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Banding Together for Waterfowl

coastal marshes


DU improves 200 acres of public recreational wetland access

Artificial Reef Is Latest Improvement on Coastal Texas Refuge

Ducks Unlimited and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) recently completed a reef construction project on the Cow Trap Lake unit of San Bernard National Wildlife Refuge to complement a marsh terracing project completed in 2014.

DU partnering on historic New England estuary restoration

Migration Alert: Habitat, Duck Numbers Promising for Louisiana Coastal Opener

Coastal duck hunters in Louisiana are repeating three welcomed words: "We have birds." Following on the heels of a solid early-teal season, expectations are high for the regular duck opener this Saturday in the state's Coastal Zone.

Migration Alert: Water and Teal Abundant in Texas

One thing Texas waterfowlers won't have to worry about this season is water. Texas has plenty of it, maybe too much in many places, but it beats the alternative. Duck season opens on Halloween in the South Zone, and the outlook is promising for opening weekend.

Freshwater Enhancements Projects to Benefit Coastal Louisiana Wildlife

Two freshwater flow enhancement projects are now under construction in coastal Louisiana to improve habitat for waterfowl. The St. Louis Canal and Liner's Canal projects will increase freshwater inputs into marsh areas that have been impacted by saltwater intrusion. Returning fresh water to this marsh system will increase the production of submerged aquatic vegetation, providing improved habitat for waterfowl, fish, and other wildlife. Additional benefits of this work include enhanced storm protection and better water quality in surrounding areas.

DU Completes Riverside Ranch Restoration in Northern California

Ducks Unlimited recently completed a wetland restoration project along the North Coast of California, improving habitat and providing other ecological benefits for waterfowl, the Eel River salmon fishery, and people. The Riverside Ranch Restoration Project is the first phase of the Salt River Ecosystem Restoration Project.

Migration Alert: Cold, wet, windy weather a boon for Texas waterfowlers

Soaking rains and unseasonably cold autumn temperatures have been tough on the extremities, but you'll hear no complaints from Texas waterfowlers. Cold air means fresh ducks on the coast.

Report reveals disturbing national trend of increased coastal wetland losses

WASHINGTON – Nov. 22, 2013 – An alarming national trend of increased loss of coastal wetlands was announced yesterday in a report by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

Louisiana Coastal Project Receives $1 Million NAWCA Grant

Ducks Unlimited and partners recently received a North American Wetlands Conservation Act grant to restore coastal marshes in south Louisiana.

Ducks Unlimited offers breakwater prioritization web application

Ducks Unlimited is pleased to announce the availability of its Breakwater Prioritization Report and Web Mapping Application. The leader in wetlands conservation has developed a decision-support tool to prioritize shoreline protection needs along the Texas mid-coast portion of the Gulf Intracoastal Waterway (GIWW) and encourages conservation partners and coastal landowners to utilize the newly available science to most efficiently direct wetlands restoration and protection efforts along the Gulf Coast.

Ducks Unlimited receives Wells Fargo grant to support Gulf Coast conservation

RICHMOND, Texas – June 10, 2013 – Ducks Unlimited recently received a grant from Wells Fargo & Company (NYSE: WFC) to support wetlands conservation along the Texas coast. The $50,000 grant is part of a $3 million Wells Fargo Environmental Solutions for Communities grant program, which awarded grants to 64 community-based nonprofits nationwide to help support land and water conservation, energy efficiency, infrastructure and educational outreach.

New Senate chairman visits Louisiana to see coastal concerns

The new chairman of the Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources visited the state of Louisiana to learn more about coastal restoration issues.

Ducks Unlimited supports off-channel reservoir development to benefit Texas coast wetlands, waterfowl and rice

AUSTIN, Texas - Nov. 9, 2012 - Ducks Unlimited fully supports the Lower Colorado River Authority's (LCRA) move to develop off-channel reservoirs to provide much-needed water resources for Texas mid-coast rice agriculture and wetland management.

Louisiana legislators approve 2012 Coastal Master Plan

On May 22, the Louisiana legislature unanimously approved the updated, $50 billion, 50-year Master Plan for a Sustainable Coast, aimed at stopping coastal land loss in Louisiana, the last step in an approval process that began in January.

New Breakwaters Will Conserve Texas Coastal Marshes

Ducks Unlimited is building breakwaters on the San Bernard National Wildlife Refuge (NWR) and J.D. Murphree Wildlife Management Area (WMA) to protect Texas coastal marsh habitats.

Georgia Sportsmen's and Coastal Day at the Capitol

Things got a little wild at the Georgia capitol during the 10th annual Sportsmen's and Coastal Day at the Capitol on Feb. 8. Sportsmen's and coastal conservation groups from around the state gathered for a chance to meet with and thank legislators who have supported hunting, fishing and conservation issues, and to educate lawmakers about the contributions outdoor recreation makes to Georgia's economy and culture.

DU hosts EPA, House Appropriations Committee staffer for coastal Louisiana tour

DU staff guided two Environmental Protection Agency employees and a House Appropriations Committee staff member on a tour of Louisiana coastal wetlands on Jan. 13.

Migration Alert: Texas - Available water an issue throughout the state

Texas waterfowlers know that the drought will play a role in their hunting success this season. TPWD provides a forecast for three zones.

DU looks forward to working with newly formed Senate Oceans Caucus

In an effort to educate members of Congress on the complex issues surrounding our oceans, the caucus plans to host a variety of briefings and lectures regarding the latest in ocean research and policy.

Massive Coastal Restoration Project Completed in California

For the first time in more than 100 years, tidal waters returned in August to the former Napa Plant Site salt-production facility adjacent to the Napa River on the northern reaches of San Francisco Bay.

Abita Brewing Company Supports Ducks Unlimited's Louisiana Coastal Conservation Initiative

Louisiana-based Abita Brewing Company recently donated $100,000 to Ducks Unlimited, leader in wetlands conservation, for restoration of important wetland habitats along Louisiana’s imperiled coast.

Crude Awakening

In the aftermath of the Gulf oil spill, Ducks Unlimited calls for a renewed commitment to saving the region's imperiled wetlands

Southeastern Coastal Plain and Piedmont

An overview of Ducks Unlimited's habitat conservation work in the Southeastern Coastal Plain and Piedmont priority area

Peninsular Florida

An overview of Ducks Unlimited's habitat conservation efforts in the Peninsular Florida priority area

North Atlantic / New England Coast

An overview of Ducks Unlimited's habitat conservation work in the North Atlantic / New England Coast priority area.

Gulf Coastal Prairie

An overview of Ducks Unlimited's Gulf Coastal Prairie priority area.

Arctic Plains & Mountains - Alaska

An overview of Ducks Unlimited's Arctic Plains and Mountains - Alaska priority area.

DU Gulf Coast Response Team

Ducks Unlimited's Gulf Coast Response Team was formed to address the oil spill on the Gulf of Mexico and to lead the coastal marsh restoration efforts in the region.

Dr. Tom Moorman's Letter on the Gulf Coast

A letter from Dr. Tom Moorman, head of DU's Gulf Coast Response Team, on the state of Gulf Coast habitat before and after the oil spill

Wetlands on the Edge

Threatened by development, pollution, and rising seas, coastal marshes face an uncertain future

Conserving Texas Prairie Wetlands

Working to reverse habitat declines in this important wintering area

Alaska Geographic Information Systems Project

Alaska Geographic Information Systems Project

Freshwater Wetland Conservation for Redheads

Research done by DU's Geographic Information Systems department on freshwater wetlands along the Gulf Coast of Texas to benefit redheads.

Quantification of Surface Water

Geographic Information Systems research done by DU and the Gulf Coast Joint Venture to analyze surface water in Gulf Coast marshes.

View from the Gulf

Gary Koehler shares the story of Louisiana waterfowl hunters and the unseasonable weather that impacts their hunting success.

Marsh Terraces as a Conservation Practice

Gulf Coastal Prairie - More Information

More info on the Gulf Coastal Prairie of Texas and Louisiana and Ducks Unlimited's habitat conservation work there.

Central Valley / Coastal California - More Information

More information on the Central Valley / Coastal California region and DU's habitat conservation work there.

Peninsular Florida - More Information

Background information on DU's Peninsular Florida conservation priority area

Southeastern Coastal Plain and Piedmont - More Information

Background information on DU's Southeastern Coastal Plain and Piedmont conservation priority area

North Atlantic / New England Coast - More Information

Background information on DU's North Atlantic / New England Coast conservation priority area

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