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Conservation: DU's Ducks in the Desert Initiative

At first glance, the scarce wetlands of Utah, Nevada, and Arizona may seem unimportant to waterfowl, but in reality they provide crucial habitat for Pacific Flyway duck populations. These wetlands are oases for millions of ducks raised in the Western Boreal Forest and Prairie Pothole Region as the birds migrate across the dry and rugged western United States. Many large lakes and marshes in the region also support impressive numbers of wintering waterfowl that, like many people, flock to the desert during the coldest months of the year.

Migration Alert: California Hunters, Waterfowl Benefit from Recent Rains

The much-hyped El Niño winter appears to have finally hit the state of California in early January, bringing rain to the entire state and setting the table for duck-hunting success.

Migration Alert: Cold Weather Fluctuates Duck Numbers in Washington

One of the wettest Decembers on record for Washington State distributed ducks and geese far and wide to freshly flooded habitats, leaving waterfowl hunters with fewer traditional hunting locations. The good news is a drying trend, which should allow much of the sheet water to drain, forcing ducks back into normal feeding routines.

Migration Alert: Improving Habitat, Increasing Duck Numbers in California

Multiple storms are forecasted to hit areas of California over the next week, bringing much-needed precipitation and recharging waterfowl habitat. Waterfowling conditions may be on the upswing, and this boost should provide hunters ample opportunities heading into Christmas.

Migration Alert: Oregon Waterfowlers Taking Advantage of Duck Numbers

Oregon waterfowl hunters are enjoying consistent success, matching or exceeding last year's generally good season. With multiple storms in the forecast, weather will be the deciding factor on overall duck and goose hunting success in the days ahead.

Migration Alert: Idaho Hunters Expect Numbers to Improve Soon

Many Idaho waterfowlers enjoyed a fair start to the season, and as cold weather finally settles in across Prairie Canada, hunters are expecting the next big push to happen soon.

Migration Alert: Washington Hunters Welcome Wind, Rain

The season's first substantial storm is forecast to sweep across the Pacific Northwest this weekend. Stiff, sustained breezes and gusty blows are expected statewide, and substantial rainfall may recharge enough wetland habitat to jump-start the 2015-2016 waterfowl season.

Five Pacific Flyway Waterfowling Hotspots

The Pacific Flyway offers some of the best waterfowling in the United States. The flyway contains an abundance of waterfowl, a 107-day liberal season, and a long list of public hunting opportunities. Here are five public waterfowling hotspots in the Pacific Flyway.

Migration Alert: Waterfowl Numbers, Conditions Look Good in Oregon, Washington, and Idaho

Waterfowl biologists report an early increase in duck and goose numbers across the Pacific Northwest, boding well for the start of waterfowl seasons in Washington, Oregon, and Idaho.

DU CEO Dale Hall comments on California drought legislation

Last week, California Senators Feinstein and Boxer introduced the California Emergency Drought Relief Act as a way to mitigate the devastating effects of the drought crippling California. Ducks Unlimited CEO Dale Hall released the following statement regarding the legislation:

Migration Alert: Pacific Flyway Wrap Up

The 2014-15 Pacific Flyway waterfowl season played much different than what was expected in September. California ended up with water, normally frozen areas weren't, and ducks, as usual, simply went with the flow of storm tracks and sunshine.

Another Successful Year for California's Blackhawk Diamond Gala

More than 150 volunteers and supporters joined First Vice President Paul Bonderson Jr. for Ducks Unlimited's third annual Blackhawk Diamond Gala at the Blackhawk Auto Museum in Danville, California. Bonderson, who chaired the event, attributed the success of this year's gala to the unwavering dedication of co-hosts Doug Federighi and Pepper Snyder.

Migration Alert: California's Duck Numbers and Habitat Improve

Warm weather has created challenging conditions for California duck hunters, but receding floodwaters, reopened refuges and wildlife areas, and good numbers of ducks in most parts of the state have set the stage for improved waterfowl hunting during the final weeks of the season.

Migration Alert: Frigid Temperatures Descend Upon Washington State

Aching for a shift in the weather, Washington waterfowlers' wishes will be granted in the coming days. A cold snap poised to strike the Pacific Northwest will freeze sheet water left behind from recent rainstorms. This means a change in tactics for hunters who have faced stagnant conditions since late November.

Migration Alert: Oregon Waterfowl Distribution Sporadic Due to Storm, Mild Temps

Last week's hurricane-force Pacific Flyway windstorm came on the heels of ample rain from Mexico to Northern California. Oregon's ducks and geese were blown off the coast and many have found substantial habitat throughout Willamette Valley, forcing waterfowlers to scout and react to regional migrations.

Migration Alert: Rain Improves California Habitat Conditions, Numbers Increasing

California waterfowl hunters have cause for optimism as rainfall, some of it heavy, is sweeping into the state from the coast, easing some of the state's drought-stricken waterfowl habitats. Ducks and geese are spreading out with the rain and new birds continue to arrive from the north.

Migration Alert: Utah Waterfowling Heats Up

As frigid weather settles across Canada and the northern United States, the current Arctic blast is pushing ducks and swans by the thousands into the Great Salt Lake Basin. Utah waterfowl hunters fortunate enough to get out and hunt are taking full advantage of the migration.

Migration Alert: Optimism in the Forecast for Pacific Flyway Waterfowlers

Pacific Flyway waterfowlers have been impatiently waiting for weather to push ducks out of Prairie Canada and British Columbia. With extended weather forecasts calling for a hard freeze north of the border early next week, Idaho duck hunters may need to rethink their plans.

Migration Alert: Slow Start for Oregon Waterfowlers

Oregon's duck season began this weekend with many hunters reporting mixed results. Duck numbers appear to have been below average along the Oregon coast, which typically offers some of the state's most consistent early-season hunting.

Migration Alert: State-by-State Pacific Flyway Hunting and Habitat Preview

Pacific Flyway waterfowl hunters, much like those across the entire continent, should expect another large fall flight of ducks and geese this year. With good to excellent conditions for waterfowl production across Prairie Canada and another bumper crop of geese headed south from Alaska and northern Canada, expectations are soaring.

NAWCA Grant Supports Groundbreaking Conservation Work in Nevada

DU has received the first North American Wetlands Conservation Act (NAWCA) grant awarded in the Lahontan Valley region of western Nevada.

Breeding Grounds Survey: Time Flies By, and So Do We!

The first report filed by a FWS pilot biologist in 2014 as they prepare to begin the North American Breeding Waterfowl and Ponds Survey.

$1 million grant ensures lasting conservation legacy in Central California

SACRAMENTO, Calif. – April 30, 2014 – Thanks to a generous $1 million grant through the North American Wetlands Conservation Act (NAWCA), which combined with $2 million previously received for this area in phases 1 & 2, Ducks Unlimited (DU) and its partners will be able to conserve more than 9,400 acres of wetland habitat in the Tulare Basin in California’s Central Valley.

Migration Alert: Pacific Flyway Hunters Looking for Strong Finish

Pacific Flyway hunters will face early fog, sunshine, and then clear weather conditions from border to border for the last weekend of the 2013-14 duck season.

Migration Alert: Opportunities Remain for California Waterfowlers

California waterfowlers are facing what has become the driest year on record, making habitat conditions less than ideal. Yet, waterfowl hunters throughout the state continue to be optimistic.

Migration Alert: Approaching Front Brings Much-Needed Change for Pacific Northwest Waterfowlers

The Pacific Northwest is bracing for rain and high winds this weekend, as a front approaches from the south and mixes with Pacific moisture from the north. This bodes well for wingshooters hoping to improve their season with a late regional migration throughout Oregon and Washington.

Migration Alert: Changing Conditions May Improve Waterfowling in Washington and Oregon

Unfavorable weather conditions—warm temperatures, fog, and a lack of precipitation—combined with a full moon had Washington waterfowlers struggling over the holidays.

Migration Alert: Drought Continues to Impact California Waterfowl

California hunters are hoping for the arrival of stormy and wet winter weather, which will hopefully result in more typical waterfowl distribution in the Sacramento and San Joaquin valleys.

Migration Alert: Incoming Weather Offers Ideal Conditions in Washington

Ducks are filtering into Washington's upper Columbia Basin, says Chris Bonsignore, Ducks Unlimited's conservation program manager in the Spokane Valley.

Tom Dunkin II: Future of Northwest Waterfowling Inspires Giving

Tom Dunkin II of Redmond, Washington, is a Heritage Sponsor supporting DU's Wings and Wetlands Initiative. This initiative is dedicated to conserving important waterfowl habitats in Washington, Oregon, and Idaho, as well as preserving the outdoor traditions of the Pacific Northwest. Tom's story appeared in the 2013 DU Annual Report.

Migration Alert: Oregon Waterfowlers Still Waiting for Northern Flights

Duck hunting has been improving in Oregon in recent days, especially for those willing to scout and locate birds. Most of the action is on the Oregon coast right now, but there are still plenty of birds that have yet to arrive from the north.

Migration Alert: Utah Waterfowlers Watching the Weather

After a strong start to the 2013-2014 waterfowl season, hunting success in Utah has tapered off in recent days, but that could all change this weekend as a winter storm system arrives.

Migration Alert: Idaho Hunting Improves, Migration Picks up Pace

With Pacific storm fronts approaching from the northwest, coupled with the onset of freezing temperatures in prairie Canada, hunting success should only improve throughout Idaho and much of the Pacific Flyway.

Migration Alert: DU TV reports from Utah

The DU-TV crew is currently filming in Utah on the Great Salt Lake. Conditions haven't been favorable and waterfowling has been slow. Future weather patterns should provide more birds as the season progresses.

Migration Alert: Oregon Waterfowlers Face Tough Early Conditions

In Oregon, record-shattering rainfall in September and the closure of national wildlife refuges and other federal lands to hunting were responsible for a disappointing start to the duck season this past weekend.

Migration Alert: State-by-state Pacific Flyway Breakdown

Early migrating waterfowl, feeling an early winter pinch, are filtering south throughout the Pacific Flyway states and finding variable habitat conditions upon arrival in the region.

Working with Partners in the West

Ducks Unlimited works with partners throughout its Western Region and all along the length of the Pacific Flyway to ensure wetlands and other waterfowl and wildlife habitat are protected now and for future generations. Some of DU's partners talk about this important collaborative conservation work.

Wings and Wetlands Initiative

In Idaho, Oregon, and Washington, significant wetland habitats have been lost. As human populations soar, the demand for water increases, putting even more pressure on remaining wetlands.

Welcome to the Pacific Flyway

Renowned for a rich diversity of waterfowl species and habitat, the Pacific Flyway is one of North America's greatest waterfowl treasures.

Ducks in the Desert Initiative

Restoring the valuable wetland oases of America's desert landscape for waterfowl, other wildlife, and communities across the West, from the Great Salt Lake to the Lower Colorado River.

California Wetlands Initiative

Restoring Golden State wetlands to healthy wintering habitats and helping provide water solutions for waterfowl, other wildlife, and Californians.

U.S. leaders meet with DU and partners to discuss Salton Sea solutions

Ducks Unlimited Regional Biologist Chris Hildebrandt recently took part in a prestigious panel discussion focused on the plight of the Salton Sea.

Migration Alert: Good Signs for Great Late Goose Hunting

The sun sets on duck season this week in the Pacific Flyway, and now geese are the only game in town. Hunters like Jason Haley of My Outdoor Buddy took one last shot at duck hunting before moving on to late-season geese, which offer limited but excellent opportunities until March 10, when the federal framework governing waterfowling hunting closes all seasons until fall.

Migration Alert: Northwest Duck Hunting Goes on Ice; California Has Hot Spots

Duck hunters will find nothing great about the Great Northwest as the season comes to a close this week, but the forecast continues to be fair in sunny California.

Migration Alert: Hunters Toast New Year with Cold Duck

Hunters in the Columbia Basin and eastern Oregon managed to bag their birds this past week, but they had to put in their time, by either scouting in advance or hunting all day.

Migration Alert: Duck Hunters Dream of a White Christmas

West Coast duck hunters want not only a white Christmas but also an early one that will deliver all the ducks on their wish lists.

Migration Alert: Rain, wind not enough to push California waterfowl south

Waterfowl habitat overall is looking great in the Central Valley. Lots of water means an abundance of shallow flooded areas, even rice ground that was not intentionally flooded is now providing decent habitat.

Migration Alert: Cold weather may improve California waterfowl hunting

The mild weather pushed waterfowl into an easy lifestyle of resting on the closed areas. However, colder weather setting in should force the birds to get out and feed more often, putting them in front of more hunters.

Migration Alert: Oregon waterfowlers having success along the coast

Western Oregon waterfowl hunters are experiencing average hunting conditions at the onset of the 2012-13 waterfowl hunting season.

Migration Alert: Early pintail arrivals indicate dry conditions in north Pacific Flyway

Pintails typically arrive like clockwork on August 10. Unfortunately, this likely reflects the dry conditions in the Klamath Basin, which is forcing waterfowl to fly over and travel farther south earlier than normal.

California legislators weigh in on recently proposed water plan

California Gov. Jerry Brown's recent announcement of his proposed Bay Delta Conservation Plan (BDCP) is being met with skepticism from more than one California legislator.

Migration Alert: Sacramento Valley hunters need winter weather

The birds are here in the Sacramento Valley but hunter success for the remainder of the season is going to depend on weather, especially for rice field hunters.

Understanding Waterfowl: Ways of the Wigeon

These fascinating ducks have many characteristics and behaviors that set them apart

Massive Coastal Restoration Project Completed in California

For the first time in more than 100 years, tidal waters returned in August to the former Napa Plant Site salt-production facility adjacent to the Napa River on the northern reaches of San Francisco Bay.

Waterfowl Migration Flyways

Banding research helped waterfowl managers map the major migration corridors followed by ducks and geese, which are known today as flyways. For management purposes, North America is divided into four flyways—the Atlantic, Mississippi, Central, and Pacific.

DU Projects: Pacific Flyway

The Pacific Flyway stretches 4,000 miles north-to-south and 1,000 miles east-to-west. From the Arctic to the west coast of Mexico and the Rocky Mountains to the Pacific Ocean, this flyway encompasses the most varied waterfowl habitats in North America. DU and its partners have conserved more than 984,000 acres of waterfowl habitat in the U.S. portion of the Pacific Flyway alone.

2010 Waterfowl Forecast

Waterfowl populations remain at high levels overall thanks to favorable breeding habitat conditions

Sonoran and Mohave Deserts / Sierra Madre Occidental

An overview of Ducks Unlimited's habitat conservation work in the Sonoran and Mohave Deserts / Sierra Madre Occidental priority area

Baja California Desert

An overview of Ducks Unlimited's habitat conservation efforts in the Baja California Desert priority area.

Pacific Northwest

An overview of Ducks Unlimited's habitat conservation work in the Pacific Northwest priority area.

Great Basin

An overview of Ducks Unlimited's conservation efforts in its Great Basin priority area.

California Bay Area Projects

Ducks Unlimited conservation projects in California's San Francisco Bay Area

Waterfowl in the Last Frontier

Alaska has experienced a waterfowl population boom, but future development and climate change could threaten the birds and their habitat.

Mexico's West Coast Wetlands

Shrimp farming and harmful runoff threaten coastal habitat that is crucial to Pacific Flyway waterfowl.

California Conservation Projects

Ducks Unlimited habitat conservation projects in California. These projects benefit waterfowl, other wildlife and people. View sample projects, project map and more.

Sonoran and Mohave Deserts - More Information

Background information on DU's Sonoran and Mohave Deserts conservation priority area

Pacific Northwest - More Information

More information on Ducks Unlimited's Pacific Northwest conservation priority area.

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