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Banding Together for Waterfowl

DU Magazine: January / February 2011


Strokes of Genius

Four-time federal duck stamp winner Jim Hautman is DU's 2011 Artist of the Year

Waterfowler's Notebook: Flat-Out Waterfowling

As waterfowl have adapted to these open environments, hunters have devised ways to hunt them there. Perhaps the most effective of these innovations are layout blinds and layout boats. These horizontal hideouts can be carried, poled, or motored anywhere ducks and geese are working.

Understanding Waterfowl: Waterfowl Feathers

Feathers are indeed among the defining characteristics of waterfowl and other birds. Birds, in fact, are the only animals that have feathers. And while feathers have many specialized functions, their most important jobs are to protect birds from the elements and to enable flight. In bitter cold, wintry conditions feathers are a duck's first line of defense.

Picking the Right Retriever

Retrievers come in all shapes and sizes. Temperament and trainability also vary from breed to breed. Think about your lifestyle, and exactly what you are looking for in a retriever, before taking the plunge and purchasing a waterfowl-hunting dog. This simple exercise could save you considerable anxiety later on.

No Deposit, No Return

"When something extra is given in order to enjoy a pleasure in life, we tend to appreciate it more." Insights from DU CEO Dale Hall on giving and getting.

A Duck's-Eye-View

Waterfowl winging their way across North America have a unique perspective that is hard to image - unless you're a small aircraft pilot. Ducks Unlimited biologists keep this perspective in mind as they plan and implement conservation projects for waterfowl, knowing that ducks, geese, and swans need a mix of habitat types in fairly close proximity to meet their biological needs.

7 Tips for Late-Season Ducks

It's the fourth quarter and the game is wearing long. Energy levels are waning, equipment is broken, but the outcome of the "contest" still hangs in the balance. A good final effort can tilt the game in your favor, and fortunately, there's plenty of time left to build on the score.

The Farm Bill, Ducks, and the Economy

When most of us think of the Farm Bill, the Conservation Reserve Program (CRP) immediately comes to mind. We also think about how this program helps increase duck populations and can put more birds over our decoy spreads.

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