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New Guns & Gear for 2016

Take a look at this year's selection of the latest shotguns, ammo, and gear for waterfowlers

Black Cloud® FS Steel® High Velocity

As a natural extension of the popular Black Cloud® waterfowl line, Black Cloud High Velocity pumps up the speed and lethal performance for hunters everywhere.

HeviShot HEVI-Metal Shotshells & 3-inch HEVI-Steel Recall and Warning

At temperatures below freezing, our 12-gauge, 3-inch HEVI-Metal and HEVI-Steel shotshell wads may crack on ignition. This may cause a “squib load”, with an off sound and reduced power.

New Guns & Gear for 2014

You don't want to miss this overview of new guns, ammo & accessories for the 2014 hunting season. By Ron Spomer and Chris Jennings.

Waterfowl Ammo Guide

Looking for the perfect duck or goose load? Here are 10 popular ammo options to help narrow your selection. By Phil Bourjaily.

New Waterfowl Ammunition

The importance of shooting well in the blind cannot be stressed enough. Choosing the correct ammunition for you, your situation and your firearm is the first step. Here are a few new ammunition options for the 2012-2013 waterfowl season.

Shooting Tips

Tips from the pros to improve your wingshooting.

Perfecting Your Pattern

Produce a better shotgun pattern by taking a look at your choke tube and load selections, as well as considering a professional fitting for your gun.

10 Shooting Tips for Waterfowl

Wade Bourne shares 10 never-fail tips for improving your shot and creating a more enjoyable hunting experience all season long.

Accessorized Shooting

Aaron Fraser Pass outlines some essential gear for successful shooters, from choke tubes and sights to shooting bags.

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