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Waterfowler's Notebook: My Cornfield Duck Blind

Here's a quick-and-easy concealment system that you can set up almost anywhere. By Wade Bourne.

Better Waterfowling Tip - DU TV - Creating a Temporary Blind

Building a temporary blind is an art. Wade Bourne explains how he uses some pre-planning to create a mobile, quality duck blind for any situation.

Give Your Duck Blind a Mid-Season "Makeover"

Sometimes duck blinds get a worn down look, and they need a "makeover."

My Ultimate Duck Blind: Illustrations

After years of trial and error, DU Magazine author Wade Bourne finally built what he believes is the perfect duck blind. Here's how he did it.

My Ultimate Duck Blind

Following is an overview of our blind, including where we built it, its design and dimensions, the materials we used, our camouflage scheme, and other special features.

Waterfowler's Gear: GSI Outdoors - Stainless Coffee Pot

There's nothing better than fresh coffee in the blind on a chilly morning, so impress your duck blind guests with this 12-cup stainless percolator.

Four Time-Tested Tips for Hunting Dabblers

Waterfowl are moving with the cold December winds, and hunters throughout the country are preparing for the winter flights. The DU E-newsletter editorial team has selected four of the most time-tested dabbler hunting tips for you to focus on this season. Remembering these four essentials can help you improve your calling, decoys, concealment and shooting.

What Else Lurks in Your Duck Blind?

Permanent duck blinds stay out in the wilderness, sometimes for decades. These structures become part of the environment and remain empty for months. Even during duck season, hunters may only visit their blinds a few times.

Waterfowl Hunting Tips

A complete listing of duck and goose hunting tips.

Blind Faith

With today's array of portable blinds, waterfowlers can be more mobile than ever.

20 Portable Duck Blinds

With today's array of portable blinds, waterfowlers can be more mobile than ever

Build a Better Duck Blind

Tips for building a better blind this season

The Lowdown on Layout Hunting

Given a choice, most waterfowlers would hunt in natural wetlands with plenty of cover in which to conceal themselves, such as flooded timber, salt marshes, or cattail sloughs. But the fact is, better duck and goose hunting is often available in open-water habitats largely bereft of vegetation like flooded croplands, moist-soil impoundments, and reservoirs.

Bird's-Eye View

How blinds and decoy spreads appear from the birds' perspective

10 Quick Blind-Building Tips

Take your blind building and placement seriously.

Ground Game - Layout Blinds

Lightweight, portable layout blinds provide effective concealment in a variety of waterfowl habitats.

4 Steps to a Simple, Temporary Duck Blind

Duck blinds run the gamut of sizes, designs and features, based on the whims and resources of their owners. Some are very basic, while others are elaborate.

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