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Record conservation work in 2015 for waterfowl, recreational access

In 2015 Ducks Unlimited changed the face of Minnesota landscape to benefit waterfowl, wildlife and outdoor enthusiasts. DU delivered a record number of conservation projects, affecting 33,641 acres of waterfowl habitat with an investment of more than $6 million.

Tom Peterson joins Ducks Unlimited's Team in Nebraska

Tom Peterson is Ducks Unlimited’s new regional biologist in the Grand Island, Nebraska office, focusing on habitat along the Platte River. Peterson provides biological input on habitat restoration and enhancement projects on public and private lands. He also assists landowners with implementing a variety of conservation programs on their properties.

Irby named director of operations for DU national conservation efforts

MEMPHIS, Tenn. – Dec. 11, 2013 – Ducks Unlimited has named Lisa Irby the new director of operations for conservation at its Memphis-based national headquarters. Irby will focus on DU’s land programs and support national budgeting, strategy and business-planning efforts. She will also be DU’s staff representative for the North American Wetlands Conservation Council.

Ducks Unlimited Canada - Revolving land program

Ducks Unlimited Canada's Revolving Habitat Conservation Program is another tool to ensure protection of natural and restored habitat across the Prairies.

DU Acquires Unique Ranch in Idaho

DU recently acquired an Idaho ranch that is generating a lot of excitement because of its unique features. Most of the ranch consists of agricultural land, including more than 400 acres of wetland pasture, nearly 300 acres of irrigated farmland, and 35 acres of open-water ponds.

Vermont landowners benefit from wetland program development

BURLINGTON, Vt. - Feb. 28, 2012 - Ducks Unlimited is assessing projects for landowners in Vermont to connect them with funding to help restore wetlands. DU was awarded a $77,000 grant from the State of Vermont Agency of Natural Resources, Department of Environmental Conservation Ecosystem Restoration Program to continue its work promoting, developing and implementing wetlands restoration projects in the Lake Champlain Basin portion of Vermont.

DU, Sportsmens groups to connect with landowners, hunters at inaugural Land and Wildlife Expo

Ducks Unlimited, along with the nation’s top conservation organizations and leading outdoor manufacturers, will connect landowners and hunting enthusiasts with the people and companies responsible for the latest innovations in hunting and farming equipment and land management techniques at the first-ever Bass Pro Shops Land and Wildlife Expo

DU Member Conservation Efforts Recognized

South Carolina’s ACE Basin is one of many areas that have been successfully protected through different land protection programs. Recently, a DU member’s land protection plan was highlighted in the local media. The article brings to light the importance of protecting and conserving natural habitats for future generations.

Landowner Profile: Ranching for Ducks - Gary & Colby Marshall

Gary Marshall and his son, Colby, operate a family ranch in the Harney Basin of southern Oregon. During spring and early summer, they flood-irrigate their wet meadows via a series of sloughs, ditches and spreader dikes, providing vital feeding and resting habitat for pintails and other dabbling ducks as the birds migrate north in spring.

Landowner Profile: C. Hager and Sons

C. Hager and Sons protect key Missouri waterfowl habitat in the Confluence Floodplain. Landowner protection profile, featured in the November 2010 DU E-newsletter.

Landowner Profile: Brad Magness

Stewardship comes naturally to this South Dakota rancher.

Forever Wild

Conservation easements are a powerful tool for protecting vital waterfowl habitat on private lands. Ducks Unlimited's land protection program helps landowners conserve their habitat for wildlife and future generations.

Landowner Profile: Henry Morgan

Anyone from Memphis, Tenn., can tell you that "Henry Morgan" is a name well known and well liked. President of Boyle Investment Company, a development company started in Memphis in 1933, Henry Morgan has had a finger on the pulse of his hometown for many years, and it is very important to him that the pulse is strong.

Landowner Profile: The Carlson Family of Minnesota

A Minnesota family makes a gift to wildlife while protecting their farm.

Landowner Profile: Mo Buder of Missouri

Ducks Unlimited has not conserved a single acre of wetland habitat alone. Every detail of our work relies on a web of partners.

Protecting Habitat, Water & Waterfowling Heritage

Ducks Unlimited has not conserved a single acre of wetland habitat alone. Every detail of our work relies on a web of partners like you.

Land Acquisition

In special cases, where intact waterfowl habitat is at imminent risk but the landowner is not willing to consider an easement and wants to sell, Ducks Unlimited may seek to acquire the property. Learn more about this program.

Land Protection

Land protection is a critical tool by which Ducks Unlimited conserves waterfowl habitat throughout North America. DU protects land through several means including acquisitions, conservation easements and revolving lands strategy.

Ducks Unlimited's Conservation Easement Program

Conservation easements can meet the needs of interested owners of working farms, ranches, timberlands, sporting properties and recreational lands, who wish to protect valuable natural resources while retaining ownership of the property.

Conservation Easement FAQs

If you're interested in land protection, take a look at these Frequently Asked Questions to see if donating an easement is right for you.

Revolving Land Program

Some places in the Prairie Pothole Region are too good to let go—special lands that contain the magical mix of wetlands and grasslands needed by breeding waterfowl. When such places come up for sale and there is a significant chance that critical resources will be lost, then it’s time for Ducks Unlimited to get creative.

Gifts of Land

DU will consider accepting certain properties offered for donation. As a general rule, DU does not hold title to real estate over the long term. Lands donated to DU are usually transferred to a subsequent owner shortly after DU acquires title.

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