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Breeding Grounds Surveys: Pass the Juju

Like much of eastern Canada, our crew area had its share of snow over the winter, but the spring has been dry, and the majority of the habitat is judged to be in variable, but fair, condition. See the accompanying photos of beaver ponds and string bogs for the visuals. Waterfowl numbers are mixed in our crew area, with some showing gains and others, losses, but bolstered as always by the permanent waters of the region.

Breeding Grounds Surveys: Beautiful Weather

We survey crews can be an odd bunch sometimes. Everybody knows that beautiful weather means sunny skies, maybe a light breeze, say around 80 degrees, right? Nope. For us on surveys, there are two kinds of beautiful weather.

Breeding Grounds Surveys: Back in the Saddle

We just completed surveying the small section of land just north of Lake Ontario (Toronto area). This area is mostly agriculture. I have seen all the fields, silos, and barns that I can possibly stand. However, waterfowl utilize ditches, cattle ponds, and an occasional creek or stream in these areas.

Breeding Grounds Surveys: What the Catbird Knows

I’m honored to play a role in the 60th annual Waterfowl Breeding Population and Habitat Survey, and excited to have Nick Wirwa returning as my observer. We’ll be surveying southern Ontario and southern Quebec, an area roughly bounded by the Great Lakes on the southwest and the US border on the southeast.

DU TV Migration Report: Lake Erie

The DUTV crew is filming for next season on the northern edges of Lake Erie in Ontario. Zach Pederson, co-host of DUTV reports that they are seeing large flocks of juvenile ducks, and massive numbers of birds - most notably canvasbacks.

DU TV Migration Report: Ontario Weather May Benefit Waterfowlers

Field Hudnall, host of DU TV, details a significant weather system that may play a role in increased migration activity throughout the Great Lakes region.

Breeding Grounds Survey: Superhero Escape...

Nick and I are down to the final transect, which will take us about two hours to complete if weather cooperates tomorrow. Otherwise the door closes: the white flowers, red buds and green leaves finish their springing forth, blocking our view to the waterfowl using many of the small creeks and wetlands.

Breeding Grounds Survey: On to Quebec...

After a long stretch of good flying weather, Mother Nature finally caught up with us in northern Quebec. Having finished up Stratum 50 with its abundance of water and relatively rolling terrain, we have crossed over into Stratum 69 and Quebec.

Breeding Grounds Survey: Observations from a Midwest Observer

I have spent the last 5 years feeding ducks as they make their way south each winter and more importantly on their way back north each spring.

Breeding Grounds Survey: 2014 Survey Begins in Western Ontario

A few aircraft delays kept us from launching the survey as planned from Maryland. Now that we are piloting flying computers, we have to ensure that the software is in order.

Breeding Grounds Survey: Status Update from Stratum 51

As we are nearing the end of our survey I look back and think about the territory we have covered. So far we have flown over 8,000 miles of terrain throughout southern Ontario and Quebec.

Breeding Grounds Survey: A Gorgeous Day to Fly

Regarding habitat, except for the occasional beaver dam that broke leaving a pond down from its edges, the semi-permanent depressional wetlands and permanent lakes look fantastic.

Breeding Grounds Surveys: It's a Roller Coaster

While I am completely focused on counting waterfowl and helping Steve watch for obstacles, I do find myself getting caught up in the wonder and beauty of nature and this earth.

Breeding Grounds Survey: Good Ol' Stratum 54

As we finished up Stratum 54 this week, the conditions seem to be looking positive. Having never flown the Breeding Population Survey before, Stratum 54, the block that we were flying this week, was not what I was expecting to see.

Breeding Grounds Survey: Only 100 Things Left to Do

My observer Nick Wirwa probably thought I was a bit twisted when, after the unavoidable last minute preparations and occasional snafus, I told him I thought we had progressed to having less than a hundred items left to do before departure for the spring survey.

Great Lakes Initiative

Protecting the pristine waters of the Great Lakes and conserving critical habitat for many species of waterfowl that utilize this vast watershed throughout their life cycle.

Hardwood Transition / Lower Great Lakes / St. Lawrence Plain - Ontario

An overview of Ducks Unlimited's Hardwood Transition / Lower Great Lakes / St. Lawrence Plain - Ontario conservation priority area.

Hardwood Transition / Lower Great Lakes / St. Lawrence Plain - Ontario - More Information

Details on DU's Hardwood Transition / Lower Great Lakes / St. Lawrence Plain - Ontario priority area.

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