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Banding Together for Waterfowl

DU Magazine: November / December 2011


DU 2011 Annual Report

An executive summary of DU's financial and conservation achievements during the past year

The Farm Bill, Ducks and You

The 2012 Farm Bill is scheduled to be reauthorized next year, and depending on the outcome, this single piece of legislation will either positively or negatively impact millions of acres of wetlands, grasslands and other waterfowl habitat across the United States.

Scientific Waterfowling

Following are interviews with four preeminent waterfowl researchers. We can learn a lot from these experts, not only about how ducks react to their environment, but also how to apply this knowledge for better hunting success.

The Birth of DU

Excerpted from The Ducks Unlimited Story, which explores original source materials to provide the definitive account not only of DU's founding, but also of how DU's dedicated volunteers created the fundraising engine that made DU the world leader in wetlands and waterfowl conservation.

Close-Range Canadas

Over time, a goose hunter learns to take care of the little things. So we contacted four pros, all well schooled in the ways of the Canada goose, and asked them to share their expertise.

A Banquet for Ducks

Hunters have long recognized the importance of rice to wintering and migrating waterfowl. Why is rice agriculture so important to dabbling duck populations?

Story of Survival

As a waterfowl biologist, I am often asked how long ducks and geese live. Well, it all depends.

Stay the Course through Partnerships

Ducks Unlimited has joined forces with more than 640 conservation, recreation, and historic preservation organizations to demand that necessary spending reductions are done in an equitable and reasonable fashion.

The Highball Duck Call

Waterfowl hunters should use the highball selectively—at certain times and in certain places. Listen as Wade Bourne gives a few tips on how to use this call more effectively.

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