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Banding Together for Waterfowl

completing the cycle initiative


Ducks and drones will fly this winter

Ducks Unlimited will team with the Black Duck Joint Venture, Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection and Conservation Management Institute at Virginia Tech this winter to get a duck’s-eye view on waterfowl numbers on the East Coast.

Maryland DNR pledges $7,500 for international waterfowl habitat conservation

Ducks Unlimited and Ducks Unlimited Canada applaud the decision by the Maryland Department of Natural Resources to join an international waterfowl habitat conservation project.

DU to use grant to research drones, energy use for New England waterfowl

Ducks Unlimited recently received a $100,000 grant from Waterfowl Research Foundation to support two regional research projects in the Completing the Cycle initiative area, and Atlantic Flyway regions.

American waterfowl populations benefit from Canadian habitat projects

Many waterfowl enthusiasts may never travel to Canada, but ducks do.

Upcoming New York projects

DU will undertake several projects through 2017.

Cargill corporate partnership establishes two Finger Lakes projects

Cargill most recently pledged a three-year, $243,000 grant to benefit projects across upstate New York. Here are some of the projects DU has started with Cargill support.

Progress made on invasive species control and wetland restoration at Braddock Bay

Ducks Unlimited is partnered with State University of Brockport to continue to control invasive species at Braddock Bay Fish and Wildlife Management Area along the Ontario shoreline.

Federal funding fuels private lands projects

Two North American Wetlands Conservation Act grants led by the Thousand Islands Land Trust and Tug Hill Tomorrow Land Trust are supporting multiple wetland restoration and protection projects across the state.

Restoration under way on vital western New York migration stopover

Ducks Unlimited is restoring a large portion of the Seneca Pool at Iroquois National Wildlife Refuge, one of the most important migratory stopovers for waterfowl in western New York.

New York kids get close to nature during Ducks Unlimited banding event on Long Island

About 75 people came to a black duck banding event Saturday, March 12 on Long Island, sponsored by Ducks Unlimited. The event was held at DU’s Center for Wetlands and Waterfowling at Hubbard County Park, in Flanders.

DU Studies Energetic Expenditure in Waterfowl

Ducks Unlimited's Completing the Cycle Initiative aims to ensure habitat sufficient to sustain Atlantic Flyway waterfowl as they complete their annual life cycle. This goal comprises two primary factors: waterfowl populations and habitat availability. Waterfowl population objectives are set by the North American Waterfowl Management Plan (NAWMP) and are based on historical population data. With these objectives in mind, research scientists, including those at Ducks Unlimited, are working to determine whether available habitats are capable of supporting desired waterfowl populations and, if not, how much more habitat is required to do so.

The Completing the Cycle Initiative

Waterfowlers mark time according to the season and where the ducks are. From spring courtship flights and summer brood-rearing to the fall migration and wintering period, waterfowl use a variety of habitats throughout the year. Thanks to sound science, we know more than ever about what these magnificent birds need to thrive during their annual journey. Ducks Unlimited's continental conservation work supports waterfowl throughout all phases of their life cycle.

Betty & John O'Brien: Laying Down Roots in the North Atlantic

Betty and John O'Brien of Batavia, New York, support Ducks Unlimited's Completing the Cycle Initiative in the northeastern United States. John helped build up DU's presence in New York and he and Betty held several volunteer positions over the years. Their story appeared in the 2013 DU Annual Report.

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