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Banding Together for Waterfowl



Build a Better Burger

Trendy foods may come and go, but burgers will always be in style.

Savory Grilled Duck or Goose Kabobs

When it comes to casual dining, there are few items as handy as a tasty ribbon of meat threaded onto a wooden skewer. You grasp the skewer in one hand and hold your favorite beverage in the other. What could be better than that on a pleasant summer day?

Authentic Duck or Goose "Street" Tacos

Although for tacos I do occasionally slow-roast large goose breasts until they are pot-roast tender, I prefer to cook them the way that I learned from the Mexican street vendor. Cut them into chunks and pound until flat. Apply a liberal amount of seasoning and slap them into a lightly oiled hot cast-iron skillet for about a minute or two per side. Chop and serve with your choice of a frosty-cold beverage; mine includes a squeeze of lime.

Good Luck Duck

Kick off your new year with this hearty winter recipe

Field Notes: Cooking: Skin on or off

Scott Leysath discusses different cooking techniques for waterfowl breasts with the skin on or off.

Field Notes: Cooking: Against the Grain

Scott Leysath discusses the importance of slicing meat against the grain for the most tender cut.

Cooking: Wild Ducks on the Side

About this time every year, I get requests from folks who want to share their harvested ducks and geese with family and friends during the holidays. Wild waterfowl don't look or taste like their domestic cousins, but they can still be part of your holiday dinner. One of the best ways to serve them is in creative and flavorful side dishes. Here are two of my favorites. (By Scott Leysath)

Java-Rubbed Duck Breasts

Seared waterfowl seasoned with coffee is brimming with flavor. By Scott Leysath.

Five Delicious Duck Camp Recipes

The Sporting Chef shares some of his favorite ways to prepare waterfowl for his hunting buddies

Honey Barbecue Duck Legs

Reminiscent of chicken wings, this appetizer is fall-off-the-bone tender with a crispy coating

Five Tips for Grilling Ducks and Geese

When it comes to cooking waterfowl, many folks are partial to grilling. It just seems natural that those of us who choose to spend our free time outdoors would also prefer the simplicity of open-flame cooking. A well-grilled duck that's crispy on the outside and moist and flavorful in the middle is, after all, hard to beat.

Grilled Duck or Goose with Chimichurri Sauce

This simple South American condiment adds a tangy, flavorful twist to barbecued waterfowl. By Scott Leysath.

Herb and Citrus Roasted Duck

If one of your culinary goals is to make waterfowl taste like something other than a duck or a goose, I want you to reconsider. Drowning your ducks—even the darker-fleshed divers—in overpowering marinades to make them more palatable is not only unnecessary but also a terrible disservice to the birds. Marinades should always enhance the natural flavors of waterfowl without overwhelming them.

Q & A with Scott Leysath, the Sporting Chef

DU magazine cooking columnist discusses preparing, seasoning, and cooking waterfowl

Zesty Orange Duck Stir-Fry

Fresh vegetables and a tasty sauce make this Asian-inspired recipe a surefire winner. By Scott Leysath.

Cooking: Duck or Goose Tarts

These tasty little meat pies make perfect preseason appetizers. By Scott Leysath.

The Best Duck Hunting Meal...Ever

My attempts at cooking a duck blind breakfast have earned me a certain amount of notoriety among my waterfowling friends. Unfortunately, my gastronomic reputation has been built mainly on slightly charred boat-blind bacon sandwiches and breakfast burritos. Last season, however, my taste buds were treated to what I believe was the best duck hunting breakfast and lunch ever.

Cooking: Tangy Grilled Duck

This mildly sweet dish has just enough heat to give it an edge for summer barbecuing. By Scott Leysath.

Deep-Fried Duck

A well-seasoned duck that's crispy on the outside and moist and delicious on the inside makes for a memorable meal. By Scott Leysath.

Cooking: Spicy Summer Sausage

Spring is the best time for making snow goose summer sausage. By Scott Leysath.

Southwestern Grilled Duck with Chipotle-Apricot Glaze

This recipe was submitted by Joshua Sasser of Deville, Louisiana. Sasser hunts a mix of dabblers and divers on central Louisiana's famous Catahoula Lake. Living near the heart of Cajun country, he created this winning recipe as an alternative to the local duck gumbo. Makes 6 servings.

Cooking: Dry-Aging Versus Brining

The author tests both methods for improving the flavor of waterfowl and is surprised by the results.

Field Proven Tips: Duck Breast Sandwiches

Field Hudnall offers a great duck breast sandwich recipe. This easy-to-follow video provides every step to make this delicious duck sandwich.

Roast Duck Done Right

For tenderness and flavor, this quick-and-easy recipe is hard to beat. Serves 4-6. By Scott Leysath.

Cooking: In Praise of Braising

This slow-cooking method is sure to make any duck or goose dish tender and delicious. By Scott Leysath.

Waterfowl Recipe: Duck Breast Sandwich

This easy-to-follow video provides every step to make this delicious duck sandwich.

Cooking: Making Marinades and Rubs

If your grilled ducks are dry, bland, and perhaps a bit livery, don't blame the birds.

The Ultimate Duck Dinner

Preparing the "ultimate" duck dinner can be a daunting task unless the menu is both user-friendly and delicious.

Southwestern Sloppy Joes

Mom's classic sandwich recipe is even better with waterfowl and this tangy, savory sauce

Chile Colorado

Nothing seems to get chili aficionados heated up like a debate over whether to add beans to the pot. To some, chili just isn't chili unless it's bean-free. Others eagerly add beans to the mix, but that can spark further debate over which beans to use.

Stuffed Goose Medallions

Roasted garlic adds a sweet, nutty flavor to this delicious recipe by Scott Leysath.

Cooking: Making a Mixed Grill

This all-purpose grilling recipe is a real crowd-pleaser

Chipotle Duck Burgers

These mildly seasoned burgers will be the hit of your next summer cookout

Cooking: The Perfect Duck Sandwich

Sourdough bread, thinly sliced duck, lots of grilled onions and tangy horseradish sauce are an unbeatable combination. By Scott Leysath.

Cooking: Grilled Duck Bites

Prosciutto, mango and jalapeño give this traditional appetizer a tangy, spicy twist. Submitted by Scott Leysath.

Cooking: Savory Waterfowl Stew

Beat the winter chill with this classic catchall recipe. By Scott Leysath

Wild Duck Andouille Gumbo

Submitted by Tom Balk. Serves 6.

A Sandwich to Savor

In different parts of the country, the word barbecue doesn't necessarily mean the same thing.

Southwestern Duck with Chipotle-Apricot Glaze

Submitted by Joshua Sasser. Serves 4.

Waterfowler's Gear: GSI Outdoors - Kitchen 11

GSI Outdoors offers an 11-piece gourmet adventure set that will allow you to bring quality kitchen utensils anywhere this season.

Recipe: Out with the Old, In with the New

With the new waterfowl season fast approaching, it's time to take stock of whatever birds you may still have in the freezer.

Tropical Duck with Wild Rice

Submitted by Kathleen Knapp. Serves 4.

Goose Enchilada Roll-ups

Try this super-easy recipe for a sure party favorite!

Grilled Duck Fajitas

Submitted by James Anderson. Serves 6.

Cliff's Asian Duck Breast

Submitted by Cliff Russell. Serves 4.

Duck Kabobs

Submitted by Adam Olson. Serves 8.

Chipotle Duck Burgers

Submitted by Greg Snow

Cooking: Duck Scaloppine

This classic Italian dish tastes great with duck and takes only 20 minutes to prepare.

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