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Alabama DU Hosts Stan Huner Tribute Event

Friends and family of Ducks Unlimited volunteer Stan Huner gathered in Birmingham, Alabama, earlier this year to raise funds for a project in Huner's honor on the waterfowl breeding grounds of the Prairie Pothole Region. Nearly 90 people from as far north as Alberta, Canada, came together and raised more than $143,000 for DU's Preserve Our Prairies Initiative. The event was Alabama's fifth such tribute in as many years.

Rogers Hoyt Jr.: Leading Conservation on Both Sides of the Border

Rogers Hoyt, Jr., has been a DU volunteer for approximately three decades, serving in a variety of roles throughout the organization. He is a member of DU's board of directors and was named president of Ducks Unlimited de Mexico at the 2013 DU National Convention. Rogers' story was featured in the 2013 DU Annual Report.

Oran Richard: Four Decades of Support Celebrated with Tribute Weekend

Oran Richard of Lafayette, Louisiana, is a longtime DU supporter, Wetlands America Trust board member, and Diamond Benefactor and Grand Slam Sponsor. His nearly 40 years of giving to DU's conservation work in Canada and the United States was held in March 2013 and raised $950,000.

Ducks Unlimited 2013 Annual Report: Our Donors

These individuals are recognized as Ducks Unlimited Major Sponsors for Fiscal Year 2013. An appended version of this list appeared in the 2013 DU Annual Report. Thank you to our Major Sponsors for your generosity!

Barbara & Ralph Fisher III: Building an Endowment for the Ducks

Barbara and Ralph Fisher III of Fairdealing, Missouri, are Diamond Sponsors in Perpetuity and Diamond Feather Society members. They are also proud supporters of Ducks Unlimited's Endowment Challenge, which aims to raise $75 million toward DU's long-term financial stability and conservation efforts in honor of the organization's 75th anniversary in 2012.

Diane & Doug Oberhelman: Philanthropic Leaders Help Shape Conservation as Part of WAT and DU Boards

Diane and Doug Oberhelman of Edwards, Illinois, serve on the boards of Ducks Unlimited and Wetlands America Trust, DU's land-holding arm. They support DU's conservation efforts across the board and are heavily involved in many ways within the organization. Their story appeared in the 2013 Ducks Unlimited Annual Report.

Grant Brees: Turning a Lifelong Love of the Land into an Everlasting Gift

Grant Brees of Benedicta, Maine, is a Feather Society planned gift member and was the first person in his state to set up a conservation easement with Ducks Unlimited on his property. He holds a Life Estate Reserve with DU, which allows Grant lifetime use of his farm and a charitable tax deduction. At Grant's passing, DU will receive his property. Grant's story appeared in the 2013 Ducks Unlimited Annual Report.

Johnny Belz: Beloved Member of the DU Family Leaves His Mark

Johnny Belz was a dedicated DU volunteer, staff member, and Major Sponsor for more than 40 years, sharing his passion for conservation and the outdoors with thousands before his passing in 2013. Johnny's story was featured in the 2013 DU Annual Report.

Betty & John O'Brien: Laying Down Roots in the North Atlantic

Betty and John O'Brien of Batavia, New York, support Ducks Unlimited's Completing the Cycle Initiative in the northeastern United States. John helped build up DU's presence in New York and he and Betty held several volunteer positions over the years. Their story appeared in the 2013 DU Annual Report.

Tom Dunkin II: Future of Northwest Waterfowling Inspires Giving

Tom Dunkin II of Redmond, Washington, is a Heritage Sponsor supporting DU's Wings and Wetlands Initiative. This initiative is dedicated to conserving important waterfowl habitats in Washington, Oregon, and Idaho, as well as preserving the outdoor traditions of the Pacific Northwest. Tom's story appeared in the 2013 DU Annual Report.

Patty & Jim Donelan: DU Provides Home, Heritage, and Habitat for Major Sponsors

Patty and Jim Donelan of Fremont, Nebraska, are Legacy Sponsors of DU's Heartland Heritage and Habitat Initiative, dedicated to conserving the best habitat for waterfowl in the Southern Great Plains. The Donelans' story appeared in the 2013 Ducks Unlimited Annual Report.

Paula & Gary Pennington: A Big-picture Outlook in the Great Lakes

Paula and Gary Pennington of Clinton, Ohio, recently pledged to become Diamond Sponsors in Perpetuity of DU's Great Lakes Initiative. This initiative supports Great Lakes habitats in Ohio and in key breeding areas for waterfowl that spend part of their lives in the Great Lakes region. The Penningtons' story appeared in the 2013 DU Annual Report.

Al Montna: Plentiful Ducks for Rice and People

Al Montna of Yuba City, California, and his wife, Gail, are members of DU's President's Council and Benefactor Sponsors supporting DU's California Wetlands Initiative. This initiative aims to conserve the best waterfowl habitat in California, particularly in the critical wintering areas of the Central Valley and San Francisco Bay Area. Al's story appeared in the 2013 DU Annual Report.

The Moore-Odom Wildlife Foundation: A Partnership to Protect the Coast

The Moore-Odom Wildlife Foundation is a strong Ducks Unlimited partner on the Gulf Coast. Moore-Odom is working with DU through the Gulf Coast Initiative to conserve the best wintering habitats for ducks and geese on the Gulf. Their story appeared in the 2013 DU Annual Report.

Shelley & Craig Larson: A Lifelong, Science-driven Passion for the Prairies

Gold Benefactor Sponsors Shelley and Craig Larson of Bismarck, North Dakota, support DU's Preserve Our Prairies Initiative. This initiative is dedicated to conserving the wetlands and grasslands of the Prairie Pothole Region, North America's most critical breeding grounds for waterfowl. The Larsons' story appeared in the 2013 Ducks Unlimited Annual Report.

Allison & Doug Frey: Making Connections between the Boreal and the Heartland

Allison and Doug Frey of Midland, Texas, proudly support DU's Boreal Forest Initiative, dedicating to conserving the critical breeding habitats of North America's Boreal Forest for thousands of ducks and geese. Doug is originally from the Rainwater Basin area of Nebraska and clearly sees the connections among protected breeding grounds, healthy migration habitat and the birds he sees in Texas each year. The Freys' story appeared in the 2013 DU Annual Report.

Boreal Forest Initiative

Protect and sustain a billion acres on the vast and productive waterfowl breeding grounds of the Boreal through long-term international partnerships

Wings and Wetlands Initiative

In Idaho, Oregon, and Washington, significant wetland habitats have been lost. As human populations soar, the demand for water increases, putting even more pressure on remaining wetlands.

The Alaska Initiative - Born to Fly

Protecting one of the world's most pristine landscapes for breeding and brood-rearing waterfowl—the vast wetlands and river deltas of the Alaskan wilderness.

CN Supports Boreal Forest Conservation Plan

Wetlands America Trust board member David McLean was well aware of the size and beauty of North America's boreal forest. After all, the forest covers 1.4 billion acres in his native country of Canada. But he didn't realize the full importance of this vast landscape to waterfowl and other bird populations until he heard about DU and The Pew Charitable Trusts' partnership to conserve 1 billion acres of this region by 2022.

Keeping a Legacy Alive - Gail and Lyle Johnson

Gail Johnson speaks fondly of her husband Lyle's passion for Ducks Unlimited: "It was all about restoring a marsh. Lyle's church was the great outdoors, and as far as he was concerned, the best part of God's creation was the marshland. He looked forward to the season every year." Lyle passed away in spring 2012, but his enthusiasm remains the basis for the couple's lifelong commitment to the ducks.

Giving Back to the Breeding Grounds - Dan and Linda Ray

Becoming a conservationist of prairie nesting habitat was something of a natural evolution for Dan Ray. Dan grew up near South Carolina's Santee Delta, known for its strong waterfowling heritage. But it was after he and his wife, Linda, bought Annandale Plantation, with its 3,500 acres of marshes and waterfowl habitat, that Dan truly fell in love with waterfowling, and it was after meeting Ducks Unlimited staff that he began to understand the connection between the quality of waterfowling in the Santee Delta and conservation efforts on the northern prairies.

Four Generations of Philanthropy - John and Anna Riggs

The green timber of Arkansas is part of John Riggs' past, and now he's becoming part of its future. Since 2011, his support for DU has resulted in more than $100,000 for conservation work on Arkansas' Cache River.

Continental Generosity - Daryl and Mary Pennington

Waterfowl are a continental resource that rely on habitat from their northern breeding grounds to their southern winter homes and all points in between. It takes a visionary to see beyond his backyard and support habitat conservation on a continental scale. Irene W. and C.B. Pennington Foundation trustees Daryl and Mary Pennington of Ethel, Louisiana, are prime examples of such broadly committed sponsors, their generosity shining even more brightly given that Daryl and Mary began duck hunting less than 15 years ago.

Silicon Valley Stewardship - John W. and Sandi Thompson

"Stick to Core Mission, Focus and Keep it Simple," was the title of John W. Thompson's speech. His words would inspire Ducks Unlimited supporters across the continent. His message would resonate for years as DU's story and mission passed down through generations. John's speech would rivet the conservation world by sharing DU's secrets to 75 years of conservation success.

A Salute to DU Supporters through the Decades

Generations of Ducks Unlimited members have come and gone, but our mission remains as strong as ever.

Help DU conserve crucial waterfowl breeding grounds today

With a grant from SportDOG, Ducks Unlimited, working with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, will conserve 5,463 acres of wetland and wetland-associated grassland habitat using purchased perpetual easements along with fee-title (outright) purchase of important landscapes. Vote today!

The Bigger Bang Theory

Since DU's ability to conserve waterfowl habitat depends on the generosity of our supporters, we thought we should explain why memberships are so critically important to our cause and why they represent such an incredible value in terms of habitat conservation. What you'll learn may surprise and inspire you.

Diamond Legacy Sponsors Make a Difference

Diamond Legacy Sponsors John and Cheryl Dale are making a significant difference for the ducks through their philanthropic investment in the conservation of prairie grasslands and Canada's western boreal forest.

Whiting Petroleum Gives Back to North Dakota Prairies

Whiting Petroleum Corporation recently contributed $100,000 to Ducks Unlimited to restore wetlands on the western edge of North Dakota's Prairie Pothole Region (PPR).

James C. Kennedy named Conservation/Private Citizen award winner at 2012 Wetland Conservation Achievement Awards

ATLANTA - March 16, 2012 - Ducks Unlimited announced today the winners of the 2012 Wetland Conservation Achievement Awards during the 77th North American Wildlife and Natural Resources Conference, held at the Hilton Atlanta. This year's recipient of the Conservation/Private Citizen award is James C. Kennedy of Atlanta.

Walton Family Foundation Supports New Approach to Conservation Easements

An innovative pilot program funded by the Walton Family Foundation, a DU Platinum Legacy Sponsor, is helping to secure donated conservation easements in the Lower Mississippi Alluvial Valley (LMAV) of Arkansas, Louisiana and Mississippi.

DU Project Dedications

A compilation of several DU project dedications to honor the commitments of major DU sponsors.

Great Habitat to Honor a Great Leader: Hazard Campbell

On September 29, nearly 100 people from across the continent met in Saskatchewan's Thickwood Hills region to dedicate Ducks Unlimited's Diehl Project to Hazard Campbell, of Buffalo, New York, one of DU's most ardent and influential supporters.

Donor Intent Policy

Gift Acceptance Policy, Donor Intent

DU Recognizes Donors, Partners at Iowa's Eagle Flats Project Dedication

Ducks Unlimited supporters and partners gathered on a cold, blustery mid-April morning to celebrate the success of the recently completed Eagle Flats Marsh project in Hancock County, Iowa.

Wetlands for Tomorrow Achieves Milestones and Surpasses Goals

DU Receives Pennington Foundation Gift

Ducks Unlimited awarded a generous grant of $1 million over five years from the Irene W. and C.B Pennington Foundation in support of DU's work in coastal Louisiana.

Steward of the Land: Scott Brown

Scott Brown of Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, took the simple steps required to include Ducks Unlimited in his will because he wanted to make a gift that reflected his deeply held values and desire to conserve nature.

DU Member Conservation Efforts Recognized

South Carolina’s ACE Basin is one of many areas that have been successfully protected through different land protection programs. Recently, a DU member’s land protection plan was highlighted in the local media. The article brings to light the importance of protecting and conserving natural habitats for future generations.

Natchez Shooters Supplies Becomes Sponsor in Perpetuity

Ducks Unlimited supporters demonstrate many outstanding qualities, the greatest of which is their passion for wetlands and waterfowl conservation. For Natchez Shooters Supplies of Chattanooga, Tennessee, that passion inspired a recent major donor pledge upgrade to the level of Sponsor in Perpetuity.

ConocoPhillips Alaska Helps Conserve Estuary in Anchorage

Partnership will improve Alaskan waterfowl habitat

DU's Financial Accountability

Making a philanthropic gift to your favorite cause has become easier over the years. Today, the traditional means of giving through the mail and in person are augmented by online giving and automatic debits from your checking account. It’s so easy to give, but how do you know how well an organization is using those gifts?

Bachhuber Foundation Gift Benefits Horicon Marsh

This Wisconsin philanthropic group has committed $1 million to DU for conservation projects in Horicon Marsh and the surrounding watershed. The foundation gave $500,000 to DU as an outright gift and has offered an additional $500,000 in the form of a challenge grant to be matched by DU.

Endowment Initiative

Hazard K. Campbell Tribute

This past April people from across this continent gathered in Amherst, New York, to pay tribute to and honor the volunteer and philanthropic leadership of Hazard K. Campbell. Since becoming a member of Ducks Unlimited in 1956 and a sponsor in 1959, Hazard has been involved in almost every aspect of Ducks Unlimited.

DU Leadership Giving: Tim and Mary Boyle

Ducks Unlimited Legacy Sponsors Tim and Mary Boyle of Portland, Oregon, gave $100,000 to benefit waterfowl habitat in Sauvie Island Wildlife Area.

Gift & Estate Planning

Giving Back To the Resource

Today, Heritage Sponsors Edgar and Mary Louise are doing their part to keep the ducks flying for many generations to come in the Atlantic Coast Region.

Tony Palermo Gun Collection

DU Magazine: Leadership Giving Highlights

In each issue, Ducks Unlimited Magazine highlights recent philanthropic happenings of note within the organization.

National Development Committee

Faces of Leadership Giving

Here you will find videos, photos and stories about Ducks Unlimited's Major Sponsors from across the country.

Wetlands America Trust

Since its inception 25 years ago, the goal of Wetlands America Trust (WAT) has been to provide specialized financial and fund-raising support to Ducks Unlimited.

Development Staff

Below is an entire listing of Ducks Unlimited Development Staff Regional Contacts. If you can't find the contact for your area, please contact Kathy McCollum at 901.758.3710 kmccollum@ducks.org.

Development Contacts in Your Region

For more information, please contact Kathy McCollum at 901.758.3710 or kmccollum@ducks.org.

Leadership Giving Resources

Leadership Giving

Ducks Unlimited's Leadership Giving program, for major sponsors looking to support DU's mission in a lasting way.

Ways to Make a Leadership Gift

There are many ways to support Ducks Unlimited, each expressive of the donor's particular interests and each with distinct tax advantages. Outright gifts provide immediate, current support of DU. Deferred gifts can include bequest provisions, retirement account designations and life insurance. A variety of tangible assets may also be appropriate for charitable gift purposes.

Leadership Giving Levels & Benefits

Donors who make new or upgrade Major Sponsor pledges are taking a leadership stand to ensure our continent's wetland and waterfowl habitat for future generations.

Flightline Newsletter

The Flightline newsletter is a publication produced exclusively for members of Ducks Unlimited's philanthropic giving community.

How Can I Help Protect the Future?

Together, we can save Minnesota and Iowa's natural heritage

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