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Banding Together for Waterfowl

DU Magazine: September / October 2008


Tips for Early Teal

We were among several hunters at the boat ramp arranging gun cases, decoys and blind bags before joining the squadron of aluminum crafts on the lake. The September air was hot, muggy and filled with so many mosquitoes that killing only two of them in a swat was a product of poor timing.

Blind Faith

With today's array of portable blinds, waterfowlers can be more mobile than ever.

The World's Best Model for Wildlife

A century after the nation’s first conservation summit, today’s natural resource leaders are exploring ways to strengthen North America’s unique wildlife conservation model.

Top Dogs

Gundog authorities explore the qualities that define greatness in a retriever.

A New Vision for Waterfowl

To sustain healthy waterfowl populations in the future, DU must adapt to emerging challenges and increase the scope of its conservation work.

Catahoula Canvasbacks

This vast Louisiana lake has long been a haven for these prized diving ducks.

Chesapeake Geese

Classic Canada goose hunting in the cradle of American waterfowling.

Cooking Louisiana's Best

After a cold morning in the marsh, nothing is better than a bowl of duck gumbo.

Aleutian Geese: Back from the Brink

Once on the verge of extinction, the Aleutian goose has now surpassed population goals.

Biggest Mistakes in Duck Hunting

Here’s how to avoid the most common errors committed by waterfowl hunters.

The X Factor

It's a dilemma nearly every public-land waterfowler experiences. Ducks or geese are piling into a particular spot, and it's not where you are. Flock after flock circles and pitches in as you watch and wish.

Tuning a Duck Call

Wade Bourne explains how to make small changes to improve the sound of your single- or double-reed duck call.

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