower Susquehanna Priority Area

The Susquehanna River is the largest tributary of the Chesapeake Bay, the source of the most freshwater, and the largest single source of nutrients to the Bay. This area accounts for only 25% of Pennsylvania lands, but 46% of all farms, 65% of the agricultural industry, and 55% of all highly erodible cropland in the state.

Pennsylvania Conservation Projects

Ducks Unlimited habitat conservation projects in Pennsylvania. These projects benefit waterfowl, other wildlife and people. View sample projects, project map and more.

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