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Jason Roudebush is a new Colorado-based water resource specialist for Ducks Unlimited

Ducks Unlimited has hired a new water resource specialist for its Great Plains Ecosystems Services team. Jason Roudebush will be stationed out of DU’s Fort Collins office and will work on water projects throughout the Great Plains Region.

Helena DU moose hunting license auction brings in record amount

HELENA, Mont., March 9, 2015 – A rare Shiras moose hunting license brought in a record $60,000 at a Ducks Unlimited auction last weekend by the Helena DU chapter during its annual dinner. Past moose licenses sold at auction for $15,000 to $20,000. Proceeds from the license sale will go to the moose conservation initiatives of Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks.

Opportunity to bid on Shiras moose license ends soon

Anyone wanting a chance to bid on a rare Shiras Moose license at the live auction during the Helena DU banquet will need to sign up as soon as possible, as registration ends on Saturday, Feb. 28. The live auction for the license will take place during the banquet, which starts at 5:30 on Friday, March 6 at the Helena Civic Center.

Great Plains Region construction manager migrates north to help in Boreal Forest

Ducks migrate south from the Canadian Boreal Forest in the fall, as marshes freeze solid. However, for the last couple of years l’homme de canard du Nord (translation: Duck Man of the North) has migrated north from North Dakota in the winter months to assist Ducks Unlimited Canada’s engineering staff with wetland habitat infrastructure projects in the cold, frozen northwoods.

Registration open for DU event with chance to bid on rare Shiras moose license

HELENA, Mont., Jan. 30, 2015 – Hunters wanting to bid for a chance on a rare Shiras moose license can now register for the Helena DU banquet where a live auction will take place on Friday, March 6. The banquet starts at 5:30 p.m. at the Helena Civic Center. “We have heard from people across the country who are interested in the opportunity to bid on this moose license, so it should be a lively auction,” said Steve Christian, an organizer of the event and member of the Montana DU state council. Phone bidding for the moose license will also be available. The number of phone bidders will be limited. People wanting to participate over the phone must register at ducks.org/montana to reserve a spot.

Montana’s Hal Herring honored at 2015 Wetland Conservation Achievement Awards Ceremony

MEMPHIS, Tenn. – March 13, 2015 – Ducks Unlimited announced today the winners of the 2015 Wetland Conservation Achievement Awards during the 80th North American Wildlife and Natural Resources Conference held in Omaha. This year’s recipient in the Communications category is Hal Herring of Montana.

2015 Montana Ducks Unlimited Calendar

Chevrolet invests in Ducks Unlimited carbon offsets to protect grasslands

Ducks Unlimited and its partners in a unique project aimed at preserving grasslands and reducing carbon releases are celebrating Chevrolet’s decision to purchase the first-ever verified carbon offsets from the avoided conversion of at-risk grasslands to cultivation. The innovative project will secure nearly 40,000 metric tons of greenhouse gases.

Montana Ducks Unlimited Hosting Moose License Auction

HELENA, Mont. – Nov. 6, 2014 – Montana Ducks Unlimited is hosting the 2015 Shiras Moose License Auction. DU recently won the right to auction off the license for Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks (MFWP). The live auction will take place at the Helena DU banquet Friday, March 6. Phone bidding will be available.

Conserving Cottonwoods along Montana's Rivers

The spring floods of 2011 wreaked havoc on the properties of many Montana landowners and agricultural producers. After the floodwaters receded and property damages were assessed, many landowners noticed cottonwood tree seedlings sprouting from new sediment deposits and washed-out hay and crop fields. The seedlings also formed a thick carpet along large stretches of the Milk, Musselshell, Yellowstone, and Missouri Rivers.

Montana Ducks Unlimited Hosting Moose License Auction

HELENA, Mont. – Nov. 6, 2014 – Montana Ducks Unlimited is hosting the 2015 Shiras Moose License Auction. DU recently won the right to auction off the license for Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks (MFWP). The live auction will take place at the Helena DU banquet Friday, March 6. Phone bidding will be available.

Migration Alert: Migration Still on Hold for Montana Hunters

DU regional biologist Bob Sanders says that good wetland conditions in the Prairie Pothole Region of Montana supported a strong breeding effort among mallards, pintails, blue-winged teal, and other dabblers, and locally produced ducks have provided the bulk of the hunting opportunities during the first few weeks of the season.

Gray Family Honored for Conservation Efforts in Montana

Ducks Unlimited recently recognized the Gray family for their efforts to protect some of the most important wetlands on the Fort Belknap Indian Reservation in northern Montana. Emery Gray, a tribal member, passed away just before the project was finished. This spring, a sign was placed on the property overlooking the restored wetland complex to pay tribute to Gray's tireless efforts.

DU Great Plains Region celebrating 30th anniversary

BISMARCK, N.D. – July 28, 2014 – Ducks Unlimited’s Great Plains Region is celebrating its 30th anniversary at an open house on Thursday, Aug. 7, from 3 p.m. to 7 p.m. Brats, hot dogs and beverages will be served at the regional office at 2525 River Road, Bismarck. The event is open to the public.

New Farm Bill implementation ongoing

The 2014 Farm Bill passed in February, and the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) is beginning to roll out new conservation programs and initiatives. The bill provides $28 billion over the next five years for conservation on private lands while streamlining several old programs and creating new ones like the Regional Conservation Partnership Program (RCPP).

2014 Prairie Experience

The Prairie Experience is a unique combination of classroom and field experiences for Ducks Unlimited Major Sponsors from around the country see, touch and feel the prairies. DU recently hosted the event in some of the most exceptional duck-breeding areas on the continent near Bismarck, N.D.

Conservation on Montana's Fort Belknap Indian Reservation

Ducks Unlimited recently recognized the work of the Gray family for their efforts to protect some of the most beneficial wetlands on Montana’s Fort Belknap Indian Reservation. Emery Gray, a tribal member, passed away just before the project was finalized. This spring, a sign was placed on the property overlooking the restored wetland complex to pay tribute to his efforts.

Great Plains Region

The Great Plains Region, headquartered in Bismarck, N.D., was established in 1984 to protect and restore wetlands and grasslands in the United States Great Plains. Today, the GPR carries out conservation programs in seven states that include some of the most important nesting and migration habitat on the continent.

Breeding Grounds Survey: Overall Conditions Improved from Last Year

We have finished our survey this year and headed back home to our families and offices. Overall, the better conditions have continued throughout the survey area compared with last year.

Breeding Grounds Survey: Southern Montana Looking Better Than Last Year

Since our last post we have flown a few thousand more miles of transects across Montana. As ground crew leader Pam Garrettson noted in one of her earlier posts, southern Montana does not naturally contain a great deal of waterfowl habitat.

Breeding Grounds Surveys: Even the Drier Areas Have Ducks

The trend of many more wetlands and ducks continued, even as we made our way into arid eastern Montana. On the Garrison, ND, air-ground segment (our only one east of the Missouri River) we even saw quite a few diving ducks, relatively rare in this survey area.

Breeding Grounds Survey: Met With Ground Crew - Everything is Ready

Today, we met up with our excellent ground crew (waterfowl biologists Pam Garrettson and Brent West) and went out to look at a dozen wetlands in the area.

Helena chapter recognized nationally

HELENA, Mont. – April 3, 2014 – The Top 100 is one of the most highly sought-after titles of recognition Ducks Unlimited offers to its local chapters. Each year, the list is comprised of the top 100 fundraising chapters in the United States that raise up to $100,000 through fundraising activities in their communities. Through the efforts of these volunteer committees DU is able to pursue its mission of conserving, enhancing and restoring North America’s wetlands. In 2013 the Helena chapter made the Top 100 list as one of the organization’s best fundraising chapters.

Bozeman chapter recognized nationally

BOZEMAN, Mont. – April 3, 2014 – The President’s Elite are among Ducks Unlimited’s most prestigious volunteer chapters throughout the nation. Every year, the list is reserved for the chapters that raise $100,000 or more for DU’s habitat conservation work. In 2013, the Bozeman chapter made the list as one of the organization’s best fundraising chapters.

Flathead Valley chapter recognized nationally

KALISPELL, Mont. – April 3, 2014 – The Top 100 is one of the most highly sought-after titles of recognition Ducks Unlimited offers to its local chapters. Each year, the list is comprised of the top 100 fundraising chapters in the United States that raise up to $100,000 through fundraising activities in their communities. Through the efforts of these volunteer committees DU is able to pursue its mission of conserving, enhancing and restoring North America’s wetlands. In 2013 the Flathead Valley chapter made the Top 100 list as one of the organization’s best fundraising chapters.

DU joins forces with other conservation groups for prairie conservation

LAKEWOOD, Colo. – A coalition of conservation organizations, including Ducks Unlimited, announced today the launch of a coordinated, partner-driven “Prairies Conservation Campaign” to bring public attention to the dramatic conversion of grasslands and wetlands to cropland in one of America’s last intact grassland ecosystems – the Prairie Pothole Region.

DU and Partners Help Farmers Conserve Montana's Prairies

The Hi-Line, which encompasses Montana's portion of the Prairie Pothole Region (PPR), has been experiencing native grassland loss at rates not seen since the Dust Bowl. To help reverse this trend, DU conservation specialist Brett Dorak recently began working with the Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) and Farm Service Agency (FSA) staff to promote federal conservation programs.

Rep. Daines (MT) introduces Making Public Lands Public Act

WASHINGTON – Jan. 30, 2014 – Rep. Steve Daines (MT) introduced the Making Public Lands Public Act (H.R. 3962) to open access for hunting, fishing and outdoor recreation on existing public lands.

DU joins roundtable with Rep. Daines (MT) on conservation funding

Conservation and sportsmen groups met with Rep. Steve Daines (MT) today at Ducks Unlimited member Rob Hazelwood's home for a roundtable discussion.

Sen. Tester shares why conservation is an important part of the farm bill

Senator Jon Tester of Montana sits down with Ducks Unlimited to discuss this year's farm bill and the advantages it offers to waterfowl.

Carmen Miller is new Great Plains Region public policy director

BISMARCK, N.D. – Nov. 26, 2013 – Ducks Unlimited has chosen Carmen Miller as its new director of public policy for the Great Plains Region. In her new role, Miller will be working on federal and state policies that affect DU’s conservation work in the Great Plains. DU’s Great Plains Region is headquartered in Bismarck, and includes the Dakotas, Nebraska, Kansas, Montana, Wyoming and Colorado.

Dr. Johann Walker to head DU prairies program

BISMARCK, N.D. – Nov. 20, 2013 – Ducks Unlimited has named Dr. Johann Walker its director of conservation programs for North and South Dakota and Montana. Walker is recognized as one of the premier waterfowl population ecologists in the country. For the past three years, he has led the science and planning efforts for DU’s Great Plains Region by designing, collecting and analyzing the latest scientific research on waterfowl breeding ecology.

Partnership Celebrates Innovative Prairie Conservation Project

BISMARCK, N.D. – Oct. 30, 2013 - The USDA Natural Resource Conservation Service (NRCS), along with project partners Ducks Unlimited (DU), The Climate Trust (TCT) and The Nature Conservancy, today announced positive results from their joint collaboration — an innovative Avoided Grassland Conversion carbon project. The project is one of nine groundbreaking climate change initiatives selected and funded by the NRCS’s 2011 Conservation Innovation Grant (CIG) program, and is focused on greenhouse gas (GHG) mitigation for one of the least protected and most imperiled ecosystems in the world.

Migration Alert: Strong Local Duck Production Drives Success in Montana

Reports of successful waterfowl hunts have been trickling in to Bob Sanders, Ducks Unlimited manager of conservation programs for Montana, from all over the state since the season started on September 28, but things have turned sour in recent days, and it has nothing to do with the ducks.

Ducks Unlimited Milk River Banquet set for Oct. 12 in Malta

MALTA, Mont. September 16, 2013 - Join Ducks Unlimited for a fun evening and help support habitat work in the Montana nesting grounds. The Milk River DU Chapter Banquet offers a night of good food, games and fellowship on Saturday, Oct. 12 in Malta. The event will be held at the Malta City Hall with cocktails beginning at 5:30 p.m. and a prime rib and shrimp dinner at 6:30 p.m.

DU Partnership Conserves Priority Habitat in Montana

Ducks Unlimited and its conservation partners have designated the Hi-Line, which encompasses Montana's portion of the Prairie Pothole Region, as a high-priority area for conservation work.

Ducks Unlimited Acquires Native Prairie in Montana

Ducks Unlimited recently completed the purchase of a 3,000-acre grassland and wetland complex in Phillips County, Montana. The purchase of the Anderson Tract includes 2,000 acres of state and federal grazing leases adjacent to the property.

Eric Pierce cairn commemorates Montana conservationist

A ducky spring day on Montana’s prairies, near Loring, greeted the family and friends of the late Eric Pierce as they unveiled a cairn dedicated to the memory of this passionate conservationist and longtime Ducks Unlimited supporter. The tribute was the culmination of more than two years of hard work and planning by a highly motivated committee of Bozeman DU volunteers.

Preserve Our Prairies Initiative

Conserving North America's highest-priority waterfowl nesting habitat—and the glory of bountiful fall flights—in the face of mounting threats.

Peaks to Prairies Initiative

Restoring wetlands in the shadow of America's iconic Rocky Mountains and conserving the Duck Factory for outdoorsmen and women to enjoy.

Montana Recognized by DU for Natural Resources Conservation Service

DU presented the Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) with its Montana DU Conservation Partner of the Year award in August at the Montana DU state convention in Great Falls. The award is presented annually to agencies and individuals who make outstanding contributions to the conservation of wetlands and waterfowl habitat in Montana.

Montana DU supporter and TV producer is Sportsmen’s Channel’s Sportsman of the Year

Randy Newberg, host and producer of the television show On Your Own Adventure, has been named Sportsman’s Channel’s Sportsman of the Year. This award is given to a group or individual who most demonstrates giving back to the outdoor community via conservation, education, and recruitment and retention activities. The channel cited Newberg’s program creating dialog on conservation around the wolf hunt debate.

DU Recognizes Natural Resources Conservation Service in Montana

Ducks Unlimited presented the Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) with its Montana DU Conservation Partner of the Year award in August at the Montana DU state convention in Great Falls. The award is presented annually to agencies and individuals who make outstanding contributions to the conservation of wetlands and waterfowl habitat in Montana.

2013 MTDU Calender Raffle

DU Partners with Montana Ranchers

Over the past two years, Ducks Unlimited has been beefing up its efforts to restore and protect valuable wetland habitat in Montana, employing two new conservation specialists to work with private landowners and other conservation partners.

Migration Alert: High Winds Should Push Some Waterfowl South

The wind is blowing a sustained 45 miles per hour outside right now, with gusts to 60. It's a day fit for neither man nor beast, but if you believe everything you read on the Internet, a mallard duck can travel 800 miles in eight hours with a 50 mph tailwind.

Waterfowl, hunters to benefit from nearly $30 million federal investment

MEMPHIS, Tenn. - Sept. 12, 2012 - Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar and U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Director Dan Ashe today announced a landmark investment of nearly $30 million in the future of wetlands, waterfowl and public waterfowl hunting across the country through expanded refuges and hunting programs.

Eric Pierce event raises more than $1 million for Montana conservation

Loyal Ducks Unlimited members from across the country have raised more than $1 million for conservation in the name of late Montana DU volunteer Eric Pierce. The DU Bozeman Chapter recently put on a gala to celebrate the legacy of a man known as an avid waterfowler and passionate conservationist.

Eric Pierce event celebrates conservationist

The dream of a Montana conservation legend to increase duck populations will live on through an event next month in his honor. Ducks Unlimited will celebrate the conservation legacy of Eric Pierce, who died in 2010, on July 28 at the Montana State University Sub Ballroom in Bozeman. DU will also fund a conservation project in Pierce’s memory with dollars raised at the event.

DU applauds Senate passing 2012 Farm Bill

WASHINGTON - June 21, 2012 - Ducks Unlimited announced its appreciation today following the U.S. Senate's 64-35 passage of the 2012 Farm Bill. The $969.9 billion bipartisan bill maintained a conservation title that will benefit wildlife and people. Critical conservation initiatives include the Conservation Reserve Program, a conservation easement program with a strong wetland component, a regional partnership program aimed at improving water quality and a Sodsaver provision. The Senate also moved to link eligibility for federally subsidized crop insurance to compliance with conservation practices.

Eric Pierce Memorial Event

6:00 PM - 10:00 PM Go To: www.bozemandu.org Montana State University Sub Ballroom Bozeman, Montana, 59718

Gallatin-Madison Chapter recognized nationally

BOZEMAN, Mont. – March 27, 2012 – The President's Elite are among Ducks Unlimited's most prestigious volunteer chapters throughout the nation. This past fall, the Original Wichita made the list as one of the organization's best fundraising chapters.

Montana senators support NAWCA reauthorization

HELENA, Mont. – April 4, 2012 – Montana Sens. Max Baucus and Jon Tester are among a bipartisan group of nine senators sponsoring the bill to reauthorize the North American Wetlands Conservation Act (NAWCA) through 2017. Sen. Jim Inhofe (OK) introduced S. 2282 on March 29, along with Sen. Barbara Boxer (CA) and co-sponsors Sens. Thad Cochran (MS), Tim Johnson (SD), Amy Klobuchar (MN), Mary Landrieu (LA) and David Vitter (LA).

Wetlands conservation leader marks World Water Day

BISMARCK, N.D. – March 22, 2012 – As the world’s leader in wetlands and waterfowl conservation, Ducks Unlimited is drawing attention to this month’s milestone 9th Annual World Water Day. World Water Day is held annually on March 22 to focus attention on the importance of fresh water and advocate for the sustainable management of freshwater resources. This year’s theme is Water and Food Security.

Ducks Unlimited presented with 2012 Theodore Roosevelt Legacy Award

MEMPHIS, Tenn. - March 21, 2012 - Ducks Unlimited has been chosen to receive the Boone and Crockett Club's (B&C) prestigious Theodore Roosevelt Legacy Award for 2012.

Montana: Ninepipe Wildlife Management Area

The Ninepipe Wildlife Management Area is a cornerstone for the valley's waterfowl migration. The 3,000-acre WMA is also one of the area's more popular destinations for duck hunting and bird watching.

Effort underway to restore Open Fields program

Senator Jon Tester of Montana, Senate co-chair of the Congressional Sportsmen's Caucus, offered an amendment to restore the popular Open Fields initiative and foster public hunting access on private land. Sen. Tester introduced this amendment after the initiative failed to receive funding in a recent Senate appropriations bill.

Six NAWCA projects approved in Great Plains Region

The Migratory Bird Conservation Council has approved six conservation projects that will positively impact waterfowl habitat in North Dakota, South Dakota and Montana. If funded and completed, these projects will conserve more than 47,000 acres. Dollars for these projects will come from North American Wetland Conservation Act grants and matching funds provided by non-federal partners.

Whiting Petroleum fuels conservation work in North Dakota

Whiting Petroleum Corporation recently contributed $100,000 to Ducks Unlimited for specific conservation action on the western edge of North Dakota's Prairie Pothole Region.

DU Acquires Prime Breeding Ground Habitat in Montana

As part of ongoing efforts to conserve intact prairie pothole habitat, Ducks Unlimited and its foundation, Wetlands America Trust, recently acquired a 2,158-acre complex of grassland and wetland habitat in north-central Montana's "Hi-Line."

DU and NRCS partnership continues to expand with latest grant venture

U.S. Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack and USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service Chief Dave White recently announced that Ducks Unlimited received funding through the USDA's Conservation Innovation Grants for a large scale project in the Prairie Potholes Region of North Dakota and South Dakota that will initially help conserve 5,000 acres of ranchland in both states.

DU Receives Carbon Grant

Ducks Unlimited is working with cattle producers to protect grassland-nesting habitat, thanks to a grant that will increase national recognition for the carbon storage benefit of native prairie grasslands

Winter Wheat Acres Grow in Dakotas and Montana

South Dakota farmers responded to some unique opportunities this past fall to increase winter wheat acres in the state.

Ducks Unlimited Lauds Federal Legislation to Protect North Fork Habitat in Montana

Stewards of the Prairie

Cattle ranchers manage much of this continent's most important waterfowl breeding habitat

Policy News 3-13

Waterfowl Need Your Help! DU members urge Congress to support NAWCA funding; Ducks Unlimited hails the importance of NAWCA during press conference call; DU urges the continued funding of key conservation programs in written testimony to House Committee on Appropriations

President's Elite Chapters Rise to the Top

Each year a select group of Ducks Unlimited chapters rises to the top of the ranks: the President's Elite chapters, which raise $100,000 or more annually for DU's habitat conservation work. This year, 43 DU chapters achieved President's Elite status.

Ducks Unlimited Names Top 100 Chapters

The Top 100 Chapters are among Ducks Unlimited's most successful chapters throughout the nation. Each year, the list is reserved for the top 100 chapters that raise up to $100,000 in grassroots income for DU's conservation mission.

Winter Wheat Option for Grain Growers Facing Wheat Midge Outbreaks this Season

North Dakota State University crop protection specialist Dan Waldstein warns of the potential wheat midge infestation for many counties in North Dakota during the 2011 growing season. For producers facing wheat midge problems this year, planting winter wheat for the 2012 season is an option worth considering.

Winter Cereals: Sustainability in Action Website Launches

Winter Cereals: Sustainability in Action announces the launch of the initiative's new website, www.wintercereals.us. Here producers can find out why winter wheat is good for their land and good for their operations, as well as get answers to many of their questions about growing the crop.

Birds Flocking to Newly-Restored Montana Wetland

The restored wetland habitat will provide excellent breeding and migration habitat for a variety of waterfowl species.

Winter cereal acres up in Dakotas and Montana

BISMARCK, ND – South Dakota farmers responded to some unique opportunities this past fall to increase their winter wheat acres. USDA National Agricultural Statistics Service this morning reported acreage in South Dakota was up by 22 percent.

Duck Banding on the Prairies, Update 9/7/10

Much like the mailman DU’s duck banders in North Dakota continue to work through the intense summer heat, strong winds, torrential rainstorms and an occasional beautiful, delightful day. An update on banding at the three locations follows:

Great start on nesting grounds may indicate good production year for waterfowl

MCCLUSKY, N.D. - May 25, 2010 - The hills are alive with breeding ducks. Conditions in the U.S. Prairie Pothole Region (PPR) are excellent for waterfowl production. And birds are taking full advantage of the food and nesting cover available to them.

Ducks Unlimited lauds Montana Legislation to protect North Fork Habitat

HELENA, Mont., March 11, 2010 – Ducks Unlimited supports legislation sponsored by Montana’s senators to protect the Upper Flathead Valley. Sens. Max Bacus and Jon Tester introduced The North Fork Watershed Protection Act that protects the North Fork of the Flathead Drainage. The legislation is in conjunction with a similar measure in British Columbia.

Montana Wildlife and Waters at Risk

New report shows state’s streams and wetlands endangered WASHINGTON – February 17, 2009 – A new report shows serious threats to Montana’s wetlands and streams – and to its waterfowl, fish, and wildlife. Compiled by the National Wildlife Federation, Ducks Unlimited, and Trout Unlimited, the report identifies five case studies where the loss of Clean Water Act protections has put Montana waters at risk of pollution, unrestricted drainage and destruction.

DU project highlighted in Missoulian

A Ducks Unlimited's project near Charlo, Montana is featured in a story in The Missoulian . The article, by Rob Chaney, says, "Urban renewal is for the birds.The giant dirt scrapers rearranging the earth along Ninepipe Road are carving out a new wildfowl city in the heart of western Montana's already-premier birding country. When finished later this fall, a new wetland 124 acres big will join the complex of state, tribal and federal bird sanctuaries that dominates this part of the Mission Valley."

CRP losses in Prairie Pothole Region add up

DU says losses will affect duck numbers in the future BISMARCK, N.D. - Nov. 10, 2009 - Ducks Unlimited cautions that the Duck Factory is on the verge of losing even more of its capacity. According to the United States Department of Agriculture, Conservation Reserve Program contracts on more than 500,000 acres expired and were not renewed in the Prairie Pothole Region states of North Dakota, South Dakota and Montana in 2009.

DU and Montana FWP celebrate 25 year partnership

Many things have changed in Montana since 1984 when DU staff from the newly opened Great Plains Regional Office sat down with Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks biologists to discuss restoring a wetland on Fox Lake Wildlife Management Area near the eastern Montana town of Lambert. Despite many changes one thing remains constant; Ducks Unlimited and Montana FWP continue to do what comes naturally to both – conserve waterfowl habitat.

DU and partners restore Lee Metcalf wetland habitat

Waterfowl migrating through Montana’s Bitterroot Valley will have a few more wetlands to visit beginning this year thanks to the efforts of Ducks Unlimited and a host of wetland partners. The Lee Metcalf National Wildlife Refuge, a long-time cornerstone of migratory bird conservation in the Bitterroot, was the focus of the project which restored 65 acres of wetland habitat in three basins.

SD Goebel Ranch nesting research crew studies nearly 1200 nests

The duck nest research at Goebel Ranch in South Dakota is winding down and we’re looking forward to a busy season of duck banding that will begin next week. Wetland conditions are good at Goebel, with lots of brood water and plenty of broods occupying the wetlands. This is quite a refreshing change after 7 years of dry conditions in the area. There still are a hand full of birds sitting on nests, in fact we just flushed a pintail off her nest just yesterday – these late setters better hope for a late winter if they want their offspring to make the flight south!!

DU commends Congressional leadership for efforts to protect grassland

BISMARCK, N.D., July 23, 2009 – Ducks Unlimited commends House and Senate Agriculture Committee Chairmen Collin Peterson and Tom Harkin for their leadership to remove incentives from farm policy that encourage destruction of native grasslands. DU says this is a positive step to ensure grass remains on the landscape not only for waterfowl but also for ranching and combating global climate change.

DU improves Lewiston-area habitat

Ducks Unlimited completed a project on Carter Ponds, which is five miles north of Lewistown. DU replaced two existing dams that were in poor condition.

Senate makes next step toward protecting America’s waters

WASHINGTON, June 18, 2009 – The U.S. Senate Environment and Public Works Committee voted 12 to 7 today to advance an amended Clean Water Restoration Act to the full Senate. Ducks Unlimited says this is a positive move to protect wetlands for waterfowl and clean water for America.

Clean Water Action Center

Get involved with DU's efforts for Clean Water Restoration Act

New bill would restore protections for wetlands

WASHINGTON – April 2, 2009 – America’s wetlands would have their Clean Water Act protections restored under a new bill introduced today by U.S. Senator Russ Feingold (Wisc.) and 23 co-sponsors. The Clean Water Restoration Act, which is supported by Ducks Unlimited and other conservation/sportsmen’s groups, would restore protection to more than 20 million acres of geographically isolated wetlands at risk of pollution and destruction under current guidance from the Environmental Protection Agency and Army Corps of Engineers.

Follow DU's nesting success research

Early May finds pairs of mallards and pintails defending their breeding territories and prospecting for nest sites across the Coteau region of North and South Dakota. Meanwhile the first passes are being made with ATVs towing chains as our research staff begins collecting valuable information about how the nests of those ducks will fare in landscapes of differing habitat quality.

June 2009 Habitat Conditions in North-Central U. S.

Spring precipitation has been spotty across the Northern Great Plains and , though wetland conditions continue to be generally good to excellent across a large part of the region, the grasslands are in need of moisture to stimulate lush growth.

Grassland conservation needed to combat birds’ climate change woes

BISMARCK, ND, March 2, 2009 – Grassland birds, whose populations are in a persistent decline, may be poorly positioned to adjust to a warming climate as a result of dwindling habitat. According to a recent analysis by Ducks Unlimited, the continued loss of grassland habitats could spell the same challenges for breeding waterfowl

DU says bill would take away property rights

HELENA, Mont., Feb. 24, 2009 – Ducks Unlimited told state lawmakers it strongly opposes a senate bill that would take away property owners’ rights to put a perpetual conservation easement on their land. The bill was tabled in committee.

Whoopers visit DU property in Nebraska

A pair of adult whooping cranes and a young bird recently visited Ducks Unlimited's Hinz property in Nebraska's Rainwater Basin. DU property manager David Hoferer snapped a picture of the three on the 160 acre property in Kearney County, about four miles southwest of Minden.

Duck numbers at Goebel good, despite dry year

We wrapped up the banding season last week and had a pretty good year considering the very dry wetland conditions on DU's Goebel Ranch in South Dakota. Over the past five years we’ve averaged about 2,500 total ducks banded. This year we managed to band a little over 1,500, down 40 percent from the five-year average. The percent composition of bluewings this year compared to the five-year average at Goebel was a bit higher, (76 percent of total compared to 63 percent of total), however, percent composition of mallards was down appreciably from 20 percent over the 5-year average, to 8 percent this year.

Prime hunting land for sale in the Dakotas

Ducks Unlimited is offering for sale prime hunting land in South and North Dakota. Here is one example:

Habitat Conditions in North-Central U. S. – June 3, 2008

Spring precipitation in the form of snow and rain improved habitat conditions for waterfowl production in many areas of the Northern Great Plains.

Ducks Unlimited honors Montana’s Fish, Wildlife and Parks for contributions to conservation

Phoenix, AZ – April 2, 2008 – Ducks Unlimited awarded Montana’s Fish, Wildlife, and Parks with DU’s 2008 Bronze State Grant Award. DU presented the award to Jeff Hagener, director of the Department

DU receives gifts of land; creates Coteau Ranch

Seeing is believing, and nothing compares with experiencing the Prairie Pothole Region firsthand. Whistling wings and courtship calls; sapphire wetlands nestled in a sea of endless grass. Now, thanks to the generosity of three donors, DU supporters and the public can revel in the sights and sounds of the prairie on Ducks Unlimited’s newest property.

Ducks Unlimited conservation heats up with “global warming” interest

“Global warming” is catching the attention of the public in a big way. Business people are striving to make their corporations “carbon neutral” as a way to appeal to customers

IRA gifts – a tax-friendly way to help the ducks

Provisions in the Pension Protection Act of 2006 have provided a tax-friendly way of making major gifts to Ducks Unlimited. You have until December 31, 2007 to gift an Individual Retirement Account (IRA) to charities without paying income tax and capital gains on the funds.

Montana Senator introduces Wetlands Loan Act

WASHINGTON, D.C., June 19, 2007 – In an effort to have wetland conservation keep pace with soaring land prices, Senator Max Baucus (MT) introduced legislation to reauthorize the Wetlands Loan Act yesterday.

GPRO stations Manager of Conservation Programs in Montana

Montana’s waterfowl resource will receive a new level of attention beginning this summer. Bob Sanders, manager of conservation programs in Colorado since 1996, was recently reassigned to head Ducks Unlimited’s (DU) Montana conservation program. Under Sander's direction, Colorado was the first state in the Great Plains Region to operate from a “remote” office based outside North Dakota, a trend since emulated by Minnesota, Iowa, Nebraska and, now, Montana.

Full support urged for Wetland Reserve Program

Senators Larry Craig (ID) and Dick Durbin (IL) recently joined forces to help generate support for the Wetlands Reserve Program (WRP).

DU Delivers Wetland Reserve Projects in Montana

In 2005, Ducks Unlimited (DU) completed over $1 million worth of wetland restoration work in Montana on tracts of land enrolled in the Wetland Reserve Program (WRP).

Northwestern Great Plains

An overview of Ducks Unlimited's habitat conservation work in the Northwestern Great Plains priority area.

Northern and Southern Rockies / Colorado Plateau

An overview of Ducks Unlimited's habitat conservation work in the Northern and Southern Rockies / Colorado Plateau priority area.

Prairie Pothole Region

The Prairie Pothole Region, North America's Duck Factory, is at the heart of Ducks Unlimited's conservation mission. Read more about DU's PPR priority area.

Blackfoot River Chapter

Who says you can't have a DU event with a town of only 1,100 people? The Blackfoot River Chapter of Ducks Unlimited in Lincoln, Mont., never fails to have a full hall for every event. In the heart of big-game-hunting country and some of the finest elk hunting in Montana sits the town of Lincoln, which boasts no more than five waterfowl hunters, even on a "ducky day."

Where Montana's Ducks Come From

The Prairie Pothole Region is critical to Montana waterfowl hunters. The vast majority of our annual duck harvest is provided to us via the Prairie Pothole Region, also referred to as “the duck factory”.

Helena, Montana Chapter

A chapter that began with only eight committee members has become a nationally recognized chapter with 28 extremely active committee members who have dedicated their time and efforts to Ducks Unlimited's goal of conserving wetlands.

Montana Wetlands Reserve Program Projects

Ducks Unlimited's Wetlands Reserve Program habitat conservation projects in Montana

DU Enhances Habitat on Beaver Creek WPA

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Pheasants Forever and Ducks Unlimited, Inc. acquired 600 acres of wetland and upland habitat in 2002. The tract of land was purchased and added to the Beaver Creek Waterfowl Production Area (WPA) and is located 15 miles east of Malta, Phillips County.

Beaver Creek Focus Area

In the last few years, Ducks Unlimited (DU) and partners have restored over 300 acres of wetlands in the Beaver Creek Focus Area in Phillips County. Since the focus area was designated in 1989, the project partners have restored 294 wetland basins totalling over 1,300 wetland acres.

Montana Trifecta

It Just Goes to Show You: A Slow Day on the Bighorn is Still Better Than a Good Day at the Office.

Come Dawn on The Bighorn

Mornings, mallards, and mischief on a wintry Montana River.

Montana Conservation Projects

Ducks Unlimited habitat conservation projects in Montana. These projects benefit waterfowl, other wildlife and people. View sample projects, project map and more.

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