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Banding Together for Waterfowl

2012 annual report


Comeback on the Coast - Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Chapter

Just as the oceans' tides ebb and flow, the life cycle of a Ducks Unlimited chapter often experiences ups and downs. This cycle has been especially notable in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, over the last few years, as decreased committee engagement and poor event timing led to falling attendance and support. The all-time low came in 2011, when just a handful of dedicated volunteers showed up for the chapter's sponsor banquet.

Home on the Range - Henry and Eleanor Carlson

Some call the Prairie Pothole Region (PPR) of the United States and Canada the "Duck Factory" of North America. Henry and Eleanor Carlson just call it home. By helping Ducks Unlimited conserve native grasslands and pothole wetlands in the Prairie Pothole Region, the Carlsons are not only securing the future of North America's waterfowl - they're preserving their family's history and heritage.

Keeping a Legacy Alive - Gail and Lyle Johnson

Gail Johnson speaks fondly of her husband Lyle's passion for Ducks Unlimited: "It was all about restoring a marsh. Lyle's church was the great outdoors, and as far as he was concerned, the best part of God's creation was the marshland. He looked forward to the season every year." Lyle passed away in spring 2012, but his enthusiasm remains the basis for the couple's lifelong commitment to the ducks.

Giving Back to the Breeding Grounds - Dan and Linda Ray

Becoming a conservationist of prairie nesting habitat was something of a natural evolution for Dan Ray. Dan grew up near South Carolina's Santee Delta, known for its strong waterfowling heritage. But it was after he and his wife, Linda, bought Annandale Plantation, with its 3,500 acres of marshes and waterfowl habitat, that Dan truly fell in love with waterfowling, and it was after meeting Ducks Unlimited staff that he began to understand the connection between the quality of waterfowling in the Santee Delta and conservation efforts on the northern prairies.

Four Generations of Philanthropy - John and Anna Riggs

The green timber of Arkansas is part of John Riggs' past, and now he's becoming part of its future. Since 2011, his support for DU has resulted in more than $100,000 for conservation work on Arkansas' Cache River.

Continental Generosity - Daryl and Mary Pennington

Waterfowl are a continental resource that rely on habitat from their northern breeding grounds to their southern winter homes and all points in between. It takes a visionary to see beyond his backyard and support habitat conservation on a continental scale. Irene W. and C.B. Pennington Foundation trustees Daryl and Mary Pennington of Ethel, Louisiana, are prime examples of such broadly committed sponsors, their generosity shining even more brightly given that Daryl and Mary began duck hunting less than 15 years ago.

Silicon Valley Stewardship - John W. and Sandi Thompson

"Stick to Core Mission, Focus and Keep it Simple," was the title of John W. Thompson's speech. His words would inspire Ducks Unlimited supporters across the continent. His message would resonate for years as DU's story and mission passed down through generations. John's speech would rivet the conservation world by sharing DU's secrets to 75 years of conservation success.

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