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DU National Convention coming to Anchorage, Alaska

MEMPHIS, Tennessee – May 25, 2016 – Ducks Unlimited will hold its 2016 national convention June 1-5 in Anchorage, Alaska, at the Hotel Captain Cook and Dena’ina Convention Center in downtown Anchorage.

Alaska couple finds their destiny with Ducks Unlimited

Ducks Unlimited events aren't typically matchmaking affairs, though they do bring together hundreds of folks who share an affinity for wetlands and waterfowl conservation. Attendees often share other interests as well, and sometimes the connections run deep enough to form lasting bonds.

Alaska Ducks Unlimited chapters earn spots on President’s Elite list

The President’s Elite are among Ducks Unlimited’s most prestigious volunteer chapters throughout the nation. Every year, the list is reserved for the chapters that raise $100,000 to $250,000 for DU’s habitat conservation work. In 2015 Alaska had two chapters included on the list.

Breeding Grounds Surveys: This and That - Musings of a Grey-Haired Biologist, Pilot

In general, many areas this year in the prairies were dry, and many areas in "the bush" regions were good. There is evidence of an overflight of ducks that may have passed over the dry prairies (see previous pilot reports). Just because the duck numbers and habitat may not be good in one area, does not mean there will be a poor fall flight this year.

Breeding Grounds Surveys: 2015 Alaska Survey Resumes

The Alaska waterfowl breeding population surveys began in late May. I completed the BPOP surveys in southern and central Alberta on May 25. As I was stepping into the plane to head home, I got the call from my supervisor.

Breeding Grounds Surveys: Chasing Shadows

This survey, being the furthest north of the traditional survey area, has its share of unique “bush” individuals. After 30 years of flying the North Country, it is no surprise that my esteemed pilot, Fred Roetker, has met or interacted with 95% of them.

Breeding Grounds Surveys: We Have a Plane and a Plan

This is only my second year as a pilot-biologist on the survey, but lucky for me I have waterfowl biologist Deb Groves’ 25 years of observer experience to lead the way. After wrestling with the ever-present aircraft logistics, we finally have a plan. We’ll be using our Cessna 206 Amphibian (N9623R) to complete this year’s survey, and we’re off to Cordova on 12 May to begin the survey.

Two Alaska Ducks Unlimited chapters recognized nationally

Anchorage, Alaska – April 10, 2015 – Out of the more than 2,600 DU chapters nationwide, two Ducks Unlimited fundraising chapters in Alaska were recognized as President’s Elite chapters by the conservation organization.

Committees and Volunteers Recognized at 2015 Alaska Awards Banquet

March 13, Awards banquet in Fairbanks, top committees and volunteers recognized.

Alaska DU Calendar Gun Giveaway

The "Unofficial" Visitors Guide for 2016 National Convention Attendees

Alaska DU is on Facebook!

Alaska DU is now on Facebook. Visit us at https://www.facebook.com/pages/Alaska-Ducks-Unlimited/133449946777183. See what''s happening with your DU friends, post photos of your DU events or hunting activities, and watch for event announcements!

Breeding Grounds Survey: The Northwest Territories' Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat

Also colorful are the variations of habitat at 150 feet. Color livens, inspires, and directs life, and I could give the reader another blog about our day-to-day experiences, but I don’t think a narrative of where we flew does any justice to the sights.

Breeding Grounds Survey: Knocking Off Deltas

Pilot biologist Fred Roetker and I now sit in Fairbanks, Alaska, waiting for our Kodiak to clear an annual, 100-hour inspection and maintenance check. We have finished Alberta and British Columbia, and are thus 34% done with our segments.

Anchorage Fall chapter recognized nationally

The Top 100 is one of the most highly sought-after titles of recognition Ducks Unlimited offers to its local chapters. Each year, the list is comprised of the top 100 fundraising chapters in the United States that raise up to $100,000 through fundraising activities in their communities. Through the efforts of these volunteer committees DU is able to pursue its mission of conserving, enhancing and restoring North America's wetlands. In 2013 the Anchorage Fall chapter made the Top 100 list as one of the organization's best fundraising chapters.

Anchorage Spring Bar B Q chapter recognized nationally

The President's Elite are among Ducks Unlimited's most prestigious volunteer chapters throughout the nation. Every year, the list is reserved for the chapters that raise $100,000 or more for DU's habitat conservation work. In 2013, the Anchorage Spring Bar B Q chapter made the list as one of the organization's best fundraising chapters.

DU regional director attends sportsmen’s roundtable in Alaska

Sens. Mark Begich (AK) and Jon Tester (MT) hosted a sportsmen’s roundtable in Anchorage last month to discuss upcoming legislation important to the sporting community.

Boreal Forest Initiative

Protect and sustain a billion acres on the vast and productive waterfowl breeding grounds of the Boreal through long-term international partnerships

The Alaska Initiative - Born to Fly

Protecting one of the world's most pristine landscapes for breeding and brood-rearing waterfowl—the vast wetlands and river deltas of the Alaskan wilderness.

DU Applauds Plan to Protect Alaska Waterfowl Habitat

Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar recently announced a new strategic plan to manage the 22.8-million-acre National Petroleum Reserve in Alaska.

Anchorage Bar B Q Chapter recognized nationally

Anchorage, Alaska – March 16, 2012 – The President's Elite are among Ducks Unlimited's most prestigious volunteer chapters throughout the nation. This past fall, the Anchorage Bar B Q Chapter made the list as one of the organization's best fundraising chapters.

Anchorage Fall chapter recognized nationally

Alaska: Dusky Canada Goose Nesting Enhancement

Linked to five other glacial rivers and their wetlands on the perimeters of the Copper River in south-central Alaska, the Copper River Delta forms the largest continuous wetland on the North Pacific coast.

Alaska DU Leadership History

Ever wonder who were the past Alaska Regional Directors and State Chairman?

New Brochure Highlights DU Projects and Spending in Alaska

New Brochure Highlights DU Projects and Spending in Alaska

ConocoPhillips Alaska Helps Conserve Estuary in Anchorage

Partnership will improve Alaskan waterfowl habitat

Chapter Spotlight: Bethel Chapter, Alaska

Chapter Spotlight on the Bethel Chapter in Alaska. Featured in the November 2010 Ducks Unlimited E-Newsletter.

Alaska DU is tops in the nation!

May, 2010: Alaska Ducks Unlimited was recognized as the top-performing state in the nation for 2009, at DU's national convention in Gaylord, TX.

Alaska Recognized at 2009 National Convention

Alaska's State Chairman, Roger Penrod, accepted awards for 2008 performance.

Pacific Northwest

An overview of Ducks Unlimited's habitat conservation work in the Pacific Northwest priority area.

Western Boreal Forest - Alaska

An overview of Ducks Unlimited's Western Boreal Forest - Alaska priority area, part of the Western Boreal Forest Initiative.

Western Boreal Forest Initiative

Ducks Unlimited's Wetlands Boreal Forest Conservation Initiative, part of the Wetlands for Tomorrow campaign.

Arctic Plains & Mountains - Alaska

An overview of Ducks Unlimited's Arctic Plains and Mountains - Alaska priority area.

Western Alaska / Aleutian - Bering Sea Islands

An overview of Ducks Unlimited's Western Alaska / Aleutian - Bering Sea Islands priority area.

Anchorage Spring BBQ

Good location, great volunteers and the commitment to make the event the best it could be were a winning combination for the Alaska Ducks Unlimited chapter. Their spring event in Anchorage in late April topped the charts with just over 900 attendees, making it the largest in Alaska DU event history.

Waterfowl in the Last Frontier

Alaska has experienced a waterfowl population boom, but future development and climate change could threaten the birds and their habitat.

On Top of the World

Wilderness waterfowling in Alaska’s rugged interior

Alaska Geographic Information Systems Project

Alaska Geographic Information Systems Project

The Other Duck Factory

The Western Boreal Forest of Canada and Alaska serves as the most important breeding habitat for waterfowl in North America.

Alaska Conservation Projects

Ducks Unlimited habitat conservation projects in Alaska. These projects benefit waterfowl, other wildlife and people. View sample projects, project map and more.

Passage to Alaska

The package includes waterfowl and upland bird hunting, world-class fishing, first-class accommodations, and idyllic scenery that you will never forget.

Klawock Estuary Project

Klawock Estuary Project, habitat conservation by Ducks Unlimited in Alaska

Wheeler NWR - Rockhouse Moist-Soil Units

Purpose: To restore 155 acres of moist-soil wetlands on Wheeler NWR through installation of one water control structure and construction of exterior levee.

Partners for the Forest

DU is working with a variety of partners to save the most productive waterfowl breeding habitats in the vast western boreal forest.

Alaska Leadership

Western Boreal Forest - Alaska - Region 3

More information on the Western Boreal Forest - Alaska priority area.

Arctic Plains & Mountains - More Information

More information on Ducks Unlimited's Arctic Plains & Mountains - Alaska priority area.

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