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Arkansas Ducks Unlimited chapters make President’s Roll of Honor

GREENWOOD, Ark. – March 24, 2016 – DU’s President’s Roll of Honor is one of the most highly coveted recognition awards Ducks Unlimited offers its local chapters. Each year, the list is comprised of the chapters in the United States that raise between $65,000 and $100,000 through fundraising activities in their communities. Through the efforts of these volunteer committees, DU is able to pursue its mission of conserving, enhancing and restoring North America’s wetlands. In 2015, two chapters in Arkansas made the President’s Roll of Honor list.

Arkansas Ducks Unlimited chapters earn spots on President’s Elite list

LITTLE ROCK – March 23, 2016 – The President’s Elite are among Ducks Unlimited’s most prestigious volunteer chapters throughout the nation. Every year, the list is reserved for the chapters that raise $100,000 to $250,000 for DU’s habitat conservation work. In 2015 Arkansas had two chapters included on the list.

Migration Alert: Clock is Ticking for Mid-South Light Goose Hunters

Light geese crisscrossed the Arkansas sky on Thursday, Feb. 17, as the stiff south wind and mild temperatures offered an excellent opportunity for the birds to move north. Limited snow cover throughout much of the northern portions of the Mississippi and Central Flyways has goose hunters wondering how far they'll migrate with this first push. Arkansas and Mississippi continue to hold huntable numbers of light geese, but as weather patterns remain fairly warm, avid goose hunters in the region know that these numbers will continue to decrease.

Migration Alert: Arkansas Second Split Opens with Mixed Results

Hit or miss: that's how many Arkansas waterfowlers would likely describe their hunting success as the second split of the state's duck season opened on December 10. Some areas are holding fair numbers of ducks, while others are almost devoid of birds. Hunters might find a lot of ducks concentrated in a small area or they may spend several hours scouting and still come up empty handed.

Migration Alert: Table Set for Arkansas Opener, Water and Ducks

The Arkansas 2015-2016 waterfowl season begins tomorrow and hunters are flooding into the Natural State with high expectations. Average duck numbers and an abundance of water dominate the conversations in duck camps and cafes throughout the state. As freezing temperatures close in on mid-latitude states later this weekend, many hunters expect the season's first week to provide a glimpse of what's to come this winter.

Arkansas DU 365 Day Gun Giveaway: 2015 Winners

Arkansas DU 365 Day Gun Giveaway: 2014 Winners

Bill Hamill elected to Ducks Unlimited's national board of directors

SEARCY, Ark. – June 24, 2015 – William O. Hamill, of Searcy, Ark., was elected to Ducks Unlimited's national board of directors during the organization's annual convention held recently in Milwaukee.

Arkansas DU 365 Day Gun Giveaway: April 2015 Winners

Public Hunting on DU Projects in Arkansas

Ducks Unlimited works across the country to ensure not only sufficient habitat for waterfowl, but also to ensure waterfowl hunters continue to have the opportunity to pursue their passion. Here are some of the DU projects in Arkansas that are open to the public for duck hunting.

Migration Alert: Arkansas LGCO Hunters Preparing for Huge Flight Days

Arkansas waterfowlers dealt with a lack of precipitation throughout the 2014–2015 waterfowl season, and the 2015 Light Goose Conservation Order (LGCO) has been no different. Drought-like conditions have forcedlight geese to concentrate on limited habitat in the state, which has had a significant impact on the birds' feeding and roosting habits.

Snow Goose Destinations

The Light Goose Conservation Order (LGCO) is an excellent opportunity to extend the waterfowl season, but pinpointing this fast-paced migration can be a daunting task. Ice, snow, and food supplies dictate when and where millions of light geese will migrate north in the spring, and knowing where these conditions collide should lead you to the birds. Whether freelancing or planning a guided trip, the following destinations should be at the top of any LGCO hunter's list.

Migration Alert: Mid-South Ducks Numbers Increase for Final Weekend

For hunters in the mid-Mississippi Alluvial Valley, the 2014–2015 duck season is set to go out with a bang, or lots of them! Hunting in this region ends at sunset on Jan. 25. According to reports from several mid-south areas, ducks are plentiful, and hunter success has increased significantly since warm southerly winds thawed out frozen waters in Mississippi, Arkansas, Tennessee, and Missouri's Bootheel. Ducks have responded to this thaw by showing up in large numbers.

Migration Alert: Arkansas Hunting Slumps Due to Weather, Habitat

"Not very good," writes Keith Stephens regarding habitat conditions and hunter success this week in Arkansas. Stephens is a spokesman for the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission (AGFC). According to his latest Weekly Waterfowl Report, issued on December 10, hunting has been "spotty" in the second segment of Arkansas's duck season, which started Dec. 4 and runs through Dec. 23.

DU TV Migration Report - Arkansas

The DU TV crew hunted in Arkansas last weekend for next year's show. Field Hudnall explains that they enjoyed excellent hunts, but the ducks were beginning to move out of their area by the end of the weekend.

Arkansas DU 365 Day Gun Giveaway: Mar. 2015 Winners

Arkansas DU 365 Day Gun Giveaway: Mar. 2015 Winners

Arkansas DU 365 Day Gun Giveaway: Feb. 2015 Winners

Arkansas DU 365 Day Gun Giveaway: Feb. 2015 Winners

Arkansas DU 365 Day Gun Giveaway

Arkansas DU 365 Day Gun Giveaway: Jan. 2015 Winners

Arkansas DU 365 Day Gun Giveaway: Jan. 2015 Winners

Migration Alert: Arkansas November Waterfowl Survey Reveals 550,000 Mallards

A series of powerful cold fronts over the past few weeks have brought cold temperatures and significant waterfowl numbers into Arkansas. Aerial surveys performed earlier this week by the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission (AGFC) tallied 550,000 mallards throughout the state's Delta region, raising expectations for Saturday's opener.

Arkansas's First Youth Trapshooting Event Draws Hundreds

Ducks Unlimited Senior Regional Director Bob Butler, Arkansas State Chairman Matt Robinson, and Arkansas DU volunteer Phillip Carlisle teamed up with Representative Mark Perry (AR) and the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission youth shooting sports program to host the state's first youth trapshooting fundraiser earlier this year. This event took place at a brand-new Arkansas Game and Fish Foundation Shooting Sports Complex in Jacksonville, Arkansas. More than 400 youth shooters and their families participated in this one-day competition.

Arkansas Waterfowl Harvest Trend

Arkansas DU 365 Day Gun Giveaway: Aug. 2014 Winners

Legacy Greenwing Project Named for Frank Appleberry

The sixth Legacy Greenwing project supported by Arkansas Ducks Unlimited will restore 120 acres of vital waterfowl breeding habitat near Rhein, Saskatchewan. Healthy parkland habitat in this area of Canada supports nesting duck densities of more than 50 pairs per square mile, making it one of the most productive waterfowl breeding areas in North America.

Corporate Partners Support Arkansas Conservation Projects

DU recently completed wetland restoration work on the Dixie Farm, Plunkett Rest Area, and Bank of Brinkley units of the Cache River National Wildlife Refuge in Arkansas. Funding for these projects was provided in part by a North American Wetlands Conservation Act grant. The J.A. Riggs Tractor Company donated $50,000 to support this restoration work, and Caterpillar matched that donation dollar for dollar through the Caterpillar Foundation's Dealer Environmental Sustainability Fund.

Arkansas DU 365 Day Gun Giveaway: Dec. 2014 Winners

Dec. 2014 Winners

Arkansas DU 365 Day Gun Giveaway: Nov. 2014 Winners

Nov. 2014 Winners

Arkansas DU 365 Day Gun Giveaway: Oct. 2014 Winners

Oct. 2014 Winners

Arkansas DU 365 Day Gun Giveaway: Sept. 2014 Winners

Sept. 2014 Winners

Arkansas DU 365 Day Gun Giveaway: Aug. 2014 Winners

Aug. 2014 Winners

Arkansas DU 365 Day Gun Giveaway: July 2014 Winners

July 2014 Winners

Arkansas DU 365 Day Gun Giveaway: June 2014 Winners

June 2014 Winners

Arkansas DU 365 Day Gun Giveaway: May 2014 Winners

May 2014 Winners

Arkansas DU 365 Day Gun Giveaway: Apr. 2014 Winners

Apr. 2014 Winners

Arkansas DU 365 Day Gun Giveaway: Mar. 2014 Winners

Mar. 2014 Winners

Rice Lands Provide Vital Waterfowl Habitat

Each fall, millions of waterfowl migrate from their northern breeding grounds to historical wintering sites in the Mississippi Alluvial Valley (MAV) and along the Gulf Coast. Although the MAV once consisted largely of bottomland hardwood forests and the Gulf Coast was characterized by tall-grass prairie and shallow ponds, these regions have been transformed by agriculture and urbanization.

DU CEO keynotes annual rice meeting

Ducks Unlimited CEO Dale Hall hailed the DU-USA Rice Stewardship Partnership as an “ideal marriage” in his keynote address during the annual Arkansas Rice Council and Arkansas Rice Farmers meeting in Stuttgart.

Arkansas DU 365 Day Gun Giveaway: Feb. 2014 Winners

Feb. 2014 Winners

Migration Alert: 800k Mallards Counted in Arkansas

Warming temperatures, rain and thawing waters are changing the duck hunting picture in Arkansas.

Arkansas DU 365 Day Gun Giveaway: Jan. 2014 Winners

Jan. 2014 Winners

Migration Alert: Winter Storm May Bring Fresh Ducks to Arkansas

All eyes north! That's where Arkansas duck hunters are looking as a massive winter storm blankets the state and sends temperatures plummeting. Anticipation of a new push of mallards from northern states is high, though they haven't arrived in appreciable numbers as of this writing.

Arkansas members of Congress tour conservation projects

Conservation partners Ducks Unlimited, The Nature Conservancy (TNC), the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission (AGFC), U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS), U.S. Department of Agriculture Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) and Army Corps of Engineers took several members of Congress and their staffers on a tour of conservation sites in Arkansas during the August recess.

Conservation: Renovating Greentree Reservoirs

Careful management is required to maintain the productivity of these classic waterfowl habitats. By Jody Pagan.

Arkansas Greenwing Camp a Resounding Success

Eighteen youths attended this year's Arkansas Greenwing Conservation Camp hosted at DU President George Dunklin's Five Oaks Lodge near Stuttgart, Arkansas.

2014 Arkansas DU 365 Day Gun Giveaway

For Arkansas DU staff and volunteers

George Dunklin Jr. elected president of Ducks Unlimited

During Ducks Unlimited's annual convention last week, the organization's leaders proudly welcomed 30-year volunteer, George Dunklin Jr., of Stuttgart, Ark., as DU's 42nd president. Dunklin succeeds John Newman, who now serves as chairman of the board.

America's River Initiative

Rebuilding the glory of the Mississippi River floodplain by conserving key wintering habitat for millions of waterfowl and reinforcing the region’s rich waterfowling legacy.

Ducks Unlimited announces 2013 Wetlands for Kids Day

ST. LOUIS - March 15, 2013 - Did you know wetlands support more than 900 species of wildlife, many of them threatened or endangered, in addition to providing us with clean water and flood protection? Join Ducks Unlimited for the upcoming 14th Annual Wetlands for Kids Day and you and your children can learn even more about wetlands through engaging hands-on activities and demonstrations.

Migration Alert: Arkansas light goose numbers remain strong

The Light Goose Conservation Order opens the door for February waterfowling in Arkansas. The LGCO's liberal regulations levels the playing field for hunters hoping to decoy these difficult birds. As temperatures begin to warm, light geese will begin heading north, but ideal habitat is holding birds in Arkansas for those looking for late-season opportunities.

MBCC has opened 4 million acres of waterfowl habitat to sportsmen

This month, the Waterfowl Advocate interviewed members of the Migratory Bird Conservation Commission Sen. Mark Pryor (AR) and Rep. Rob Wittman (VA).

USA Rice-DU partnership

WASHINGTON - Feb. 4, 2013 - A groundbreaking new partnership between the USA Rice Federation (USA Rice) and Ducks Unlimited (DU) was forged recently to serve as a model of cooperation and communication between a farm group and a conservation organization.

Freshwater-Introduction Project Proposed in Louisiana

Ducks Unlimited has submitted a $250,000 proposal to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association (NOAA) for a freshwater-introduction project in southeast Louisiana.

Migration Alert: Arkansas waterfowlers preparing for excellent finish

Two to three inches of rain fell over eastern Arkansas Jan.12, causing slash water to collect in previously dry fields and pushing the Cache and White Rivers into adjoining sloughs, oxbows and green timber flats. The ducks have responded by shifting from managed water areas into these freshly-flooded places where new food sources are available.

Four Generations of Philanthropy - John and Anna Riggs

The green timber of Arkansas is part of John Riggs' past, and now he's becoming part of its future. Since 2011, his support for DU has resulted in more than $100,000 for conservation work on Arkansas' Cache River.

Newly elected lawmakers talk sportsmen’s issues

This month, the Waterfowl Advocate interviewed three newly elected lawmakers about the legislative issues they see affecting sportsmen in the upcoming Congress.

Arkansas native named to DU board of directors

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – Nov. 28, 2012 – Ducks Unlimited has elected Vince Callahan of Proctor, Ark., to serve as an at-large member of the organization's national board of directors.

Migration Alert: Arkansas waterfowl habitat dry, but season remains promising

With the general Arkansas duck season less than one month away, many of the state’s waterfowl hunters are praying for rain.

December in Stuttgart

A late autumn visit to this waterfowling mecca is always memorable, even when the ducks don't cooperate

Arkansas senators recognize DU's 75 years of conservation success

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. - April 20, 2012 - Arkansas Sens. Mark Pryor and John Boozman, along with Mississippi Sens. Roger Wicker and Thad Cochran, have issued a Senate resolution recognizing the 75th anniversary of Ducks Unlimited and lauding the organization's history of conservation success in the state and across North America. The resolution was passed on Thursday.

District 7 District & Zone Chairmen

Central Arkansas Chapter recognized nationally

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – March 20, 2012 – The President's Elite are among Ducks Unlimited's most prestigious volunteer chapters throughout the nation. This past fall, the Central Arkansas Chapter made the list as one of the organization's best fundraising chapters.

Benton County Chapter recognized nationally

ROGERS, Ark. – March 16, 2012 – The President's Elite are among Ducks Unlimited's most prestigious volunteer chapters throughout the nation. This past fall, the Benton County Chapter made the list as one of the organization's best fundraising chapters.

Union County Chapter recognized nationally

EL DORADO, Ark. – March 15, 2012 – The President's Top 100 is one of the most highly sought-after titles of recognition Ducks Unlimited offers to chapters throughout the nation. Each year, the list is comprised of the top 100 fundraising chapters in the United States. This past fall, the Union County Chapter made the Top 100 list as one of the organization's best fundraising chapters.

Twelve DU conservation projects receive NAWCA grant approval from MBCC, six more from NAWCC

The Migratory Bird Conservation Commission (MBCC) met last week and approved more than $24.5 million in federal grants under the North American Wetlands Conservation Act (NAWCA) for partnership-based conservation projects that will protect, restore and enhance more than 146,000 acres of wetlands and associated habitats across the United States and Mexico.

Drew County Wetland Restoration Project Completed in Arkansas

Just in time for waterfowl season, Ducks Unlimited and partners last fall completed a wetlands restoration project on the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission (AGFC) Cut-Off Creek Wildlife Management Area (WMA) in Drew County.

e-Duck Stamp program reaches Senate

U.S. Sens. Roger Wicker (Miss.) and Mark Pryor (Ark.) introduced the Permanent Electronic Duck Stamp Act, S. 2071, in the Senate yesterday. This bill would make permanent the sale of federal duck stamps online—commonly referred to as the "e-Duck Stamp program."

Expiration of enhanced tax incentives could mean less conservation easement activity in 2012 after banner year in DU's Southern Region

With the looming expiration of enhanced easement tax incentives on Dec. 31, Ducks Unlimited's Southern Region experienced a banner year for donated conservation easements.

Arkansas: Bayou Meto Waterfowl Management Area

Ducks Unlimited and its partners enhanced 1,162 acres of habitat within the Wrape Plantation (712 acres) and Buckingham Flats (450 acres) units of Bayou Meto Waterfowl Management Area, one of the largest state-owned WMAs in the nation.

Migration Alert: Rainfall improves conditions in parts of Arkansas before opener

Nov. 18, 2011: Waterfowlers throughout much of Arkansas should expect a decent opening day as good numbers of early migrators have arrived.

Drew County wetland restoration project completed

Just in time for waterfowl season, Ducks Unlimited and its partners recently completed a wetlands restoration project on the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission (AGFC) Cut-Off Creek Wildlife Management Area.

Northwest Arkansas Rallying for Waterfowl

Ducks Unlimited events in northwest Arkansas provide substantial support for wetlands conservation.

Antonio Jones Wins Cabela’s Duck Calling Contest

When the last caller fell silent and the judges’ votes were all tallied, 25-year-old Antonio Jones of Little Rock, Ark., stepped forward to claim the big prize.

Late migratory bird seasons set by Commission

For the 15th consecutive year, the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission approved a 60-day hunting season for waterfowl.

Gov. Mike Beebe Names DU Volunteer Steve Cook to Arkansas Game and Fish Commission

Governor Mike Beebe has named DU volunteer Steve Cook of Malvern, Akansas as the newest commissioner of the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission.

Gov. Mike Beebe Names Steve Cook to Arkansas Game and Fish Commission

Governor Mike Beebe has named Steve Cook of Malvern as the newest commissioner of the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission.

Policy News 3-6

Arkansas senator newest member of federal board managing duck habitat

Arkansas Senator Newest Member of Federal Board Managing Duck Habitat

U.S. Sen. Mark Pryor (AR) has been appointed to serve on the Migratory Bird Conservation Commission, according to a release from the senator’s office today. “Those of us who have high regard for waterfowl conservation have reason to be pleased,” said Scott Sutherland, director of Ducks Unlimited’s Governmental Affairs Office, after learning of Pryor’s appointment to the MBCC. “Sen. Pryor is a waterfowl hunter and comes from an area of the country where there is an immense history of conserving and appreciating the waterfowl resource,” Sutherland said.

Dunklin Uses Budweiser Award to Help Enhance Bayou Meto

Hail the Champions

Hughes, Allen, Rickman capture calling titles

DU Celebrates Hunting, Fishing Heritage with Passage of Amendments in Three States

MEMPHIS, Tenn., Nov.3, 2010 – Voters in Tennessee, Arkansas and South Carolina overwhelmingly approved amendments yesterday that will protect hunting and fishing as constitutional rights.

Ducks Unlimited Names Greenwing Project in Honor of Arkansas Volunteer

Ducks Unlimited honored Tom Smalling of Paragould for his contributions to the Arkansas Greenwing Camp and the Arkansas Greenwing program by naming a Ducks Unlimited Legacy Greenwing project in Saskatchewan, Canada, in his honor.

Budweiser's 2009 Conservationist of the Year Uses Prize Money to Help Restore Critical Wetland

If Arkansas is the waterfowl hunting Mecca, then Bayou Meto Wildlife Management Area is the crown jewel of public waterfowl hunting. Ducks Unlimited and partners recently completed restoration work on a part of Bayou Meto known as Wrape Plantation, ensuring it continues to provide quality habitat for waterfowl and excellent opportunities for waterfowlers.

Statement from Ducks Unlimited in support of Sen. Lincoln as new Senate agriculture committee chair

WASHINGTON - Sept. 9, 2009 - Ducks Unlimited Director of Governmental Affairs Scott Sutherland issued a statement today in response to the announcement that Sen. Blanche Lincoln (Ark.) will be the new chair of the Senate Committee on Agriculture, Nutrition and Forestry.

Evening of Conservation held at Arkansas Governor's Mansion

LITTLE ROCK, ARK. - May 11, 2009 – For the second year in a row, Arkansas Governor Mike Beebe hosted a Ducks Unlimited Evening of Conservation at the Arkansas Governor's Mansion. DU Board Member Steve Cook and his wife Alison coordinated the May 11th event to encourage support of the Wings Over Arkansas conservation initiative.

Arkansas DU Unveils New License Plate Design

new wood duck plate the third in the series

Rice Foundation and Ducks Unlimited Publish a New Guide for Rice Growers

Conservation Highlighted at 2008 Rice Outlook Conference The USA Rice Foundation-sponsored publication, Conservation in Ricelands of North America, highlighted the opening of the second day of the 2008 USA Rice Outlook Conference. Ducks Unlimited Director of Conservation Programs, Scott Manley, Ph.D, and the book’s editor, told the audience of producers and others that the “rice industry is a special steward” of resources.

Ducks Unlimited Receives $20,000 Grant From The UPS Foundation

Ducks Unlimited received a $20,000 grant from The Mid-South District UPS Foundation, the charitable arm of UPS (NYSE:UPS). The grant will be used for work on Bayou Meto Wildlife Management Area to further restoration efforts at Halowell Reservoir. Work should be completed by early December.

Halowell Rest Area renovation the first of many planned improvements for Arkansas waterfowl habitat

Thanks to a partnership among the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission, Ducks Unlimited and private partners, Halowell Rest Area on Bayou Meto Wildlife Management Area will be the first of many improvements to waterfowl-oriented WMAs in Arkansas.

Wetland conservation brings pair of Arkansas teens to Canada

teens represent Arkansas at Ducks Unlimited Canada's Great Greenwing Adventure

Bayou Meto habitat to get boost from big grant

Bayou Meto Wildlife Management Area is considered the Mecca of public waterfowl hunting and the crown jewel of the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission’s WMA system. Each fall and winter, thousands of wintering ducks flock to the flooded green timber and adjacent moist-soil areas to provide some of the best public duck hunting in the world.

Arkansas DU delivers conservation message to Congress

WASHINGTON – February 29, 2008 - Senior Ducks Unlimited volunteers George Dunklin, Jr. of DeWitt, Ark. and Hal Hillman of Carlisle, Ark. traveled to Washington D.C. to meet with representatives, senators and other policymakers to discuss the organization’s conservation priorities. Both Dunklin and Hillman met individually with Arkansas Sens. Mark Pryor and Blanche Lincoln and Rep. Marion Berry as well as their staff. The volunteers also met briefly with Rep. Mike Ross and his staff.

Conservation, good times come together at Arkansas Greenwing Conservation Camp

How do you tell the difference between lesser and greater scaup? The difference between common and red-breasted mergansers? Or how about the difference between a mallard hen and a mottled duck?

Ducks Unlimited Serving Arkansas

Duck hunting has been highly variable in the South in recent winters. Biologists can point to no single cause, but mild weather through the winter period is surely a significant factor. When Old Man Winter does make an appearance, however, Ducks Unlimited is working to assure that sufficient habitat exists in the South to accommodate waterfowl and waterfowl hunters.

Arkansas DU Honors Arkansas Game & Fish Commission Officer

AGFC Wildlife Officer Matt Guthrie honored for receiving the Mississippi Flyway Waterfowl Enforcement Officer of the Year Award for 2006

Canadian Wetlands Projects Named for Arkansans

Dunklin and McSwain honored for their Arkansas Greenwing Camp efforts.

Ducks Unlimited elects Arkansan George Dunklin as Senior Vice President of Conservation Programs

Little Rock, Ark., June 14, 2007 – At its Annual Convention in Anchorage, Alaska, Ducks Unlimited – the world’s largest wetlands and waterfowl conservation group - elected George Dunklin Jr., to serve as Senior Vice President of Conservation Programs. Dunklin, an Arkansas County farmer, also serves on the Arkansas Game & Fish Commission’s Board of Commissioners.

DU Honors Senator Blanche Lincoln for Leadership in Wetlands Conservation

WASHINGTON, March 28, 2007 – Ducks Unlimited (DU) has honored Arkansas U.S. Senator Blanche Lincoln with its 2007 Wetland Conservation Achievement Award. DU Executive Vice President Don Young recently presented the award to Sen. Lincoln at her Washington office. This year Senator Lincoln, who is a long-time proponent for conservation in North America, stood out as the federal representative deserving this award.

What’s Wrong with WRP? - AR

LITTLE ROCK, Ark., March 15, 2007 - Arkansas duck hunters and farmers are losing a once robust wetlands conservation program. After conserving almost 200,000 acres of bottomland hardwood forests and wetlands critical to wintering waterfowl in the Natural State since 1992, the Wetlands Reserve Program (WRP) is near death in Arkansas and other southern states. The Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS), the federal agency that administers this farm bill conservation program, is getting few takers since the program’s appraisal valuation process changed in 2006.

Leading Energy Company Focuses on Wetland Conservation

XTO Energy donates $50,000 to Ducks Unlimited for waterfowl habitat improvement in Arkansas

DU Helps Acquire 790 Acres for Arkansas Wildlife Management Area

Ducks Unlimited, in partnership with the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) and the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission (AGFC), recently acquired a 790-acre tract of farmland adjacent to the Arkansas River in western Arkansas. DU will transfer the title of this land to the state of Arkansas for the purpose of creating a new wildlife management area that will be accessible to duck hunters.

West Gulf Coastal Plain

An overview of Ducks Unlimited's habitat conservation efforts in the West Gulf Coastal Plain priority area

Upper Mississippi River

An overview of Ducks Unlimited's habitat conservation work in the Upper Mississippi River priority area

Mississippi Alluvial Valley

An overview of Ducks Unlimited's Mississippi Alluvial Valley priority area.

Decoying Ducks in Arkansas Timber

Decoying ducks in the Arkansas timber sometimes requires a soft touch.

Union County Arkansas Chapter

Once again, the Union County Chapter in El Dorado, Ark., showed why they are annually a Top 100 chapter during their fall event this past October. The chapter honored their co-chairman Kathy Clayton, a breast cancer survivor, by wearing the traditional breast cancer awareness pink shirts embroidered with the DU logo the night of the event.

Marion, Arkansas, Chapter

District Chairman Mike Morrison says the recipe for success in his chapter is a combination of knowledgeable people and their intense dedication.

Where Arkansas's Ducks Come From

The Prairie Pothole Region is critical to Arkansas waterfowl hunters. The vast majority of Arkansas’ annual duck harvest migrates to us from the Prairie Pothole Region, also referred to as “the duck factory”.

Mallard Heaven

A journey to one of North America's most famous waterfowling regions reveals why eastern Arkansas is still so important for greenheads and those who would pursue them.

Arkansas Conservation Projects

Ducks Unlimited habitat conservation projects in Arkansas. These projects benefit waterfowl, other wildlife and people. View sample projects, project map and more.

White River NWR - Wetlands Enhancement

Purpose: To create a water delivery system to improve flooding and drainage of 2 wetland impoundments on White River NWR.

Raft Creek WMA - Wetlands Reserve Program

DU and its partners recognized the enormous value of this landscape and tremendous opportunity for waterfowl. Thus, DU helped facilitate purchase of the residual rights of the property by the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission.

St. Francis Sunken Lands WMA - Snowden Fields Project

Purpose: To restore 91 acres of moist-soil wetlands on St. Francis Sunken Lands WMA through construction of several levees (13,000 cu. yd.) and installation of two water control structures.

St. Francis Sunken Lands WMA - Wayne Hinds Tract

Purpose: To acquire 80 acres of forested wetlands habitat on St. Francis Sunken Lands WMA through fee title acquisition.

Hurricane Lake WMA - Hackleton Lake Reforestation

Purpose: To restore 37 acres of bottomland hardwoods on Hurricane Lake WMA through tree planting efforts.

Seven Devils Swamp WMA - Habitat Acquisition

Purpose: This project involves acquisition of 3,445 acres of bottomland hardwood wetlands and cypress/tupelo swamp to provide high quality breeding, migration and wintering habitat for waterfowl, non-game birds, and other wetland dependent wildlife.

Overflow NWR - Moist-Soil Units

Purpose: To restore 420 acres of moist-soil wetlands on Overflow NWR through renovation of external levees and installation of 4 water control structures.

Bayou Meto WMA - Halowell Reservoir

Purpose: To enhance 621 acres of moist-soil habitat on Bayou Meto WMA through construction of 2 cross-levees and installation of several water control structures.

Arkansas Partners Project

Description of the Arkansas Partners Project, a collaborative conservation effort among Ducks Unlimited, the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and the USDA NRCS.

Wetlands Reserve Program - Arkansas

Wetlands Reserve Program conservation efforts in Arkansas by Ducks Unlimited and its partners

Ed Gordon/Point Remove WMA

Purpose: Newly restored wetlands create new opportunities for outdoor enthusiasts in Arkansas.

Lake Dardanelle WMA

Purpose: Approximately 53 acres of moist-soil wetlands have been restored through construction of external levees (14,000 cubic yards of dirt) and installation of 2 water control structures.

Bois D’Arc WMA - Green-tree Reservoir Enhancement

Purpose: To enhance 185 acres of Bottomland hardwoods on Bois D’Arc WMA through construction of a green-tree reservoir.

Galla Creek WMA - Forested Wetlands Restoration

Purpose: To restore 2,356 acres of forested wetlands habitat on Galla Creek WMA through renovation of existing levee and replacement of flood-damaged water control structures.

Frog Bayou WMA - Acquisition & Restoration Project

Purpose: Acquisition of 790 acres of agricultural land adjacent to the Arkansas River. Ducks Unlimited will restore the property to bottomland hardwood forest and seasonally-flooded wetlands.

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