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Gear Guide: 2014 Goose Calls

The 2014 Duck and Goose Call Guide contains the most recent makes and models from multiple call makers throughout the nation. The call-making iconic companies like Haydel's, Rich-N-Tone, and Buck Gardner are well represented, along with new companies like Elite, Field Proven and Pacific. Finding the right call is unique to every hunter and shouldn't be taken lightly. The quest to find a new call for the 2014-2015 waterfowl season begins here!

DU TV host wins World Championship Goose Calling Contest

Ducks Unlimited TV host Field Hudnall has again been recognized as one of the top goose callers in the world. Hudnall out-called 33 other contestants at the World Championship Goose Calling Contest last weekend in Easton, Maryland. This is Hudnall's second title - he also won in 2004.

Calling All Geese

Five experts share their secrets for calling Canadas, cacklers, whitefronts, light geese and brant

New Goose Calls for 2012

Legendary waterfowl hunter and outdoor writer Nash Buckingham once said, "A duck call in the hands of the unskilled is one of conservation's greatest assets." The August Gear Guide contains new duck and goose call options for the 2012-2013 waterfowl season. It's the perfect time of year to get a new duck or goose call, and there's still time before opening day to learn how to use it.

Short-reed Calling Tips

There are few sounds that get a waterfowl hunter's heart racing like those of a Canada goose. A single, distant honk is often all it takes to send hunters racing to close blind doors and scrambling to bring a lanyard full of calls to the ready.

Cabelas Goose Calling Contest Winner, Field Hudnall

Now Is the Time for Spring Snows

They're smart, hard to decoy and will humble even the savviest of waterfowl hunters, but those who pursue spring snow geese know that the end result is worth the effort. If you've never taken in a day of decoying snows, blues or Ross's geese as they wing northward on the heels of a retreating winter, maybe this is the year to see what you've been missing.

Hail the Champions

Hughes, Allen, Rickman capture calling titles

Duck Calling Tips

A complete listing of DU's duck and goose calling tips. If you're looking for ways to improve your calling this season, you've come to the right place!

Early Goose Action

Start your season with a bang!

The Double-Cluck

Knowing how to use this highly effective call will help you decoy more Canada geese.

Talking Goose Talk

Learn the basic calls before trying to master the entire language

Back to the Basics for Geese

In this era of decoy trailers and competition calling, some goose hunters have returned to a back-to-basics approach

14 Snow Goose Hunting Tips

Follow these quick tips to improve your odds on your next trip.

More Spring Snow Goose Hunting Tips


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