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Banding Together for Waterfowl

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The Ultimate Guide to Hunting Canada Geese

Take your goose hunting to the next level with these 40 tips on calling, decoys, strategies, and shooting.

Breeding Grounds Survey: 2014 Ungava Peninsula Survey Complete

The 2014 Ungava survey is complete. We roared to the finish line and on home with four full days of flying and (mostly) friendly weather.

Breeding Grounds Survey: Summer in Northeast Manitoba

The EPP CAGO population is primarily associated with nesting areas in northern Manitoba; migration areas in southern Manitoba, Minnesota and Iowa; and wintering areas in Missouri and Arkansas.

Migration Alert: The Stage is Set for North Dakota's Duck Season

For much of the past three weeks, Joe Fladeland has been bumping around North Dakota's back-roads chasing early season Canada geese, but the number of ducks gathered on the state's prairie potholes has the Avery pro-staffer excited about the opening of the general waterfowl season later this month.

Simple System for Calling Canada Geese

Canada geese have an intricate system of vocal communications. "Honkers" make a variety of different calls – long range hail calls, clucks, feeding calls, comeback calls, whines, moans, etc. Each of these calls conveys a different message. Expert callers mimic all these calls and mix them appropriately to entice passing geese to join their decoys.

Understanding Waterfowl: Story of the Giants

A closer look at the remarkable comeback of the giant Canada goose

Mid-Season Magic

The middle of the season is possibly the most challenging time for waterfowl hunters. During this period, ducks and geese are notorious for skirting decoy spreads, ignoring calls, and in some cases, simply disappearing.

Cabelas Goose Calling Contest Winner, Field Hudnall

10 Tactics for Canada Geese

Early Canada goose season – Are you ready?

Growing Up With Geese

Many Midwestern waterfowl hunters spend their lives in pursuit of the Canada goose.

Prairie Pothole Region

The Prairie Pothole Region, North America's Duck Factory, is at the heart of Ducks Unlimited's conservation mission. Read more about DU's PPR priority area.

The Big Chill

A group of veteran waterfowlers shares advice on hunting Canadas as the season winds down

The Big Splash

Whether you're hunting Canadas, snows, specks or brant, shooting geese over water requires attention to detail.

Keys to Taking Late-Season Honkers

Late-season waterfowling can present the worst of times and the best of times. Depending on one's place of residency, this portion of the year can bring plunging temperatures, snow and ice, and winds that slice the air like a razor.

Keys to Taking Late-Season Honkers

Experienced professional guides share their favored tactical adjustments when stalking Canada geese

Early Season Canadas

Special seasons for resident geese provide expanded hunting opportunities.

Atlantic Odyssey

A season-long waterfowling adventure down America’s most historic flyway.

Canada Geese

A Goose of a Different Color - Many races of Canada geese have evolved to fill different ecological niches across the continent

New Breed of Goose


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