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Banding Together for Waterfowl

Louisiana Projects


New Public Waterfowl Hunting Area Being Developed in Louisiana

Ducks Unlimited and the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries (LDWF) recently worked together to develop a new public hunting unit managed for waterfowl on Dewey W. Wills Wildlife Management Area (WMA) in La Salle Parish, approximately 20 miles northeast of Alexandria, Louisiana.

Lafourche Parish residents to benefit from wetlands restoration

THIBODAUX, La. – Nov. 30, 2015 – Lafourche Parish residents will soon have improved wildlife habitat and storm protection thanks to a $1 million North American Wetlands Conservation Act grant to Ducks Unlimited. The Bayou Monnaie project will restore more than 7,300 acres of degraded coastal marsh and beach habitat along the Gulf Coast in southeast Louisiana.

Ducks Unlimited and partners celebrate coastal restoration projects

THERIOT, La. – Nov. 11, 2015 – Nearly fifty people gathered to celebrate completion of three coastal restoration projects yesterday at the Falgout Canal Marina in Theriot. Ducks Unlimited, ConocoPhillips, Apache Louisiana Minerals LLC, the Louisiana Coastal Protection and Restoration Authority and the North American Wetlands Conservation Council restored more than 2,500 coastal acres through the Liner Canal, Carencro Bayou and Lost Lake projects.

Restoration project dedicated to Louisiana conservationist

GRAND CHENIER, La. – Oct. 23, 2015 – More than 75 friends and family of Louisiana conservationist Tom Hess gathered at Rockefeller Wildlife Refuge yesterday to dedicate a recently completed restoration project in his honor. Ducks Unlimited and the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries partnered on the project to enhance 6,800 acres of coastal marsh on the state refuge in southwest Louisiana.

Coastal Marsh Terracing Project Nearing Completion in Louisiana

Ducks Unlimited is wrapping up the construction and planting of 60,000 linear feet of marsh terraces in Terrebonne Parish, Louisiana, as part of the Island Road Terracing Project. This project will restore nearly 800 acres of coastal marsh adjacent to Pointe-aux-Chenes Wildlife Management Area.

ConocoPhillips Partners with DU to Enhance Gulf Coast Wetlands

By working with ConocoPhillips, DU has the opportunity to put restored habitat on the ground at scales that truly matter to waterfowl, hunters, and everyone that depends on this important ecosystem.

Louisiana Oral Surgeon Earns Silver Teal Award

For more than 30 years, Hiram "Uncle Don" McConnell Jr., D.D.S., has been supplying Ducks Unlimited chapters in Lafayette, Louisiana, and surrounding cities with a special auction item known as Uncle Don's Cherry Bounce. This handcrafted libation always gets the first bid at local DU events and sets the pace for the rest of the auction.

Restoration Project Completed on Louisiana Refuge

As part of the Louisiana Delta II North American Wetlands Conservation Act grant, Ducks Unlimited recently completed restoration work on the Lake Nick Unit of the Tensas River National Wildlife Refuge (NWR). By constructing two levees and two rock spillways and installing three 36-inch water-control structures, DU restored nearly 300 acres of bottomland hardwood forest, cypress brake, and scrub-shrub wetlands on the refuge.

DU Recognizes LWFC for 50 Years of Canadian Habitat Conservation

Ducks Unlimited recently recognized the Louisiana Wildlife and Fisheries Commission (LWFC) for 50 years of supporting waterfowl habitat conservation on the Canadian breeding grounds. LWFC has contributed more than $10 million through the Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies (AFWA) State Contributions Program to enhance and protect habitat where many of Louisiana's ducks are produced. Louisiana has been participating in the program since its inception in 1965.

Public Hunting on DU Projects in Louisiana

Ducks Unlimited works across the country to ensure not only sufficient habitat for waterfowl, but also to ensure waterfowl hunters continue to have the opportunity to pursue their passion. Here are some of the DU projects in Louisiana that are open to the public for duck hunting.

Louisiana Project Dedicated to John Barton Sr.

Ducks Unlimited partnered with the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries to restore wetland habitat on the South Farm Unit of the Sherburne Waterfowl Management Area (WMA). This project will provide new opportunities for public waterfowl hunting and wildlife watching and will improve habitat management capabilities on this WMA.

Louisiana Waterfowl Harvest Trend

Louisiana waterfowlers enjoy some of the best hunting success in the country, but all of that will change if the rapid loss of coastal wetland habitat is not addressed. Help Ducks Unlimited prevent the loss of the Sportsman's Paradise.

Louisiana's Bayou L'Ours Terracing Project Nearly Complete

Ducks Unlimited is in the process of completing work on the Bayou L'Ours Terracing Project in Lafourche Parish, Louisiana.

Ducks Unlimited mourns passing of Eli Haydel

The Ducks Unlimited family of conservationists and like-minded hunters is sad to acknowledge the death of champion caller and callmaker, Eli Haydel.

The Moore-Odom Wildlife Foundation: A Partnership to Protect the Coast

The Moore-Odom Wildlife Foundation is a strong Ducks Unlimited partner on the Gulf Coast. Moore-Odom is working with DU through the Gulf Coast Initiative to conserve the best wintering habitats for ducks and geese on the Gulf. Their story appeared in the 2013 DU Annual Report.

Louisiana Coastal Project Receives $1 Million NAWCA Grant

Ducks Unlimited and partners recently received a North American Wetlands Conservation Act grant to restore coastal marshes in south Louisiana.

DU to Complete Green Tree Reservoir Project in Louisiana

Ducks Unlimited and the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries are partnering to improve a 1,900-acre green-tree reservoir on the Russell Sage Wildlife Management Area (WMA) near Monroe, Louisiana.

Louisiana's Carencro Bayou Project Receives Full Funding

Ducks Unlimited initiates long-awaited coastal restoration project

Ducks Unlimited and partners recently received a North American Wetlands Conservation Act grant for coastal marsh restoration efforts in Louisiana. The nearly $1 million grant will be combined with partner contributions of more than $2 million to improve more than 16,000 acres of coastal wetlands, including a long-awaited project on Liner's Canal in Terrebonne Parish.

New Migratory Bird Habitat Initiative opportunity for Louisiana ag producers

LAFAYETTE, La. – May 1, 2013 – The USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) is offering technical and financial assistance to agricultural producers in 22 parishes to develop and enhance habitat for migrating birds.

Ouachita Wildlife Management Area Project Completed

Ducks Unlimited and the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries recently wrapped up a project to improve water-management capabilities on more than 1,100 acres on Ouachita Wildlife Management Area near Monroe, Louisiana.

Ducks Unlimited, LDWF to improve Sherburne WMA hunting opportunities

LAFAYETTE, La. – April 1, 2012 – Permits have been granted for a project to enhance waterfowl habitat on Sherburne Wildlife Management Area (WMA).

LDWF recognized for $10M contribution to waterfowl habitat restoration

LAFAYETTE, La. – April 2, 2013 – The Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries (LDWF) recently received recognition for their cumulative $10 million contribution supporting wetlands restoration on Canadian breeding grounds important to Louisiana's waterfowl.

Freshwater-Introduction Project Proposed in Louisiana

Ducks Unlimited has submitted a $250,000 proposal to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association (NOAA) for a freshwater-introduction project in southeast Louisiana.

NOAA, Ducks Unlimited conserving America's coasts

LAFAYETTE, La. – Dec. 17, 2012 – This fall, two Gulf Coast restoration projects are being added to a three-year agreement between the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's (NOAA) Restoration Center and Ducks Unlimited. The Conserving America's Coasts partnership agreement aims to protect and restore approximately 5,000 acres of coastal habitats across the nation.

Louisiana Supports Waterfowl Habitat Conservation in Canada

The Louisiana Wildlife and Fisheries Commission announced in July that for the next three years Ducks Unlimited would receive 100 percent of its funding for waterfowl habitat conservation projects in Canada.

Russell Sage WMA receives new levees

The Pump Trail Unit at Russell Sage WMA is a green tree reservoir (GTR) that provides more than 1,000 acres of flooded bottomland hardwood habitat in Ouachita Parish, Louisiana. Through a network of levees and water control structures, managers mimic natural flood regimes to optimize these forested habitats for wintering waterfowl.

Louisiana: Pointe-aux-Chenes Wildlife Management Area

In 2005, Hurricane Rita damaged the levees at Pointe-aux-Chenes Wildlife Management Area beyond the repair capabilities of the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries.

Louisiana Coast: The Time Is Now

Louisiana's coastal marshes are in danger. Ducks Unlimited is working to save them. Learn more about the historical loss of the Louisiana coast.

Cameron Prairie NWR Terracing

To enhance migratory bird habitat at Cameron Prairie NWR by constructing Cameron Prairie NWRterraces to restore coastal marsh. The project will construct approximately 50,000 linear feet of marsh terraces on Cameron Prairie NWR and Miami Corporation property in Cameron Parish, Louisiana.

Louisiana Conservation Projects

Ducks Unlimited habitat conservation projects in Louisiana. These projects benefit waterfowl, other wildlife and people. View sample projects, project map and more.

Catahoula Lake Vegetation Monitoring Project

The Catahoula Lake Vegetation Monitoring Project is a cooperative effort between the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries and Ducks Unlimited, Inc. to provide information about the health of the ecosystem to facilitate best management practices with the limited funds available. Primary funding for this project is through DU’s MARSH (Matching Aid to Restore States’ Habitat) program.

Russell Sage WMA - East Green-tree Impoundment

Enhance an existing 700-acre waterfowl impoundment through installation of a steel pipe and water control structure. This project established adequate drainage for upstream landowners and protected the integrity of the impoundment for waterfowl habitat.

Ouachita WMA - Waterfowl Impoundment Project

To establish management capabilities on green-tree reservoirs and moist soil units, provide migrating and wintering waterfowl habitat, and increase hunting opportunities on 525 acres. Development of these sites involved renovating existing levees and installation of water control structures to maximize management efficiency.

Pomme de Terre WMA - Wetlands Restoration

To restore 1,200 acres of wetlands habitat on Pomme de Terre WMA through installation of concrete spillways and gated culverts. Two waterfowl management units were designed that can be manipulated independently.

Attakapas WMA Crew Boat Chute Deadfall Enhancement

To restore 250 acres of moist-soil habitat on Attakapas WMA through installation of a water control structure and minor levee repair. A functional levee exists on the southern portion of the unit due to the extension of Crew Boat Chute in 1999 by Hunt Oil Company.

Louisiana Waterfowl Project - North

Louisiana Wetlands Reserve Program

Cameron Prairie - Moist-Soil Habitat Restoration

To improve migratory bird habitat on Cameron Prairie NWR by renovating/replacing levees and installing several water control structures. This project provides valuable moist-soil habitat for mallard, gadwall, widgeon, green-winged teal, white-fronted geese and other wintering waterfowl common to the Gulf Coast.

Pass-A-Loutre WMA - Delta Wide Crevasses

To enhance migratory bird habitat at Pass-A-Loutre WMA by aiding in an effort currently underway called Delta Wide Crevasses; funded through the Breaux Act (CWPRRA). This project consists of maintaining existing crevasse-splays, construction of new crevasse-splays, and future maintenance of selected crevasse-splays on the WMA.

Sabine NWR - Unit 7 - Enhancement

To restore 750 acres of submerged aquatic vegetation on Sabine NWR through construction of marsh terraces. This project involves construction of earthen terraces within a marsh that is being impacted by highly saline water from the Gulf of Mexico.

Mandalay NWR - Vegetation Control

To enhance 750 acres of submerged aquatic vegetation on Mandalay NWR through vegetation control methods. Herbicide will be applied to interior marsh ponds in an effort to control nuisance stands of water hyacinth. Controlling water hyacinth will allow sunlight to reach important submerged aquatic vegetation, which is prime source of waterfowl foraging habitat.

Lacassine NWR Unit B - Enhancement

To enhance 860 acres of prime waterfowl habitat on Lacassine NWR through fabrication and installation of irrigation pumping system. Currently, Unit B is managed intensively as a cooperative farm unit to provide winter forage for waterfowl through a combination of agricultural crops and moist-soil plants.

Rockefeller Wildlife Refuge - Rollover Bayou

To restore 16,568 acres of coastal marsh near Pecan Island, LA through construction and installation of the Rollover Bayou Water Control Structure on Rockefeller Wildlife Refuge. This project involves installation ten 30" diameter marine-grade aluminum pipes equipped with flap gates and stop-log water control structures.

Rockefeller Wildlife Refuge - Price Lake Unit

To restore 7,000 acres of coastal marsh in the Price Lake Unit of Rockefeller Wildlife Refuge through installation of two water control structures. This project involves removal of two non-functional outlet weirs and installation of two new weirs with state-of-the-art water management capabilities.

Marsh Island Wildlife Refuge

To enhance 8,000 acres of coastal marsh on Marsh Island Wildlife Refuge through refurbishment of existing levees. The external levee surrounding the waterfowl impoundment was severely damaged to constant wind and wave action from several large hurricanes. Over 15,000 linear feet of levee needed repair using approximately 60,000 cubic yards of fill dirt.

Pointe-aux-Chenes WMA - Hydrology Restoration

This project will restore historic salinities and hydrology to 4,736 acres of degraded marsh on Pointe Aux Chenes WMA through installation of 4 hydrologic structures and construction of 1 exterior levee. Erosion, salt-water intrusion, and increased turbidity have degraded the once vast fresh, intermediate, and brackish marshes of southeast Louisiana.

Louisiana Waterfowl Project - South

The mission of the Louisiana Waterfowl Project is to provide critical migration and wintering habitat for waterfowl and other wetland-dependent wildlife. Managing off-season agricultural fields and other wetland areas as waterfowl habitat results in migratory birds returning to the breeding grounds physically conditioned for maximum reproductive success.

Louisiana Coastal Wetlands Marsh Terracing Project

Louisiana has the highest coastal wetlands loss rate of any state in the nation comprising more than 1,500 square miles of marsh over the past seven decades. Coastal marshes have been deteriorating since man-made navigation channels changed the natural water-flow patterns on the landscape, allowing saltwater to intrude into areas of the marsh where vegetation is less tolerant of high salinity.

Avoca Island - Coastal Marsh Restoration Project

Restoration on 1,014 acres of coastal marsh will be accomplished through installation of 3 water control structures and refurbishment of 15,650 linear feet of exterior levee.

Oyster Bayou - Coastal Marsh Restoration Project

Restoration on 7,383 acres of coastal marsh will be accomplished through installation of 5 water control structures and 4 earthen canal plugs.

Bayou Pierre WMA - Wetlands Restoration

To restore 900 acres of moist-soil wetlands on Bayou Pierre WMA through installation of several water control structures, construction of levees, and installation of pumping system. The majority of land on this WMA consisted of farmland that in most years was too wet to successfully grow an agricultural crop.

Soda Lake WMA - Wetlands Enhancement Project

To enhance approximately 800 acres of moist-soil habitat and semi-permanent wetlands on Soda Lake WMA through levee construction and installation of five water control structures. The project involved constructing ½ mile of new levee, reworking several existing levees and installing five water control structures.

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