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Conservation: DU's Ducks in the Desert Initiative

At first glance, the scarce wetlands of Utah, Nevada, and Arizona may seem unimportant to waterfowl, but in reality they provide crucial habitat for Pacific Flyway duck populations. These wetlands are oases for millions of ducks raised in the Western Boreal Forest and Prairie Pothole Region as the birds migrate across the dry and rugged western United States. Many large lakes and marshes in the region also support impressive numbers of wintering waterfowl that, like many people, flock to the desert during the coldest months of the year.

The Alaska Initiative: Born to Fly

Alaska is home to some of the most expansive and unspoiled wetlands on earth. The state also ranks among North America's most important waterfowl production areas, supporting 15 to 20 percent of the continent's breeding ducks, geese, and swans. From the rugged southern coast to the sprawling interior to the remote tundra of the North Slope, Alaska is a vast and wild place.

DU's Peaks to Prairies Initiative

The Rocky Mountains of Colorado, Wyoming, and Montana span some of America's most beautiful landscapes. The high-mountain peaks in this scenic region are also the sources of some of the continent's largest rivers, including the Missouri, Colorado, Arkansas, Platte, and Yellowstone. Their cold, clear waters are noted for outstanding fishing, as sportsmen and women come from all over the world to catch trophy trout and enjoy majestic scenery and iconic wildlife such as bears, moose, and elk. These mountain headwaters are also important for something else: waterfowl. Western rivers and their associated tributaries and high-elevation wetlands provide vital breeding, migration, and wintering habitat for a great abundance and diversity of ducks, geese, and swans.

DU's Southern Prairies and Playas Initiative

Conserving the wetlands and grasslands of the Southern Great Plains for migrating waterfowl

Conservation: DU's Wings and Wetlands Initiative

The Pacific Northwest encompasses some of the most beautiful and varied landscapes in North America, including vast forests, soaring mountains, broad river valleys, fertile farmland, and productive estuaries. This breathtaking region, spanning Washington, Oregon, and Idaho, supports millions of migrating and wintering ducks, geese, and swans that follow the Pacific Flyway.

Conservation: DU's Big Rivers Initiative

Located in the heart of the Upper Mississippi River watershed, Ducks Unlimited's Big Rivers Initiative focuses on the restoration, enhancement, and protection of wetlands used by millions of waterfowl migrating between their breeding and wintering grounds each year.

Ducks Unlimited and Minnesota DNR dedicate State Line Lake

Ducks Unlimited (DU) and the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (DNR) joined with local partners Saturday, July 18, to celebrate the successful enhancement of 446-acre State Line Lake in Freeborn County, Minn.

Breeding Grounds Surveys: Montana is Complete

When the weather finally cleared we had six straight days of good flying weather. After sitting for six days due to rain, it was surprising how little water was seen on the landscape.

Conservation: Living Lakes Initiative

Conserving Minnesota and Iowa's wetlands and shallow lakes for breeding and migrating waterfowl

Conservation: Heartland Heritage and Habitat Initiative

The dynamic and highly productive seasonal wetlands, braided rivers, and backwater sloughs of the Southern Great Plains support millions of waterfowl that migrate across the nation's heartland each fall and spring. However, the Southern Great Plains is an arid place, receiving less than 16 inches of precipitation per year on average. Sadly, the region's limited water resources are now under great pressure from a variety of uses, threatening many of the habitats that sustain waterfowl during their epic transcontinental migrations. In response to this conservation challenge, Ducks Unlimited founded its Heartland Heritage and Habitat Initiative to help ensure sustainable water supplies and healthy wetlands in this region for waterfowl, other wildlife, and people.

Conservation: Southeast Wetlands Initiative

Ducks Unlimited's Southeast Wetlands Initiative area encompasses much of the southeastern United States, a highly diverse geographical region with time-honored traditions and a strong hunting heritage. This seven-state area boasts many of the Atlantic and eastern Mississippi Flyways' most important wetland systems and legendary waterfowling areas, including Chesapeake Bay, Currituck Sound, the ACE Basin, Mobile Bay, and the St. Johns River.

Conservation: DU's Boreal Forest Initiative

Conserving one of the earth's most valuable ecosystems and a crucial breeding ground for North America's waterfowl. By Fritz Reid, Ph.D.

The Completing the Cycle Initiative

Waterfowlers mark time according to the season and where the ducks are. From spring courtship flights and summer brood-rearing to the fall migration and wintering period, waterfowl use a variety of habitats throughout the year. Thanks to sound science, we know more than ever about what these magnificent birds need to thrive during their annual journey. Ducks Unlimited's continental conservation work supports waterfowl throughout all phases of their life cycle.

Conservation: The America's River Initiative

Restoring the glory of the lower Mississippi River floodplain for waterfowl, other wildlife, and people. By Andi Cooper.

DU's Regional Fundraising Initiatives

Connecting waterfowl and conservationists across North America. By James Powell, Rich Smith, David Schuessler, and Ken Babcock.

Boreal Forest Initiative

Protect and sustain a billion acres on the vast and productive waterfowl breeding grounds of the Boreal through long-term international partnerships

Living Lakes Initiative

Conserving Minnesota and Iowa's wetlands and shallow lakes as vital stepping stones for waterfowl migrating between southern wintering and northern breeding grounds each year.

Preserve Our Prairies Initiative

Conserving North America's highest-priority waterfowl nesting habitat—and the glory of bountiful fall flights—in the face of mounting threats.

Wings and Wetlands Initiative

In Idaho, Oregon, and Washington, significant wetland habitats have been lost. As human populations soar, the demand for water increases, putting even more pressure on remaining wetlands.

Gulf Coast Initiative

Saving the most critical wintering waterfowl habitat in North America by conserving coastal prairies and marshes along the rapidly disappearing Gulf Coast.

Southern Prairies and Playas Initiative

Protecting, restoring, and enhancing the grasslands and wetlands of the Southern Great Plains to support migrating waterfowl populations in the Central Flyway.

Southeast Wetlands Initiative

Supporting the rich outdoor heritage of the southeastern United States by conserving key habitats for Atlantic and eastern Mississippi Flyway waterfowl.

Peaks to Prairies Initiative

Restoring wetlands in the shadow of America's iconic Rocky Mountains and conserving the Duck Factory for outdoorsmen and women to enjoy.

Heartland Heritage and Habitat Initiative

Providing innovative water solutions for ducks and people in the Southern Great Plains, one of America's most important waterfowl migration areas.

Ducks in the Desert Initiative

Restoring the valuable wetland oases of America's desert landscape for waterfowl, other wildlife, and communities across the West, from the Great Salt Lake to the Lower Colorado River.

Great Lakes Initiative

Protecting the pristine waters of the Great Lakes and conserving critical habitat for many species of waterfowl that utilize this vast watershed throughout their life cycle.

California Wetlands Initiative

Restoring Golden State wetlands to healthy wintering habitats and helping provide water solutions for waterfowl, other wildlife, and Californians.

Big Rivers Initiative

Restoring feeding and resting areas along the river that make up the Mississippi River floodplain and the conserving habitat critical to the grand passage of migratory waterfowl.

Platte River and Rainwater Basin Initiative

An overview of Ducks Unlimited's Platte River and Rainwater Basin habitat conservation initiative in Nebraska, Colorado and Wyoming.

DU Conservation Priority Areas

Click on the regions below to see how DU is conserving critical habitat in these priority areas.

Western Boreal Forest Initiative

Ducks Unlimited's Wetlands Boreal Forest Conservation Initiative, part of the Wetlands for Tomorrow campaign.

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