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Banding Together for Waterfowl



Higdon Outdoors is Ducks Unlimited’s new corporate partner

MEMPHIS, Tenn. – March 3, 2016 – Ducks Unlimited, Inc. recently welcomed a new corporate partner, Higdon Outdoors. The partnership launched Jan. 1.

Weather-Driven Decoy Tactics

Changing conditions means that one decoy strategy may not be the best option day in and day out. Modifying decoy spreads based on weather conditions mimics lifelike waterfowl behavior and may improve your odds. These five expert tips will allow you to know when, and how, to give your decoys a new look.

Nation's top decorative decoy collection on display at DU

We are fortunate to have the country's premiere collection of decorative decoys on display at Ducks Unlimited National headquarters. In addition to the display, Gary Guyette, America's leading expert in decoy appraisals, will be on hand this Friday, November 7th offering free appraisals of your decoys. There is no limit on the number of decoys you may bring in. Doug and Ellen Miller will conduct a lecture and open forum about their collection Friday, November 7th from 12–1:00 pm. This display is free to the public and on display during regular office hours.

Field Notes: Open-Water Decoy Spreads

Captain Bob Wetherald of Maryland's Mid River Guide Service talks about setting decoys for diving ducks and sea ducks in open water. Visit ducks.org/DUTV for other DU TV Better Waterfowling Tips and more.

NAWCA co-sponsor donates decoys to Smithsonian

North American Wetlands Conservation Act co-sponsor Rep. Mike Thompson (CA) is a lifelong waterfowler, as well as a decoy carver. In March, he donated two canvasback decoys he carved in the early 1990s to the National Museum of American History, one of the 19 Smithsonian museums. He had used the decoys to hunt in the Klamath Basin and on the North Coast of California.

October 2013 Gear Guide

Decoying ducks and geese with success hinges upon the creative tactics of the hunter and the realism provided by the decoys. Waterfowl 360 covers the tactics, now you just need the decoys. The October Gear Guide focuses on new decoys to get you started—or to complete—your best decoy spread ever.

DU-TV Tip: Preparing for a Hunting Trip

Wade Bourne offers some tips for preparing for a hutning trip. There's a long list of must-have items for any hunting trip, and Bourne explains the reasons why you will need maps, GPS, regulatiosn books, and much more.

DU-TV Better Waterfowling Tip: Hunting Migration Corridors

Wade Bourne explains how to hunt the edges of the "X"

Retriever Training: Maneuver Your Retriever through Decoys

Mike Stewart of Wildrose Kennels provides tips for maneuvering decoys.

Waterfowling Collectibles

Waterfowling history can be traced through decoys, guns, boats, or any historical gear used by our forefathers. This page provides information on decoy and other waterfowling collectible shows and events.

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