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Banding Together for Waterfowl

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The Migratory Bird Treaty Centennial

Have you ever wondered why migratory birds are protected by federal law across North America? The story behind this visionary waterfowl management partnership, which represents one of the greatest conservation achievements of the 20th century, still resonates today, 100 years later. As we celebrate the 100th anniversary of this conservation milestone, let's take a look back at the events and some of the people who spearheaded the effort to establish a solid foundation for the management of this continent's waterfowl and other migratory birds.

"Men in White" - Two Snows Down

Whenever an artist is charged with creating artwork to illustrate a written story, the first step in the process is to come up with an image that encapsulates the author's narrative. In this case, Doug Larsen's Last Call column, "Men in White," is about field hunting snow geese, so the image is fairly straight forward; a hunter walking back to the blind, through the decoys, carrying a couple of geese.

Migration Alert: Idaho Hunters Expect Numbers to Improve Soon

Many Idaho waterfowlers enjoyed a fair start to the season, and as cold weather finally settles in across Prairie Canada, hunters are expecting the next big push to happen soon.

Simply Saskatchewan

Hunting in the heart of the Duck Factory is always an unforgettable experience

Canvasbacks Under Prairie Skies

In pothole country, there is no grander quarry than King Can

Ducks for Sale

Rowing alone in the dark, he reminded himself that there was no money to be made on shore. Beside him lay the gun, two hundred pounds of well-arranged iron and wood that stretched nearly 10 feet in length. He used it only at night and in a narrow skiff that offered six inches of freeboard in the best of weather. Forged in England, the big gun had passed through three generations of men who supplied the Baltimore and Philadelphia markets with ducks shot on Chesapeake Bay... It was New Year's Eve, 1911. (By Mark Petrie, Ph.D.)

The Best Duck Hunting Meal...Ever

My attempts at cooking a duck blind breakfast have earned me a certain amount of notoriety among my waterfowling friends. Unfortunately, my gastronomic reputation has been built mainly on slightly charred boat-blind bacon sandwiches and breakfast burritos. Last season, however, my taste buds were treated to what I believe was the best duck hunting breakfast and lunch ever.

A Pothole Proposal

Executing a unique marriage proposal requires a significant amount of creativity and strategy. Tyler Carroll, Ducks Unlimited member in Minot, North Dakota, masterminded a plan to propose during an afternoon duck hunt that hinged on cooperative waterfowl, successful shooting, a kayak, and subzero temperatures.

Secrets of a wood duck hunter

Kenny Anglin knows wood ducks. A Georgia native, he grew up hunting woodies in southern swamps, and his company, Kritter Getter Game Calls, makes one of the most popular wood duck calls on the market. He recently sat down with Will Brantley to share some of his secrets for hunting these beautiful and elusive birds.

Duck Hunting Stories

A Valentine's Day Special: Love is in the Blind

This is the story of two waterfowl hunters who found love, and the unique proposal that joined them forever – both in and out of the blind.

Words That Define Us

In waterfowling literature, one can find many wonderful passages by great writers that describe what it truly means to be a duck hunter.

The Wild, Wacky World of Waterfowling

These amazing facts and other bits of information may very well surprise, bewilder, intrigue and entertain you!

The Timber Experience

Tips for hunting flooded timber and a hunt this author will never forget.

The Old Mallard Man

A Duck Hunter of the Finest Caliber

Hunting is a sport of possession, but I like hunting most with men who treasure those things about hunting that can't be possessed. Vernon Baker, who has been my duck hunting companion for close to 25 years now, is one of those men.

The Great Armistice Day Storm of 1940

On Armistice Day, November 11, 1940, thousands of hunters gathered to hunt ducks on the Upper Mississippi River in the Great Plains and Upper Midwest, including Iowa, Minnesota, Wisconsin and Illinois.

The Sooner the Better

When the weather turns cold, thousands of waterfowl pour into Oklahoma’s northern tier.

Diver Quest

A layout-gunning adventure for diving ducks on the broad waters of southern Ontario.

Gunning the Great Basin

A duck hunting expedition through southern Oregon’s closed-basin lakes.

Hunting on the Edge

Some waterfowlers go to extremes in pursuit of ducks and geese.

Montezuma's Magnificent Muck Ducks

Black ducks, mallards, and pintails flock to flooded fields in New York's Finger Lakes region.

Winds of Fortune

Providing Opportunities for Outdoorsmen with Special Needs

Hunting facilities and target-shooting events are becoming more user-friendly for outdoorsmen with special needs.

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