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Banding Together for Waterfowl

matt young


2014 Waterfowl Forecast

Another large fall flight is expected as duck populations soar to new heights on the breeding grounds. By Matt Young.

2010 Waterfowl Forecast

Waterfowl populations remain at high levels overall thanks to favorable breeding habitat conditions

Wetlands on the Edge

Threatened by development, pollution, and rising seas, coastal marshes face an uncertain future

15 Great Places to Hunt Waterfowl

When it comes to planning a waterfowl hunting trip, location is everything.

Rescuing the Duck Factory

Ducks Unlimited needs your help now to save vital waterfowl breeding habitat on the prairies.

Call like a Champion

Two of the world’s best duck callers share some of their secrets during an unforgettable Arkansas waterfowl hunt.

A New Vision for Waterfowl

To sustain healthy waterfowl populations in the future, DU must adapt to emerging challenges and increase the scope of its conservation work.

7 Deadly Duck Calling Mistakes

Ducks Unlimited interviewed four of North America's best duck callers to find out the most common calling mistakes made by duck hunters and, more importantly, how to correct them.

Snow Days

Veteran waterfowlers describe their most unforgettable hunts in winter weather.

Hunting on the Edge

Some waterfowlers go to extremes in pursuit of ducks and geese.

Super Spreads for Ducks

Surefire strategies for setting decoys in classic habitats.

Northern Exposure

The boreal forest has always been a bastion for waterfowl, but dramatic changes in land use and climate now threaten this region’s fragile wetlands.

Running on Empty

Water management is a hot topic in California, affecting residents, waterfowl hunters and the birds.

Floods, Ducks, and Development

Urban sprawl in historic river floodplains threatens waterfowl, people, and the environment.

Hunting Across Canada: Ground Zero For Geese

Saskatchewan is unsurpassed in its abundance and diversity of geese.

Tara's Treasures

The story of a Mississippi Alluvial Valley estate that's been transformed into a wildlife area.

Gadwalls: The Wonder Duck

If the recent trend continues, the sky may be the limit for gadwall populations.

Where the Flyways Begin

High adventure awaits goose hunters in the land where the polar bears roam.

Redhead Central

Record numbers of wintering redheads may be pushing the limits of their food supplies on the Laguna Madre of Texas and Mexico.

The Other Duck Factory

The Western Boreal Forest of Canada and Alaska serves as the most important breeding habitat for waterfowl in North America.

The Cover Connection

Large areas of protected grasslands are essential for waterfowl populations nesting in the Prairie Pothole Region and across the Great Plains.

Winter Resort for Waterfowl

The wetlands of Mexico are the final migration stop for millions of waterfowl and other migratory birds from across North America.

Alberta Grand Slam

Follow the author as he hunts divers, dabblers, geese, and Hungarian partridge on the Canadian prairie

Sportsmen & Conservation

Hunters and anglers are North America’s greatest conservationists .

A Model for Private Lands Conservation

The Rancho Esquon property in California exemplifies Ducks Unlimited's idea of private lands conservation to the benefit of waterfowl populations.

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