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Banding Together for Waterfowl

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Rusty Schultz finds alternatives when CRP contract expires

Farmers and ranchers who understand the benefits of grasslands to the North Dakota landscape are invaluable. Landowners like Rusty Schultz from Lamoure County, North Dakota, who participate in conservation programs, are an integral part of Ducks Unlimited’s effort to conserve grasslands and wildlife. Rusty recently enrolled in the Natural Resources Conservation Service Environmental Quality Incentives Program (EQIP) when his Conservation Reserve Program (CRP) contract expired.

Landowner Josh Haugen restores plowed prairie

Farming and ranching large tracts of land can be challenging, but Josh Haugen of Litchville, North Dakota, learned it from his father, Clay.

Bob Anderson works with DU and OHF to diversify his operation

Bob Anderson purchased an 85-acre tract in Barnes County, North Dakota, to conserve wildlife habitat, hunt and as an investment property.

Landowners who have benefitted from the North Dakota Outdoor Heritage Fund and Ducks Unlimited

Landowners who have benefited from the North Dakota Outdoor Heritage Fund and Ducks Unlimited

Landowner Profile: Ranching for Ducks - Gary & Colby Marshall

Gary Marshall and his son, Colby, operate a family ranch in the Harney Basin of southern Oregon. During spring and early summer, they flood-irrigate their wet meadows via a series of sloughs, ditches and spreader dikes, providing vital feeding and resting habitat for pintails and other dabbling ducks as the birds migrate north in spring.

Landowner Profile: C. Hager and Sons

C. Hager and Sons protect key Missouri waterfowl habitat in the Confluence Floodplain. Landowner protection profile, featured in the November 2010 DU E-newsletter.

Landowner Profile: Brad Magness

Stewardship comes naturally to this South Dakota rancher.

Landowner Profile: Henry Morgan

Anyone from Memphis, Tenn., can tell you that "Henry Morgan" is a name well known and well liked. President of Boyle Investment Company, a development company started in Memphis in 1933, Henry Morgan has had a finger on the pulse of his hometown for many years, and it is very important to him that the pulse is strong.

Landowner Profile: The Carlson Family of Minnesota

A Minnesota family makes a gift to wildlife while protecting their farm.

Landowner Profile: Mo Buder of Missouri

Ducks Unlimited has not conserved a single acre of wetland habitat alone. Every detail of our work relies on a web of partners.

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