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Banding Together for Waterfowl



20 Public Waterfowling Hotspots

Fantastic waterfowling action can be found on public land across North America. The following highlights five destinations for each flyway to help you plan your next hunt.

Five Pacific Flyway Waterfowling Hotspots

The Pacific Flyway offers some of the best waterfowling in the United States. The flyway contains an abundance of waterfowl, a 107-day liberal season, and a long list of public hunting opportunities. Here are five public waterfowling hotspots in the Pacific Flyway.

Ten Classic Waterfowl Hunts

Visiting these iconic destinations should be on every waterfowler's bucket list

Simply Saskatchewan

Hunting in the heart of the Duck Factory is always an unforgettable experience

Early-Season Destinations: Four Prairie Waterfowling Hotspots

The Prairie Pothole Region encompasses five U.S. states, three Canadian provinces and supports 50 to 70 percent of North America's waterfowl population during the breeding season. If you are looking for an early-season hunting destination, this is where the adventure begins. The following four cities serve as jumping-off points for top-notch freelance waterfowling trips. Find out when, where, and how to meet the migration this fall.

20 Public Waterfowling Hotspots

While there's an abundance of information about how to hunt public areas, the information on where to find those public areas is scarce. The DU Newsletter Editorial team has picked five fantastic public waterfowling destinations in each flyway to kick off this year's Waterfowl360 campaign. See which spots made the list!

Combo Hunts

One morning in late September, my high school buddy and I found ourselves standing thigh-deep in a beaver pond. We'd been scouting wood ducks at the pond for a week, and that morning we finally got to trade our binoculars for shotguns. We each knocked down our two-bird limit shortly after daylight and were back at the house before my folks even woke up.

December in Stuttgart

A late autumn visit to this waterfowling mecca is always memorable, even when the ducks don't cooperate

Duck Hunting without the Crowds

A sampling of public waterfowling hotspots often overlooked by hunters

A Freelancer's Guide to the PPR

With its mix of grasslands and wetlands, the Prairie Pothole Region of the Dakotas, Minnesota, Montana and Canada is the destination for millions of nesting waterfowl each spring.

Going Public

Many of the author's favorite waterfowling memories were made on public lands, open to one and all.

Bayou Bluewings

An unforgettable teal-hunting adventure in the heart of Cajun country

Field Reports: 2012 Spring Habitat Conditions

Breeding habitat conditions vary throghout much of U.S. and Canada. Ducks Unlimited biolgists in these regions have provided a brief overview for each Canadian Province and specific regions in the U.S.

Devils Lake Ducks

This sprawling North Dakota lake offers endless public hunting opportunities for freelance waterfowlers

South Dakota Spectacular

Gary Koehler, DU Magazine senior editor, joined Avery Outdoors Pro-Staff members, Martin Hesby and Tyson Keller on an amazing South Dakot mallard hunt. This video captures a few moments of the "South Dakota Spectacular." For more on this hunt, read the July/Aug 2011 issue of Ducks Unlimited Magazine. (Video by David Sams)

South Dakota Spectacular

The hunt of a lifetime is the reward for days of hard scouting in this state's prairie pothole country

Field Reports: Spring Habitat Conditions

Abundant winter precipitation has set the stage for improved wetland conditions on many key waterfowl breeding areas

Photo Essay: The Havre de Grace Decoy Museum

From vintage guns and boats to calls and decoys, one of the largest collections of classic waterfowling gear and one of the best places to learn about waterfowling history is the Havre de Grace Decoy Museum in Havre de Grace, Maryland.

10 Great Cities for Waterfowlers

Some of the country's greatest waterfowling opportunities are closer than you might think.

Waterfowl Hunting Destinations

Over the years, Ducks Unlimited has sent correspondents to many of the hottest waterfowl hunting areas in the United States and Canada. The following reviews of great waterfowl hunting destinations (in no particular order) are based on their reports.

Great Rivers for Waterfowling

America's rivers are rich with waterfowling opportunities and traditions.

Duck Diners

Throughout America’s duck country, local diners are part of the social fabric of waterfowling.

15 Great Places to Hunt Waterfowl

When it comes to planning a waterfowl hunting trip, location is everything.

High Desert Waterfowling

A Nevada duck and goose hunt opens a door to waterfowling’s distant past

Texas Teal & Trout

Blue-winged teal, speckled trout, and redfish are a classic Gulf Coast combo.

Americas Top Goose Destinations

Harvest statistics and expert advice reveal the best spots in the country for Canadas, light geese, whitefronts and brant.

Catahoula Canvasbacks

This vast Louisiana lake has long been a haven for these prized diving ducks.

Chesapeake Geese

Classic Canada goose hunting in the cradle of American waterfowling.

The Duck Hunter's List

Following is a compilation of items that might be included on a duck hunter's "life list" to help you get inspired on a list of your own.

Top Duck Destinations

Where America's most popular species congregate

Goose Towns

These venues have become a part of America's waterfowling heritage

The Sooner the Better

When the weather turns cold, thousands of waterfowl pour into Oklahoma’s northern tier.

Prairie Sampler

A week of mixed-bag wingshooting in Saskatchewan reunites old friends and begins a new tradition.

The Really Great Salt Lake

Situated in the shadow of the Wasatch Mountains, this waterfowling venue may be second to none.

Diver Quest

A layout-gunning adventure for diving ducks on the broad waters of southern Ontario.

Gunning the Great Basin

A duck hunting expedition through southern Oregon’s closed-basin lakes.

10 Classic Combos

Make the most of your vacation time with these combination trips for waterfowl, upland birds, and much more.

On Top of the World

Wilderness waterfowling in Alaska’s rugged interior

Finding Hidden Duck Holes

Atlantic Odyssey

A season-long waterfowling adventure down America’s most historic flyway.

Hunting Across Canada: Peace River Mixed Bag

The vastness of northern Alberta is home to a variety of up-close waterfowling.

Hunting Across Canada: Snow Geese A La Quebec

Greater snows provide some of eastern Canada’s most interesting waterfowling.

Hunting Across Canada: Manitoba's Classic Diver Hunt

Gunning diving ducks on Delta Marsh is a time-honored tradition

Hunting Across Canada: Ground Zero For Geese

Saskatchewan is unsurpassed in its abundance and diversity of geese.

Montana Trifecta

It Just Goes to Show You: A Slow Day on the Bighorn is Still Better Than a Good Day at the Office.

Duck Towns

Most are relatively small and rural, with one surviving just fine without a single stoplight. Time has not stood still in these historic waterfowling hubs, but it is also reassuring to know that having a duck boat parked in the driveway remains an acceptable way of life.

Duck Hunting in Flooded Grainfields

Flooded grainfields are consistently among the most productive waterfowling hotspots

Mallard Heaven

A journey to one of North America's most famous waterfowling regions reveals why eastern Arkansas is still so important for greenheads and those who would pursue them.

Come Dawn on The Bighorn

Mornings, mallards, and mischief on a wintry Montana River.

Road Trip - Moblie Duck Camp

The concept of a mobile duck camp may seem offbeat to some wildfowlers, but this can be a fun and economical way to get to where the birds are.

Montezuma's Magnificent Muck Ducks

Black ducks, mallards, and pintails flock to flooded fields in New York's Finger Lakes region.

Northwest Passage

While surrounded by black Labs, tall trees, taller bluffs and a healthy mix of dabblers and divers, it does not take a duck hunter long to recognize that the lower Columbia River endures nature's complete weather package nearly every day.

Alberta Grand Slam

Follow the author as he hunts divers, dabblers, geese, and Hungarian partridge on the Canadian prairie

Two Tickets to Paradise

One for Hunting, Another for Fishing

Shallow Bay Pilgrimage

Wild Rice & Mallards On the Kapuskasing

The James Bay frontier offers solitude and off-the-beaten-path waterfowling opportunities.

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