Action Alert: Critical Farm Bill Vote Underway

The Senate is edging close to gridlock on the Farm Bill unless they can get 60 votes today to invoke cloture, thereby allowing the full Senate to vote on the bill. Please contact both of your Senators as soon as possible, but no later than 9:00 a.m. EDT Thursday and respectfully urge them to vote “yes” for cloture.

We need the Senate to pass a Farm Bill to compel the House to act on their bill, thereby getting them both into House-Senate conference where the final bill will be written. The Senate Agriculture Committee bill includes some of DU’s highest conservation priorities, i.e., re-coupling conservation with crop insurance to conserve wetlands and highly erodible soils, and establishing a national Sodsaver program to conserve native prairie and other significant grasslands. 

This just-concluded conservation-agriculture commodity group letter of 102 organizations urging a “yes” vote on cloture is a vital message to share with your Congressmen. The community that DU brought together around re-coupling conservation compliance with crop insurance signed this letter along with many other commodity organizations from around the country.  You can either send this letter to your Senators with a note that you strongly support this letter and its request to vote for cloture and pass a Farm Bill, or you can pull statements from the letter, e.g., “We must provide an effective farm and natural resource safety net,” and then urge your Senators to vote for cloture and pass a Farm Bill.

Thank you for your support of this vital program.