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Banding Together for Waterfowl



Greenwing: Leaving A Legacy

Bringing the outdoors inside

In an effort to utilize today’s technology to further youth knowledge and enjoyment of the outdoors, Ducks Unlimited (DU) recently unveiled a revamped Greenwing website.

Adopt-A-Team Allows DU Chapters to Support Youth Shooting Sports

Today's young people have countless extracurricular activities available to them. Leading the ranks as one of the fastest-growing youth sports in the country—across all flyways—is competitive shooting.

Seneca Meadows Landfill earns DU conservation award

The award recognizes outstanding contributions to waterfowl conservation Seneca Meadows made in its partnership with Seneca Falls Chapter of the Ducks Unlimited.

The true story of an unforgettable youth waterfowl hunt in Louisiana

Rolling down the rough, rocky road, the radio wailed as it was tuned to the Oldies. Two kids sat in the back on the mud-stained leather seats, in the old black pickup, rainbow-patterned bags begging at their feet. A grandfather with white hair, well in his sixties, shifted in the front. As he drove, a 20-gauge shotgun rattled in the truck bed.

Ducks Unlimited to dedicate South Dakota project for Rescue our Wetlands

South Dakota Ducks Unlimited will dedicate a Watertown-area project as part of DU’s new Rescue our Wetlands campaign. DU announced the wetlands conservation campaign this spring at its national convention. Rescue Our Wetlands, is the most ambitious campaign in DU history with a goal of raising $2 billion dollars by the end of 2018.

Ducks Unlimited Youth Programs

Be a part of Ducks Unlimited's youth programs: University, Varsity, Greenwing and Greenwing Legacy.

Ducks Unlimited Greenwings program getting kids outdoors since 1973

MEMPHIS, Tenn. – Feb. 27, 2015 – To help create the next generation of park visitors, supporters and advocates, the National Park Service is kicking off the Every Kid in a Park initiative. The immediate goal is to provide an opportunity for every 4th grade student across the country to experience their public lands and waters in person throughout the 2015-2016 school year.

Inspiring the Next Generation of Conservationists

Among the most unforgettable moments of Ducks Unlimited's 77th annual convention this spring was a surprise Diamond Legacy Sponsor commitment to DU's youth and education programs by Susan "Susie" Konkel. DU Chairman of the Board John Newman and Youth and Education Committee Chairman Ronal Roberson welcomed Susie onstage during Saturday's business session to announce the gift.

Legacy Greenwing Project Named for Frank Appleberry

The sixth Legacy Greenwing project supported by Arkansas Ducks Unlimited will restore 120 acres of vital waterfowl breeding habitat near Rhein, Saskatchewan. Healthy parkland habitat in this area of Canada supports nesting duck densities of more than 50 pairs per square mile, making it one of the most productive waterfowl breeding areas in North America.

Ducks Unlimited announces 2014 Wetlands for Kids Day

ST. LOUIS – March 4, 2014 – Did you know wetlands support more than 900 species of wildlife, many of them threatened or endangered, in addition to providing us with clean water and flood protection? Join Ducks Unlimited for the upcoming 15th annual Wetlands for Kids Day and you and your children can learn even more about wetlands through engaging hands-on activities and demonstrations.

Wetlands conservation highlighted at FFA National Convention

Ducks Unlimited attended the 2013 FFA National Convention and Expo in Louisville, Ky., during the week of Halloween. The gathering was very large, with 55,000 people from all 50 states and territories pouring into the city to celebrate youth leadership.

The Untold Story of Today's Youth

Ducks Unlimited's college and high school chapters may be among our best-kept secrets, but we're about to change that.

Greenwing chair a Hero of Conservation

Ducks Unlimited volunteer Jeff Gorr was a finalist in the Field & Stream 2013 Heroes of Conservation contest. Jeff is the chair of the Greenwing program in Sheboygan, Wis., and works to get more kids outdoors and involved in duck hunting.

Better Waterfowling Tip - DU TV - Introducing a Young Hunter

Introducing kids to waterfowl hunting can be difficult due to harsh conditions and migration fluctuations. Here's a few tips to help improve a hunter's first experience.

Arkansas Greenwing Camp a Resounding Success

Eighteen youths attended this year's Arkansas Greenwing Conservation Camp hosted at DU President George Dunklin's Five Oaks Lodge near Stuttgart, Arkansas.

Ducks Unlimited announces 2013 Wetlands for Kids Day

ST. LOUIS - March 15, 2013 - Did you know wetlands support more than 900 species of wildlife, many of them threatened or endangered, in addition to providing us with clean water and flood protection? Join Ducks Unlimited for the upcoming 14th Annual Wetlands for Kids Day and you and your children can learn even more about wetlands through engaging hands-on activities and demonstrations.

Kids in the Field - Future Conservationists

The next generation of waterfowlers is the next generation of conservationists. Enjoy this photo gallery of future waterfowl hunters, submitted by Ducks Unlimited Members.

A Profile in Courage

Martin Blaisdell had been battling cancer for half of his young life and didn't know what the future had in store for him. That was all it took for Jim Kennedy to make the commitment to take him duck hunting.

DU Trailer Helps Beginning Hunters in North Dakota

Several North Dakota youth were able to go on their first waterfowl hunt this past fall, thanks to a new trailer stocked with decoys and blinds.

Ducks Unlimited Membership Drive

Our goal is to add 35,000 members during the month of June. That's more than 1,000 members every day! In order to achieve this ambitious goal, we're asking for your help!

Chapter Spotlight: Fort Lauderdale, Florida Chapter

Fort Lauderdale—home of pristine beaches, mega yachts, and some of the most exquisite resorts in Florida. Once a spring break mecca for college students, this popular tourist destination is now host to Florida's largest Ducks Unlimited Greenwing event.

New survey reveals sportsmen passing on America's hunting legacy to the next generation

A recent survey reveals that America's hunting heritage continues to be passed down by sportsmen to children across the country. The data shows that a large portion of the outdoor community has taken time to introduce a child to hunting and fishing.

Mississippi Youngsters Attend Waterfowl Hunting and Education Camp

Mississippi youths introduced to the world of waterfowl, conservation and hunting heritage through

DU Greenwing Events

Ducks Unlimited Greenwing events are special events for children. Below is a list of upcoming Greenwing events across the country.

Highlands Ranch DU teams up with Cub Scouts on Earth Day

DU, Cub scouts support community, waterfowl with wood duck nest building project

Educating Youth About Wetlands Initiative

Puddler, Greenwings, and Children’s Programs FAQs

Frequently asked questions about Ducks Unlimited Puddler, Greenwings, and Children’s Programs

Puddler Archives

View the archive of online, interactive versions of Puddler Magazine.

Legacy Greenwings

A Greenwing Legacy membership is $200 (birth to 17 years).

Puddler Magazine

Full of online videos, photos, information about wetlands, waterfowl, conservation and outdoor fun, Puddler is produced exclusively for Ducks Unlimited Greenwings.

Educating Youth About Wetlands Quick Facts

Iowa Greenwings

Iowa Greenwing Membership Form

Online printable Greenwing form

Ducks Unlimited Greenwing Program

Junior Greenwings are younger Ducks Unlimited members. By joining DU, they participate in the conservation, restoration and management of wetlands and associated habitats for North America's waterfowl. These habitats also benefit other wildlife and people.

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