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ACE Basin gateway protected and opening to the public

CHARLESTON, S.C. – May 27, 2016 – Driving along US Highway 17, the transition from the rapidly developing areas of West Ashley, Johns Island and Ravenel to the open forest and marsh lands of the ACE Basin is dramatic. Thanks to a conservation-minded partnership effort, commuters on the Savannah Highway will have a new park to enjoy, and the Lowcountry will have 638 additional acres of protected open space.

Migration Alert: Atlantic Flyway Snow Geese Push into Canada

Montezuma National Wildlife Refuge, a critical waypoint on the spring snow goose migration, reported a peak migration of 100,000 to 400,000 birds using the wild land complex last Thursday. This Thursday, they estimated just a few hundred in the area.

Migration Alert: Greater Snow Geese Charge North Along the Atlantic Flyway

With a strong south wind and sunny, warm weather over the past three days, hundreds of thousands of greater snow geese have abandoned their Maryland and Delaware wintering grounds for points north. Reports of these birds have come in from New Jersey, Pennsylvania, New York, Vermont, southern Ontario, and Quebec.

Migration Alert: Mixed Start to Atlantic Flyway Light Goose Conservation Order

With the Light Goose Conservation Order under way across much of the Atlantic Flyway, frigid temperatures have stalled the northward migration and even sent many geese retreating to the south.

Migration Alert: Late Migration May Help Florida Hunters

With unseasonably warm weather up north, many Florida hunters have reported ho-hum birds numbers, but with Arctic winds blasting the eastern seaboard last weekend, and snow as far south as North Carolina, the last two weeks of duck season could be good.

Migration Alert: Ducks and Geese Head South Toward the Chesapeake Bay and Mid-Atlantic States

Plummeting temperatures and a strong north wind has jump-started an otherwise sluggish Atlantic Flyway migration, with ducks and geese now pushing south into the Mid-Atlantic states and Chesapeake Bay region.

Migration Alert: Delaware Hunters Adapt to Unseasonal Weather, Remain Optimistic

Flying low over the coastal marshes in a Cessna 172, Matt DiBona, migratory and upland game bird biologist with the Delaware Division of Fish & Wildlife, flushed a mixed group of black ducks and gadwalls, counting off the numbers into a handheld tape recorder.

Migration Alert: Slow Start in Maryland, Colder Weather Needed

Gadwalls, wigeon, and other early migrating species saved the first half of Maryland's November split season, but without freezing temperatures and significant snow cover up north, waterfowlers are still waiting for the bulk of the duck and goose migrations to arrive.

Migration Alert: Split May Help North Carolina Duck Numbers

Warm weather and high water have frustrated duck hunters up and down the Atlantic Flyway this season, but some North Carolina waterfowlers have done well with big decoy spreads on big water.

Migration Alert: Pennsylvania Primed for Ducks, Just Add Weather

Canada geese and some migrating ducks have moved into the Keystone State, but hunters likely won't see big waterfowl numbers until colder weather hits eastern Canada and northern New York State.

Migration Alert: Conditions Ideal for Canada Goose Hunting in New York State

Warm weather has stalled much of the Atlantic Flyway duck migration, but goose hunting has been off the charts in New York State, with near perfect field conditions.

Migration Alert: Strong Start for Massachusetts Duck Hunters

Despite warm weather, reports indicate that Massachusetts had a good start to the waterfowl season, highlighted by strong wood duck numbers, a timely Canada goose migration, and two successful youth hunts.

Migration Alert: Early November Flight Expected in Maine

Halloween weekend may bring scary-good hunting to the Pine Tree State. Many hunters did well on wood ducks, resident mallards, and teal during Maine's first duck split in the southern and central zones, which closed on October 17, but the big influx of migrating waterfowl from points north has yet to come.

Migration Alert: Atlantic Flyway 2015 Season Preview

With many waterfowl populations at healthy levels and habitat conditions in promising shape, prospects are generally good for the 2015-2016 waterfowl season in the Atlantic Flyway. As early migrants begin to arrive in the flyway's northern reaches, rain and cold weather are the final ingredients needed to kick-start the fall migration.

Breeding Grounds Surveys: Wrapping up the Maine and Atlantic Crew Area

After frequent weather or equipment-related delays, we arrived in Labrador on the first of June to be greeted by a short window of forecasted favorable weather. We made the most of it, flying several long days in a row to finish off our survey area and ferry part way home prior to rain, snow, and ice shutting things down again in Labrador.

Breeding Grounds Surveys: Maine and Atlantic Canada Crew Contemplates Survey Start

A slow spring warm-up led to a fortuitous, gradual thaw across the area. While aggravating to sun- and warmth-starved souls up here, it meant that ice damming and flooding were kept to a minimum despite the ice and snow pack. Waterfowl arrived right on schedule in April, only to congregate in available open inland water and in coastal areas to wait on ice out.

Migration Alert: Atlantic Flyway LGCO Continues as Geese Push North

Greater snow geese poured into their spring staging grounds in New York this weekend as warm weather and a brief snowstorm in New Jersey and Pennsylvania pushed many geese north from the Mid-Atlantic region.

Migration Alert: Florida Gets Push of Ring-Necked Ducks, Anticipates Return Teal Migration

Florida waterfowlers have been challenged by mild conditions, high water levels and scattered bird concentrations this season. However, their luck may be about to change as the final week approaches.

Migration Alert: Chesapeake Bay Hunters Optimistic as Temps Drop

Chesapeake Bay duck hunters faced their share of challenges in the final weeks of 2014, but the arrival of bitter cold weather this week has many waterfowlers optimistic about their prospects in the days ahead.

Conservation: Southeast Wetlands Initiative

Ducks Unlimited's Southeast Wetlands Initiative area encompasses much of the southeastern United States, a highly diverse geographical region with time-honored traditions and a strong hunting heritage. This seven-state area boasts many of the Atlantic and eastern Mississippi Flyways' most important wetland systems and legendary waterfowling areas, including Chesapeake Bay, Currituck Sound, the ACE Basin, Mobile Bay, and the St. Johns River.

Migration Alert: Delaware Duck Numbers Solid, 150,000 Snow Geese

According to a waterfowl survey conducted last week by the Delaware Division of Fish and Wildlife, the First State is poised for its finest snow goose season in several years.

Migration Alert: South Carolina Hunters Enjoy January-Like Duck Numbers

In an average season, the greatest concentrations of wintering ducks don't arrive in South Carolina until January. However, a perfectly timed cold front is fueling one of the duckiest Decembers in memory in the Palmetto State.

Migration Alert: North Carolina Awaits Major Arrivals

North Carolina waterfowlers benefit from the state's geographic location as they receive ducks from the Prairie Pothole Region as well as from eastern Canada and Atlantic Flyway states. This season, North Carolina duck hunters are enjoying the early season flights, but expectations are mounting for the next big migration.

Migration Alert: Snow, Cold Spurs Mallard Migration in Pennsylvania

If you're a Pennsylvania waterfowler, now is a good time to cash in those vacation days. Large numbers of birds are on the move throughout the region, including mallards, black ducks, and many diving duck species.

Migration Alert: Geese Increasing Steadily on Maryland's Eastern Shore

Even in an average year, Maryland's Eastern Shore offers some of the nation's best goose hunting. However, timely arrivals of Canada geese indicate this season could be exceptional.

Migration Alert: Massachusetts Wood Duck Numbers Unprecedented

Massachusetts duck hunting tends to conjure images of common eiders and surf scoters winging across vast, beautiful harbors. But, for the moment, Ducks Unlimited volunteer Mike Donnelly is focused on another species.

Migration Alert: New York Losing Wood Ducks, Gaining Geese

Given that temperatures have yet to dip terribly low, it's likely that New York's locally produced birds haven't traveled far. This bodes well for hunters in southern New York and down into New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Northern New York, however, is currently in the window between the departure of locally produced waterfowl and the arrival of fresh migrators. So, when can these hunters expect to see more birds?

Migration Alert: Wet Spring Bodes Well for Atlantic Flyway Hunters

A wet spring and early cold fronts may have set the stage for a strong start to waterfowl seasons in the Atlantic Flyway.

Breeding Grounds Survey: Maine and Atlantic Canada Survey Area Completed

Overall, conditions across the survey area were good for breeding waterfowl, despite the late start to spring. With some more seasonal temperatures and drier conditions during the primary brood rearing period, the outlook could improve further.

Breeding Grounds Survey: Newfoundland in the Books, on to Labrador

A ridge of high pressure moving south out of Labrador finally moved the persistent low off the east coast of Newfoundland, and the beleaguered east coast saw a rare glimpse of sun on May 29. It didn't last long, but it was enough to give us the window we needed to complete the Newfoundland survey.

Breeding Grounds Survey: Not Much, But We'll Take It

After sitting 7 of 8 days in Halifax, Nova Scotia, the air mass over the Maritimes and Gulf of St. Lawrence finally "warmed" enough that we could enter the clouds and ferry to Stephenville, Newfoundland, on Sunday, May 25.

Breeding Grounds Survey: Prince Edward Island and Nova Scotia Done, Fog Grounds Crew in Halifax

The Maine and Atlantic Canada survey crew completed Prince Edward Island on May 16 and made it into Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Breeding Grounds Survey: New Brunswick Survey Completed

The Maine and Atlantic Canada survey crew today completed Stratum 63, which corresponds to New Brunswick, Canada. Like Maine, New Brunswick endured a long, cold, and snowy winter with significant snow falling just 2 weeks ago.

The Completing the Cycle Initiative

Waterfowlers mark time according to the season and where the ducks are. From spring courtship flights and summer brood-rearing to the fall migration and wintering period, waterfowl use a variety of habitats throughout the year. Thanks to sound science, we know more than ever about what these magnificent birds need to thrive during their annual journey. Ducks Unlimited's continental conservation work supports waterfowl throughout all phases of their life cycle.

Migration Alert: Florida Waterfowlers Poised for Strong Finish

Brisk weather conditions during the month of January resulted in major movements of Atlantic Flyway waterfowl, and Florida waterfowlers are among the beneficiaries.

Migration Alert: DUTV Crew Reports From Maryland

DUTV host, Field Hudnall provides information on weather conditions along Maryland's Eastern Shore. Frigid temperatures have waterfowl on the move and late-season hunting may improve as temperatures begin to increase.

Migration Alert: Arctic Blast Sends Massive Push of Geese to Maryland's Eastern Shore

Waterfowl are on the move in the Atlantic Flyway, following an Arctic blast that has brought bitter cold temperatures to much of the region.

Migration Alert: Delaware Nears Mallard Peak Despite Shifting Conditions

Late November's frigid cold seemed a distant memory over the weekend as record-breaking 70-degree temperatures swept the mid Atlantic states. In Delaware, the balmy weather had a significant impact on waterfowl behavior and hunting success.

Migration Alert: Pennsylvania Mallard Numbers Peak

Flocks of mallards and black ducks poured over the tree-line in a seemingly unending string. They were in bunches of tens and twenties, mostly, but several flocks numbered at least 100 strong as the birds funneled down into the Pennsylvania cornfield.

Migration Alert: South Carolina Hunters Off to Strong Start

Last weekend, waterfowlers along the South Carolina coast put up numbers that would be impressive anywhere in the country. Hunter-success rates approached a limit of ducks per person at two wildlife management areas.

Betty & John O'Brien: Laying Down Roots in the North Atlantic

Betty and John O'Brien of Batavia, New York, support Ducks Unlimited's Completing the Cycle Initiative in the northeastern United States. John helped build up DU's presence in New York and he and Betty held several volunteer positions over the years. Their story appeared in the 2013 DU Annual Report.

Migration Alert: Hunters Faring Well on North Carolina Coast

The job of waterfowl manager can be one of those "none of the credit, all of the blame" professions. Too often your efforts go unnoticed, except of course when waterfowl numbers and hunting success are poor. That hasn't been the case this year, at least in North Carolina.

Migration Alert: Georgia Waterfowl Biologist Provides Season Forecast

Georgia state waterfowl biologist, Greg Balkcom gives his forecast for the upcoming waterfowl season, and gives his top picks for WMAs to hunt this season.

Migration Alert: Birds Arriving Right on Time in Virginia

Virginia waterfowlers can feel free to get excited: Ducks are on the move, and November 16 is shaping up to be the perfect weekend to reopen the season.

Migration Alert: Mild Conditions Delay New York Waterfowl

New York is a point of convergence for numerous waterfowl species migrating from Quebec, Ontario and points further northeast. Therefore, when peak numbers are reported from the Empire State, it's cause to rejoice throughout the flyway. Unfortunately, that day has yet to arrive, but reports of the first geese and early migrating duck species are encouraging.

Migration Alert: Options Abound for Massachusetts Hunters

Arriving ducks may find a shortage of wetlands in Massachusetts following a dry second half of the summer. Donnelly reports that many wetlands are low on water and choked with vegetation.

Atlantic Flyway Hunters Ready to Roll

Many Atlantic Flyway waterfowlers kicked off the hunting year with resident Canada goose and early teal seasons in several states, while others are eagerly anticipating the main event in the upper end of the flyway. New York often provides a good indication of what the season will hold in states further down the flyway.

Southeast Wetlands Initiative

Supporting the rich outdoor heritage of the southeastern United States by conserving key habitats for Atlantic and eastern Mississippi Flyway waterfowl.

Great Lakes Initiative

Protecting the pristine waters of the Great Lakes and conserving critical habitat for many species of waterfowl that utilize this vast watershed throughout their life cycle.

Migration Alert: Migration Peaks for Season's Final Days, Youth Seasons

Just as opening day has a certain feel to it, so too does closing day. And as my friends and I pitched the blocks one last time in Pennsylvania, there was a sense of foreboding, knowing the off-season doldrums ahead, that mixed with high hopes of one last good shoot. But how the mallards responded.

Migration Alert: Mid-Atlantic Duck Hunters, Go Now!

Atlantic flyway duck hunters got what they wanted this holiday season: cold weather. On Christmas Eve temperatures started falling in the northeast, and they have stayed low through New Year.

Migration Alert: Warm Weather Has East Coast Seaduck Hunts Suffering

Earlier this week I reported on poor puddle duck hunting along the Atlantic flyway. Well, the bad news extends to seaduck hunters. A survey of guides up and down the coast points to low numbers, high pressure, and hard days on the salt water.

Migration Alert: Warm, Wet Weather Spreads Ducks Thin

Record highs and wet weather across much of the East Coast has made for poor duck hunting north and south. With little cold weather in sight, it could be a challenging week for Atlantic flyway hunters.

Migration Alert: Warm Weather Delays Ducks on Chesapeake Bay

A second straight year of unseasonable warmth has plagued the Atlantic Flyway. As I write this, a quick look at the Ducks Unlimited Waterfowl Migration Map reveals temperatures ranging from 43 F in Toronto to 58 F in New York City and 66 F in southern Virginia.

Migration Alert: Ducks Arriving Early in North Carolina

Arriving waterfowl have been aided by ample natural wetlands, thanks to a fairly wet summer and recent rains.

Sea Duck Action Is Taking Off

I've spent the last few mornings off the Rhode Island coast chasing sea ducks. Birds are around, but not yet in the high numbers we like to see.

Migration Alert: Ducks Are Flying—Just in Time for Hunters

Cold temperatures this week are finally moving ducks south in the Atlantic Flyway. Every state in the flyway is open, or will open, this week or next.

Habitat impacts from Hurricane Sandy difficult to assess

The East Coast is still struggling to get basic services back in place after Hurricane Sandy battered coastal communities and affected millions of residents, but, with the help of conservation partners, Ducks Unlimited is beginning to assess the long-term impact the storm will have on waterfowl habitat.

Migration Alert: Storm Stalls Ducks; Geese Blacken the Sky

With Hurricane Sandy last week and a cold front this week, you'd expect good numbers of Atlantic flyway birds hauling for southern climes. But with a few exceptions, recent weather in the northeast has stalled duck migrations.

Waste Management named 2012 Wings Over Wetlands winner

Ducks Unlimited and the Wildlife Habitat Council (WHC) recognized Waste Management as the winner of the 2012 Wings Over Wetlands award today.

Migration Alert: Duck Hunting After Hurricane Sandy

While much of the coastal northeast U.S. is still digging out of Hurricane Sandy's damage – or just waiting for the lights to come on – biologists are starting to look at the super-storm's impact on wildlife habitat and migratory bird patterns.

Migration Alert: Low Water and Concentrated Hunting Pushing Birds Out

Early season duck hunting has been underway for about a week in most states north of the Mason Dixon, with mixed reports on bird numbers and hunter success rolling in.

Migration Alert: Key on Water to Find Atlantic Waterfowl

A satisfying chill swept New York and northern Pennsylvania last week, exciting duck hunters and lending a sense of urgency to early-migrating waterfowl.

Migration Alert: Slow Start to Duck Openers, but Reports of Woodies are Wild

Mixed reports from opening weekend in Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont have many speculating a slow start to the Atlantic flyway duck migration.

Spring Waterfowling: Quebec’s greater snow geese

The Ducks Unlimited Television crew traveled to Quebec last spring for a Greater snow goose hunt along the St. Lawrence River. This photo essay provides a glimpse of this late-spring hunting opportunity.

DU Acquires First Conservation Easement in Eastern Washington

DU recently acquired a 317-acre conservation easement on the Rosenau property in Spokane County, Washington, that will protect wetlands and surrounding upland habitat from development.

Understanding Waterfowl: Tracking the Black Duck

DU research sheds new light on this prized bird's migration habits

Waterfowl Migration Flyways

Banding research helped waterfowl managers map the major migration corridors followed by ducks and geese, which are known today as flyways. For management purposes, North America is divided into four flyways—the Atlantic, Mississippi, Central, and Pacific.

DU Projects: Atlantic Flyway

Stretching from the Arctic tundra of Baffin Island to the Caribbean, the Atlantic Flyway spans more than 3,000 miles. DU and its partners have conserved almost 500,000 acres of waterfowl habitat in the Atlantic Flyway to date.

2010 Waterfowl Forecast

Waterfowl populations remain at high levels overall thanks to favorable breeding habitat conditions

Northeastern U.S. Forests

An overview of Ducks Unlimited's habitat conservation work in the Northeastern U.S. Forests priority area

Atlantic Canada

An overview of Ducks Unlimited's habitat conservation work in the Atlantic Canada priority area

Southeastern Coastal Plain and Piedmont

An overview of Ducks Unlimited's habitat conservation work in the Southeastern Coastal Plain and Piedmont priority area

Peninsular Florida

An overview of Ducks Unlimited's habitat conservation efforts in the Peninsular Florida priority area

North Atlantic / New England Coast

An overview of Ducks Unlimited's habitat conservation work in the North Atlantic / New England Coast priority area.

Mid-Atlantic Coast

An overview of Ducks Unlimited's habitat conservation efforts in the Mid-Atlantic Coast priority area.

Flying High in the Lowcountry

South Carolina’s scenic ACE Basin offers some of the finest late-season duck hunting in the Atlantic Flyway.

Atlantic Odyssey

A season-long waterfowling adventure down America’s most historic flyway.

Peninsular Florida - More Information

Background information on DU's Peninsular Florida conservation priority area

Southeastern Coastal Plain and Piedmont - More Information

Background information on DU's Southeastern Coastal Plain and Piedmont conservation priority area

North Atlantic / New England Coast - More Information

Background information on DU's North Atlantic / New England Coast conservation priority area

Northeastern U.S. Forests - More Information

Background information on DU's Northeastern U.S. Forests conservation priority area

Atlantic Canada - More Information

Background information on DU's Atlantic Canada conservation priority area

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