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Banding Together for Waterfowl

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The Migratory Bird Treaty Centennial

Have you ever wondered why migratory birds are protected by federal law across North America? The story behind this visionary waterfowl management partnership, which represents one of the greatest conservation achievements of the 20th century, still resonates today, 100 years later. As we celebrate the 100th anniversary of this conservation milestone, let's take a look back at the events and some of the people who spearheaded the effort to establish a solid foundation for the management of this continent's waterfowl and other migratory birds.

"Men in White" - Two Snows Down

Whenever an artist is charged with creating artwork to illustrate a written story, the first step in the process is to come up with an image that encapsulates the author's narrative. In this case, Doug Larsen's Last Call column, "Men in White," is about field hunting snow geese, so the image is fairly straight forward; a hunter walking back to the blind, through the decoys, carrying a couple of geese.

Ten Great Waterfowling Inventions

A short list of game-changing gear innovations that have made waterfowlers more successful

Waterfowler's Notebook: Public Land Ethics

Follow these 10 rules to make waterfowling on public hunting areas a more enjoyable experience. By Wade Bourne.

Ducks for Sale

Rowing alone in the dark, he reminded himself that there was no money to be made on shore. Beside him lay the gun, two hundred pounds of well-arranged iron and wood that stretched nearly 10 feet in length. He used it only at night and in a narrow skiff that offered six inches of freeboard in the best of weather. Forged in England, the big gun had passed through three generations of men who supplied the Baltimore and Philadelphia markets with ducks shot on Chesapeake Bay... It was New Year's Eve, 1911. (By Mark Petrie, Ph.D.)

December in Stuttgart

A late autumn visit to this waterfowling mecca is always memorable, even when the ducks don't cooperate

The Birth of DU

Excerpted from The Ducks Unlimited Story, which explores original source materials to provide the definitive account not only of DU's founding, but also of how DU's dedicated volunteers created the fundraising engine that made DU the world leader in wetlands and waterfowl conservation.

New survey reveals sportsmen passing on America's hunting legacy to the next generation

A recent survey reveals that America's hunting heritage continues to be passed down by sportsmen to children across the country. The data shows that a large portion of the outdoor community has taken time to introduce a child to hunting and fishing.

DU holds recognition events for Berg family

Ducks Unlimited is honoring the Berg family for significant accomplishments as DU volunteers. Bob and Rosemary Berg, Longville, and Rick and Pam Berg, Watertown, S.D., have played very active roles for DU locally and nationally for more than 35 years.

Mississippi Youngsters Attend Waterfowl Hunting and Education Camp

Mississippi youths introduced to the world of waterfowl, conservation and hunting heritage through

DU's Public Policy efforts preserving hunting traditions

Public policy efforts in Washington, D.C. and state capitols are working to preserve hunting traditions.

Policy News 3-15

One year later: DU joins NWF to update sportsmen on Gulf spill restoration efforts, Teleconference set for April 20 at 8 p.m. EDT; DU and SCI victorious in effort to protect hunting on public lands, court rules waterfowl hunting can proceed on national wildlife refuges

Natchez Shooters Supplies Becomes Sponsor in Perpetuity

Ducks Unlimited supporters demonstrate many outstanding qualities, the greatest of which is their passion for wetlands and waterfowl conservation. For Natchez Shooters Supplies of Chattanooga, Tennessee, that passion inspired a recent major donor pledge upgrade to the level of Sponsor in Perpetuity.

Photo Essay: The Havre de Grace Decoy Museum

From vintage guns and boats to calls and decoys, one of the largest collections of classic waterfowling gear and one of the best places to learn about waterfowling history is the Havre de Grace Decoy Museum in Havre de Grace, Maryland.

Waterfowler's Notebook: Keeping a Hunting Journal

Wade Bourne shares insights into the benefits of keeping a hunting journal and shares tips on how you can preserve your own memories from the field.

Photo Essay: Kids Afield

A photographic celebration of children learning and enjoying the sport of hunting

Policy News 3-5

DU supports strengthening hunting tradition with additional funding for Open Fields; DU volunteers, staff attend South Carolina Sportsmen's Caucus luncheon; DU thanks state of Louisiana for $2 million support of marsh restoration project; USDA to hold general CRP sign-up for second consecutive year; DU uses Farm Bill easement program to protect critical rice land habitat in California; DU and partners ask state of California, DOI to consider wetlands, waterfowl during water crisis

DU Celebrates Hunting, Fishing Heritage with Passage of Amendments in Three States

MEMPHIS, Tenn., Nov.3, 2010 – Voters in Tennessee, Arkansas and South Carolina overwhelmingly approved amendments yesterday that will protect hunting and fishing as constitutional rights.

Passing on the Tradition

Research is providing valuable information that will help us better understand what we can do to recruit more waterfowlers and other hunters now and in the future.

Ducks, Habitat and Hunters

Maintaining our waterfowling tradition is vital to the future of wetlands and waterfowl.

Ducks Unlimited and Hunting

Participation in waterfowl hunting fuels the passion of many DU members to give something back to the resources that make their outdoor experiences so enjoyable. DU was founded by a group of waterfowl hunters in 1937, and today 90 percent of DU members are hunters. Through the support of these sportsmen, DU has been able to conserve more than 12.5 million acres of habitat across North America in the areas that are most important to ducks and geese.

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