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Banding Together for Waterfowl



Migration Alert: Atlantic Flyway Snow Geese Push into Canada

Montezuma National Wildlife Refuge, a critical waypoint on the spring snow goose migration, reported a peak migration of 100,000 to 400,000 birds using the wild land complex last Thursday. This Thursday, they estimated just a few hundred in the area.

Migration Alert: Snow Goose Numbers Build in North Dakota

The spring snow goose migration is gaining momentum in North Dakota, as light goose numbers continue to build throughout the state. The open waters at Tewaukon National Wildlife Refuge in southeastern North Dakota attracted a massive concentration of snow geese last weekend, says refuge biologist Christine Askerooth.

Migration Alert: February Thaw Spurs Light Goose Migration

Much of the Central Flyway was hit with unseasonably warm temperatures last week, melting snow and ice and allowing light geese to push north weeks ahead of the typical spring migration calendar.

Migration Alert: Mixed Start to Atlantic Flyway Light Goose Conservation Order

With the Light Goose Conservation Order under way across much of the Atlantic Flyway, frigid temperatures have stalled the northward migration and even sent many geese retreating to the south.

Migration Alert: Mississippi Duck Numbers Average, Water Abundant

The 2015-2016 waterfowl season in Mississippi has been marked by unusually warm temperatures and significant rainfall, which has resulted in extensive flooding in the state's historic Delta region. The abundance of water has created thousands of acres of new habitat, spreading ducks out across flooded fields and bottomland forests.

Migration Alert: Louisiana Waterfowlers Prepare for Final Hunts of 2015-2016 season

Louisiana's 2015-2016 waterfowl season heads into the final days and weeks of what has proven to be an unpredictable season. Record-high temperatures and water levels across the state and even the northern reaches of the flyway have kept the ducks scattered and hunters scrambling.

Migration Alert: Tough Season for Many Arkansas Duck Hunters

If there's one word to describe the 2015-2016 waterfowl season in Arkansas (and elsewhere), it's "confusing!" Since the season reopened in November, hunters have scratched their heads, scanned the skies and wondered when the ducks were coming, and where they might be. Many still have not gotten answers.

Migration Alert: Oklahoma Hunters Hope to Finish Strong

With waterfowl hunting seasons in Oklahoma entering their final weeks, hunters in the Sooner State are looking for cold weather in the northern stretches of the Central Flyway to deliver another round of ducks and geese.

Migration Alert: Ducks and Geese Head South Toward the Chesapeake Bay and Mid-Atlantic States

Plummeting temperatures and a strong north wind has jump-started an otherwise sluggish Atlantic Flyway migration, with ducks and geese now pushing south into the Mid-Atlantic states and Chesapeake Bay region.

Migration Alert: West Tennessee Duck Numbers Increasing, Flood Hurts Hunting

Water, water everywhere. That's the song many duck hunters are singing in Tennessee, especially in the western half of the state. The Mississippi River is flooding and covering thousands of acres of woods and open fields, both adjacent to the river and along several major tributaries. Kentucky and Barkley Lakes are abnormally high for this time of year. Blinds on several state wildlife management areas are submerged.

Migration Alert: Delaware Hunters Adapt to Unseasonal Weather, Remain Optimistic

Flying low over the coastal marshes in a Cessna 172, Matt DiBona, migratory and upland game bird biologist with the Delaware Division of Fish & Wildlife, flushed a mixed group of black ducks and gadwalls, counting off the numbers into a handheld tape recorder.

Migration Alert: Mild Temps Hold Peak Numbers in Missouri

In Missouri, it's been a "crazy" duck hunting season with a lot of "goofy" weather, according to Andy Raedeke, waterfowl biologist for the Missouri Department of Conservation. Raedeke reports that warmer-than-normal weather has stalled the migration, and some Show Me State hunters are struggling because of this while others are benefiting from it.

Migration Alert: Louisiana's Second Split Opens Statewide on December 19

Ducks beware. All three Louisiana zones have been closed for the past 12 days. That will change Saturday morning, when the entire state reopens to launch the second and final split of the season. As was the case when the first split opened earlier in the year, a timely cold front is moving across the state, bringing with it lower temperatures and potentially more ducks and geese.

Migration Alert: Next Weather System Should Shake Things Up for Kansas Hunters

All across the state of Kansas the need for a cold weather system dominates waterfowl hunting conversations, as hunters look for some help from Mother Nature to rejuvenate bird numbers and behavior.

Migration Alert: Arkansas Second Split Opens with Mixed Results

Hit or miss: that's how many Arkansas waterfowlers would likely describe their hunting success as the second split of the state's duck season opened on December 10. Some areas are holding fair numbers of ducks, while others are almost devoid of birds. Hunters might find a lot of ducks concentrated in a small area or they may spend several hours scouting and still come up empty handed.

Migration Alert: Slow Start in Maryland, Colder Weather Needed

Gadwalls, wigeon, and other early migrating species saved the first half of Maryland's November split season, but without freezing temperatures and significant snow cover up north, waterfowlers are still waiting for the bulk of the duck and goose migrations to arrive.

Migration Alert: Mallard Numbers Build in Iowa and Missouri

Duck seasons will come to a close in much of Iowa and northern Missouri in the next three weeks, and with mallard numbers continuing to build in those states, hunters are optimistic for a strong finish.

Migration Alert: Split May Help North Carolina Duck Numbers

Warm weather and high water have frustrated duck hunters up and down the Atlantic Flyway this season, but some North Carolina waterfowlers have done well with big decoy spreads on big water.

Migration Alert: Pennsylvania Primed for Ducks, Just Add Weather

Canada geese and some migrating ducks have moved into the Keystone State, but hunters likely won't see big waterfowl numbers until colder weather hits eastern Canada and northern New York State.

Migration Alert: Cold Weather Helps Heat Up Nebraska Waterfowl Hunting

A recent blast of cold temperatures and snow across the northern reaches of the Central Flyway has delivered a steady stream of migrating waterfowl into Nebraska.

Migration Alert: Table Set for Arkansas Opener, Water and Ducks

The Arkansas 2015-2016 waterfowl season begins tomorrow and hunters are flooding into the Natural State with high expectations. Average duck numbers and an abundance of water dominate the conversations in duck camps and cafes throughout the state. As freezing temperatures close in on mid-latitude states later this weekend, many hunters expect the season's first week to provide a glimpse of what's to come this winter.

Migration Alert: Anticipation Builds for Colorado Waterfowl Hunters

A cold weather system that moved through Colorado earlier this week boosted waterfowl numbers, and with more winter weather forecasted to spur migration events in the coming days, expectations are running high for hunters throughout Colorado.

Migration Alert: Relief for Waterfowlers in Illinois, Migration Picks up Pace

Illinois hunters are dealing with a water anomaly – too much in the summer and too little during the current hunting season. This combination of extremes, coupled with a late migration, has put a damper on both numbers of waterfowl and hunter success in this central Mississippi Flyway state. Fortunately, winter weather will inevitably push ducks and geese south, and hunters in Illinois should be prepared.

Migration Alert: Idaho Hunters Expect Numbers to Improve Soon

Many Idaho waterfowlers enjoyed a fair start to the season, and as cold weather finally settles in across Prairie Canada, hunters are expecting the next big push to happen soon.

Migration Alert: Conditions Ideal for Canada Goose Hunting in New York State

Warm weather has stalled much of the Atlantic Flyway duck migration, but goose hunting has been off the charts in New York State, with near perfect field conditions.

Migration Alert: Waterfowl Numbers on the Rise in South Dakota

A series of moderate cold fronts over the past two weeks have triggered the migration of waterfowl into South Dakota, providing hunters with a variety of opportunities at the midpoint of the season.

Migration Alert: Habitat, Duck Numbers Promising for Louisiana Coastal Opener

Coastal duck hunters in Louisiana are repeating three welcomed words: "We have birds." Following on the heels of a solid early-teal season, expectations are high for the regular duck opener this Saturday in the state's Coastal Zone.

Migration Alert: Washington Hunters Welcome Wind, Rain

The season's first substantial storm is forecast to sweep across the Pacific Northwest this weekend. Stiff, sustained breezes and gusty blows are expected statewide, and substantial rainfall may recharge enough wetland habitat to jump-start the 2015-2016 waterfowl season.

Migration Alert: Ducks and Geese Move into Central Valley

Waterfowl season began last weekend in California, and despite the drought plaguing the entire state, large numbers of ducks and geese have found their way into the Central Valley, providing good hunting opportunities.

Migration Alert: Water and Teal Abundant in Texas

One thing Texas waterfowlers won't have to worry about this season is water. Texas has plenty of it, maybe too much in many places, but it beats the alternative. Duck season opens on Halloween in the South Zone, and the outlook is promising for opening weekend.

Migration Alert: Michigan Hunters May Benefit from Weekend Weather

Remnants of Hurricane Patricia brought rain and high winds to Michigan this week, but unfortunately not many ducks. Reports from around the Wolverine State paint a picture of unseasonably warm weather, few new birds, and slow duck hunting.

Migration Alert: Strong Start for Massachusetts Duck Hunters

Despite warm weather, reports indicate that Massachusetts had a good start to the waterfowl season, highlighted by strong wood duck numbers, a timely Canada goose migration, and two successful youth hunts.

Migration Alert: Slow, Steady Increase in Wisconsin Waterfowl Numbers

"Trickle-down effect." This is an apt description of what waterfowl hunters are experiencing in Wisconsin. The migration is on, and duck and goose numbers are increasing, but not at a fast pace. Some new birds drifted into the state on last weekend's north wind and lower temperatures, but evidently that wasn't "the big push" hunters have been waiting for. And now, with a warming trend and southerly winds once again prevailing across the Badger State, conditions aren't right to provide a big boost to waterfowl numbers or hunter success.

Migration Alert: Early November Flight Expected in Maine

Halloween weekend may bring scary-good hunting to the Pine Tree State. Many hunters did well on wood ducks, resident mallards, and teal during Maine's first duck split in the southern and central zones, which closed on October 17, but the big influx of migrating waterfowl from points north has yet to come.

Migration Alert: Strong North Winds Support Migration into Minnesota

This past Sunday, the high temperature here was close to 90 degrees. But on Monday, a cold swept down from Saskatchewan and Manitoba, dropping temperatures dramatically and bringing a steady 25 mph northwest wind that gusted to 40. Steady north winds are forecast for the next couple of days—perfect conditions for a migration.

Migration Alert: Waterfowl Numbers, Conditions Look Good in Oregon, Washington, and Idaho

Waterfowl biologists report an early increase in duck and goose numbers across the Pacific Northwest, boding well for the start of waterfowl seasons in Washington, Oregon, and Idaho.

Migration Alert: North Dakota Hunters Enjoy Strong Start

North Dakota hunters have yet to see much of an influx of migrating waterfowl from Canada, but locally produced birds are providing ample opportunities for waterfowlers across the state.

Migration Alert: Atlantic Flyway 2015 Season Preview

With many waterfowl populations at healthy levels and habitat conditions in promising shape, prospects are generally good for the 2015-2016 waterfowl season in the Atlantic Flyway. As early migrants begin to arrive in the flyway's northern reaches, rain and cold weather are the final ingredients needed to kick-start the fall migration.

Migration Alert: Conditions Promising for Central Flyway Mid-Latitude States

The constant throughout the Central Flyway's mid-latitude states is change. Nebraska, Kansas, and Oklahoma waterfowl hunters know all too well that changing weather and habitat conditions dictate the fall flight, and here, the changes can happen fast. Currently, waterfowl managers and hunters are witnessing the benefits of heavy spring rains and continue to be optimistic about the early stages of the migration.

Migration Alert: Late Rains Set Stage for Early Season in Dakotas

With a projected record flight of birds and high-quality habitat conditions in many areas, waterfowlers in North and South Dakota are primed for a good season. These prairie states will kick off the 2015-2016 regular season in the Central Flyway, and officials believe the stage is set for a strong start.

Migration Alert: Migration Begins as Northern Mississippi Flyway States Prepare for Opener

Game on! Large numbers of ducks and geese are staging on the northern prairies for their southbound migration. Early migrants, including blue-winged teal, pintails, and gadwalls, are heading south in increasing numbers. Waterfowl seasons in Prairie Canada have started as well, and hunters in several northern Mississippi Flyway states are watching the hours tick down to their regular-season opener. A check with hunters and waterfowl biologists should bolster their expectations for the kickoff this weekend.

Migration Alert: Louisiana Teal Hunters Capitalizing on Good Habitat, Numbers

Louisiana teal hunters are riding high as a result of fair habitat conditions and a steady stream of bluewings filtering through the state. For many hunters, opening weekend offered fast-paced shoots, and the consensus is that the majority of teal hunters went home happy.

Migration Alert: Texas Teal Hunters Enjoy Strong Start

Teal hunters along the Texas Coast are smiling. Last weekend’s opener met or exceeded expectations, and some are calling it the best teal season they have experienced in a decade.

DU TV Migration Report: Nebraska's Rainwater Basin

The DU TV crew is filming blue-winged teal hunts in Nebraska this week, and host Wade Bourne shares timely teal migration information on location.

Migration Alert: Louisiana Teal Numbers, Habitat Looks Good for Opener

Optimism reigns as Louisiana duck hunters prepare for another liberal 16-day teal season. Since the season spans three full weekends, the birds have ample time to arrive and hunters hope to be there to greet them.

Migration Alert: Summer Rains Improve Habitat for Texas Teal

The first hint of a light north wind in August prompts waterfowlers to begin marking off their calendars in anticipation of their next chance to hunt ducks. This season is no different, and expectations are soaring as another teal opener approaches.

Migration Alert: Atlantic Flyway LGCO Continues as Geese Push North

Greater snow geese poured into their spring staging grounds in New York this weekend as warm weather and a brief snowstorm in New Jersey and Pennsylvania pushed many geese north from the Mid-Atlantic region.

Migration Alert: Spring Thaw Opens the Door for Snow Geese in the Dakotas

Light goose numbers are building in North and South Dakota as a week of warm temperatures across the Northern Plains has pushed the snow line into southern Canada. The opportunities to decoy geese are expanding rapidly, and hunters are optimistic that the best days are yet to come.

Migration Alert: Nebraska's Rainwater Basin Light Goose Numbers Fluctuate Daily

Skeins of light geese streamed north out of northern Kansas and Nebraska's Rainwater Basin on Monday, taking advantage of southern winds and 70-degree temperatures on their journey to the Arctic. Hunters along this corridor are taking advantage of the fantastic weather and remain optimistic about the potential as geese continue to funnel through the region.

Migration Alert: Kansas and Missouri LGCO Hunters Prepare for Fast-Paced Migration

A winter storm is predicted during the next few days in Missouri and Kansas, but shortly thereafter milder temperatures and southerly breezes will take over. If this forecast holds, peak numbers of white geese should be moving northward next week.

Migration Alert: Arkansas LGCO Hunters Preparing for Huge Flight Days

Arkansas waterfowlers dealt with a lack of precipitation throughout the 2014–2015 waterfowl season, and the 2015 Light Goose Conservation Order (LGCO) has been no different. Drought-like conditions have forcedlight geese to concentrate on limited habitat in the state, which has had a significant impact on the birds' feeding and roosting habits.

Migration Alert: Cold Weather Benefits Mississippi Light Goose Hunters

Two weeks ago, strong south winds boosted temperatures into the mid 60s as far north as South Dakota, triggering the spring migration for massive numbers of light geese. Hunters in the Mississippi Delta feared the worst--that light geese would leave the region en masse and beeline for the plains states. Fortunately, winter came back with a fury, and many of the birds that made a premature departure have returned.

Migration Alert: Texas Light Goose Numbers Up, LGCO Hunts Offering Sporadic Success

During the 1980s, Texas produced 600,000 to 700,000 acres of rice. Today, that number is less than a quarter of what it used to be due to water restrictions brought on by a five-year drought and the development of vast tracts of agricultural lands. Limited habitat has contributed to the ongoing decline of light goose numbers in South Texas, but those numbers increased this year, offering opportunities for hunters willing to put in the effort.

Snow Goose Destinations

The Light Goose Conservation Order (LGCO) is an excellent opportunity to extend the waterfowl season, but pinpointing this fast-paced migration can be a daunting task. Ice, snow, and food supplies dictate when and where millions of light geese will migrate north in the spring, and knowing where these conditions collide should lead you to the birds. Whether freelancing or planning a guided trip, the following destinations should be at the top of any LGCO hunter's list.

Migration Alert: Water and Cold Weather Shape Late-Season Hunting on Texas Coast

Soggy parkas, muddy waders, and deep, boggy ruts on secluded dirt roads have been the norm along the Texas coast as duck season nears its end. Parading pintails, gregarious greenwings, and gaggles of snow geese left their mark on waterfowlers over the past three months, and at the heart of all this activity were cold temperatures and rain.

Migration Alert: Mid-South Ducks Numbers Increase for Final Weekend

For hunters in the mid-Mississippi Alluvial Valley, the 2014–2015 duck season is set to go out with a bang, or lots of them! Hunting in this region ends at sunset on Jan. 25. According to reports from several mid-south areas, ducks are plentiful, and hunter success has increased significantly since warm southerly winds thawed out frozen waters in Mississippi, Arkansas, Tennessee, and Missouri's Bootheel. Ducks have responded to this thaw by showing up in large numbers.

Migration Alert: Florida Gets Push of Ring-Necked Ducks, Anticipates Return Teal Migration

Florida waterfowlers have been challenged by mild conditions, high water levels and scattered bird concentrations this season. However, their luck may be about to change as the final week approaches.

Migration Alert: Table Set For Strong Finish in South Louisiana

Louisiana's Coastal Zone season is nearing the end, and it's apparent that cold weather up north has provided ample opportunities for south Louisiana waterfowlers. The mid-December duck count was the highest since 1999 and 64 percent higher than last December's count. Most hunters are delighted as they head into the final days, bolstered by the good numbers and con-sistent shooting the season has brought.

Migration Alert: California's Duck Numbers and Habitat Improve

Warm weather has created challenging conditions for California duck hunters, but receding floodwaters, reopened refuges and wildlife areas, and good numbers of ducks in most parts of the state have set the stage for improved waterfowl hunting during the final weeks of the season.

Migration Alert: Winter's Return to Northern Plains Spurs Significant Migration

Snow, strong winds, and low temperatures have ducks and geese on the move across the Northern Plains. This latest blast of winter weather may be enough to provide waterfowl hunters in mid- and southern states the spark needed to close out the final weeks of the season on a high note.

Migration Alert: Cold Snap Encouraging for Kentucky Waterfowlers

Hope springs eternal in the hearts of duck hunters, and Kentucky waterfowlers are hoping the Arctic front blowing through their state right now will bring more ducks and geese and better shooting than they've experienced so far this season.

Migration Alert: Chesapeake Bay Hunters Optimistic as Temps Drop

Chesapeake Bay duck hunters faced their share of challenges in the final weeks of 2014, but the arrival of bitter cold weather this week has many waterfowlers optimistic about their prospects in the days ahead.

DU TV Migration Report - Snow Geese Arrive in Delaware

The DU TV crew is filming a snow goose hunt in Delaware and reports significant goose movements into the area.

Migration Alert: Frigid Temperatures Descend Upon Washington State

Aching for a shift in the weather, Washington waterfowlers' wishes will be granted in the coming days. A cold snap poised to strike the Pacific Northwest will freeze sheet water left behind from recent rainstorms. This means a change in tactics for hunters who have faced stagnant conditions since late November.

DU TV Migration Report: Central Kentucky

The DU TV crew is filming in north-central Kentucky and Field Hudnall provides a migration breakdown for the area. While there doesn't appear to be a lot of birds in the area, Hudnall is optimistic about the coming weeks.

Migration Alert: Delaware Duck Numbers Solid, 150,000 Snow Geese

According to a waterfowl survey conducted last week by the Delaware Division of Fish and Wildlife, the First State is poised for its finest snow goose season in several years.

Migration Alert: Missouri's Odd Migration Patterns May Change Soon

Weird! That's been the word used by biologists, management area personnel, and hunters to describe this year's duck migration and hunting season in Missouri. With the season nearly over in the north zone (ends December 23) and with ample hunting left in the middle zone (ends December 30) and the southern zone (ends January 25), there's a lot of head-scratching going on over how such a promising season has become so stagnant.

Migration Alert: Oregon Waterfowl Distribution Sporadic Due to Storm, Mild Temps

Last week's hurricane-force Pacific Flyway windstorm came on the heels of ample rain from Mexico to Northern California. Oregon's ducks and geese were blown off the coast and many have found substantial habitat throughout Willamette Valley, forcing waterfowlers to scout and react to regional migrations.

Migration Alert: East Zone Louisiana Hunters Need Weather Change

After only a five-day rest, Louisiana's East Zone hunters kicked off the second split of the season last weekend. Facing unseasonably warm weather, many hunters found decent shooting, but a cold front would be a welcome sight. Fortunately, the long-term forecast north of Louisiana may help.

Migration Alert: Arkansas Hunting Slumps Due to Weather, Habitat

"Not very good," writes Keith Stephens regarding habitat conditions and hunter success this week in Arkansas. Stephens is a spokesman for the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission (AGFC). According to his latest Weekly Waterfowl Report, issued on December 10, hunting has been "spotty" in the second segment of Arkansas's duck season, which started Dec. 4 and runs through Dec. 23.

Migration Alert: South Carolina Hunters Enjoy January-Like Duck Numbers

In an average season, the greatest concentrations of wintering ducks don't arrive in South Carolina until January. However, a perfectly timed cold front is fueling one of the duckiest Decembers in memory in the Palmetto State.

Migration Alert: Duck-Rich Texas Coast and Prairie Prepares for Second Split

Driving across the landscape of Texas's coastal prairies and marshes reveals exactly what most hunters are reporting—lots of ducks. An early cold front dipped deep into the Lone Star State, causing temperatures to drop and bringing astounding numbers of ducks and geese.

Migration Alert: Kansas' Strong Mallard Numbers Dictated by Water Conditions

Kansas hunters can typically set their watches by a calendar migration of ducks and geese into the state near Halloween and Thanksgiving, and this year's first push of birds did arrive toward the end of October. But a cold front in early November sparked a migration well ahead of schedule – birds that are still providing quality opportunities for hunters.

DU TV Migration Report - Arkansas

The DU TV crew hunted in Arkansas last weekend for next year's show. Field Hudnall explains that they enjoyed excellent hunts, but the ducks were beginning to move out of their area by the end of the weekend.

Migration Alert: Northern Plains Still Holding Large Numbers of Waterfowl

The good news coming out of the northern reaches of the Central Flyway this week is that there are still massive numbers of ducks and geese waiting to migrate south. Although there isn't significant snowfall in the current forecast, the next strong front may recharge hunting opportunities to the south.

Migration Alert: Rain Improves California Habitat Conditions, Numbers Increasing

California waterfowl hunters have cause for optimism as rainfall, some of it heavy, is sweeping into the state from the coast, easing some of the state's drought-stricken waterfowl habitats. Ducks and geese are spreading out with the rain and new birds continue to arrive from the north.

Migration Alert: Ducks and Geese Descend on Nebraska

A series of cold-weather systems has pushed both ducks and geese out of northern breeding grounds this fall, creating tremendous early-season opportunities for hunters in southern states. The good news is that with a little more help from Mother Nature there are more birds yet to come.

Migration Alert: North Carolina Awaits Major Arrivals

North Carolina waterfowlers benefit from the state's geographic location as they receive ducks from the Prairie Pothole Region as well as from eastern Canada and Atlantic Flyway states. This season, North Carolina duck hunters are enjoying the early season flights, but expectations are mounting for the next big migration.

Migration Alert: Mississippi Waterfowl Numbers above Average

Mississippi Department of Wildlife, Fisheries, and Parks (MDWFP) waterfowl program biologists flew the first aerial survey of the Delta on Nov. 17–20, and the results are encouraging for duck hunters who will kick off the state's 2014-2015 waterfowl season on Thanksgiving.

Migration Alert: Cold Front Pushes Canada Geese into Colorado

The same weather system that spurred the migration of waterfowl across the Dakotas also triggered the movement of large numbers of Canada geese into Colorado, and waterfowlers are reporting tremendous hunting success thanks to the arrival of fresh flights.

Migration Alert: Arkansas November Waterfowl Survey Reveals 550,000 Mallards

A series of powerful cold fronts over the past few weeks have brought cold temperatures and significant waterfowl numbers into Arkansas. Aerial surveys performed earlier this week by the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission (AGFC) tallied 550,000 mallards throughout the state's Delta region, raising expectations for Saturday's opener.

Migration Alert: Tennessee Duck Numbers High, Rain Needed

Tennessee waterfowl reports have been higher than in year's past, but the habitat is lacking. Significant rainfall expected this weekend will improve many state managed and private properties.

Migration Alert: Snow, Cold Spurs Mallard Migration in Pennsylvania

If you're a Pennsylvania waterfowler, now is a good time to cash in those vacation days. Large numbers of birds are on the move throughout the region, including mallards, black ducks, and many diving duck species.

DU TV Migration Report: Southwest Louisiana 2014

Wade Bourne, co-host of DU TV is in southwest Louisiana with the DU TV and reports significant increase in duck numbers the last few days. Bourne expects those numbers to increase following this week's cold front.

Migration Alert: Utah Waterfowling Heats Up

As frigid weather settles across Canada and the northern United States, the current Arctic blast is pushing ducks and swans by the thousands into the Great Salt Lake Basin. Utah waterfowl hunters fortunate enough to get out and hunt are taking full advantage of the migration.

Migration Alert: Numbers Up, Louisiana Waterfowlers Optimistic

With bitter cold weather up north and reports of good early waterfowl numbers in the state, duck hunters across Louisiana are looking forward to opening day. The regular duck season opens this weekend in the coastal and west zones and a youth hunt will be held in the east zone.

DU TV Migration Report: Lake Erie

The DUTV crew is filming for next season on the northern edges of Lake Erie in Ontario. Zach Pederson, co-host of DUTV reports that they are seeing large flocks of juvenile ducks, and massive numbers of birds - most notably canvasbacks.

Migration Alert: Front Triggers Peak Migration through the Dakotas

Hunters in North and South Dakota were expecting the worst when a massive cold front slammed the region with snow and bitter cold earlier this week, but instead of bringing the waterfowl season to a grinding halt, the winter weather brought peak numbers of ducks and geese migrating out of Canada.

Migration Alert: Optimism in the Forecast for Pacific Flyway Waterfowlers

Pacific Flyway waterfowlers have been impatiently waiting for weather to push ducks out of Prairie Canada and British Columbia. With extended weather forecasts calling for a hard freeze north of the border early next week, Idaho duck hunters may need to rethink their plans.

Migration Alert: Texas Waterfowlers Find Early Arrivals Abundant

The first major winter weather system of the year is sweeping across the northern Central Flyway, bringing high hopes that the main waterfowl migration is on its way. Early migrants, such as teal, pintails,and gadwall, are abundant throughout much of central and southern Texas, and these species will likely provide most of the action as the 2014-2015 waterfowl season opens this weekend.

Migration Alert: South Dakota Hunters Wait on Migration

Hunters in South Dakota have enjoyed weeks of successful waterfowl hunting thanks to a strong breeding effort in local portions of the Prairie Pothole Region. As October grows to a close, however, South Dakotans are still waiting for a major flight of birds from the north.

Migration Alert: Massachusetts Wood Duck Numbers Unprecedented

Massachusetts duck hunting tends to conjure images of common eiders and surf scoters winging across vast, beautiful harbors. But, for the moment, Ducks Unlimited volunteer Mike Donnelly is focused on another species.

Migration Alert: Canvasbacks Arriving in Wisconsin

The canvasbacks have arrived on the Upper Mississippi River National Wildlife and Fish Refuge. According to Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (DNR) biologist Brenda Kelly, the birds are rafting in big numbers on Pools 8 and 9 in the LaCrosse District of the refuge.

Migration Alert: New York Losing Wood Ducks, Gaining Geese

Given that temperatures have yet to dip terribly low, it's likely that New York's locally produced birds haven't traveled far. This bodes well for hunters in southern New York and down into New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Northern New York, however, is currently in the window between the departure of locally produced waterfowl and the arrival of fresh migrators. So, when can these hunters expect to see more birds?

Migration Alert: Migration Still on Hold for Montana Hunters

DU regional biologist Bob Sanders says that good wetland conditions in the Prairie Pothole Region of Montana supported a strong breeding effort among mallards, pintails, blue-winged teal, and other dabblers, and locally produced ducks have provided the bulk of the hunting opportunities during the first few weeks of the season.

Migration Alert: Slow Start for Oregon Waterfowlers

Oregon's duck season began this weekend with many hunters reporting mixed results. Duck numbers appear to have been below average along the Oregon coast, which typically offers some of the state's most consistent early-season hunting.

Migration Alert: Migration Stalls in Minnesota

Minnesota duck hunters are in need of a push of new birds! The early part of the season has been good overall, but now local ducks are getting stretched thin, and there have been few new arrivals from up north to take their places.

Migration Alert: Early Migration Fuels Strong Start in North Dakota

Timely spring and summer rains throughout North Dakota's Prairie Pothole Region aided breeding efforts for mallards, northern pintails, blue-winged teal, and other ducks. Since then, cool temperatures have sent some of those local birds packing for warmer climes, but new birds from the north have helped keep the action hot for hunters during the first weeks of the season.

DU TV Migration Report: Ontario Weather May Benefit Waterfowlers

Field Hudnall, host of DU TV, details a significant weather system that may play a role in increased migration activity throughout the Great Lakes region.

Migration Alert: Wet Spring Bodes Well for Atlantic Flyway Hunters

A wet spring and early cold fronts may have set the stage for a strong start to waterfowl seasons in the Atlantic Flyway.

Migration Alert: State-by-State Pacific Flyway Hunting and Habitat Preview

Pacific Flyway waterfowl hunters, much like those across the entire continent, should expect another large fall flight of ducks and geese this year. With good to excellent conditions for waterfowl production across Prairie Canada and another bumper crop of geese headed south from Alaska and northern Canada, expectations are soaring.

Migration Alert: Expectations High among Central Flyway Waterfowlers

Excellent wetland conditions and the likelihood of a tremendous flight of ducks and geese have hunters in the Central Flyway looking forward to this fall with heightened anticipation.

DU TV Migration Report: Saskatchewan Migration

The DU TV production crew was filming in Saskatchewan last week and Zach Pederson provides an update on potential migration in Prairie Canada.

Migration Alert: Louisiana Teal Counts Already Exceed 2013 Numbers

Daily highs remain in the 90s throughout much of Louisiana, but that hasn't kept waterfowl hunters from getting ready for the state's 16-day teal season, which will open on September 13. The good news is that many blue-winged teal have already arrived, and many more are on the way.

Migration Alert: Cold Front Should Improve Missouri Teal Season

The majority of Missouri teal hunters enjoyed decent gunning to kick off the 2014–2015 waterfowl season. Hunters in Missouri's Bootheel are experiencing more consistency than other areas, but with a strong front bearing down on the Show Me State, most are predicting that more teal are on the way.

Migration Alert: Bluewings Abundant Along Texas Coast, Prairie

It wouldn't be September without mosquitoes. It wouldn't be September without humidity and sweat pouring from your forehead. It wouldn't be September without the possibility of a tropical cyclone in the Gulf. And, it wouldn't be September without rice fields and coastal ponds brimming with blue-winged teal.

Migration Alert: Nebraska Light Goose Hunting Heating Up

Nebraska light goose hunter's opportunities are increasing day by day as birds continue to push north.

Migration Alert: Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska Swarming with Light Goose Hunting Opportunities

Sporadic reports of small flocks of light geese are trickling in from South Dakota, but a major surge in goose numbers in northwest Missouri and parts of Nebraska has hunters frantically rushing to the fields in these areas. Last week's polar vortex stalled the migration, but as the weather cleared and the winds shifted to the south, massive numbers of light geese moved north.

Migration Alert: Light Geese Trickling North, Cold Front May Stall Migration

Light goose hunters throughout the lower Mississippi and Central Flyways should prepare for just about anything next week. A warming trend has the birds beginning to head north, while the expected arrival of a powerful cold front may stall the spring migration. Fortunately for Mid South goose hunters, the game isn't over – it's just getting interesting.

Migration Alert: Pacific Flyway Hunters Looking for Strong Finish

Pacific Flyway hunters will face early fog, sunshine, and then clear weather conditions from border to border for the last weekend of the 2013-14 duck season.

Migration Alert: Cold Temperatures in Kansas Will Help Hunters Finish Strong

Temperatures are cooling off, and if you can find open water you can find some ducks. By Field Hudnall, DU-TV host.

Migration Alert: Florida Waterfowlers Poised for Strong Finish

Brisk weather conditions during the month of January resulted in major movements of Atlantic Flyway waterfowl, and Florida waterfowlers are among the beneficiaries.

Migration Alert: Mississippi Waterfowl Counts Reveal Impressive Numbers

Mississippi hunters pray for cold weather up north to push ducks into their state, and this year their prayers have been answered. A series of powerful cold fronts, hard freezes, and snow storms in the Midwest has triggered one of the biggest migrations of ducks into Mississippi in several years.

Migration Alert: Opportunities Remain for California Waterfowlers

California waterfowlers are facing what has become the driest year on record, making habitat conditions less than ideal. Yet, waterfowl hunters throughout the state continue to be optimistic.

Migration Alert: Mid-Winter Thaw Benefits Colorado Waterfowlers

A mid-winter thaw is renewing hope for a strong end to the waterfowl season in Colorado. Canada geese arrived early along the Front Range north of Denver, says Avery pro-staffer Vance Stolz, but the bulk of the birds shifted to urban areas when the temperatures plummeted last month.

Migration Alert: Approaching Front Brings Much-Needed Change for Pacific Northwest Waterfowlers

The Pacific Northwest is bracing for rain and high winds this weekend, as a front approaches from the south and mixes with Pacific moisture from the north. This bodes well for wingshooters hoping to improve their season with a late regional migration throughout Oregon and Washington.

Migration Alert: 800k Mallards Counted in Arkansas

Warming temperatures, rain and thawing waters are changing the duck hunting picture in Arkansas.

Migration Alert: DUTV Crew Reports From Maryland

DUTV host, Field Hudnall provides information on weather conditions along Maryland's Eastern Shore. Frigid temperatures have waterfowl on the move and late-season hunting may improve as temperatures begin to increase.

Migration Alert: South Louisiana w/ Dr. Tom Moorman

Jan. 8, 2014 - Mississippi Flyway

Migration Alert: Arctic Blast Sends Massive Push of Geese to Maryland's Eastern Shore

Waterfowl are on the move in the Atlantic Flyway, following an Arctic blast that has brought bitter cold temperatures to much of the region.

Migration Alert: Arctic Blast Brings New Birds into Kentucky

Blowing snow and near-record cold temperatures swept across the central United States on January 5, and reports from around Kentucky verify some movement of new waterfowl into the state with this front.

Migration Alert: Dealing with Late-Season Extremes

From 60 to Zero in a Week, then from Zero to 60

Migration Alert: Changing Conditions May Improve Waterfowling in Washington and Oregon

Unfavorable weather conditions—warm temperatures, fog, and a lack of precipitation—combined with a full moon had Washington waterfowlers struggling over the holidays.

Migration Alert: South Texas Hunters Hope for Better Hunting Weather

After a solid start to the waterfowl season, many hunters in Texas's South Zone have reported lackluster results since the season reopened. It has been perplexing for many veteran waterfowlers and outfitters because the coastal prairies and marshes are full of ducks.

Migration Alert: Delaware Nears Mallard Peak Despite Shifting Conditions

Late November's frigid cold seemed a distant memory over the weekend as record-breaking 70-degree temperatures swept the mid Atlantic states. In Delaware, the balmy weather had a significant impact on waterfowl behavior and hunting success.

Migration Alert: Ample Food, Adequate Water Keeps Oklahoma Hunters Optimistic

Avid Oklahoma waterfowler David Williams says that he can gauge the potential of the upcoming season long before the first flights of ducks and geese arrive in the Sooner State. It all comes down to food, Williams says, so when he sees farmers enjoying a productive summer growing season, he knows that migrating waterfowl will have a buffet come fall. And this year, Oklahoma has duck and goose food aplenty.

Migration Alert: Texas Waterfowlers Looking to Finish Strong

Texas coastal ponds, prairies and marshes rested for 14 days and an Arctic front pushed ducks in from the north. Unfortunately, the second split opener of the 2013-214 season coincided with a full moon, leaving hunters to watch empty skies as sat idle.

Migration Alert: Ice, Snow Put a Clamp on Missouri Duck Hunting

Just a week ago, many Missouri waterfowlers were enjoying stellar duck hunting, with straps of greenheads being the rule rather than the exception. By all measures, the season was going great.

Migration Alert: Frigid Temps Change Waterfowl Behavior in Kansas

Ducks Unlimited Television co-host, Zac Pederson explains the hunting conditions in Kansas this week. Facing frigid temperatures, waterfowl have modified their feeding and resting behavior, making afternoon hunts the key to success.

Migration Alert: Drought Continues to Impact California Waterfowl

California hunters are hoping for the arrival of stormy and wet winter weather, which will hopefully result in more typical waterfowl distribution in the Sacramento and San Joaquin valleys.

Migration Alert: Waterfowl Numbers Increasing in Louisiana

Hunting resumes tomorrow (Saturday, Dec. 14) in Louisiana's East and Coastal Zones after a five-day split and a 12-day split, respectively. (Hunting in the West Zone has been open since Nov. 16 and closes Dec. 15 for a six-day break.) Biologists with the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries (LDWF) are completing their December waterfowl survey as this report was being written.

Migration Alert: Pennsylvania Mallard Numbers Peak

Flocks of mallards and black ducks poured over the tree-line in a seemingly unending string. They were in bunches of tens and twenties, mostly, but several flocks numbered at least 100 strong as the birds funneled down into the Pennsylvania cornfield.

Current Snow Cover Map: Dec. 12

Current snowpack marks the most extensive coverage for the date in the past five years.

Migration Alert: Winter Weather System Impacts Kansas Waterfowl Hunters

Dec. 11, 2013 - Central Flyway - Kansas

Migration Alert: South Carolina Hunters Off to Strong Start

Last weekend, waterfowlers along the South Carolina coast put up numbers that would be impressive anywhere in the country. Hunter-success rates approached a limit of ducks per person at two wildlife management areas.

Migration Alert: Winter Storm May Bring Fresh Ducks to Arkansas

All eyes north! That's where Arkansas duck hunters are looking as a massive winter storm blankets the state and sends temperatures plummeting. Anticipation of a new push of mallards from northern states is high, though they haven't arrived in appreciable numbers as of this writing.

Migration Alert: Mississippi Waterfowlers Keeping Close Eye on Weather

Another cold front is bearing down on much of the Mid-South, bringing hopes of a significant mallard migration into the Mississippi Delta and points south.

Migration Alert: 840k Mallards on Missouri River in South Dakota

The situation playing out along the Missouri River in central South Dakota is similar to what hunters witnessed in 2012. Massive waterfowl numbers are once again rafting up on this large impounded river system and feeding in adjacent grainfields in droves.

Migration Alert: Weather Changes Impact Missouri Bootheel Hunting

Wade Bourne, co-host of DUTV explains how drastic weather shifts have impacted waterfowl hunting in the Missouri Bootheel.

Migration Alert: Incoming Weather Offers Ideal Conditions in Washington

Ducks are filtering into Washington's upper Columbia Basin, says Chris Bonsignore, Ducks Unlimited's conservation program manager in the Spokane Valley.

Migration Alert: Cold, wet, windy weather a boon for Texas waterfowlers

Soaking rains and unseasonably cold autumn temperatures have been tough on the extremities, but you'll hear no complaints from Texas waterfowlers. Cold air means fresh ducks on the coast.

Migration Alert: DUTV Host Details Potential Weather System

DUTV host Zach Pederson provides a glimpse of a weather system shaping up in the Mississippi Flyway that has the potential to push birds all the way to southern states.

Migration Alert: Mallards Funnel into Missouri

The mallards are in Missouri! That's the late word from waterfowl biologists and hunters. Harsh wintry weather to the north and powerful cold fronts have pushed peak numbers of mallards into this state.

From First Frost to Arctic Blast

The season's about half over. Ducks begin migrating south in late August and start northward in February. Late November is in fact about halfway through the birds' annual round-trip migration. For waterfowl hunters, the same schedule applies.

Migration Alert: Hunters Faring Well on North Carolina Coast

The job of waterfowl manager can be one of those "none of the credit, all of the blame" professions. Too often your efforts go unnoticed, except of course when waterfowl numbers and hunting success are poor. That hasn't been the case this year, at least in North Carolina.

Migration Alert: Oregon Waterfowlers Still Waiting for Northern Flights

Duck hunting has been improving in Oregon in recent days, especially for those willing to scout and locate birds. Most of the action is on the Oregon coast right now, but there are still plenty of birds that have yet to arrive from the north.

Migration Alert: Georgia Waterfowl Biologist Provides Season Forecast

Georgia state waterfowl biologist, Greg Balkcom gives his forecast for the upcoming waterfowl season, and gives his top picks for WMAs to hunt this season.

Migration Alert: Utah Waterfowlers Watching the Weather

After a strong start to the 2013-2014 waterfowl season, hunting success in Utah has tapered off in recent days, but that could all change this weekend as a winter storm system arrives.

Migration Alert: North and South Dakota Migration Near Peak

For hunters in North Dakota and South Dakota, this steady migration of waterfowl from the northern breeding grounds has helped replace those locally-produced birds which filtered into Nebraska, Missouri, Kansas and other points south earlier this fall.

Migration Alert: Hard Freeze in Prairie Canada Expected, Fall Flight Moves into U.S.

Marshes and potholes on the Canadian prairies are freezing up tight, and as an even stronger cold front pushes across the region this weekend, remaining waterfowl concentrated on deeper waters should also begin to move south.

Migration Alert: Impressive Duck Numbers Surveyed in Central Illinois

The latest Illinois survey on October 28 tallied exceptionally high numbers of pintails, gadwalls, and green-winged teal. Mallard numbers are also good and are expected to climb with each new cold front.

Migration Alert: Idaho Hunting Improves, Migration Picks up Pace

With Pacific storm fronts approaching from the northwest, coupled with the onset of freezing temperatures in prairie Canada, hunting success should only improve throughout Idaho and much of the Pacific Flyway.

Migration Alert: First Push of Dabblers Hits PA; Divers Delayed

A few weeks ago, much of Pennsylvania awoke to the year's first heavy frost, an event timed in conjunction with a full moon. So my friends and I had high hopes as we entered a public marsh last week, and the thin layer of ice crunching against our knees did little to dampen spirits.

Migration Alert: Michigan Waterfowl Numbers Increasing

A surge of cold air blew through this state this past week, and new ducks and geese arrived with it. Hunting action is improving, and numbers of waterfowl should increase to peak in the next couple of weeks.

Migration Alert: DU TV Reports Steady Migration in North Dakota

The DU TV crew in North Dakota reports flights of new birds coming out of Canada. This is good news for Central and Mississippi Flyway hunters.

Mid-October Migration Reports

As ducks and geese begin to move south, waterfowlers need to know when and where. Below are the Migration Alerts from this week, covering each flyway and providing valuable, credible information from DU biologists and state agencies.

Migration Alert: Mild Conditions Delay New York Waterfowl

New York is a point of convergence for numerous waterfowl species migrating from Quebec, Ontario and points further northeast. Therefore, when peak numbers are reported from the Empire State, it's cause to rejoice throughout the flyway. Unfortunately, that day has yet to arrive, but reports of the first geese and early migrating duck species are encouraging.

Migration Alert: DU TV reports from Utah

The DU-TV crew is currently filming in Utah on the Great Salt Lake. Conditions haven't been favorable and waterfowling has been slow. Future weather patterns should provide more birds as the season progresses.

Migration Alert: Oregon Waterfowlers Face Tough Early Conditions

In Oregon, record-shattering rainfall in September and the closure of national wildlife refuges and other federal lands to hunting were responsible for a disappointing start to the duck season this past weekend.

Migration Alert: Wisconsin Waterfowl Numbers Increasing

In summary, diving ducks appear to be increasing in number on Lake Michigan and on the pools of the Upper Mississippi River. In the interior, local dabbling ducks (mallards, wood ducks, blue-winged teal) are providing the most action as hunters wait for colder weather to move new ducks into the state.

Migration Alert: Saskatchewan Ducks on the Move

DU TV crews filming in Saskatchewan have promising news for several U.S. states based on observations from today's hunt.

Migration Alert: Strong Local Duck Production Drives Success in Montana

Reports of successful waterfowl hunts have been trickling in to Bob Sanders, Ducks Unlimited manager of conservation programs for Montana, from all over the state since the season started on September 28, but things have turned sour in recent days, and it has nothing to do with the ducks.

Migration Alert: State-by-state Pacific Flyway Breakdown

Early migrating waterfowl, feeling an early winter pinch, are filtering south throughout the Pacific Flyway states and finding variable habitat conditions upon arrival in the region.

Migration Alert: Options Abound for Massachusetts Hunters

Arriving ducks may find a shortage of wetlands in Massachusetts following a dry second half of the summer. Donnelly reports that many wetlands are low on water and choked with vegetation.

Ducks Unlimited launches new season of Waterfowl 360

MEMPHIS, Tenn. – Oct. 2, 2013 – Just in time for duck and goose hunting season, Ducks Unlimited has launched a new season of Waterfowl 360, the ultimate online resource for waterfowl hunters.

Migration Alert: Early Season Success for South Dakota Duck Hunters

The opening day of the duck season marks the official arrival of fall for many hunters in South Dakota, and for those who took to the fields and marshes this past weekend, autumn seems to have arrived with a bang.

How many ducks actually use the Platte River?

GRAND ISLAND, Neb. – Oct. 1, 2013 – Waterfowl hunting along the Platte River is a long and storied tradition, with some of the largest winter mallard harvests occurring on the Platte each year. Through midwinter counts, we now know that thousands of birds visit the river for short periods before continuing their journey south in the fall. Along the North Platte, certain areas over-winter mallards and geese that will not travel any farther south. When spring arrives and these birds begin their journey north to the prairie breeding grounds, they must be in top condition to ensure nest success. With Nebraska being one of the last stops before the Dakotas and Canada, it is critical to understand where, what type and how much habitat the state needs to ensure strong waterfowl populations.

Migration Alert: Better Late Than Never for Louisiana Teal Hunters

Louisiana's early teal season is ending with a bang, thanks to the arrival of good flights of bluewings during the latter half of September. The strong finish comes after a disappointing start for many Louisiana teal hunters.

Migration Alert: Kansas Wildlife Area Has Best Waterfowl Habitat in Decades

Last year's drought limited waterfowling opportunities on the area, but this phenomenon allowed natural and planted vegetation to gain a foothold throughout the property. Late-summer rains pushed rain gauges to 10 inches the first week of August, creating superb waterfowl habitat conditions.

DU Waterfowl Migration Email Alerts

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Migration Alert: Texas Bluewings Arrive Just In Time

The Thursday Outdoors section of the Houston Chronicle, a barometer for many coastal hunters and fishers, painted a bleak picture for opening day teal prospects. What a difference a day makes.

Atlantic Flyway Hunters Ready to Roll

Many Atlantic Flyway waterfowlers kicked off the hunting year with resident Canada goose and early teal seasons in several states, while others are eagerly anticipating the main event in the upper end of the flyway. New York often provides a good indication of what the season will hold in states further down the flyway.

Migration Alert: The Stage is Set for North Dakota's Duck Season

For much of the past three weeks, Joe Fladeland has been bumping around North Dakota's back-roads chasing early season Canada geese, but the number of ducks gathered on the state's prairie potholes has the Avery pro-staffer excited about the opening of the general waterfowl season later this month.

Migration Alert: DU Chief Scientist outlines waterfowl season expectations

"Too hot, too cold, just right" characterize what I expect the 2013-2014 waterfowl season to be. Along with "too wet, too dry, best ever," the unpredictable combinations of habitat conditions and weather will certainly be the common themes for the upcoming season.

Migration Alert: Saskatchewan - Late summer on the Canadian Prairies

Wetlands conditions remain very good with many shallow seasonal wetlands still holding water. Due to an unusually late spring across the prairies, we know that duck production was delayed this year, especially for early nesting species like mallards and pintails.

Understanding Waterfowl: Tracking the Mallard Migration

Research has provided a wealth of new information about mallard movements and habitat preferences. By Luke Naylor and Andrew Raedeke, Ph.D.

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Waterfowl Migration Resources

New Migratory Bird Habitat Initiative opportunity for Louisiana ag producers

LAFAYETTE, La. – May 1, 2013 – The USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) is offering technical and financial assistance to agricultural producers in 22 parishes to develop and enhance habitat for migrating birds.

DU Helps Landowners Protect Playa Wetlands on Nebraska Property

With the help of Ducks Unlimited, landowners Ralph and Beverly Holzfaster are protecting important playa wetlands on their 320-acre property near Paxton, Nebraska.

Understanding Waterfowl: Stopover Country

Wetlands and rivers in America's heartland provide vital migration habitat for millions of waterfowl

Migration Alert: Arkansas light goose numbers remain strong

The Light Goose Conservation Order opens the door for February waterfowling in Arkansas. The LGCO's liberal regulations levels the playing field for hunters hoping to decoy these difficult birds. As temperatures begin to warm, light geese will begin heading north, but ideal habitat is holding birds in Arkansas for those looking for late-season opportunities.

Migration Alert: Migration Peaks for Season's Final Days, Youth Seasons

Just as opening day has a certain feel to it, so too does closing day. And as my friends and I pitched the blocks one last time in Pennsylvania, there was a sense of foreboding, knowing the off-season doldrums ahead, that mixed with high hopes of one last good shoot. But how the mallards responded.

Migration Alert: Good Signs for Great Late Goose Hunting

The sun sets on duck season this week in the Pacific Flyway, and now geese are the only game in town. Hunters like Jason Haley of My Outdoor Buddy took one last shot at duck hunting before moving on to late-season geese, which offer limited but excellent opportunities until March 10, when the federal framework governing waterfowling hunting closes all seasons until fall.

Migration Alert: Final Duck Hunting Weekend for Southern Mississippi Flyway States

Hunters have until sunset on January 27 to pursue ducks in the last few states in the lower Mississippi River Valley where the general waterfowl season is still open.

Migration Alert: Late-Season Opportunities Remain in Oklahoma and Missouri

Scouting will be the key to success during the last weekend of the duck season in Oklahoma. Next door in northwestern Missouri, waterfowlers are also focusing on geese.

Migration Alert: Northwest Duck Hunting Goes on Ice; California Has Hot Spots

Duck hunters will find nothing great about the Great Northwest as the season comes to a close this week, but the forecast continues to be fair in sunny California.

Migration Alert: Arkansas waterfowlers preparing for excellent finish

Two to three inches of rain fell over eastern Arkansas Jan.12, causing slash water to collect in previously dry fields and pushing the Cache and White Rivers into adjoining sloughs, oxbows and green timber flats. The ducks have responded by shifting from managed water areas into these freshly-flooded places where new food sources are available.

Migration Alert: Goose Hunting is Great

Late last summer, just before the opening bell on early waterfowl seasons, the chatter among hunters was about the record number of ducks poised to come down the flyway. Now that seasons are closed for many waterfowlers, or at least will be closed in the near future, that cautious optimism has done a 180... Truth is, just like every year, some hunters succeed where others fail.

Migration Alert: Strong Teal Flight Arrives in Florida

Despite a severe drought affecting northern Florida, Sunshine State biologists report strong numbers of staple species: blue- and green-winged teal, ringnecks, wigeon and scaup.

Migration Alert: Western Kentucky

Low water. Ice. Nocturnal feeding. Stale Birds. All these are reasons why duck hunting in western Kentucky's famed Ballard County and Henderson waterfowl areas has been disappointing in recent days. Both areas picked up new ducks with back-to-back cold fronts between Christmas and New Year. However, these birds have settled into "hunter avoidance mode," and hunting success has suffered in the first week of 2013.

Migration Alert: Hunters Toast New Year with Cold Duck

Hunters in the Columbia Basin and eastern Oregon managed to bag their birds this past week, but they had to put in their time, by either scouting in advance or hunting all day.

Migration Alert: Mid-Atlantic Duck Hunters, Go Now!

Atlantic flyway duck hunters got what they wanted this holiday season: cold weather. On Christmas Eve temperatures started falling in the northeast, and they have stayed low through New Year.

Migration Alert: Missouri Waterfowlers Hope for Warmer Weather and New Birds

With Missouri’s north and middle zones now closed to duck hunting, most of the state’s waterfowlers are now hunting geese – if they can find them. At Grand Pass Conservation Area east of Kansas City, the most recent count estimated 100,000 mallards, a good sign for hunters in the southern part of the state still hoping for new ducks to arrive.

Migration Alert: Hard Water Sends Birds South

By most accounts, Texas waterfowlers have been enjoying a banner season, especially during the second half of the split.

Migration Alert: Louisiana duck hunters expecting new birds

As this report is written, a strong storm system is pushing through upper and middle Mississippi Flyway states, bringing heavy snows, gale-force winds and plummeting temperatures.

Migration Alert: Duck Hunters Dream of a White Christmas

West Coast duck hunters want not only a white Christmas but also an early one that will deliver all the ducks on their wish lists.

Migration Alert: Finished Up North; Fabulous Down South

My mother always said to start with the hardest task first because it makes the rest seem easy by comparison. So let's begin with ducks in the northernmost reaches of the Mississippi Flyway—the hardest thing to have to report. One word: Done.

Migration Alert: Low water, limited food spreads birds thin

Dec. 14 - Central Flyway - Kansas: Most of Kansas is dry, just like much of the Central Flyway. But in this drought where can hunters find birds? The first place to look is in the north-central part of the state near Jamestown WMA.

Migration Alert: Warm, Wet Weather Spreads Ducks Thin

Record highs and wet weather across much of the East Coast has made for poor duck hunting north and south. With little cold weather in sight, it could be a challenging week for Atlantic flyway hunters.

Migration Alert: Warm Weather Delays Ducks on Chesapeake Bay

A second straight year of unseasonable warmth has plagued the Atlantic Flyway. As I write this, a quick look at the Ducks Unlimited Waterfowl Migration Map reveals temperatures ranging from 43 F in Toronto to 58 F in New York City and 66 F in southern Virginia.

Migration Alert: Tennessee's Reelfoot Lake waterfowl numbers improving

Prospects for duck hunting at Reelfoot Lake in northwest Tennessee are improving, thanks to a new influx of birds and a forecast for a strong cold front pushing through by the first of next week.

Migration Alert: South Dakota holding 750,000 mallards

Hardy mallards and Canada geese are well known for holding out in the northern reaches of the Central Flyway until bitter cold temps, ice and snow drive them south. Considering that South Dakota has had little in the way of anything resembling winter weather, it should come as no surprise that there are a few birds still hanging around. Well, actually, a lot of birds.

Migration Alert: Oklahoma waterfowlers have reason for optimism

Despite a year of extreme drought and high temperatures, the re-opening of Oklahoma's waterfowl season this weekend should be strong throughout many parts of the state.

Migration Alert: Rain, wind not enough to push California waterfowl south

Waterfowl habitat overall is looking great in the Central Valley. Lots of water means an abundance of shallow flooded areas, even rice ground that was not intentionally flooded is now providing decent habitat.

Migration Alert: Northerners Turn To Geese; Southerners Await Ducks

I can hear the rather rotund lady either warming up or in full voice in the northern portion of the Mississippi Flyway. For many hunters in the Upper Midwest, it's time to start putting away the duck gear and begin thinking about geese, or ice fishing.

Migration Alert: Ducks Arriving Early in North Carolina

Arriving waterfowl have been aided by ample natural wetlands, thanks to a fairly wet summer and recent rains.

Sea Duck Action Is Taking Off

I've spent the last few mornings off the Rhode Island coast chasing sea ducks. Birds are around, but not yet in the high numbers we like to see.

Migration Alert: DU Chief Scientist previews holiday weekend waterfowl

The duck season is open in all but a couple of states and zones over the Thanksgiving weekend. With the exception of opening day, that makes late November the most popular waterfowl time of the fall.

Migration Alert: Ducks Are Flying—Just in Time for Hunters

Cold temperatures this week are finally moving ducks south in the Atlantic Flyway. Every state in the flyway is open, or will open, this week or next.

Migration Alert: Cold weather may improve California waterfowl hunting

The mild weather pushed waterfowl into an easy lifestyle of resting on the closed areas. However, colder weather setting in should force the birds to get out and feed more often, putting them in front of more hunters.

Migration Alert: Migration Moves Into the Mid-Plains States

As expected, last weekend's winter storm in the northern Central Flyway finally got ducks on the move.

Migration Alert: Mississippi biologist reports early mallards

Mississippi's season doesn't open until Nov. 23, but early habitat reports indicate the chance for an opportunity-rich season.

Migration Alert: Survey flights report above-average waterfowl numbers in Illinois

A strong frontal passage on Nov. 12 pushed new ducks into Illinois. Aerial survey figures taken the next day show impressive numbers in the Illinois River Valley and along the upper Mississippi River.

Migration Alert: Cold Weather Should Equal Hot Hunting

For the past few weeks, waterfowlers have been lamenting the bipolar nature of pre-peak-migration duck hunting.

Migration Alert: Cold front may help Nebraska waterfowlers

In Nebraska, the line of "wait until next week" for waterfowlers is becoming an often-made statement. Warm temperatures and decent water conditions to the north of the state have kept the majority of waterfowl away thus far.

Migration Alert: Duck Hunting After Hurricane Sandy

While much of the coastal northeast U.S. is still digging out of Hurricane Sandy's damage – or just waiting for the lights to come on – biologists are starting to look at the super-storm's impact on wildlife habitat and migratory bird patterns.

Migration Alert: Hoosier waterfowl hunters waiting for migration

Reports from the North and Central Zones have waterfowlers restricted to untraditional large bodies of water and sighting few migrants. With cold weather in the near future, hunters throughout the state remain optimistic.

Migration Alert: SW Louisiana waterfowl habitat in good shape

The regular waterfowl season opener is only a few days away and hunters with up-to-date scouting reports and the ability to adjust accordingly will likely have a great opener.

Migration Alert: Ducks Are on the Move…Finally

This time of year, any rumor of a storm can get waterfowlers worked up and ready for new birds to arrive, and it seems the cold fronts that pushed their way across the northern Plains late last week finally got some ducks and geese moving south.

Migration Alert: Cold Weather Should Push Some Birds South

Despite the weather coming through Iowa right now, I reckon what they say about the "October Lull" might actually have some truth to it.

Migration Alert: How Will Hurricane Sandy Affect Migrating Waterfowl?

Atlantic Flyway duck hunters have been praying for rain to fill drought-stricken marshes and improve habitat for migrating waterfowl. However, nobody asked for it to arrive with the speed and intensity of Hurricane Sandy.

Migration Alert: Arkansas waterfowl habitat dry, but season remains promising

With the general Arkansas duck season less than one month away, many of the state’s waterfowl hunters are praying for rain.

Migration Alert: Freeze-up Approaches the Northern Prairies

Parts of north-central Alberta received more than 9 inches of snow earlier this week, which will quickly push birds out of that country as waste grain becomes inaccessible under the snow. Waterfowlers across the Midwest should be on the lookout for a push of new birds coming southward over the next week.

Migration Alert: Snows, Whitefronts are winging it, but duck data differs

If Sandhill cranes were leading the charge south in the last couple of weeks, then specks and snows are hot on their tail in the eastern half of the Central Flyway.

Migration Alert: Wisconsin waterfowl numbers increasing as cold front approaches

The outlook for waterfowl hunting in Wisconsin is improving as duck and goose numbers continue to build along the Mississippi River and on the famed Horicon Marsh.

Migration Alert: Low Water and Concentrated Hunting Pushing Birds Out

Early season duck hunting has been underway for about a week in most states north of the Mason Dixon, with mixed reports on bird numbers and hunter success rolling in.

Migration Alert: High Winds Should Push Some Waterfowl South

The wind is blowing a sustained 45 miles per hour outside right now, with gusts to 60. It's a day fit for neither man nor beast, but if you believe everything you read on the Internet, a mallard duck can travel 800 miles in eight hours with a 50 mph tailwind.

Migration Alert: Oregon waterfowlers having success along the coast

Western Oregon waterfowl hunters are experiencing average hunting conditions at the onset of the 2012-13 waterfowl hunting season.

Migration Alert: Central Valley waterfowl habitat in great shape

The wetland habitat in the Grasslands of Merced County in the Central Valley of California is primed and ready for ducks.

Migration Alert: Sandhill Cranes Signal Migration Kick-Off

One of the first signs of autumn’s migration is the trilling call of Sandhill cranes as they wing their way south for the season. Over the past couple of days, I’ve been hearing cranes, and picking their faint outlines out of the clouds.

Migration Alert: Key on Water to Find Atlantic Waterfowl

A satisfying chill swept New York and northern Pennsylvania last week, exciting duck hunters and lending a sense of urgency to early-migrating waterfowl.

Migration Alert: Severe drought is a challenge for Colorado waterfowlers

Colorado waterfowl hunters are facing tough conditions this season due to low water levels. With more ducks and geese moving south with each cold front, some migrants may pass by traditional areas that are currently dry.

Migration Alert: Slow Start to Duck Openers, but Reports of Woodies are Wild

Mixed reports from opening weekend in Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont have many speculating a slow start to the Atlantic flyway duck migration.

Migration Alert: Early pintail arrivals indicate dry conditions in north Pacific Flyway

Pintails typically arrive like clockwork on August 10. Unfortunately, this likely reflects the dry conditions in the Klamath Basin, which is forcing waterfowl to fly over and travel farther south earlier than normal.

Migration Alert: Early Northern Storm Should Get Ducks Moving

Two words characterize the Mississippi Flyway now—COLD and FRONT. And not just your everyday little chill in the air.

What's on the Web: November/December

What' on the Web from November/December DU Magazine.

Migration Alert: Migration on the Canadian Prairies continues on schedule

Throughout Saskatchewan very good numbers of ducks were scattered across most wetlands. Light geese were abundant with good numbers of Canada geese and a few white-fronted geese also present.

Migration Alert: All Signs Point to a Locals-Only Opener

By most accounts, the North Dakota opener was a successful one for hunters. A mixed bag of birds--widgeon, gadwall, some divers and a few remaining teal--were taken over water, while residents in the know filled their straps with mallards hunting exclusively in the fields.

Migration Alert: A Long Drive through Duck Country

I've just returned from a hunt in which a friend and I drove from our home in Clarksville, Tennessee, to The Pas, Manitoba, Canada—a distance of over 1,800 miles each way!

Migration Alert: Brandon, Manitoba—Early Season Success

The opening weekend of the waterfowl season in Manitoba provided me with the opportunity to continue a tradition I began last season, which was my first on the prairies of Manitoba.

Migration Alert: Upcoming weather may prompt teal migration

DU Chief Scientist Dale Humburg explains why an upcoming weather scenario may prompt blue-winged teal migration.

New Waterfowl Migration Map Features

Now entering its fifth season, the DU Waterfowl Migration Map is back and loaded with new features to help you follow the ducks this season.

Fall Flight Update: A Year of Extremes

Ducks Unlimited Chief Scientist, Dale Humburg shares his thoughts on habitat and hunting in 2012-2013.

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North Dakota 2012 Spring Breeding Duck Survey

The North Dakota Game and Fish Department’s annual spring breeding duck survey showed an index of 4.8 million birds, up 16 percent from last year and 112 percent above the long-term average (1948-2011).

Field Reports: 2012 Duck Production Outlook

Prospects for breeding waterfowl have improved in many areas since last report

2012 Spring Habitat Conditions in Canada

The following is a compilation of environmental conditions relative to breeding waterfowl submitted by DUC field staff. These observations are not based on systematic surveys or intended to describe hunting conditions.

Field Reports: 2012 Spring Habitat Conditions

Breeding habitat conditions vary throghout much of U.S. and Canada. Ducks Unlimited biolgists in these regions have provided a brief overview for each Canadian Province and specific regions in the U.S.

What's on the Web: May/June DU Magazine

Late Winter Habitat Conditions in Canada

Habitat Conditions Report for waterfowl habitat regions in Canada for late winter (March 2012).

2012 Winter Habitat Conditions in Canada

Conditions are variable in the British Columbia / Western Boreal Forest Region, where large flocks of wintering waterfowl can be found around the Fraser River Delta and along the east coast of Vancouver Island. Winter has been dry and warm in the Prairie Region.

Ducks Unlimited Mobile Text Alerts

Stay informed of important news and waterfowl information by subscribing to Ducks Unlimited mobile text alerts!

Conservation: Waterfowl Energy Demands

Food abundance is presumed to directly or indirectly impact the physiological condition, survival, and even reproduction of waterfowl, which ultimately influences the health of their populations. Why?

Migration Alert: Sacramento Valley hunters need winter weather

The birds are here in the Sacramento Valley but hunter success for the remainder of the season is going to depend on weather, especially for rice field hunters.

Migration Alert: Colder weather improves Texas waterfowling

Texas waterfowlers have had steady success throughout the state and cold weather should continue to improve numbers.

Migration Alert: Tennessee hunting success sporadic

Dec. 27, 2011: Hunter success in Tennessee has been sporadic. In many areas ducks have been here-today-and-gone-tomorrow.

Migration Alert: Missouri waterfowlers face stalled migration

Strong cold fronts have yet to push waterfowl through northern Central and Missippi Flyway states forcing Missouri hunters to use creative strategies.

Migration Alert - Southern Illinois waterfowlers waiting for push

Dec. 21, 2011: Southern Illinois hunters are in a wait-and-hope mode: waiting for a push of new birds and hoping it will occur before the season ends in late January.

Migration Alert: Hunt Now in Oklahoma

Dec. 13, 2011: Oklahoma's second season opened this past Saturday, bringing with it a level of excitement not seen this year in the area.

Migration Alert: West Tennessee migration improving

Dec. 12, 2011: Hunting on Reelfoot Lake in northwest Tennessee has been slow, but action is picking up today.

Migration Alert: Recent rain and cold have dispersed waterfowl in Missouri

Dec. 7, 2011: An abundance of new water in southern Missouri and ice in the north has shuffled the deck for hunters in this state.

Migration Alert: Duck numbers and available habitat increasing in Mississippi

Dec. 7, 2011: Duck numbers continue to increase in Mississippi and as harsh winter weather hits northern states hunters should expect more.

Migration Alert: Oklahoma habitat, duck numbers look promising

Dec. 6, 2011: Current weather conditions are good for hunting ducks in Oklahoma – highs in the 40s and lows around 20.

Migration Alert: California reports indicate good numbers and habitat

Nov. 22, 2011: California waterfowlers have seen decent numbers of early migrators, and expectations are high as new cold fronts continue to push birds south.

Migration Alert: Rainfall improves conditions in parts of Arkansas before opener

Nov. 18, 2011: Waterfowlers throughout much of Arkansas should expect a decent opening day as good numbers of early migrators have arrived.

Migration Alert: Missouri and Kansas waterfowlers optimistic

Nov. 17, 2011: Habitat conditions have improved with recent rain, but Missouri and Kansas hunters are still waiting on a big cold front from the north.

David Boike

DU Migration Field Editor profile for David Boike (Alexandria, Minnesota)

Migration Alert: Colorado - Birds arriving on the Front Range

Nov. 15, 2011: Snowstorms along the Northern Front Range has pushed migrating ducks and geese into several new areas throughout Colorado.

Migration Alert: Hunting Heats Up in Colorado and Nebraska

Nov. 11, 2011: An influx of dabblers, divers, and geese has recently arrived along the northern Front Range.

Migration Alert: N. Indiana seeing migration increase

Nov. 4, 2011: Hunters who can find spots with wood ducks and green-winged teal will continue having the best success for now.

Migration Alert: Texas - Available water an issue throughout the state

Texas waterfowlers know that the drought will play a role in their hunting success this season. TPWD provides a forecast for three zones.

Migration Alert: Minnesota - Above average temperatures expected as migration continues

Nov. 3, 2011: Hunting success has remained slow over the past week.

Larry Nelson

DU Migration Field Editor: Bayfield, Wis.

Scientific Waterfowling

Following are interviews with four preeminent waterfowl researchers. We can learn a lot from these experts, not only about how ducks react to their environment, but also how to apply this knowledge for better hunting success.

Migration Alert: Still Waiting for the Big Push in North Dakota

Oct. 27, 2011: Waterfowl numbers in the Dakotas appear to be in a holding pattern right now and a powerful cold front is sorely needed to help move new ducks and geese into the region.

Migration Alert - Mississippi Flyway: Waterfowl on the way

Oct. 18, 2011: Waterfowl on the way in the Upper Midwest

Ducks Unlimited releases mobile apps

Ducks Unlimited released multiple iPhone and Android apps this fall, providing DU supporters with new tools for waterfowling and conservation. DU has two Android apps and three iPhone apps available, which include conservation news, event listings, migration reports, sunrise and sunset calculator and a waterfowler's journal.

Migration Alert - Manitoba: Ducks and geese hitch a ride south on brisk winds

Oct. 18, 2011: Brisk northwest winds in recent days have triggered a push of waterfowl out of Canada's southeastern prairie and into the Dakotas and beyond.

Migration Alert - Minnesota: Cooler temperatures improve waterfowl numbers

Oct. 14, 2011: Duck hunting success remained fair across the state over the past week despite the above average temperatures.

Early Fall Habitat Conditions in Canada

Due to favorable habitat conditions throughout Canada, fall flight expectations remain high. Overall migration still depends heavily on timely weather patterns.

Waterfowl Migration Alert

DU-TV is currently filming for the 2012 season in Saskatchewan. Show host, Huntley Ritter, and DU Sr. Communications Specialist, Mike Checkett provide a glimpse of the hunting conditions they faced throughout the week.

Migration Alert: Plenty of water and ducks for North Dakota Opener

Sept. 21, 2011: The outlook for North Dakota's duck season is quite good, but extensive scouting will be imperative for success.

Migration Alert: Texas teal hunting depends on water

Sept. 15, 2011: Opening day of teal season on the coast was outstanding if you had access to water.

Migration Alert: Good teal opener expected in Louisiana

Sept. 9, 2011: Expect a good opening teal weekend depending on the area, with all areas seeing more birds in the next few weeks.

Migration Alert: Teal numbers increasing in Texas

Sept. 8, 2011: Teal concentrating on areas with water, suitable habitat

David Adamson

DU Migration Field Editor profile for David Adamson (Richmond, Virginia)

Ducks Unlimited launches online resource for waterfowlers

Ducks Unlimited has launched waterfowl360.com, a comprehensive web-based resource for waterfowl hunters. This online destination provides hunters with a wealth of information and videos as well as an upgraded migration map featuring a weather component and waterfowl reports from across the country.

Migration Alert: Texas Migratory Bird Hunting Report

Sept. 2, 2011: Leveed ponds and fields that have water are holding significant blue-winged teal numbers. Unfortunately, the drought is limiting suitable habitat.

Weather Tools for Duck Hunters

New for this season, DU has incorporated weather directly into our waterfowl migration map. In addition to various current conditions and radar, you can also see forecasted amounts of rain, snow and ice across North America.

Waterfowl Migration Mobile Apps

Follow the ducks from your mobile device this season. Ducks Unlimited is proud to announce two new mobile apps for waterfowl migration tracking this season!

Tips for Hunting Early Teal

While weather and local habitat conditions will affect where and when bluewings will be available, the following teal-hunting tips will help you make the most of your hunting opportunities when these fast-flying little ducks blow into your area.

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Ducks Unlimited Android App

Ducks Unlimited is proud to announce the launch of our official DU Android application. Download this app today and enjoy the following great features from the palm of your hand...

Ducks Unlimited Waterfowl Migration iPhone App

Follow the ducks on your iPhone this season with the DU Waterfowl Migration app. All new for the 2012 season, this app gives you real-time, integrated access to these reports in the palm of your hand!

Enhance - Chris Akin Testimonial

Finding the Way

Waterfowl have amazing navigational abilities that guide their migrations

2011 Waterfowl Forecast

The 2011 breeding population estimate for the 10 most common duck species in the traditional survey area was 45.6 million birds—an 11 percent increase from the previous year's estimate and the largest since surveys began in 1955.

DU Migration Field Editor Program

The Ducks Unlimited Migration Field Editor program was engineered to create a solid foundation of credible migration and hunting reports within the DU waterfowl migration map.

Chad Youngberg

DU Migration Field Editor profile for Chad Youngberg (Waseca, Minnesota)

Scotty Watkins

DU Migration Field Editor profile for Scotty Watkins (Nome, Alaska)

Brian Vogelsmeier

DU Migration Field Editor profile for Brian Vogelsmeier (Sweet Springs, Missouri)

Woody Taylor

DU Migration Field Editor profile for Woody Taylor (Casper, Wyoming)

Mike Stevens

DU Migration Field Editor profile for Mike Stevens (Lubbock, Texas)

Anthony Smith

DU Migration Field Editor profile for Anthony Smith (Ten Mile, Tennessee)

Brian Null

DU Migration Field Editor profile for Brian Null (Wrightsville, Pennsylvania)

Shannon Meadors

DU Migration Field Editor profile for Shannon Meadors (Vancouver, Washington)

Billy Gray

DU Migration Field Editor profile for Billy Gray (Natchitoches, Louisiana)

Stephen Gautheir

DU Migration Field Editor profile for Stephen Gautheir (Lafayette, Louisiana)

George Diplock

DU Migration Field Editor profile for George Diplock (Augusta, Maine)

Brian Demers

DU Migration Field Editor profile for Brian Demers (Seattle, Washington)

Jeff DeFord

DU Migration Field Editor profile for Jeff DeFord (Alexandria, Virginia)

Kenny Darnell

DU Migration Field Editor profile for Kenny Darnell (Murray, Kentucky)

Mike Cole

DU Migration Field Editor profile for Mike Cole (Grantsburg, Wisconsin)

Randy Brown

DU Migration Field Editor profile for Randy Brown (Marion, Illinois)

Ed Brown

DU Migration Field Editor profile for Ed Brown (Lewes, Delaware)

Kevin Bork

DU Migration Field Editor profile for Kevin Bork (Auburndale, Florida)

Jacob Appleberry

DU Migration Field Editor profile for Jacob Appleberry (Tillar, Arkansas)

Rocky Allison

DU Migration Field Editor profile for Rocky Allison (Redding, California)

David Adamson

DU Migration Field Editor profile for David Adamson (Richmond, Virginia)

Dan Johnson

DU Migration Field Editor profile for Dan Johnson (Lufkin, Texas)

Chris Sechelski

DU Migration Field Editor profile for Chris Sechelski (Houston, Texas)

Jeremy Anfinson

DU Migration Field Editor profile for Jeremy Anfinson (Hutchison, Minnesota)

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Brandon Mendoza

DU Migration Field Editor profile for Brandon Mendoza (Kansas)

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Realtree's ongoing commitment to conservation includes the support and sponsorships of conservation groups, such as Ducks Unlimited, whose goals, messages and efforts closely mirror its own.

Mobile Apps

A listing of mobile apps and resources available from Ducks Unlimited.

Ducks Unlimited and Partners Awarded NAWCA Grant in Wisconsin

U.S. Rep. Ron Kind (Wis.) praises DU's conservation efforts within the state

DU and Partners Awarded Second NAWCA Grant

Ducks Unlimited was recently awarded a second North American Wetlands Conservation Act (NAWCA) grant to conserve wetland habitat at Meadow Valley Wildlife Area, directly adjacent to Necedah National Wildlife Refuge in central Wisconsin.

DU Canada Habitat Report - July 2011

According to 2011 U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and Canadian Wildlife Service waterfowl surveys, total duck breeding population estimates have increased in most traditional survey areas in Canada.

Vic Meyer

DU Migration Field Editor profile for Vic Meyer (Fort Collins, Colorado)

Terry Laymon

DU Migration Field Editor profile for Terry Laymon (Lake St. Clair, Michigan)

Paul Fincher

DU Migration Field Editor profile for Paul Fincher (Guthrie, Oklahoma)

Dr. Michael Crupper

DU Field Migration Editor profile for Dr. Michael Crupper (Portland, Oregon)

Scott Jasion

DU Migration Field Editor profile for Scott Jaison (Fallston, Maryland)

Ron Kee

DU Migration Field Editor profile for Ron Kee

Jason Needham

DU Migration Field Editor profile for Jason Needham

Shawn Schmidt

DU Migration Field Editor profile for Shawn Schmidt (De Pere, Wisconsin)

Patrick Patterson

DU Migration Field Editor profile for Patrick Patterson (So. Minnesota)

Kevin Uetz

DU Migration Field Editor profile for Kevin Uetz (Ventura, Iowa)

Jason Christiansen

DU Migration Field Editor profile for Jason Christiansen (Omaha, Nebraska)

Dave Riley

DU Migration Field Editor profile for Dave Riley (Burlington, Iowa)

Creighton Kaiser

DU Migration Field Editor profile for Creighton Kaiser (Syracuse, Indiana)

Field Reports: 2011 Duck Production Outlook

Good to excellent wetland conditions have set the stage for above-average waterfowl production on key breeding areas

Chris Phillips

DU Migration Field Editor profile for Chris Phillips (Cambridge, Iowa)

Aaron Vogler

DU Migration Field Editor profile for Aaron Vogler (Haubstadt, Indiana)

Field Reports: Spring Habitat Conditions

Abundant winter precipitation has set the stage for improved wetland conditions on many key waterfowl breeding areas

Habitat conditions improve for final weeks in Texas

Varying conditions have been a major factor in hunter success throughout Texas

Deep Freeze throughout Arkansas has ducks on the move

Arkansas will experience the coldest air of the season on Jan. 9-10, causing most shallow waterways to freeze and forcing ducks to find alternate habitats with open water.

Migration Update: Dec. 25, 2010 - Kansas

Despite bitter cold temperatures, Tom Bidrowski, a migratory game bird biologist with the Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks, reports that his state is still holding plenty of mallards.

Migration Update: Dec. 21, 2010 - Missouri

Recent cold weather has frozen wetlands across much of Missouri, pushing large numbers of waterfowl farther down the flyway.

Migration Update: Dec. 16, 2010 - Texas

Texas Waterfowling Heats Up

Migration Update: Atlantic Flyway - Mid-Atlantic and South Atlantic States

Bitter cold winter weather currently gripping the Atlantic Flyway has had a major impact on waterfowl movements in recent weeks. These conditions are what sea duck and diver hunters in northeastern states dream of, while waterfowlers in the Mid-Atlantic and south Atlantic states are enjoying recent influxes of waterfowl, especially dabbling ducks.

Migration Update: Platte River

After big push, plenty of waterfowl remain on Platte River

Migration Update: Atlantic Flyway

Waterfowl numbers building in Northern Atlantic Flyway

Migration Update: Missouri

Nov. 30, 2010 - Missouri showing huge duck numbers

Migration Update: Pacific Northwest

Columbia River Basin gets push of birds

Louisiana Duck Numbers Up along the Coast

A waterfowl survey conducted by the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries (LDWF) the week before duck season opened in the state’s west zone found large numbers of waterfowl overall and good wetland habitat conditions along coast.

Migration Update: November 16, 2010

Following a major blizzard over the weekend in parts of the upper Midwest, waterfowlers in the Atlantic Flyway are hoping new flights of waterfowl are on the way. Kevin Jacobs, a waterfowl biologist for the Pennsylvania Game Commission, reports that duck and goose numbers are below average for this time of year on the Pymatuning Wildlife Management Area near Linesville.

Waterfowl Migration Gaining Momentum in North-Central States

Field reports indicate that over the past couple of weeks the pace of the waterfowl migration has picked up considerably across the northern Great Plains. "The peak migration is now," says Roger Hallevoet, wildlife refuge manager for the Devils Lake Wetland Management District, which encompasses eight counties in northeastern North Dakota.

Hunting Flight Ducks

This is the time of year that waterfowlers in mid-latitude states live for, when every major cold front can bring new flights and hot shooting.

Migration Update: November 5, 2010

With strong cold fronts moving through the north, waterfowl are on the move. Stay up to date with migration information and post your migration reports on DU's Migration Map.

Migration Update: Bayou Bluewings

Fall is in the air across the United States and Canada, and DU's Migration Map glows with a multitude of reports from waterfowl hunters about duck and goose numbers in their area. The Louisiana marshes, wintering grounds for more than 13 million waterfowl in some years, are welcoming the arrival of blue-winged teal. These birds provide the first hunting action of the fall and bring with them the anticipation for the general waterfowl season.

Summer's End

After the breeding season, ducks must molt and must build energy reserves in time for fall migration.

Banding ducks in the Dakotas

Hunters covet these rings like small trophies, symbols of their duck-hunting prowess. But waterfowl bands provide valuable information to scientists about duck populations, survival, migration routes, hunter harvest rates and winter and nest-site fidelity.

First cool breeze pushes waterfowl south

The recent cold front was a welcome relief from summer's sultry blaze, but it's also cause to celebrate for waterfowl enthusiasts and hunters. The cold air, which pushed south into the United States from Canada, bringing temperatures in the low 50s to the Dakotas, persuaded early migrants like blue-winged teal to begin their annual journey south.

Why Waterfowl Migrate

Ducks and geese fly long distances to find the resources they need to survive and reproduce

Waterfowl Breeding & Habitat Surveys

What does a waterfowl breeding population and habitat survey bring to the table?

Upper Mississippi River

An overview of Ducks Unlimited's habitat conservation work in the Upper Mississippi River priority area

Mississippi Alluvial Valley

An overview of Ducks Unlimited's Mississippi Alluvial Valley priority area.

Ducks After Dark

An inside look at the nocturnal behavior of waterfowl.

Waterfowl Migration

Ducks Unlimited is your waterfowl migration headquarters each hunting season! Be sure to check out the resources below each day to follow the ducks and better prepare yourself for your next trip to the field. Good luck!

Mallard Migration Observation Network

Each week, over 100 state, federal and Ducks Unlimited biologists and wildlife managers rank the progress of mallard migration from Canada to the Gulf Coast. The Missouri Department of Conservation compiles their data to bring you a map showing the status of the mallard migration. Click here for more details about this network.

Waterfowling's Perfect Storm

Knowing how to read a weather map may be as crucial to your hunting success as decoys and calls.

Duck Scouting Success With Online Tools

New technology for duck hunters

Think Like a Duck

Adapt your hunting strategies to match shifts in the duck's behavior

The Amazing Journey

Following one hen throughout its annual cycle reveals much about the key habitat challenges facing waterfowl.

Waterfowl Migration Map

The DU Waterfowl Migration Map has received a major upgrade this season. Follow the ducks like never before!

Duck Hunters Rainbow

Major rain events can lead to some of the season’s best hunting.

Scouting for Ducks

Improve your hunting by locating new hunting spots and by keeping tabs on migration

Migration and Hunting Report Maps

Ducks 2050

What might the coming decades hold for waterfowl and duck hunters?

Getting Ready for the Migration

After the breeding season, ducks must molt and must build energy reserves in time for fall migration.

For Goodness Sake, Where Are All the Ducks

Ducks migrating south in winter aren't unlike hordes of college kids heading out on spring break.

Where the Flyways Begin

High adventure awaits goose hunters in the land where the polar bears roam.

Waterfowl Fall Migration

Why, when, and where?

Waterfowl Research & Science

Learn more about waterfowl biology, research, identification and much more! You'll also find links to the popular "Understanding Waterfowl" features seen in past issues of DU Magazine.

The Platte River

One of America 's great waterfowl migration corridors

Saving the Sprig

Ducks Unlimited is pursuing an ambitious habitat conservation strategy to help bring back the pintail to its former abundance.

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