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Banding Together for Waterfowl

gulf coast public policy


Gulf Coast Initiative

Saving the most critical wintering waterfowl habitat in North America by conserving coastal prairies and marshes along the rapidly disappearing Gulf Coast.

DU joins U.S. senator for Louisiana Gulf tour celebrating RESTORE Act passage

Hot on the heels of President Obama's signing the Transportation Package and passing the precedent-setting RESTORE Act, Ducks Unlimited officials joined U.S. Sen. Mary Landrieu (LA) for a coastal parish tour to celebrate the promise RESTORE Act funding holds for coastal restoration.

Ducks Unlimited celebrates victory for Gulf Coast restoration

Ducks Unlimited is pleased that key elements of the RESTORE Act were included in the Surface Transportation Extension Act reported out of conference committee today.

New report says addressing Louisiana coastal loss is worth national investment

A recent report by the Mississippi River Delta Science and Engineering Special Team addressed 10 fundamental questions about saving the Mississippi River Delta, including how to reverse coastal marsh loss, what impacts could result from restoration efforts and the economic blow to Louisiana and the nation if this important coastal ecosystem is lost.

Gulf Coast Task Force releases final strategy for restoration efforts

The Environmental Protection Agency recently unveiled a final comprehensive strategic plan that addresses the long-standing issues contributing to the deterioration of Gulf ecosystems.

Gulf Coast Joint Venture

The Gulf Coast Joint Venture (GCJV) is a partnership between Ducks Unlimited, federal and state agencies, other non-profit organizations and private landowners dedicated to the conservation of priority bird habitat along the U.S. Gulf of Mexico coast.

Vanishing Paradise Partnership

Ducks Unlimited and National Wildlife Federation have launched a bold campaign to restore Louisiana's waterfowl habitat by reconnecting the Mississippi River with the wetlands.

Migratory Bird Habitat Initiative

In the summer of 2010, as the Deepwater Horizon disaster poured oil into the Gulf of Mexico, Ducks Unlimited, USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service and the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation joined forces to provide alternative habitat for the millions of migratory birds that would soon wing their way to the Gulf Coast.

Gulf Coast Restoration Legislation in the 112th Congress

For decades, DU has been working to promote long-term large scale wetlands restoration in the Gulf Coast region to pair with our on-the-ground restoration efforts. Since the spill, DU and its partners have been successful in getting Congress to introduce legislation that ensures penalties paid by the responsible parties under the Clean Water Act are directed back to the Gulf Coast region for restoration.

RESTORE Act: Directing CWA penalties back to restoration efforts in the Gulf

Since the Deepwater Horizon disaster, DU and its partners have formally requested that Congress support legislation to ensure penalties paid by the responsible parties under the Clean Water Act (CWA) be used to restore the Gulf Coast region.

DU Gulf Coast Public Policy Efforts

To recover from the oil spill, Louisiana's wildlife and habitats need legislative action from Congress.

Issues Facing the Gulf Coast

Long-term wetlands loss; impacts of the 2010 Gulf Oil Spill

Why the Gulf Matters to Ducks and Duck Hunters

Many of the waterfowl that winter along the Gulf Coast spend more of their annual life-cycle on these verdant wintering grounds than they do on the breeding grounds to the north.

Gulf Coast Public Policy

If actions are not taken now to conserve and restore these vital marshes and wetlands, the continent’s most critical wintering habitat for waterfowl will be lost forever.

The importance of migration habits to waterfowl

While factors on the breeding grounds tend to influence overall waterfowl populations more significantly than others, without sufficient winter and migration habitat, waterfowl return to the breeding grounds in poorer condition.

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