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Better Waterfowling Tip - DU TV - Calling Multiple Duck Species

Target specific species by using different calling tactics. Wade Bourne explains how to catch the attention of pintails, wood ducks, and other.

Better Waterfowling Tip - DU TV - Using Competition Calling Techniques

While competition style duck calling is much different than hunting-oriented calling, Wade Bourne explains a situation when he uses this technique.

2013 Waterfowl Calls Guide

Waterfowl calls are specific to every species, hunter, and region. This makes finding the perfect duck or goose call a difficult task. The DU Newsletter makes it easier to start your search. Begin with the newest additions to the market – new waterfowl calls for 2013.

Electronic Caller Tips for Light Geese

Electronic callers are legal to use while hunting light geese (snow and Ross's geese) in most areas during the special spring conservation order.

Calling Tips: Hunting and calling from a pit blind

Field Hudnall explains how to call from a pit blind.

DU-TV Tip: 3 Ways to Call Blue-Winged Teal

Wade Bourne provides three different tactics for call blue-winged teal using a teal call, mallard call, and laughing them into the decoys.

Adjust Your Calling to Suit Mood of the Ducks

Sometimes ducks want a lot of calling; sometimes they want a little. It's up to a caller to determine which the birds prefer on the day he's in the blind, then to offer them just the right amount of calling to coax them in.

Duck Calling Video: Change the Speed

Founder of RNT Calls, Butch Richenback, provides a tutorial on how to change speeds within your quacks. Utilizing a cadence and changing it slighty to adapt to different situations will help your duck calling.

Duck Calling Video: Listen to the Caller

John Stephens, president of RNT calls, explains why you should listen to the caller, rather than looking for the ducks.

Duck Calling Video: Call to a Duck's Reaction

Jim Ronquest, RNT-V producer, describes how varying your calling techniques based on the ducks' body language will improve your calling success.

Duck Calling Video: Learn Slow

Butch Richenback, RNT Calls founder, takes you step-by-step on learning to call ducks. Learning slow, and piecing individual segments together, will allow you to learn to be a better caller.

Duck Calling Video: Calling with Rhythm

Butch Richenback, RNT Calls founder, describes how to pull your ducks calls into a rhythm.

Antonio Jones Wins Cabela’s Duck Calling Contest

When the last caller fell silent and the judges’ votes were all tallied, 25-year-old Antonio Jones of Little Rock, Ark., stepped forward to claim the big prize.

Choosing a Duck Call

Personal preference is important when buying a new call, but ultimately, hunters should make a selection based on what they need as well as what strikes their fancy.

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