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February 2016 Gear Guide: Light Goose Gear

At the first hint of spring, or even a stiff south wind, light geese will begin nosing north. For those willing to brave the unpredictable elements offered by spring snow goose hunting, quality gear is imperative. This compilation of light goose gear covers a wide range of equipment necessary for effectiveness and all-day comfort, including ammunition, blinds, decoys and much more.

5 Shooting Tips for Spring Snows

The Light Goose Conservation Order provides hunters with the opportunity to decoy hundreds, if not thousands, of snow geese into close range. The sights and sounds of so many geese in close proximity, however, can overwhelm even the most experienced shooters. The following five tips offer useful advice on how to stay calm in the storm and shoot straight on spring snows.

Field Notes: Duck Tactics: Cleaning and Transporting Geese

Tyson Tabler of Feathered Fowl Outfitters explains how to properly clean your birds and transport them legally from Canada to the United States.

Geese on a Budget

You see them on outdoor TV shows—goose guides driving monster pickup trucks and pulling decal-covered trailers loaded with full-body decoys, ATVs, portable blinds, flags, and other gear. Former world goose calling champions Field Hudnall and Kelley Powers advise hunters against mistaking these accoutrements of success as necessities for it. Here's their advice on how to experience quality goose hunting without shooting holes in your budget.

Migration Alert: Atlantic Flyway LGCO Continues as Geese Push North

Greater snow geese poured into their spring staging grounds in New York this weekend as warm weather and a brief snowstorm in New Jersey and Pennsylvania pushed many geese north from the Mid-Atlantic region.

Migration Alert: Spring Thaw Opens the Door for Snow Geese in the Dakotas

Light goose numbers are building in North and South Dakota as a week of warm temperatures across the Northern Plains has pushed the snow line into southern Canada. The opportunities to decoy geese are expanding rapidly, and hunters are optimistic that the best days are yet to come.

Migration Alert: February Freeze Puts Snow Goose Migration on Hold in Missouri, Nebraska

An untimely mix of cold and snow is impacting light goose movements through historical migration corridors in Missouri and Nebraska, and hunters there are looking for a spring thaw to improve conditions.

February 2015 Gear Guide: Light Goose Gear

As winter winds begin to shift, light geese are preparing to move north. For those willing to brave the unpredictable elements offered by spring snow goose hunting, quality gear is imperative. The following items are just a small sampling of the gear that may help improve this year's Light Goose Conservation Order for you and your hunting partners.

Snow Goose Destinations

The Light Goose Conservation Order (LGCO) is an excellent opportunity to extend the waterfowl season, but pinpointing this fast-paced migration can be a daunting task. Ice, snow, and food supplies dictate when and where millions of light geese will migrate north in the spring, and knowing where these conditions collide should lead you to the birds. Whether freelancing or planning a guided trip, the following destinations should be at the top of any LGCO hunter's list.

The Ultimate Guide to Hunting Canada Geese

Take your goose hunting to the next level with these 40 tips on calling, decoys, strategies, and shooting.

10 Surefire Decoy Strategies

Setting the right spread that can convince even the wariest waterfowl will give you an advantage over other hunters. Here are 10 expert tips that will consistently help you close the deal.

Gear Guide: 2014 Goose Calls

The 2014 Duck and Goose Call Guide contains the most recent makes and models from multiple call makers throughout the nation. The call-making iconic companies like Haydel's, Rich-N-Tone, and Buck Gardner are well represented, along with new companies like Elite, Field Proven and Pacific. Finding the right call is unique to every hunter and shouldn't be taken lightly. The quest to find a new call for the 2014-2015 waterfowl season begins here!

Strategies for Spring Snows

Helpful tips for hunting light geese on their northward migration. By John Pollmann.

Migration Alert: Arctic Blast Sends Massive Push of Geese to Maryland's Eastern Shore

Waterfowl are on the move in the Atlantic Flyway, following an Arctic blast that has brought bitter cold temperatures to much of the region.

Better Waterfowling Tip - DU TV - Adding Movement to a Goose Spread

There are multiple options for adding movement to a goose spread. Wade Bourne explains different ways to make your goose spread come to life.

Waterfowler's Notebook: Hunting Spring Snows

Expert advice on how to decoy more light geese during the special conservation season

Light Goose Dilemma

Despite increased harvests, populations of these Arctic-nesting geese continue to grow

February 2013 Gear Guide

The Light Goose Conservation Order is just beginning, and there's a whole new assortment of gear for these difficult birds. Choosing from a pile of possible gear selections, we've narrowed it down to a few items that may improve your light goose hunting season.

Migration Alert: Good Signs for Great Late Goose Hunting

The sun sets on duck season this week in the Pacific Flyway, and now geese are the only game in town. Hunters like Jason Haley of My Outdoor Buddy took one last shot at duck hunting before moving on to late-season geese, which offer limited but excellent opportunities until March 10, when the federal framework governing waterfowling hunting closes all seasons until fall.

Migration Alert: Late-Season Opportunities Remain in Oklahoma and Missouri

Scouting will be the key to success during the last weekend of the duck season in Oklahoma. Next door in northwestern Missouri, waterfowlers are also focusing on geese.

Simple System for Calling Canada Geese

Canada geese have an intricate system of vocal communications. "Honkers" make a variety of different calls – long range hail calls, clucks, feeding calls, comeback calls, whines, moans, etc. Each of these calls conveys a different message. Expert callers mimic all these calls and mix them appropriately to entice passing geese to join their decoys.

DU-TV Tip: Utilizing Goose Flags

Wade Bourne offers several techniques and tactics for flagging geese.

November Gear Guide: Goose Decoys

Goose decoys come in a wide variety, including different head positions, shells, full-body, floaters and more. This season there are several new styles, along with a few time-tested models with slight upgrades.

Spring Waterfowling: Quebec’s greater snow geese

The Ducks Unlimited Television crew traveled to Quebec last spring for a Greater snow goose hunt along the St. Lawrence River. This photo essay provides a glimpse of this late-spring hunting opportunity.

Identify Light Goose Conservation Order species

Mike Checkett, DU biologist, provides detailed information on how to identify adult and juvenile birds during the Light Goose Conservation Order.

Fall Snow Geese

The sound of snow geese migrating south is, for some, the quintessential sound of fall, but for many hunters light geese have become a spring-only target. You don't have to wait until March to target snow geese, and the following tips from a pair of snow goose gurus will show you how.

Close-Range Canadas

Over time, a goose hunter learns to take care of the little things. So we contacted four pros, all well schooled in the ways of the Canada goose, and asked them to share their expertise.

Secrets for Early Geese

Hunting resident Canada geese during the early season can be feast or famine. Great opportunities exist for goose hunters who are willing to do the work necessary to put themselves on the X. See 10 tips from members of the Avery Outdoors pro staff that will help you bag more geese now and later in the season.

5 Tips for Early Season Ducks

These five tips, from hunting locations to shooting, will help you improve your waterfowling hunts.

10 Tactics for Canada Geese

Early Canada goose season – Are you ready?

Spring Snow Goose Video: F5 Buried in Snows

This video from Habitat Flats provides an excellent example of spring snow goose hunting, and the passionate hunters who chase these magnificent birds.

Now Is the Time for Spring Snows

They're smart, hard to decoy and will humble even the savviest of waterfowl hunters, but those who pursue spring snow geese know that the end result is worth the effort. If you've never taken in a day of decoying snows, blues or Ross's geese as they wing northward on the heels of a retreating winter, maybe this is the year to see what you've been missing.

Photo Essay: Wonders of the White Goose

A photographic tribute to North America's magnificent light geese

Growing Up With Geese

Many Midwestern waterfowl hunters spend their lives in pursuit of the Canada goose.

Decoy Strategies for Geese

Tyson Keller, one of the nation's top goose hunters, offers tips to capitalize on proven bird habits and put more geese in the decoys this season.

A look at goose nesting habitat in 2010

Canada goose hunters who experienced their fair share of disappointment in the field last season can be more optimistic in 2010.

12 Tips for Hunting Geese

An all-star lineup of professionals share their secrets to goose-hunting success

Words of Wisdom from Goose Hunters

Random thoughts and words of wisdom from goose-hunting pros

Light Goose Conservation Order

Light geese offer late-season opportunity

White Goose Wizards: Q&A Session

Light goose hunting with Tony Vandemore

The Big Chill

A group of veteran waterfowlers shares advice on hunting Canadas as the season winds down

Five Deadly Goose Spreads

Early-, mid- and late-season tips to bring down geese

The Big Splash

Whether you're hunting Canadas, snows, specks or brant, shooting geese over water requires attention to detail.

Early Goose Action

Start your season with a bang!

The Double-Cluck

Knowing how to use this highly effective call will help you decoy more Canada geese.

Cooking: Goose Burgers

Try this mouth-watering variation of an American classic.

Step-by-Step Snow Goose Hunting

Even with a growing reputation as some of the most difficult birds to hunt, light geese – snows, blues and Ross’ – are pursued by more and more hunters every year. Armed with the latest in blinds, decoys and e-callers, some might think that hunters have the cards stacked in their favor. Those that chase the giant flocks know their jobs are cut out for them every time they hit the field.

Goose Dogs

Prepare your retriever for the special challenges of goose hunting.

Keys to Taking Late-Season Honkers

Late-season waterfowling can present the worst of times and the best of times. Depending on one's place of residency, this portion of the year can bring plunging temperatures, snow and ice, and winds that slice the air like a razor.

Picture-Perfect Stuffed Goose

Cooking a wild goose can be a difficult task for many outdoor enthusiasts. This easy-to-prepare recipe offers a new twist on a traditional favorite.

Americas Top Goose Destinations

Harvest statistics and expert advice reveal the best spots in the country for Canadas, light geese, whitefronts and brant.

Chesapeake Geese

Classic Canada goose hunting in the cradle of American waterfowling.

Decoy Snows In Close

Field tests prove that mega-spreads of full-body decoys are deadly on hard-to-hunt snows and blues

Specklebelly Goose Tips

Most hunters know the greater white-fronted goose as "specklebelly," a reference to the broken black barring on the breast of mature birds. The name "white-front" notes the white patch or "front" immediately behind the bill of adult birds.

Keys to Taking Late-Season Honkers

Experienced professional guides share their favored tactical adjustments when stalking Canada geese

Goose Towns

These venues have become a part of America's waterfowling heritage

Decoy Spreads for Canada Geese

Canada goose decoy strategies from expert hunters across the country

Talking Goose Talk

Learn the basic calls before trying to master the entire language

Back to the Basics for Geese

In this era of decoy trailers and competition calling, some goose hunters have returned to a back-to-basics approach

14 Snow Goose Hunting Tips

Follow these quick tips to improve your odds on your next trip.

Light Goose Recipes

Here are a few Ducks Unlimited recommended recipes that will allow hunters to savor the hunt.

10 Decoying Tips for Light Geese

Use these helpful tactics to get birds to lock-on decoys, and stay locked on.

Get Moving for Geese

Many hunters have learned that adding movement to their decoy spread provides a competitive edge.

Early Season Canadas

Special seasons for resident geese provide expanded hunting opportunities.

Atlantic Odyssey

A season-long waterfowling adventure down America’s most historic flyway.

Hunting Across Canada: Ground Zero For Geese

Saskatchewan is unsurpassed in its abundance and diversity of geese.

Where the Flyways Begin

High adventure awaits goose hunters in the land where the polar bears roam.

More Spring Snow Goose Hunting Tips

Northern Lights

Hunting snow geese in the company of a polar bear audience generates a hair-raising experience

Geese in the 21st Century

North America now has nearly three times as many geese as there were just 30 years ago, offering new opportunities for waterfowlers and management challenges for biologists.

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