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Ducks Unlimited and Unimin Corporation complete first year of conservation partnership

Unimin Corporation and Ducks Unlimited (DU) have completed the first year of a partnership aimed at conserving habitat for waterfowl and other wildlife in Minnesota.

Wild rice rebounds in northern Minnesota

BRAINERD, Minn. - Aug. 20, 2013 - As fall approaches, so does wild rice season. Despite the late, cool spring that had Minnesotans wondering about possible negative effects on this year's crop, it appears to have come through in good shape. There is widespread coverage of wild rice on shallow lakes throughout the state's northern counties, with several excellent stands of wild rice reported.

Living Lakes Initiative

Conserving Minnesota and Iowa's wetlands and shallow lakes as vital stepping stones for waterfowl migrating between southern wintering and northern breeding grounds each year.

Habitat Enhancement Under Way at Minnesota's Smith Lake

A new water-control outlet structure on Smith Lake in Wright County allowed Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (DNR) managers to begin drawing down lake levels last December. This habitat-enhancement project is a partnership effort between Ducks Unlimited and the Minnesota DNR to improve water-level-management capabilities and habitat conditions for waterfowl and other wildlife.

Policy News 2-51

Minnesota DNR aims for more ducks in sky, celebrates signing of shallow lakes plan with DU; President signs bill outlawing importation of Asian carp; Bill to reinstate enhanced easement incentive goes to President for signature

Minnesota: DU applauds DNR draft shallow lake plan

LAKEVILLE, Minn. - Nov. 2, 2010 - Some of the most critical waterfowl habitat remaining in Minnesota will soon benefit from the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources' shallow lakes program plan, "Managing Minnesota's Shallow Lakes for Waterfowl and Wildlife."

DU's Living Lakes Initiative

DU's Living Lakes Initiative protects and manages shallow lake complexes in Iowa and Minnesota

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