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Passion for Hunting Inspires Lasting Gift through DU Feather Society

Though a committed deer hunter from the time he began pursuing whitetails alongside his father in his home state of New York, Bill Ebert became a quick convert to waterfowling. Bill and his wife, Deb, attended a Ducks Unlimited national convention, and just as quickly as he settled into the duck blind, Bill found a home with DU, getting involved as a volunteer and as an area chairman. Today, Bill and Deb have made DU a part of their long-term financial plan and are proud members of the DU Feather Society.

Ducks Unlimited 2013 Annual Report: Our Donors

These individuals are recognized as Ducks Unlimited Major Sponsors for Fiscal Year 2013. An appended version of this list appeared in the 2013 DU Annual Report. Thank you to our Major Sponsors for your generosity!

Barbara & Ralph Fisher III: Building an Endowment for the Ducks

Barbara and Ralph Fisher III of Fairdealing, Missouri, are Diamond Sponsors in Perpetuity and Diamond Feather Society members. They are also proud supporters of Ducks Unlimited's Endowment Challenge, which aims to raise $75 million toward DU's long-term financial stability and conservation efforts in honor of the organization's 75th anniversary in 2012.

Grant Brees: Turning a Lifelong Love of the Land into an Everlasting Gift

Grant Brees of Benedicta, Maine, is a Feather Society planned gift member and was the first person in his state to set up a conservation easement with Ducks Unlimited on his property. He holds a Life Estate Reserve with DU, which allows Grant lifetime use of his farm and a charitable tax deduction. At Grant's passing, DU will receive his property. Grant's story appeared in the 2013 Ducks Unlimited Annual Report.

Keeping a Legacy Alive - Gail and Lyle Johnson

Gail Johnson speaks fondly of her husband Lyle's passion for Ducks Unlimited: "It was all about restoring a marsh. Lyle's church was the great outdoors, and as far as he was concerned, the best part of God's creation was the marshland. He looked forward to the season every year." Lyle passed away in spring 2012, but his enthusiasm remains the basis for the couple's lifelong commitment to the ducks.

Silicon Valley Stewardship - John W. and Sandi Thompson

"Stick to Core Mission, Focus and Keep it Simple," was the title of John W. Thompson's speech. His words would inspire Ducks Unlimited supporters across the continent. His message would resonate for years as DU's story and mission passed down through generations. John's speech would rivet the conservation world by sharing DU's secrets to 75 years of conservation success.

Steward of the Land: Scott Brown

Scott Brown of Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, took the simple steps required to include Ducks Unlimited in his will because he wanted to make a gift that reflected his deeply held values and desire to conserve nature.

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