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75th Anniversary State Projects


Ducks Unlimited 75th Anniversary Conservation Projects

As part of Ducks Unlimited's 75th anniversary celebration, members of our conservation staff have chosen one special habitat project from each state as the "best of the best" of DU's 75 years of conservation work.

Alabama: Wheeler National Wildlife Refuge

Ducks Unlimited and its partners established and enhanced moist-soil vegetation and hot-crop rotation areas within Wheeler National Wildlife Refuge, as well as enhancing observation ponds.

Alaska: Dusky Canada Goose Nesting Enhancement

Linked to five other glacial rivers and their wetlands on the perimeters of the Copper River in south-central Alaska, the Copper River Delta forms the largest continuous wetland on the North Pacific coast.

Arizona: Cibola National Wildlife Refuge Water Conveyance Enhancement and Riparian Restoration

A decade-long series of projects at the Cibola National Wildlife Refuge improved water conveyance in moist-soil wetlands, benefiting the Island and Goose units of the refuge.

Arkansas: Bayou Meto Waterfowl Management Area

Ducks Unlimited and its partners enhanced 1,162 acres of habitat within the Wrape Plantation (712 acres) and Buckingham Flats (450 acres) units of Bayou Meto Waterfowl Management Area, one of the largest state-owned WMAs in the nation.

California: Gray Lodge Wildlife Area Water Distribution System Improvements

A major California wetland, the 9,200-acre Gray Lodge Wildlife Area is extremely important to Pacific Flyway waterfowl and hunters alike.

Colorado: Winterhaven

Covering more than 800 acres on the South Platte River in Sedgwick County, DU's Winterhaven project provides habitat for waterfowl and wildlife through a robust riparian community, seasonal and permanent wetland habitats, agricultural crops and uplands.

Connecticut: Fletcher Creek Wetland Restoration

Fletcher Creek Wetland Restoration was Ducks Unlimited's first conservation project in Connecticut.

Florida: Thomas M. Goodwin Waterfowl Management Area

Thomas M. Goodwin WMA is a popular hunting and bird-watching area, as well as the only area managed by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission exclusively for waterfowl.

Georgia: Altamaha Wildlife Management Area

The Altamaha WMA is the premier waterfowl management area in Georgia. Located on the coast just south of Darien, it attracts thousands of wintering and migrating waterfowl and provides excellent habitat for migrating shorebirds and resident wading birds.

Hawaii: Kealia Pond National Wildlife Refuge Habitat Restoration and Management Project

DU teamed with the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service to write, design and implement a habitat restoration and water management plan for the 692-acre Kealia Pond NWR.

Idaho: Boundary Creek Wetland Restoration Project/Smith Creek

The Boundary Creek Wetland Restoration Project was a collective effort to restore 620 acres of wetlands, riparian areas and upland habitat near Kootenai River.

Kansas: Jamestown Wildlife Area Enhancement

Jamestown Wildlife Area underwent an expansion during Phase I of this project thanks to the acquisition of more than 1,372 acres from willing landowners.

Louisiana: Pointe-aux-Chenes Wildlife Management Area

In 2005, Hurricane Rita damaged the levees at Pointe-aux-Chenes Wildlife Management Area beyond the repair capabilities of the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries.

Maryland: Hail Cove

DU and its partners have impacted more than 200 acres of wetlands and other critical habitat inside Eastern Neck National Wildlife Refuge as part of the Hail Cove project and other related conservation work.

Mississippi: O'Keefe Wildlife Management Area Wetlands Enhancement Project

O'Keefe Wildlife Management Area sits in the Mississippi Alluvial Valley along the Tallahatchie River, an area of regional significance for waterfowl winging their way along the Mississippi Flyway.

Montana: Ninepipe Wildlife Management Area

The Ninepipe Wildlife Management Area is a cornerstone for the valley's waterfowl migration. The 3,000-acre WMA is also one of the area's more popular destinations for duck hunting and bird watching.

Nebraska: Spotted Tail Wetlands Complex

The Spotted Tail Wetlands Complex along the North Platte River in western Nebraska is a terrific example of dedication, perseverance, partnerships and successful wetlands conservation.

Nevada: Ruby Lake National Wildlife Refuge Wetland Enhancement Project

The Ruby Lake Enhancement Project focused on improving water management throughout the entire Ruby Lake National Wildlife Refuge.

New Jersey: Franklin Parker Preserve

In the heart of the New Jersey Pine Barrens, the Franklin Parker Preserve project is the largest Wetlands Reserve Program project in New Jersey.

New Mexico: Taylor Water Management Project

Restoration of a vast tract of salt cedar-choked land on the south end of the Bosque del Apache National Wildlife Refuge to productive wetlands and wildlife habitat was the life dream of the late John Taylor, senior biologist at the refuge for nearly 20 years.

North Carolina: J. Morgan Futch Game Land Restoration

The J. Morgan Futch Game Land Restoration Project covers 600 acres in North Carolina.

North Dakota: Delbert and Donna Eszlinger

Delbert and Donna Eszlinger run a successful Angus beef cattle operation, located in McIntosh County, N.D. Delbert's father started the ranch in 1940 with 160 acres.

Oklahoma: Eufaula WMA Deep Fork Unit Green Tree Project

The Deep Fork River floodplain is a biologically diverse area of great value to a variety of migrating and wintering waterfowl utilizing the Central Flyway.

Oregon: Summer Lake Basin Restoration Project

The Summer Lake Basin attracts more than half of the continental population of Tule greater white-fronted geese and 40 percent of the Wrangle Island snow goose population.

Pennsylvania: Pymatuning Wildlife Management Area

Ducks Unlimited and several partners enhanced and restored 653 acres of emergent marsh at Pymatuning Wildlife Management Area.

South Carolina: Savage Backwater Restoration Project

The Gaylord and Dorothy Donnelly Wildlife Management Area originated from Mary's Island, the first land protection project ever completed by Ducks Unlimited.

South Dakota: Goebel Ranch

The Goebel Ranch is located in the heart of the Prairie Pothole Region and is nestled in a portion of the Missouri Coteau where, on average, more than 100 pairs of ducks per square mile settle and breed each year. The ranch and surrounding prairie landscape contain thousands of shallow, seasonal wetlands that are ideal for duck production.

Tennessee: Bogota Wildlife Management Area Wetlands Enhancement

Bogota Wildlife Management Area lies near the Obion River, a major wintering area in the Tennessee portion of the Mississippi Alluvial Valley.

Texas: Prairie Wetlands Project

Ducks Unlimited, Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service partnered to create the Texas Prairie Wetlands Project (TPWP). For more information, contact Taylor Abshier at (832) 595-0663 or tabshier@ducks.org.

Utah: Doug Miller Tribute Project

The Doug Miller Tribute Project inside Farmington Bay Waterfowl Management Area benefits some of the most significant concentrations of waterfowl, shorebirds and other waterbirds using the Great Salt Lake (GSL) ecosystem for migration stop-over and breeding habitat.

Virginia: Chincoteague NWR, Wash Flats Restoration

The majority of Chincoteague Wash Flats' freshwater wetlands are managed as moist-soil management units or "pools."

Washington: Nisqually Estuary Restoration Project

The landmark Nisqually Estuary Restoration Project is the largest of its kind ever undertaken in the Pacific Northwest.

West Virginia: Middle Island Restoration

DU and the USFWS joined forces to protect and restore an area of West Virginia called Middle Island, along the Ohio River.

Wyoming: Table Mountain Wildlife Habitat Management Area

Table Mountain boasts several semi-permanent and seasonal wetlands that host hundreds of thousands of migrating birds annually.

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