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Banding Together for Waterfowl

2011 National Convention


2011 DU National Convention Videos

Be sure to check out some of the great videos that were shown at the DU National Convention this year. From conservation accomplishments to DU-TV bloopers, there are lots of great things going on with DU in 2011!

Convention 2011 - E.J. Deubler

DU 2011 National Convention guest speaker, E.J. Deubler, former DU Louisiana state chairman

Convention 2011 - Jim Kennedy

DU 2011 National Convention guest speaker Jim Kennedy, former president, Wetlands America Trust

Convention 2011 - Dan Ashe

DU 2011 National Convention guest speaker Dan Ashe, Director Nominee, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

Convention 2011 - Prairie Pothole Region

If you've ever been warmed on a cold, gray day by the sight of ducks on the horizon... If waterfowl have ever influenced your life... Then North America's prairies have, too.

Convention 2011 - Wintering

Long before snow blankets the prairies, millions of waterfowl take to the skies on their long journey south for the winter.

Convention 2011 - DUMAC

Since 1992, DUMAC has been working in the wetlands inventory and classification program.

WFT Accomplishments

Across the country, Canadians took a stand for wetlands.

Canadian Tradition

Ten million birds come out of Québec every year, and use the St. Lawrence River during the fall migration.

Boreal Forest

When people think about where ducks come from, most automatically think of the prairies. However, North America's Boreal Forest, which spans some 1.5 billion acres from Alaska to New Foundland, has an average breeding season population almost on par with the U.S. and Canadian prairies combined.

Rescue the Duck Factory

Since its founding, DU has crossed international borders to conserve the prairies throughout Canada and the United States.

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